Lords of the Earth Campaign 19

Turn 03: Anno Domini 911 - 915

Industrial Stage Zero: The Middle Ages

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TURN 04 ORDERS DUE Monday, November 29th, 1999, 11:59 p.m.


Ok, anyone who had a nation and is senting money to make a positive balance but have been removed from there nation have until one week before the due date to pay to regain their nation. If you choose to do this you will be charge for this past turn.

Anyone who had a nation but it disappeared due to death leaders and no government to support a leader (lt) will not be charged for that turn.

Also if there's anyone wishing to switch to another nation. You must let me know one week before the due date. During the switch you will not be charged for a turn, nor do you have to turn one in. You will receive your new nation, if still available with the sending of the very next turn.

Census a lot of people are trying to use a rule that is not available. Note this is the last time I will warn you about it. I have decided to not use this rule at the current time. Please read the rules page.

This is very important! Please name your leaders, this meaning only king/queen, heir, lieutenants, and princes. If not they will start to be listed by the stats for all to see in the newsfact. (Thanks Peter, that is one way to get them to name them.)

Now a brief overlook: Nothing large happened. I caught up on the allies I missed last turn that will explain why a few dropped in MSI. [Section 2.12 The Leaders] A new rulebook became available. We will start to talk about the effects of the new rules over the Lords 19 list serve, but it will not be used until the following has happened:
1.) Everyone has a copy or has access to a copy.
2.) A vast majority of the players wish to use the whole set of rules.

Also in regard to the new rules [version 5.6], if a vast majority is not reached to use them, then we will select the rules we wish to use and ingore the rest. The rules that have been voted as use as a standard rule for Lords 19 will then be posted to the rules page.

Last thing, the turns will be posted one week from the turn in date even if I have had them done since thursday night. I do this for two reasons. It gives time to see if there a late payment, and it also gives time to make sure the credit balances are right and that I have not overlooked something (this one can still happen so bring it to me quickly).

- Steven Olson

Contacting the Game Master

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Steven Olson
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Or call:

(480) 897-9073 (before 9pm Arizona time please)

The best way to contact me is by email. I will answer mail as soon as I receive it.
My address is: solsonesq@aol.com.



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Normal Turns: $3.00


Will be available via the main web page only. Make sure you gain one of these maps for your area.


I have made a few alterations to the maps. These will only be reflected on maps you get from me.

  1. Move the border between the Bay of Biscay and the Celtic Sea north, so that it is possible to move directly between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. Brittany no longer borders the Celtic Sea.
  2. The Dvina and Dnepr rivers no longer connect. The current border is now the northen end of the Dnepr. The Dvina extends only as far south as the Kur-Polotsk border. A level 3 canal can be built to connect the rivers.
  3. The Grand Canal in China has not be built. So the rivers of the Yangtze and Yellow don't connect.
  4. Another change it's in the Black Sea. Most will notice that there's a Black Sea and Mare Negri (French for Black Sea). Mare Negri is now called Western Black Sea. And the Black Sea half is now Eastern Black Sea.

ORDERING THE RULEBOOK Lords of the Earth Campaign 16 uses the Middle Ages version 5.5 rulebook. You must order the rulebook from Thomas Harlan. Do not send money to me! The price is $5.00 (e-mailed pdf), $15.00 (mailed), or $20.00 (overseas); payable to:
Thomas Harlan
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Please read the rules supplement, on the Lords19 web site.


Infantry (200 men = 1 point)
Cavalry (200 men and 200 horse = 1 point)
Field Forts (2 forts = 1 point)
Siege Engineers (200 men = 1 point)
Warships (2 ships = 1 point)
Transports (2 ships = 1 point)


Northern Europe

Erik the Sheepish
Effects: Faeroes (ne)
"Rolf is a fool if he thinks he can carve out a nation out of those rocks by himself. He could have inherited the kingdom, but instead he chose a rock. Well, better now than later, and now let's get back to work."

