Lords of the Earth Campaign 19

Turn 06: Anno Domini 926 - 930

Industrial Stage Zero: The Middle Ages

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TURN 07 ORDERS DUE Monday, April 3rd, 2000, 11:59 p.m.


Due to a problem with the old program all the turns from the very beginng were redone. This changed the tech results for all nations.

Suggestion to all who can't get their turns in on time. Send anything in is better then nothing. I will not accept a late turn. Not even one that's late by 1 hour.

Now the important question what's being done about the 5.6 version of the rules. Nothing right now. Seeing that the creator just made an update changing the 5.6.6 rules to 5.6.11. And the talk of a possible 5.7 in the works the question now goes out of why switch to a set of rules that's going to out dated in a few months. Plus not everyone has replied if they have a copy or not yet.

All movement must be shown. If it's not no movement will be done at all.

For those who has lost a nation due to war or death of it's king will need to slot a new nation to run. It can not be in the same geographic zone as the one you just lost nor can it be in any of the geographic zones that touch your former position. Example: If you were playing in China and lost your nation in one of the ways above you must slot a nation which does not exist in the geographic zone of China nor in any of the following: Central Asia, Indonesia, Japan, Pacificia and South East Asia.

- Steven Olson

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Normal Turns: $3.00


Will be available via the main web page only. Make sure you gain one of these maps for your area.


I have made a few alterations to the maps. These will only be reflected on maps you get from me.

  1. Move the border between the Bay of Biscay and the Celtic Sea north, so that it is possible to move directly between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. Brittany no longer borders the Celtic Sea.
  2. The Dvina and Dnepr rivers no longer connect. The current border is now the northen end of the Dnepr. The Dvina extends only as far south as the Kur-Polotsk border. A level 3 canal can be built to connect the rivers.
  3. The Grand Canal in China has not be built. So the rivers of the Yangtze and Yellow don't connect.
  4. Another change it's in the Black Sea. Most will notice that there's a Black Sea and Mare Negri (French for Black Sea). Mare Negri is now called Western Black Sea. And the Black Sea half is now Eastern Black Sea.

ORDERING THE RULEBOOK Lords of the Earth Campaign 16 uses the Middle Ages version 5.5 rulebook. You must order the rulebook from Thomas Harlan. Do not send money to me! The price is $5.00 (e-mailed pdf), $15.00 (mailed), or $20.00 (overseas); payable to:
Thomas Harlan
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Please read the rules supplement, on the Lords19 web site.


Infantry (200 men = 1 point)
Cavalry (200 men and 200 horse = 1 point)
Field Forts (2 forts = 1 point)
Siege Engineers (200 men = 1 point)
Warships (2 ships = 1 point)
Transports (2 ships = 1 point)


Northern Europe

Erik the Sheepish
Effects: none
Erik's death was marked in the spring of 928. A regent was appointed to watch over the nation until the young prince could ran his nation himself.

Map changes: none.

Rolf Redhand Effects: none
Watched another five years of time fly by. Since he left Erik back on that rocky island things have not been like they should of. His charts back out to the rocky shores of Erik's island were becoming useless.

Map changes: none

Effects: none
Gokstad sat along the shores of his nation. Things were not going at all for him. Now all he has to do is organize his troops and thoughts and run with them.

Map changes: none.

Olof Skutkonung of Uppsala
Effects: Skane (t)
With a regent looking out for the only heir to Olof's throne things could not be going any better. The regent did the transfering of some ships to the Norwegians. Only half the ships sent were welcomed by the Norwegians [9.7 Inter-Nation Trandference of Units].

Kris was ordered to travel down to Skane. He arrived and begans talks. He was just finishing them and overseeing the signing of the treaty when he surcame to something. The treaty in hand he collasped and died the very next day. His replacement was appointed.

Map changes: none.

Oswald, King of England
Effects: none
Oswald watched his friends, Osoric and Wulfher, died. His son, Aethelstan, became the new heir of his kingdom.

