Lords of the Earth Campaign 19

Turn 24: Anno Domini 1016 - 1020

Industrial Stage Zero: The Middle Ages

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TURN 25 ORDERS DUE Monday, September 3rd, 2001, 11:59 p.m.


The 5.6 version of the rules are not currently being used in Lords 19. Version 5.5 of the rules is though. So I suggest you dust off that set for now.

Census is not allowed as stated on the rules web pages. Please refer to it and your rulebook on what changes have been done. Gold used for Census will be taken as a bribe to the given leader to help keep his loyality.

Change done to units construction. Light troops are being changed from a l to a x to help those who are confused over the letter l appearing similar to the number 1.

- Steven Olson

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I have made a few alterations to the maps. These will only be reflected on maps you get from me.

  1. Move the border between the Bay of Biscay and the Celtic Sea north, so that it is possible to move directly between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. Brittany no longer borders the Celtic Sea.
  2. The Dvina and Dnepr rivers no longer connect. The current border is now the northen end of the Dnepr. The Dvina extends only as far south as the Kirivitch-Kur-Polotsk border. A level 3 canal can be built to connect the rivers.
  3. The Grand Canal in China has not be built. So the rivers of the Yangtze and Yellow don't connect.
  4. Another change it's in the Black Sea. Most will notice that there's a Black Sea and Mare Negri (French for Black Sea). Mare Negri is now called Western Black Sea. And the Black Sea half is now Eastern Black Sea.
  5. Iceland is now a seahold. This will allow anyone to sail around Iceland so they are not forced to land and cross the land itself.

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Please read the rules supplement, on the Lords19 web site.


Infantry (200 men = 1 point)
Cavalry (200 men and 200 horse = 1 point)
Field Forts (2 forts = 1 point)
Siege Engineers (200 men = 1 point)
Warships (2 ships = 1 point)
Transports (2 ships = 1 point)


Northern Europe

Effects: none
With no loyal advisor the government collected it's taxes and settled down for another five year without anything being done within the nation itself.

Map changes: none.

Harold the Fair Haired
Effects: Kopparborg (c), Zealand (t)
Harold took over the throne of the nation. His first task was to order the construction of some public work projects in Vettermark. After doing that he traveled into Kopparborg and began talks to try and regain this lost land. His skill was up to the task and he quickly gained a claimed status over the lands.

William traveled down to Zealand and continue the task that was started by another just a few years before. He was more then up to the task of bring these Roman Catholics into the pagan nation he is apart of. The people enjoyed his company and they quickly came to see the ability of having a government watch out over them. When they signed the paying tribute in 1020 it came as no surprise to William.

Thorfin was left with the command of a group of longboats. He had not been left with a detailed chart on how to was to travel to a land called Jutland so he stayed in the harbor of Vettermark with the longboats.

Map changes: none.

Wiglaf, King of England
Effects: Cornwall (fa)
Wiglaf ordered the construction of some public work projects to be built in the lands of Anglia and Cornwall. He also had the city of London expanded in size. His duty to himself was to produce an heir of any sex before he dies. And he had done just that in April of 1018 when his first child, a son, was born. It was not until June of 1020 that Wiglaf would see his second son born. At the age of 73, he had two children under the age of 3. A report was asked for upon the amount of troops within the french lands of Ponthieu. This report read that the amount of troops could not be more then twenty to thirty units garrisonned within the lands itself. An unknow amount might lie within the walls of the city.

Brigham and Steadman continued their talks with the people of Cornwall. They have been here for so long that they were starting to sound like a native of Cornwall. This time around their talks weren't as good as the first time. The gained a new military alliance treaty but they could of done so much better give time and a better roll of luck.

Map changes: none.

Western Europe

King Johan Ornebarne
Effects: none
And with the death of King Gerulf I his son, Johan Ornebarne, was crowned the new ruler of the kingdom. The government ran the lands like a clock and the taxes were only half as good as they should of been but then what can to expect without a ruler upon the throne.

Map changes: none.

Wolfgang Govner
Effects: Austria (ea)
Duke Wolfgang Govner ordered the construction of some public work projects in Bohemia and Thuringia. After that he tried to have some children while ruling. Only good news he got was from his ruling. And then in 1018 he was mourning the loss of his second daughter, Wilma Govner, when she surcame to an illness. Wolfgang Govner recalled Sumava V home to guard the homeland against attacks.