Erik traveled to Faeroes and tried to talk the people there into something higher then claimed. When he failed he returned home.

Map changes: none.

Rolf Redhand Effects: none
Rolf Redhand was waiting for some nice, kind and caring player to come along and help run his nation.

Map changes: none

Effects: Norway (fa)
Gokstad and his wife were glad to be away from the throne room for awhile. They became the happy parents of a daughter in 912. Then in 914 they became the proud parents of yet another daughter.

Trehnt continued his talks in Norway. The people there were having a hard time coming to an agreement over if they should sign a better treaty or not. Then in the closing ends of 914 they signed a military alliance treaty. Trehnt then tried to have children but he totally forgot that his wife was back in Hordaland.

Oseberg was sent to explore an inter island arrow, but what he learned was his king can't read a map. He learned that the Shetlands have a nice access to the Freya Bank, the Minch and the Viking Bank. The king there was happy to see someone. Oseberg returned home to give his king looks of this guy isn't playing with a full deck.

Map changes: none.

Olof Skutkonung of Uppsala
Effects: none
Olof Skutkonung stayed at home and ran hit nation. He and his wife had a daughter in 915. His death followed the birth of his daughter by three weeks.

Map changes: none.

Aesc, King of England
Effects: Northumbria (f), Wessex (a)
Aesc stayed in Northumbria and his talks came to nothing for his death in 913 ended his time there.

Oswald ruled over the kingdom. He even did his part to made sure it ran for as long as his family ruled over it. He and his wife had another son in 914.

Osoric brought from Anglia the troops the leader left to the nation. His return to Sussex was only to leave the troops in the hands of his ruler. He then traveled on into Wessex. .

The leader of Northumbria sent the body of King Aesc back to Sussex. He then went in and made out his will. He watched the waters of the sea wash the shores of his duchy. His death came in the spring of 915. It was discovered that in his will he had left his lands to the current ruler of the Aengland nation, whomever that maybe.

Map changes: none.

Western Europe

Otto IV, Herzog of Saxony, King of Germany
Effects: none
Otto IV remarried after grieving for his late wife. His new wife gave him a daughter in 913. It was during his rule when the birth happened.

Map changes: none.

Robert (II) the Pious, King of West Francia
Effects: Vermandois (n, rebelled)
Robert the Pious with the help of general Peter tried to bring the land of Vermandois into the nation but with the death of the duke all was lost and wasted for the time with the new leader yielded nothing but rebellion. They returned to Paris.

Prince Rudolph was remarried in 911 and by that fall they became the parents to a daughter. He began his rule which he was doing in a pattern of five months so he could spend a month with his wife and daughter. And then in the summer of 914, Rudolph and his wife became the proud parents of a son. As Rudolph finished off his rule he spent the two more months with wife and children.

The duke of Vermandois died in 912. His son, Phillip became the new leader of Vermandois. He withdraw from the kingdom into his small duchy.

Map changes: Rennes in Ponthieu was built facing the English Channel.

Rudolph III, King of Burgundy
Effects: none
"King Rudolph III of Burgundy, and his Heir, William (Billy) Friederich, both retire to the palace to concentrate on the difficult task of developing an effective system of Government for their emerging nation. While much time was spent at this task, there was barely enough time for both of them to make some small effort to strive to further the fledgling dynasty.

They were obviously NOT up to the effort entailed in government AND producing children while in their own land and sleeping in their own beds with their wives. Libido can sure be dampened by all that stress pushing papers.

K.H.F. vom Stein Freiherr, in his Majesty's Service Rudolph III of Frankonia"

Rudolph III and his new wife became the parents to a son in 915. It took his whole rule to do it but he did have a son.

William Friedrich and his new wife became parents in the summer of 912 to a son. And then in 914, they became parents again to a daughter.

Map changes: none.