Map changes: none.

Western Europe

Otto IV, Herzog of Saxony, King of Germany
Effects: none
Otto IV was extremely proud to see his daughter be crowned the princess to his realm. It was to bad she had not come of age a few years before she might of done something. The way it ended up Otto IV remarried and failed to produce any more children during his rule.

Map changes: none.

Effects: Moravia (nt)
Sviatopluk Govner was on guard for attacks in Carinthia for three months before he returned home to run his nation. Once home and back on his throne he issued orders for the construction of a few public areas in the motherland. He began his rule and was overjoyed when he and his wife became the proud parents to a son in the summer of 928. His wife death occur six months later leaving him to raise his children alone.

Sumava traveled to Moravia in the spring of 926. The leader of Franconia arrived two months after Sumava did but was the one who finished the peace talks. Sumava death occured in the fall of 926 leaving the leader of Franconia to do the treaty talks. He did reach a nice non-paying treaty by the summer of 930. He returned home leaving the new treaty with the scribes as he passed through Bohemia.

The feudal ally of Austria death left the matter of defending the lands open to debate. His son became the new military leader but he was not the one under direct command of the Duke so he retired to his ancestral home awaiting the command to bear arms for the nation.

Map changes: none.

Robert (II) the Pious, King of West Francia
Effects: Ponthieu (ea)
King Robert being of high standards believed that he should prepare his own family so that his rule over the lands was divine. Little did he know that in his chest what was his heart was decaying beyond the hope of outliving past the age of 57. So it was in the fall of 928, his body was lain to rest in the crypt his family had used for many many years. His body was lain next to his wife, who was laid here since 926.

This news reached Lord Peter who was in Ponthieu at the time discussing a new treaty. Once of economic standing on both sides. He was little worried for the government was running itself well and there was the son of Prince Rudolph, who was coming of his age to inherit in 929. Upon Lord Peter's return the coronation of Prince Rudolph's son was held.

Map changes: none.

Heinz Peter, King of Burgundy
Heinz Peter, son of William Friedrich, came of age and was crowned the new king of Burgundy. With his crowning there also came the news that nothing was done for there was no orders issued from the government nor the king himself.

Map changes: none.

Kali, King of Verona
Effects: none
Kali having defended himself from an attack sat down and ordered the construction of defensives stages to be built into all lands under his control. He also ordered the beautification of the cities to occur. With all that done he spent time with his wife and was pleased to learn in the spring of 927 that he was the proud father to a son. He began a rule over the nation which lasted until the end of 930. A general was appointed at that time.

Map changes: none.

Francisco II, King of Navarre
Effects: none
Francisco II survived another five years without a helpful leader but no longer. A newbie has stepped forward to gather in the reins of this nation and see what he can do with it.

Map changes: none.

Mustafa ibn Rabin, Sultan of Sicily
Effects: none
Mustafa ibn Rabin was old and really needed to the help running his nation when nothing was received and he reached his final days there was nothing that could be done. He died in the summer of 930. This is what will happen when a nation is forgotten and unplayed. Faint music can be heard that matches the beat to the funeral march for poor old Mustafa ibn Rabin.

Map changes: none.

Eastern Europe

Gul'Ddan watched over his nation awaiting the orders that are most important to his nation. The ordered did not come so there he sat waiting.

Map changes: none.

Van Lierden, King of Poland
Effects: Bioloweza (ne), Volhynia (ea)
King Van Lierden's death left the regent running the nation but now it was time for one of his daughters to either marry or be proclaimed queen. Laurynn was the one who stepped forward on her fifteen birthday. She said she would do what was good for the nation. Her wedding to the leader of Bioloweza was planned but it was not learned until 928 that a wedding with a corspe was being planned. Not knowing what to do Laurynn turned to her sister. The time she had with her sister was numbered for Caitlynn barely lived past her eightteenth birthday. This left Laurynn as the new queen of the kingdom. Alittle uproar was heard in the government but they got over it. The biggest concern that was sent to the throne was the overtaxing of the people and why they are doing it before rebellion occurs.