Goldbull I was sent to Austria in the hopes that his ability could bring this land into the duchy at a much higher treaty level. The talks GoldBull had with the people of Austria were very productive. When 1020 came rolling in upon him and the people of Austria they had reached an agreement that an economic alliance was due to the duchy.

Map changes: none.

(__K488__), King of West Francia
Effects: none
The french nation has been sitting waiting and watching it's people wonder when things would pick up or when the nation would do something beyond it's current status, sitting.

Map changes: none.

Martin, King of Burgundy
Effects: none
Martin has been sitting and wondering when he could organize an army to cross the river and retake his lost land. Without a royal advisor this will never occur.

Map changes: none.

Augustus, King of Verona
Effects: Latium (f)
Augustus ordered the expansion of the city of Bastia and the construction of some public work projects in Romagna, Savoy, Sicily and Tuscany. He also ordered the construction of a lesser roadway that started in Venice and moved along the coastline down into Ravanna and continued through this city and along the coastline to Pescara. With this all under construction he settled down upon his throne and ruled over the nation.

Marcus Anthony and Brutus were sent to Latium in the hopes that the two of them could talk the people of this land into signing a friendly treaty with the kingdom. Marcus Anthony came from Liguria while Brutus had to travel from Verona. Marcus Anthony was already a month into the talks with Brutus appeared. The two of them worked together beautifully. The friendly treaty was signed in the closing days of 1020.

Map changes: A postal road was built connecting the cities of Venice, Ravanna and Pescara.

Phillip II, King of Navarre
Effects: none
Phillip the Second ordered the expansion of the city of Burgos. He also ordered the building of a new city in Aragon called Zaragoza. The last royal construction order was for some public work projects in Aragon, Granada, Murcia and Valencia. He then ruled over the nation with the skill and practice that he has gotten from doing it for many years now.

Map changes: A Type-One City called Zaragoza was built in Aragon.

Eastern Europe

Mercenary QRs: c2, i4, w2, s2
Mercenary Leader:

Dmitri, Duke of Estonia
Effects: none
Dmitri ordered the construction of some public work projects in Estonia. He also ordered the building of two new port city located along the Dvina River. The first was built in Livonia and was called Jekabpils. The second city was built in Rzhev and was called Daugavpils. Aft he had issued these orders he settled down upon his throne and ruled over the nation.

Map changes: A Type-One Port City called Jekabpils was built in Livonia on the banks of the Dvina River. A Type-One Port City called Daugavpils was built in Rzhev on the banks of the Dvina River.

Lore, King of Poland
Effects: Little Poland (fa)
The regent, Lortys, and Kastytis were left trying to handle the government shortfallings. They did the best they could but thin government still reins within the borders of the High Republic.

Elrond was given orders to travel down into Little Poland and bring this lost land back into the nation. His task was clear and easily done. By 1020 he had the people of Little Poland signing a military alliance.

Map changes: none.

Mauricius, Eastern Roman Empire
Effects: none
Constantine ordered the construction of some public work projects in Bithnia and Macedonia. He also ordered the expansion of the city of Sparta. He then started a rule that he would never finish. His death in the spring of 1017 left this unfinished. His son, Mauricius, became the new emporer and left the government to handle the task of governing over the people.

Map changes: none.


The Middle East

Effects: none
This nation has forgotten itself for so long now that it's a shame that it's people don't rise up and remove the current family from power and be done with it.

Map changes: none.

Mustarhad, Emir of Emirs, Protector of the Baghdad Caliph
Effects: none
The regent stepped down from the throne what young Mustarhad came of age in late 1016. With the young king now on the throne maybe this nation will return to it's place and grow to become the power that it should now hold over the area.

Map changes: none.

Hashim, Lord of Abadan
Effects: none
Hashim continued to do nothing and was proud of it. His port was wide open for incoming trade but no one was docking.

Map changes: none.


Ghanadila, Emporer of India
Effects: none
Ghanadila ordered the construction of some public work projects in Avanti, Gujerat and Jaunpur. He also ordered the building of a roadway from Kaunaj across the bridge into Pandua and then it was to continue along the river and the curve into Kalanjara. He wanted to join the empire together for faster travel between the lands. He then ruled over the nation through to the fall of 1020.