Effects: Franconia (a)
Sviatopluk Govner tried to win the heart of Ivan Gorvcheck's widow but she was so heart broken that she just gave up living and died in 912. Sviatopluk Govner having traveled to Franconia learn of her death during his talks. It affected his thoughts, but not as much as his own death would. He did get an alliance from the people only because his government could now handle the extra leader needed for this. He returned home.

The feudal allied of Austria and Meissen were called up for duty.

Map changes: none.

Francisco II, King of Navarre
Effects: none
Francisco II returned to Navarre to hold his court there. And then he and his wife tried to have children.

Map changes: none.

Rolema I, King of Verona
Effects: none
Rolema I elected to stay where he was for the next five years.

Kali rested on the side of a hill watching clouds pass by for the next five years.

Map changes: none.

Mustafa ibn Rabin, Sultan of Sicily
Effects: Baelerics (nt)
Sultan Mustafa ibn Rabin traveled off across the Bay of Tunis after he and his wife failed to produce a child. He traveled to the islands of Baelerics. Once there he began a line of talks that was somewhat different then what he has normally done. He had a set line on how high he wanted the status of the treaty to reach. When things got the high he got the treaty signed and left for home. He reached home and he and his wife tried again but failed to produce any children.

Rafael ibn Mustafa set about denfeding the land from attacks great or small. When he finished his defensive stand he suffered a heart failure. All that physical activity was more then he could handle. Mustafa ibn Rabin only learn of this when he returned home.

Map changes: none.

Eastern Europe

Effects: none
Siakhau died and his heir became the new ruler.

Map changes: none.

Van Lierden, King of Poland
Effects: Bialoweza (a), Little Poland (t), Volhynia (nt)
King Van Lierden traveled to Bialoweza and began a peace talk hoping for a better alliance. If he would of had a little more time he would of reached that full alliance but as it was he did reach an economic alliance.

Sika when he reached home, Poland, in April of 911, spent some times with his wife. He then traveled off to Little Poland. Then in Febuary of 912, he received a message stating that his wife and twin daughters were doing just fine. His peace talks with Little Poland began all that he could think of for as soon as he finished this he would return to his wife and children. In the finally days of 915 he saw that he was not going to make it home but that the people of Little Poland did finally reach an agrement on that treaty. They signed a paying tribute.

Akitna traveled down into the land called Volhynia. Once there he setup treaty talks. Not be very good at it he was clueless at what to do. All he understand about the thing was they needed to sign a document stating they agree to these terms. So he talked them the locals and in the end he did get someone to sign the treaty, who was what the locals calls a burgomaster. The document was signed and a non-paying tribute was formed from it. Akitna did not realize that he was out of time and could not return to the capital so he was stuck in Volhynia.

Map changes: none.

(___), Grand Prince of Kiev
Effects: none
Vladimir died in the summer of 915. This made his cousin the new prince of Kiev.

Map changes: none.

Demetrius, Eastern Roman Empire
Effects: Lydia (fa)
Demetrius stayed in Thrace and ran the nation. He was married in 912 but she lived only for one year before surcoming to aliment that plague her her whole life. Demetrius was then married once again in two months after his latest wife's death. But this one died during child birth and the baby was still born. His final wife during this rule was wed to him in 914. She did not produce any children for him.

The new general-in-arms stayed in Lydia and talked the locals into a military alliance.

Map changes: none.


The Middle East

Ahamed ad Dawla Sa'id
Effects: none
Ahamed ad Dawla Sa’id decided on a course of action. He was going to run his nation and make sure everything ran the way it should. First action was to close off his nation from traders from the outside. Second action was to rule over his nation. His third and finally action was to take a wife and produce children. He was successful on the first two but he and his wife just could not produce any children.

Map changes: none.

Asrasha, Emir of Emirs, Protector of the Baghdad Caliph
Effects: none
Asrasha did nothing worth talking about. Maybe one day he'll do something note worthy.

Akmechel ibn Asrasha found himself a wife. She had them fine child baren hips. And boy could she bear then children. She produce a fine healthy son in the fall of 912. And then in the summer of 913, she squeezed out another fine healthy son. Thems children were the finer things to happens to Akmechel, yea-hah.