Akitna did a little re-organizing for the government, troops mostly. He moved troops from one area to another before going to Volhynia and talking with the locals. His treaty talks are among the worse being done but he does make headway. With the signing of the new economic ally treaty he returned home.

Map changes: none.

K313, Grand Prince of Kiev
Effects: none
The came and went and all the grand prince was get older.

Map changes: none.

Demetrius, Eastern Roman Empire
Effects: Attica (c), Bithnia (f), Constantinople (f), Macedonia (fa), Thessaly (c), Thrace (hm)
Demetrius traveled across the mountains into Phrygia. He began the peace talks to bring the people into his growing empire. He successfully talked them into a non-paying tribute treaty at the end of 930.

Stephanas was left at home to have as many children as he and his wife-to-be could have. The wedding was set and finished by the end of 926. They enjoyed each others company all of 927 and 928. They were with each other until the end of 930. No one could figure out why no children were produce from a couple who spent so much time together.

Gaius was sent down to Thessaly. His talked with the people there yielded a claimed land hold and enough more. He then traveled down into Attica and successfully gained another claimed land holding.

Life was good up until the end of 930. It was then that the young heir to the throne thought he could do better then his father was. Young Stephanas rebelled opening against his father who was off in another land and not home attending to the empire's needs. When things were finished there was not two nation where there once was one. Demetrius held the lands of Lydia and Phrygia. While his son, Stephanas, held the rest. Civil War has broken out in the empire.

Map changes: none.

Demetrius, The Ottoman Emporer
Effects: Lydia (hm), Phrygia (nt)
Demetrius was luck to be alive after the treason his own son just did against him. He learned that his second son was in Lydia awaiting his arrival so they can plan what to do.

Map changes: none.


The Middle East

Ahamed ad Dawla Sa'id
Effects: Aleppo (ea)
Ahamed ad Dawla Sa’id stayed in Aleppo and talked the locals into a better economic standing with his nation. He had spent so much time there that he did not allot himself time to return home. This left him in Aleppo.

Lord Ibrahim of Damascus was left to run the government. It was discover to late that the government would actually run better without the help of Lord Ibrahim of Damascus.

Map changes: none.

Asrasha, Emir of Emirs, Protector of the Baghdad Caliph
Effects: none
Asrasha death occured in the spring of 926. Akmechel took over the nation and saw his eldest son crowned prince.

Map changes: none.


Fuak Arslan, Kara Khan
Effects: Bactria (fa)
Fuak Arslan stayed in Bastria. He talked for the remandor or his life in Bastria. He successfully got the locals to agree to a military alliance just before his death. His time on the world was over as well as the time for his nation. With his death and no government to support it's people the lands all became independant of each other and his place in history will be forgotten.

Map changes: The city of Kar-Kalanis was built in Bactria.


Vijayapala, Emporer of India
Effects: Avanti (ne), Gujerat (f), Surashtra (ne)
Vijayapala ruled over his empire. His son was coming close to the age to take on the job of being his heir not much longer for that to happen. He watched the growth of the empire. The fall if anything should happen to his empire would be tragic.

General Jaya was sent on a treaty talkabout. His first stop was in the wilderness land of Avanti. after twelve months there he learned that they were prefectly happy with their current treaty with the empire. So he ventured on into Gujerat. They on the other hand wished for more from the government. So they signed a new friendly treaty letting the government have complete run of the lands. His last stop was in that of Surashtra. They like Avanti wished to keep their current treaty running.

The leader of Jihjhoti stayed put and watched over the eastern range of lands that were under the empires current control. Nothing undo was threatening the empire so it was an easy watch for him and his army.

The leaders of Uttar Pradesh and Vatsa readied for any attacks against the empire may they come from the south or west they were ready to meet the challange.

Map changes: none.