Sahmir spent some time with his family. He was widowed once in 1016 and then again in 1018 before he found a wife that gave him another child in June of 1020 and a son it was too.

Map changes: A Royal Road was built between the cities of Kaunaj and Pandua and then between thje cities of Pandua and Kalanjara.

Apu, Raja of Bengal
Effects: Chandela (ne), Palas (nt, downgraded)
Apu ordered the expansion of the cities of Aisha and Bihar before traveling off to Palas to spent just barely twelve months speaking on his behalf in the hopes of gaining a better treaty from the people. When they refused and even torn up the old treaty and handed him a new non-paying tribute treaty he did not even seem aware that he had done more harm by spenting so little time there. He returned home and guarded the lands against attacks.

Hadji was given orders to travel across the river to Chandela. He did just that. His time there was just as short as the time Apu had spent with the people of Palas. The main difference between the two was the people of Chandela did not tear up their treaty. They just would not sign anything better then the current economic alliance one. Hadji returned home with a sigh of relief from the people of Chandela.

Map changes: Bihar has become a Type-Two City.

Indochina and Indonesia

Effects: none
The government of Champa is strong mostly due to the fact that the nation is only made up of two land regions and two cities. No thin government will be found here anytime soon.

Map changes: none.

East Asia

Effects: none
With the death of the form ruler the nation looked upon it's general as new ruler. The task was easy since the government of the nation has been running the nation for so long now that no one recalls when the ruler was needed beyond the task of appointing new generals, like he had to do in 1020.

Map changes: none.

Effects: none
The ruler was getting old and has no heir to take his place should anything befall him as he grows older and older.

Map changes: none.

Tayomo, Kanpuku of the Bakufu
Effects: none
Tayomo continues to the ruler of the empire. The days of war upon the soil of Japan are starting to be forgotten by the people. Tayomo might even live to see the day when war will be no more then a dim memory for everyone.

Map changes: none.

La-Wong, King of Hupei
Effects: Shensi (t), Shentung (f)
Wu-Lang ordered the expansion of the cities of Changde, Chuugoku and Pienching. He also ordered the construction of many public work projects in the lands of Chekiang, Hopei, Hunan, Hwai, Jiangxi, Shentung, Szechwan, Taiping, Tsainan and Yen. He then ordered the building of a new port city in Shentung, which was named Zhengzhou. His last royal construction order was for a lesser road to be built starting out in the city of Chang'Ling crossing the mountains and continuing down into the city of Hefei. He left his son to rule while he was going to enjoy his rest. He got to enjoy a very long rst for he passed away in the spring of 1017. La-Wong, his son, was left ruling the nation.

Wo-Chang was married in early 1016 and was a father by November of 1016 with the birth of a son. He was soon made a father again when the birth of twin sons occurred in November of 1017. And then in November of 1018, Wo-Chang and his wife welcomed a daughter to their family. In November of 1019, Wo-Chang and his wife welcomed a second daughter to the family but not to be left out in November of 1020 they welcomed their fourth son. The family has gained six new members in only five years.

Tang Chow was sent orders to move himself from Fukien to the land region of Shensi. His walk across the nation was measured in the time frame of just over a year. He arrived in Shensi and begun talks that would take him to the end of 1020 but would bring the signing of a paying tribute treaty to the kingdom.

Zsu-Zsi was given the orders to travel north to Shentung and make peace with this land. He arrived just in time to witness the ground breaking for the new port city upon the Huang Ho. He was aided by the help of some government agents that had been sent with him to Shentung. With the building of the city and the public qwork projects and with the help of the agents a new treaty was gained and signed rather quickly. By 1019 a friendly treaty was had and Zsu-Zsi was left to enjoy view of the river moving along down towards the Bo Hai.

Map changes: A Type-One Port City called Zhengzhou was built in Shentung on the banks of the Huang Ho. Pienching has become a Type-Five Port City. A postal road now connects the cities of Chang'Ling and Hefei.


Polynesia and Australia

Effects: none
Taguma held the nation together by ruling. He was still just gathering a large workforce at the capital and letting the royal treasury grow.