Map changes: none.


Ahmad Arslan, Kara Khan
Effects: none
Ahmad Arslan did nothing once again. He was starting to make a habit of doing this.

Map changes: none.


Vijayapala, Emporer of India
Effects: Avanti (fa), Chitor (ea), Gujerat (ea), Surashtra (ea)
Vijayapala ruled over his growing empire. With his general and heir running around making economic alliances for the income and the feudal states willing to defend his empire he was sitting like a giant spider ready to strike at anyone foolish enough to try and attack him.

Apalajay stayed in Surashtra and talked the locals into an economic alliance. With this now in place they could start sea trade routes with anyone within range of their ships. Alapajay then traveled into the land of Gujerat and talked there until he had an economic alliance. Each one of his treaty talks took about sixteen months each. He really needs a rest.

General Jaya, being a general work horse, stayed in the wooded land of Avanti. He barely gained the trust from the locals for a military alliance. He then traveled into the farmlands of Chitor. He was doing peace talks while the port city of Agra was being completed. This helped the talks run so smooth that if the government was stronger it would of had another leader to support, but as it was the only thing they could have was an economic alliance.

The leaders of Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh and Vatsa readied for any attacks against the empire.

Map changes: Agra in Chitor was built facing the Upper Ganges River.

Mahatmasamhatman, Raja of Bengal
Effects: none
Mahatmasamhatman stayed in Maghada and did nothing.

Ramahatsalama rested where he was.

Map changes: none.

Chakrabandhu, Rajasraya, Rajakesarivarman Arunmorivarman
Effects: none
Chakrabandhu sat on his hands for five long years.

Map changes: none.

Indochina and Indonesia

Viaya Sri Harivarman II
Effects: none
Viaya watched his heir and friend die in 911. He was left to rule over his nation. He began his rule and completed it and then in the fall of 915, he and his wife had a son.

Map changes: none.

East Asia

Warlord Ming, King of the Tanguts
Effects: none
Warlord Ming ran his nation again. Only time will tell him if his kingdom will stand the test of time.

Map changes: none.

Effects: none
Mog-Jong watched the sun rise over the hills for 1,826 days.

Map changes: none.

Takama San, Kanpuku of the Bakufu
Effects: Shimane (ea)
Takama San talked the locals of Shimane into an economic alliance. His poor government could not and would not support anything higher then that. He returned home to declare a national kite festival. It would honor for a week the flier with the largest kite. Only things was the kite had to be able to fly.

Takomo San started to rule but his death in 913 ended that quickly. He and his wife never even produce a child before his death occured. The nation mourned the loss of a leader.

Map changes: Tottori in Shimane was built facing Dozen Wan.

Wu-Lang, King of Hupei
Effects: Hubei (ea)
Wu-Lang wandered around the landside looking at things and talking to people. He was getting a feel for what the people around him wanted from a ruler.

Fu-Wung, a loyal friend of Wu-Lang's, ran the nation for him while he was wandering his nation. Fu-Wung also traveled over into Hubei and watched the finishing touches on the new port city there When it was completed the locals signed an economic alliance with the Kingdom.

Map changes: Wuhan in Hubei was built facing the Yangtze River.

Chen, Emperor of the Middle Kingdom
Effects: none
Chen watched as his nation failed to gain income again. He had to sell off more public works to pay support costs. If things don't change soon he will not have a nation to do anything with.

Map changes: none.


Polynesia and Australia

Effects: none
Yabnagu stayed in Moluccas and with his wife had a daughter in the summer of 912. He buried his wife in the fall of 914.

Kargu ran the nation with as much strength as he had. He and his wife failed to produce any children. He also ordered the building of a fortress on shore of Sulawesi that overlooked the Moluccas Sea.

General Panop did the only thing left to him. He sat on the beaches watching the waves break across the sand to form a foam that looked much like the whipped cream that becomes butter after much churning.