Mahatmasamhatman, Raja of Bengal
Effects: none
Mahatmasamhatman having formed a plan that the whole world was out to get him sat worrying in his capital with his thumbs twisting over and under each other. His paranoid little mind ran over things. It was rally his unability to read that was the true reason for his lack of skill at everything he did. To bad for just maybe he might have learned to read in the coming years but instead he prefered to sat and await his death.

Map changes: none

Indochina and Indonesia

Viaya Sri Harivarman II
Effects: none
It was once said somewhere that no news is good news. In cases that is so and this just happened to be one of them.

Map changes: none.

East Asia

Effects: none
It was once said somewhere that no news is good news. In cases that is so and this just happened to be one of them. Well another five years and the news has continued upon it's same course without diversion.

Map changes: none.

Takama San, Kanpuku of the Bakufu
Effects: none
Takama San shook himself awake and declared that his slumber was harmful to the empire. His first task was to produce an offspring. He and his young, young wife did just that in the summer of 927. The birth of their son was extremely joyous. And then in the fall of 929, they were blessed with the birth of a daughter. The people began to think of Takama San as a true chosen son of a god. With their belief behind them they became more devouted followers of his teaching. The royal road was complete between the cities of Heian and Tottori.

Map changes: none.

Wu-Lang, King of Hupei
Effects: none
Wu-Lang wandered around overseeing things be built and other things in general. He was very much the wanderer.

Fu-Wung ruled over the kingdom. He and his wife were pleased with the birth of their second daughter in the fall of 926. In the summer of 928, they were equally blessed when the birth of their twin sons was announced to the kingdom. And then in the fall of 929, they were once again blessed when they had their second son.

Map changes: none


Polynesia and Australia

Effects: none
Yabnagu ordered heavy investments to be made into a school. This school was to develop the means to explore the waters to their east and beyond. He then gave the issues that all government employees could have a vacation.

Map changes: none

Effects: Goolbura (ea)
Naroola traveled to the land of Goolbura. Once there he began his talks of peace and the ways that his tribe was move with their thoughts and ways. The people of Goolbura saw wisdom in his words. They signed the economic alliance. Now if he had planned better he could of made it back home. His son came to the age of manhood while he was stuck in Goolbura.

Map changes: none.

Effects: none
Adalena seeing the need for a city in her homeland ordered the construction to be done. With it's finishing touches being done near the end of 930 she was ready for growth again. Only thing stopping her was the lack of colonists for the lower, bigger island.

Map changes: The port city of Nar in Te Ika A Maui was founded facing the North Cape.


Northern Africa

Nasir ad Dawla
Effects: Merrakesh (ne), Morroco (ea), Zirid (f)
Nasir ad Dawla stayed at home and ruled over the nation. The length was starting to become a problem for him to control at his present location. A new site for the capital will be required soon.

Badis ad Dawla stayed in Morroco and talked the locals into a more economic status for them and for the nation in general. With the completion of this he traveled once again into Merrakesh to talk about a better treaty. The only thing holding it back was the government. It could not support the agreement that was reach so the old agreement was placed back into service.

General Mustafa Ahmed spent all his time in Zirid. His peace talks came to an end two months before the end of 930. The friendly treaty was signed and he was on his way back to the homeland to deliver the treaties he has.

Map changes: none.

Al-Hakim 'the Mad', Caliph in Cairo
Effects: Egypt (ea)
Al-Hakim stayed in Egypt for twenty-four months that was just long enough to get the locals to agree an economic alliance. He returned home and discovered it was time to try and have some children with his wife. He mourned the lost of his wife not but six months after returning home.

Map changes: none.

Western Africa

Akil, King of Songhay
Akil was getting ready to travel to Ghana when his heart gave out. His heir, Mansa, took over the government for two years when his death occured due to age. This left Dyabe as the new ruler of the kingdom. He was left appointing two new general for Nnadubem while one month after Akil did. And poor Adiwo lasted until the summer of 930. The only things that did occur was the expansion of the cities of Kumbi-saleh and Timbuctu.