Map changes: none

Effects: Ayr (f)
Yarran ordered the construction of some public work projects in Wollongong. He also took over the ruling of his nation since his uncle wasn't very good at it. He also tried to have more children buy all he seemed to be doing was remarrying about every two years or so. he was married twice during the years of 1016 to 1020. He lost his first wife in 1016, the second in 1018 and the third in 1020.

Kulan and Lowan stayed on in Ayr and continued their peace talks with the local leader. They very easily gained a friendly relationship with the leader and were soon witnessing the signing of the friendly treaty.

Map changes: none.

Effects: none
Makuta ordered the expansion of the city of Manukau. He then rested while the government oversaw everything the small nation will be needing. The nation has been developing itself so it only needs the government and the ruler is free to wed or even travel.

Map changes: none.


Northern Africa

Hazara ad Dawla
Effects: Arguin (nt)
Hazara ad Dawla ordered the expansion of the city of Cartenna and the building of some public work projects in Morroco. Afterwards he was settling down to rule over the nation. Only thing that stopped this was his death in 1018. His son, Hanno, was crowned the new ruler of the nation in the fall of 1018.

al'Baalz was given ordered to traveled from Merrakesh to Arguin. He crossed the mountains into Idjil and continued until he made Arguin by late summer of 1016. He began talks with the people of these steppes. It was the hope of the nation and the hope of al'Baalz, himself, that he was up to the task. His talks came to an end in 1020 with the signing of the non-paying tribute treaty. He stayed on eventhough he could of moved back into Idjil easily.

Map changes: Cartenna has become a Type-Two Port City.

Mehmed Ali, Caliph in Cairo
Effects: none
Mehmed Ali had decided that a nice relaxing five years was in order. So he issued no new orders to any of the generals and issued no new construction to be done by the government itself.

Map changes: none.

Western Africa

Mbu, Big Chief of the Upper Niger, Renewer of the River Mud
Effects: Khalem (t)
Mbu ordered the expansion of the city of Gao. He also ordered the building of some public work projects in Ayoru, Gao and Zamfara. The last royal construction was that of a roadway to connect the city of Joliba in Segu to the city of Kumbi-Saleh in Ghana. He then started a rule over the kingdom that would last for just a little under five years. During that time he became a father with the birth of a third daughter in October of 1017.

Yandinde was handed orders to travel off to Khalem and make peace with the people there. His travels was fast and his arrival was a celebration for the people of Khalem. He began talks with the elders of the land. He talked with them until mid summer of 1020. It was at this time that he had gained a paying tribute treaty from them and had to return home to give a report of his success.

Map changes: A royal road was built connecting the cities of Joliba and Kumbi-Saleh.

(__K955__), Chief of the Great Water
Effects: none
The small nation continues it's waiting game within it's little fortested area. The lands all around it are ready for leadership to come and bring them order where there is currently only choas. But alas, such will not occur within leadership from this nation.

Map changes: none.

Eastern Africa

Akenfluoris, King of Nubia
Effects: none
Akenfluoris ordered the expansion of the city of Heh Semna. He also had some public work projects built in Danakil. He issued other orders to the generals but they would not bear fruit for Peftjauabastet passed away in early 1016 while Beshirkopshef lasted until late 1018. Beshirkopshef was trying to aid the government when his death occured. Akenfluoris ruled over the kingdom until the end of 1020. He was blessed with the birth of a son in October of 1016.

Map changes: none.

Southern Africa

Modudu, King of Bakongo
Effects: N'Gao (a)
Modudu ruled over his nation. He watched his grandchildren grow and knew that one day what he was currently undertaking one of them would be ruling over.

Banamu stayed on in N'Gao and finally picked up his talks with the locals. He talked about what would happen with their lands should they agree to sign a new treaty with the kingdom. The agrument went back and forth and then a new treaty was agreed upon. The signing of the full alliance was made by the end of 1016.

Map changes: none.


North America

Crawling Turtle, The Great Turtle of the Snake
Effects: Kickapoo (f)
Crawling Turtle ordered the colonization of the land of Kickapoo. He then started a rule that would last until the end of 1020.

Map changes: Kickapoo has been colonized into a ( 1 / 4 ) North Amerind wilderness.