Map changes: The port fortress of Salawu was built on Sulawesi facing the Moluccas Sea.

Effects: Goolbura (ne)
Marrogin began his rule in the spring of 911. His death in the summer of 913 end that rule. The government hoped it was strong enough to handle the loss of it's founding ruler.

Naroola and his wife produced a daughter in the fall of 911. He was crowned the new ruler of the tribe in the fall of 913. And then in the summer of 914 he and his wife had a healthy son. And then in the fall of 915 they became the parents of yet another daughter.

Map changes: none.

Effects: none
Adalena stayed in the homeland and ran her nation. She and her husband were blessed in the final days of 915. They became the proud parents to a son, this being their second.

Map changes: none.


Northern Africa

Nasir ad Dawla
Effects: Algeria (ea), Cheliff (nt), Kabilya (t), Zirid (nt)
Nasir ad Dawla stayed at home and ruled over the nation as to grow. The people wished to know when an heir to the throne was going to be produced. Nasir ad Dawla did not have an answer for that one. He and his wife were trying but so far nothing has happened.

Badis ad Dawla stayed in Cheliff to talk with the locals. His talks lead to the signing of a non-paying tribute to the emir. He then cross over into Zirid and talked there. He gained the same signed treaty from them.

General Mustafa Ahmed cross over into Kabilya and talked the locals from a non-paying tribute into a paying tribute. He then continued his journey into Algeria and talked the locals there into an economic alliance. He spent his last month on the beach watching the watch.

Map changes: none.

Al-Hakim 'the Mad', Caliph in Cairo
Effects: none
Al-Hakim rested on the steps of his palace. The people of Cairo would gather around him and wander why he sits. It was after four years that someone finally asked him. He said, 'It is through the fact that a man must be humble before he can have great wisdom.' The passer-byer continued on his way with a thought look upon his face.

Map changes: none.

Western Africa

Akil, King of Songhay
Effects: none
Akil named Mansa his heir and then appointed a new general to leader his armies. He then sat down and ruled over his nation.

General Mansa was named heir. He traveled back into Ghana to ask what it takes to make them more tolerent of the nation. They said back someone who knows what they are doing and that does not dance on the talbe during the peace talks like the fool that you are. Mansa returned to Segu not even understanding what was meant.

Map changes: none.

Fe Anor, Bird Chief of the Great Water
Effects: none
Fe Anor died in the summer of 911.

Hutumil became the new ruler of the nation. He has a lot of things that could be done let's see if he does them.

Map changes: none.

Eastern Africa

(_____), King of Nubia
Effects: none
Kalen stayed at home and ruled the nation. He finished his rule in 914. And in the spring of 915 he and his wife had a son. And then in the fall of 915 he died leaving an infant son in the care of a regent.

Map changes: none.

Southern Africa

Oduduma, King of Bakongo
Effects: Vili (ea)
Oduduma and his wife has a bouncing son in the fall of 911 while Oduduma was away in Vili. He had traveled there to have talks with the locals about the growth and the possible arrangement of having them a further part of the kingdom. They liked what they heard and signed an economic alliance. Oduduma traveled home and played with his four years son.

Umada ran the nation. Being the ruler in name only he did his job like a trooper.

Map changes: none.


North America

Powtuneep, Son of the Sun
Effects: Erie (a), Miami (f)
Powtuneep and his wife failed to produce a child, so he traveled off to Miami where he talked with the locals. He was joined near the end of 915 by Running Deer. They got a friendly treaty from the locals.

Chewing Beaver stayed in the homeland and ran the empire from there. Things were growing as hoped for. In a few more years, maybe things will be to the point that most of the land around those great bodies of water would be under the rule of the Empire.

Running Deer stayed in Erie long enough to gain the treaty that was much needed by the empire. The treaty that was signed was that os a full alliance. Running Deer then traveled into Miami to help the emporer.

Map changes: none.