Map changes: none.

Hutumil, Chief of the Great Water
Effects: none
It was once said somewhere that no news is good news. In cases that is so and this just happened to be one of them. Another five years gone by without a single thing occuring.

Map changes: none.

Eastern Africa

Corum, King of Nubia
Effects: Alwa (t), Suakin (t)
Corum traveled to the steppe lands of Suakin where he did all that he could and gained the highest treaty allow, a paying tribute from the locals. He traveled back through home and continued on into Alwa. His peace talks yielded the same results as they did in Suakin, that of a paying tribute. He returned home and became a father with the birth of his son in the last part of the summer of 930.

General Irsei was left with the task of running the government. His job was thankless but someone had to do it. With his hand gently on the tiller of the ship called the Makuria Kingdom of Nubia he guided it gently through the growth process.

Map changes: none.

Southern Africa

Oduduma, King of Bakongo
Effects: none
Oduduma and his wife did a last effect to have a few more children before one of them died due to illness, age or mishap. They were blessed when the birth of their first daughter occured in the fall of 926. But in 927, the thing they both feared happened. Oduduma mourned the lost of his much loved wife to malaria. He raised his children on his own.

Umada was left to run the government again. He was doing a great job of it so far. No thinly spread tax collection have been reported so far.

Map changes: none


North America

Powtuneep, Son of the Sun
Effects: Scioto (ne)
Powtuneep ran his empire so Chewing Beaver could have sometime off. Little did anyone know that the time off would become forever for Chewing Beaver. This allowed the son of Powtuneep to become the new heir.

Chewing Beaver died during the bitter cold winter of 928. His frozen remains were burnt on the funeral pyre within the week of his death. It was a great fire to show their great respect to a man who helped the empire grow during it's first years.

Leaping Frog tried once again to get the people of Scioto to see the empire as a growing working group of people. But when they were not moved all he could do was watch his last month go by. So he decided that he would take up fishing for that last month.

Map changes: none

Sleeping Coyote
Effects: none
It was once said somewhere that no news is good news. In cases that is so and this just happened to be one of them. And there goes another five years without any progression towards having a running government beyond what is needed.

Map changes: none.

Regent Ura
Effects: none
The regent ordered the expansion of the cities of Chicu and Bonito during his rein. He was lucky enough to be able to appoint a general to work along his side until the young heir has come of age and has taken his place on the throne.

Map changes: The city of Caracol in Tiwa was finished.

Effects: none
It was once said somewhere that no news is good news. In cases that is so and this just happened to be one of them.

Map changes: none.

Meso America

Xiu Cinteotl
Effects: Lenca (t)
Xiu Cinteotl ruled his nation for another five years. He was to old to try for any more children and with his wife who was just a few years younger then he was things did not look good that they would have more.

Lord Chaac traveled down to the land of Lenca and talked with the locals. When his talks reached an end the Toltec nation had gained a new paying tribute.

Map changes: none.

Effects: none
The son of Ahabatey finally came of age in 927. With his crowning things would now be under the rule of the founding family once again.

Map changes: none.

Tukan, King of the Chibchan
Effects: none
Tukan ruled over the kingdom. He got the honor of appointing the second general to serve the kingdom after the first ones death occuring in the summer of 929.

Kucan relaxed and watched over the children of Tukan.

Map changes: none.

South America

Savuro, King of Paraiba
Effects: none
Savuro ruled over his nation. He was feeling very old. How much longer was he going to live was the question he was asking himself now. He hoped it would be long enough to see his son grow to become his heir.

Map changes: none.

Tatam Yach
Effects: none
Tatam Yach ruled over the empire. He ordered the expansion of the cities of Queros and Abancay. He was feeling more and more his age caughting up with him. He knew that when it did that that would his last days.

Map changes: none.