Effects: none
Tuolumne ordered the construction of some public work projects in Serrano. She also had the cities of Mokelumne Hill and Oakland expanded in size. She then settled down and ruled over the nation. Her son, Hunting Coyote, tried to have more children but only succeed in having three wives pass away on him. He was unmarried at the end of 1020.

X’Kolon was given command of a small navy. He was sent off to do some exploring. He was sent north to explore the waterways pass Tlingit. He had reach the waters known as the Gulf of Alaska and just disappeared. He has become tired all of a sudden and just decided that he was not going to follow the orders of a very distant ruler. The replacement for this lost soul was not named until the end of 1020.

Map changes: Oakland has become a Type-Four Port City.

Effects: none
Mowak ordered the construction of some public work projects in Chiricaua and Navajo. He also ordered a greater roadway be built between the cities of Guaymas and Navolato. When he finished these two things he turned the nation over to his on for ruling. He was going to take a rest. Little did anyone know that they would be burying the old beloved ruler in late 1017.

Map changes: A royal road was built to connect Guaymas in Macuzari to Navolato in Culiacan.

Effects: none
The nation continues to exist due to the fact that no one is near enough to take control of the lands it's contains. It is also the stopping place for trade routes coming down the river and across the seas to the south and southeast.

Map changes: none.

Meso America

Creeping Shadow
Effects: Otomi (a)
Creeping Shadow ordered the construction of some public work projects in Popoluca and Zapotec. He also ordered the building a cobblestone roadway between the cities of Ednza and Xicalango. He hopes to see roads connecting almost all the cities of the nation before he passes on. He then ruled over the nation for the next five years without a worry.

Stormy Sky stayed on in Otomi. He had been sent orders to continue his talks with the people of Otomi in the hopes that a full alliance treaty could be signed. Stormy Sky talked with every leader within the land and city. His speeches were the talk of the land. The news that came into Otomi and Tula told of good things occurring else where. Soon the people of Otomi and Tula were in agreement that a new treaty would be signed. So on a stary night near the end of 1020 the leaders of Otomi and Tula appointed a leader to lead them all and signed a full alliance with the rulers of Chichen Itza.

Map changes: A royal road was built to connect Ednza in Yucatec to Xicalango in Chontal.

Effects: none
Dunoe ordered the expansion of the city of Port-au-Prince. He also ordered the construction of some public work projects in Ciguayo. Afterwards he was seeing ruling over the island nation.

Map changes: none.

Galan, King of the Chibchan
Effects: none
Galan ordered the construction of a roadway to joi the cities of San Cristobal and Yanamo. It was his hope to one day make all of his kingdom easily accessible to everyone either by water or by road. He was going to tame the lands and make them into a great nation. His rule then began after his royal order.

Map changes: A royal road was built to connect San Cristobal in Guahibo to Yanamo in Yanomamo.

South America

Limm, King of Paraiba
Effects: Caete (f)
Limm ruled over his kingdom. He learned in 1018 that the lord of Caete had passed away and that his lands were being apart of the kingdom.

Knute and his wife were trying to expand the family further then just one daughter. They got their wish in December of 1017 when their second daughter was born. And then in December of 1019, they got their wish once more when the birth of a son occurred.

Map changes: none.

Sinchi Roca
Effects: Wairajikira (ea)
Sinchi Roca ordered the expansion of the city of Arequipa. he also ordered the construction of some public work projects in Ataura, Moquequa, Nazca, Tacana, Uru and Wairajikira. He then did something that he had not done in a while and that was rule over the nation. He did not believe the government was going to be able to handle what was going to occur in Wairajikira.

Lloque Yupanqui finally decided that it was time to get married and start a family. Being the geir to the throne of a mighty empire you thought he might have the choice pick of any young female within the empire but it was not until the fall of 1019 that he had finally married. They were soon blessed with the birth of a son in December of 1020.

Tupa Amaru restarted his talks with the people of Wairajikira. It was the hope that he could bring the lands into the empire at a greater treaty level. With the time he spent and his skill he quickly gained the economic alliance the empire was looking for from the people.

Map changes: none.

Effects: none
Wani ordered the expansion of the city of Sao Paulo in Kaingan. He also had some public work projects built within Kaingan. He then followed all this with a rule that would bring him to the last days of 1020.