Sleeping Coyote
Effects: none
Running Bear died in the spring of 913. His son Sleeping Coyote became ruler of the Confederation.

Map changes: none.

Effects: Navajo (fa), Tiwa (t)
Unkestine ordered the completion of the cities of Chicu in Chiricaua and Bonito in Navajo and that more colonists were sent to Opata. He then sat down and ruled over his nation. He and his wife Became parents in 912 with the birth of their daughter. And then in the fall of 913, they were blessed with the birth of yet another daughter.

Chetopa traveled first to the land of Navajo. Here the people were excited over the view of seeing the foundation of a city being built. The founding of this was something they were ready for. The treaty Chetopa brought with him was for an economci alliance. They signed it quickly. He then traveled on into Tiwa. Here his talks did not have as much force, fact a city was not being completed here. So he began talks and ended his time here with the signing of a paying tribute.

Map changes: Opata became a 2GPv region.

Effects: Chitimacha (t)
Chingachgook traveled down into Chitimacha and talked with the locals again. They agreed that someting better then the current status was acceptible. So they signed a paying tribute treaty at the end of 915.

Uncas and his wife became the proud parents os a daughter in the fall of 911. And then in the fall of the very next year, they were blessed with the birth of a son. It was the spring of 914 when their next daughter was born. And then in the summer of 915 they became parents to a second son.

Map changes: none.

Meso America

Xiu Cinteotl
Effects: Quiche (f)
Xiu Cinteotl traveled once again to Quiche. This time they signed the friendly treaty not but a month after the city of Tikal was completed.

Xiu Teochina stayed in Maya and ran the nation from there. He had to appoint a general to hand the armies of the nation.

Map changes: Tikal in Quiche was built facing the Gulf of Honduras.

Effects: none
Ahabatey stayed at home and ruled over his nation. In 912, he and his wife became the parents to a son. And then in 915 they became parents once again to a daughter.

Map changes: none.

Silver Bark
Effects: none
Silver Bark, not having the right stuff, died in the spring of 912. He left no one to run his kingdom. The people turned towards the government for help only to discover there was no government. Chaos ran through the kingdom. lands declared themselves their own nations. By the time 915 came around no one cared what was going on in this area.

Map changes: none.

Tukan, King of the Chibchan
Effects: Timote (ea)
Tukan stayed in the homeland. He he began his rule after spenting time with his wife. It the the next year, 912, that they became the parents to a daughter. He finished his rule and was proud to learn that Timote became an economic friend to his kingdom.

Kucan traveled to the jungle land of Timote. There he talked with the locals. His talks was centered around the greatness that could be reached with them being the trade center for the nation. By the time the year 915 came around he had reached the economic alliance the kingdom needed.

Map changes: none.

South America

Savuro, King of Paraiba
Effects: Caete (nt)
Savuro stayed in Caete and talked with the locals more. He talked with them and when he finished they agreed to sign the non-paying treaty he was preaching to them. He then returned home and tried to have children with his wife.

Sura ruled over the nation. He was getting old and did not really wish to run the nation for much longer.

Map changes: none.

Tatam Yach
Effects: Pucara (ea)
Tatam Yach start to rule the empire. He then ordered workers to Pucara to build a city and that he would be along to see it's completion. Just before he left his wife bore him a daughter in 914. He then traveled to Pucara and talked with the locals. They quickly agreed that an economic alliance should be in place between the two lands. The city was called Abancay when it was completed in 915.

Map changes: none.

Effects: Tupinamba (f)
Capiwab stayed in the homeland and ruled over the duchy. He watched his son grow as he did with the duchy. He ordered that a city facing the Rio de la Plata.

Chipwa stayed in Tupinamba and talked some more with the locals. He talks came to an end in 915 with the signing of a friendly treaty by the local economic leader.

Map changes: Porto Alegre in Cari was built facing the Rio de la Plata.