Effects: none
Capiwab ruled over his duchy. He ordered the expansion of Nampo in Tupinamba. His son was of age to marry and did just that, under the orders of his father of course.

Chipwa watched the seas wash up all kinds of things. He was beginning to take an interest in building things from the sand that formed the beaches.

Map changes:

Black Rock
Effects: none
Black Rock continued his ruling over the nation. He was reaching an age that that's about all he can do for his legs were becoming of little use. His son, Standing Rock, could do nothing but watch as his once great father wasted away on the throne. So great a man to finish off his days like he was.

Map changes: none.

ISI List for Turn 006
#Nation Name MSIESI Players NameTV
1The Pratihara Empire of Kaunaj 98.816 Allen Moorehead7.5
2The Mississippian Empire 62.419 Tom Dagget7.7
3Ez Zirid Emirat al Mahidya 55.235 E. Garrett3.3
4The Bakongo Kingdom 46.528 Jeff Krauss3.3
5The Kingdom of the Yangtze 46.23 Olivier de Bretagne10.7
6The Toltec Hegemony of Chichen Itza 46.426 Jon Grover3.4
7The Arikat of the Maaori 45.637 Liz Young2.0
8The Blue Star People 42.218 Victor Stein6.0
9The Chibchan Kingdom 42.234 Jeff Krauss2.7
10The Buwayid Emirates 40.51 James Chancy3.8
11The Kingdom of Aengland 39.310 Chris Caliano2.2
12The Maree Tribe 38.220 Peter Morzinski3.2
13The Duchy of Bohemia 37.033 David Maher1.9
14The High Kingdom of HellRieger 36.239 Shaun Yauch1.9
15The Mapuche Nation 34.825 Jordan Tungson2.5
16The Moluccas Seahold 35.138 Tom Dagget3.0
17The Kingdom of Italy 35.42 Gideon Fell3.3
18The Empire of Japan 34.77 Dave Johnson2.0
19The Plaquemine Natchez 34.214 Open for a Player2.4
20The Oriental Roman Empire 33.55 Open for a Player8.1
21The Dai Kingdom of Songhay 34.44 Alex Bierwag4.8
22The Arawak of the Islands 32.536 Tavis Burdun1.8
23The Mighty Incan Empire 33.011 Geran Watson5.8
24The Duchy of Shokleng 31.832 Allen Moorehead3.9
25The Twifo-Heman Nation 31.230 Open for a Player3.6
26The Norwegians 29.827 JJ Martell1.3
27Al Fatimid Caliphat al Qaira 30.115 Tim Finton2.6
28The Pala of Bengal 28.28 Open for a Player2.5
29The Hamadid Emirat 27.56 Helmer Jensen5.2
30Le Royaume de France 25.69 Robert Hanson2.4
31The Kingdom of Paraiba 26.031 Sam Freese2.7
32The Miwok Confederation 26.021 Open for a Player1.8
33The Makuria Kingdom of Nubia 25.224 John Rascon1.3
34El Reino de Navarre 24.223 Rod Alleyn1.1
35The Kingdom of Germany 20.812 David Salter1.6
36The Kingdom of Svear 19.929 Brian Sico1.0
37The Duchy of Estonia 18.942 Brian Barger0.8
38The Goryeo Kingdom 19.141 Open for a Player1.8
39The Ottoman Empire 17.544 Bruce van Etten0.3
40Frankonia 15.317 Open for a Player1.9
41The Kingdom of Champa 15.413 Chris von Albercht2.4
42The Norse Kingdom of Iceland 15.322 Jorge Chacón0.7
43The Varangian Rus of Kiev 13.140 Open for a Player1.8
45The Celtics of Shetlands 7.043 Open for a Player0.3

If you name appears in parentheses means you owe for this turn and if it's not paid for you don't play the next turn. Last chance for anyone owing. For the ones that owe here and are playing in Lords 16 also I will remove you from both games if there's negative balance in both games goes unpaid.

Created by Steven Olson