Tawi, son of Wani, found himself a wife in the fall of 1018. He and his new bride became parents in December of 1019 when the birth of their first child, a daughter, occurred.

Map changes: none.

Grey Stone
Effects: none
Grey Stone ordered the construction of a new port city in Guenakan called Madryn. He also ordered the construction of some public work projects in Guenakan and Oic. He abolished slavery of any form within the nation. He then took a rest to relax and watch the birds fly by. He did not get to rest for long for his son, Obsidian, passed away in August of 1016. He then watched over his grandchildren until his death in November of 1018. It was at the time that High Peak, younger brother to Obsidian son to Grey Stone, appointed a regent to watch over his young nephew and niece. He only did this for he had become a father in December of 1017 with the birth of his own son. He then became a father again in December of 1019 with the birth of another son. He and his wife of five years in 1020 welcomed the peace of their own household.

Map changes: A Type-One Port City called Madryn was built in Guenakan facing the Gulf of San Matra.

If you name appears in parentheses means you owe for this turn and if it's not paid for you don't play the next turn. Last chance for anyone owing before your nation becomes available for another player.

ISI List for Turn 024
#Nation Name MSIESI Players NameTV
1The Kingdom of the Yangtze 166.71 Olivier de Bretagne53.1
2The Kingdom of Italy 149.53 Gideon Fell20.7
3The Pratihara Empire of Kaunaj 146.04 Allen Moorehead25.0
4The Oriental Roman Empire 131.95 Matt Jeffries32.1
5The Toltec Hegemony of Chichen Itza 122.818 Jon Grover11.8
6The Mighty Incan Empire 113.86 Geran Watson12.6
7El Reino de Navarre 110.89 Rod Alleyn11.3
8Ez Zirid Emirat al Mahidya 110.817 E. Garrett12.9
9The Dai Kingdom of Songhay 88.22 Alex Bierwag40.2
10The Kingdom of Paraiba 86.733 Sam Freese13.9
11The Bakongo Kingdom 84.619 Jeff Krauss7.4
12The Mississippian Empire 82.814 Tom Dagget10.1
13The Mapuche Nation 78.316 Dean Patterson7.9
14The Duchy of Estonia 72.539 Bryan Douglas5.8
15The Duchy of Shokleng 72.832 Allen Moorehead17.4
16The Duchy of Bohemia 71.325 David Maher6.7
17The Buwayid Emirates 64.912 Stephen Trask3.0
18The Kingdom of Aengland 65.427 Keith St.Louis9.2
19The Miwok Confederation 65.010 Theodore P. Shannon13.8
20Al Fatimid Caliphat al Qaira 62.511 Ben Lynch7.6
21The Blue Star People 60.715 Victor Stein9.7
22The Makuria Kingdom of Nubia 61.229 Jordan Tungson6.9
23The Chibchan Kingdom 59.037 Jeff Krauss7.5
24The Maree Tribe 58.424 Peter Morzinski6.5
25The Arawak of the Islands 56.629 Tavis Burdun4.3
26The Moluccas Seahold 57.130 Tom Dagget4.3
27The Empire of Japan 55.213 Open for a Player6.5
28Frankonia 51.57 Open for a Player7.9
29The Arikat of the Maaori 49.031 Liz Young6.3
30Le Royaume de France 48.222 Open for a Player3.0
31The High Kingdom of HellRieger 47.938 Shaun Yauch5.0
32The Kingdom of Maghada 48.121 Shane Phipps2.3
33The Plaquemine Natchez 45.423 Open for a Player4.4
34The Sultan of Abadan 41.341 Open for a Player1.8
35The Kingdom of Holland 37.334 Walter van Vliet2.2
36The Kingdom of Champa 33.020 Open for a Player5.2
37The Twifo-Heman Nation 31.236 Open for a Player4.5
38The Land of the Rising Sun 30.442 Open for a Player1.8
39The Goryeo Kingdom 29.140 Open for a Player1.8
40The Hamadid Emirat 28.98 Open for a Player5.2
41The Kingdom of Svear 29.035 Shawn Molstad2.3
42The Norse Kingdom of Iceland 21.828 Open for a Player0.7

Created by Steven Olson