Black Rock
Effects: none
Black Rock ruled over his nation. He the growth rate of it is just right. They are not expanding beyond that what he can control. Now he has to get a government up and running so he's not trapped on the throne for the rest of his life.

Standing Rock and his wife thought that they should do there part and mak1e sure the family line keeps running. And that's just what happened in the fall of 915. A son was born to Standing Rock making Black Rock a grandfather.

Map changes: Talca in Pichunche was built facing the Mochan Sea.

ISI List for Turn 003
#Nation Name MSIESI Players NameTV
1The Pratihara Empire of Kaunaj 86.213 Allen Moorehead5.8
2The Mississippian Empire 64.122 Tom Dagget6.7
3The Duchy of Bohemia 53.637 (David Maher)1.6
4The Toltec Hegemony of Chichen Itza 51.830 Jon Grover2.3
5The Kingdom of the Yangtze 45.711 Olivier de Bretagne6.8
6The Buwayid Emirates 43.91 James Chancy3.0
7The Kingdom of Aengland 43.78 Jeff Morrison2.5
8Al Fatimid Caliphat al Qaira 41.129 Open for a Player1.1
9The High Kingdom of HellRieger 40.342 Shaun Yauch1.3
10Ez Zirid Emirat al Mahidya 40.145 E. Garrett1.8
11Da Song Handi Guo 38.84 Open for a Player7.2
12The Arikat of the Maaori 38.645 Liz Young1.5
13The Blue Star People 38.320 Victor Stein3.9
14The Moluccas Seahold 35.640 Tom Dagget3.2
15The Chibchan Kingdom 33.838 Jeff Krauss2.6
16The Mapuche Nation 34.027 Jordan Tungson2.5
17The Pala of Bengal 33.312 Charles Darden1.1
18The Kingdom of Paraiba 32.834 Sam Freese2.3
19The Mighty Incan Empire 31.510 Geran Watson4.8
20The Twifo-Heman Nation 30.832 (Russell Reid)3.0
21The Norwegians 29.726 JJ Martell1.3
22The Duchy of Shokleng 30.336 Allen Moorehead3.0
23The Miwok Confederation 26.017 Open for a Player1.1
24The Bakongo Kingdom 25.033 Jeff Krauss2.9
25El Reino de Navarre 23.725 (Ron Meinung)1.4
26The Dai Kingdom of Songhay 24.23 Alex Bierwag3.2
27The Kingdom of Italy 23.62 Ron McBride2.6
28The Plaquemine Natchez 22.716 (Ron Meinung)2.3
29The Chola Mandalam 23.06 Open for a Player4.8
30The Oriental Roman Empire 22.57 Bruce van Etten6.8
31Le Royaume de France 23.09 Robert Hanson2.3
32The Kingdom of Svear 23.431 Brian Sico1.2
33The Hamadid Emirat 22.414 Helmer Jensen4.1
34The Arawak of the Islands 21.041 Tavis Burdun2.2
35The Maree Tribe 21.239 Peter Morzinski3.0
36The Karakhanat of Ilig 20.221 Open for a Player3.8
37Frankonia 18.818 Douglas Salter1.9
38The Goryeo Kingdom 19.146 Open for a Player1.8
39The Kingdom of Sicily 17.128 Truitt Black3.8
40The Empire of Japan 17.15 James Cochran1.6
41The Kingdom of Champa 15.415 Chris von Albercht2.4
42The Duchy of Estonia 13.847 Open for a Player0.8
43The Varangian Rus of Kiev 13.143 Open for a Player1.8
44The Kingdom of Germany 12.824 David Salter1.5
45The Makuria Kingdom of Nubia 11.723 John Rascon1.3
46The Xi Xia Kingdom 12.119 (Warren Voight)2.4
47The Norse Kingdom of Iceland 9.335 John Smith0.7
48The Celtics of Shetlands 7.048 Open for a Player0.3

If you name appears in parentheses means you owe for this turn and if it's not paid for you don't play the next turn. Last chance for anyone owing. For the ones that owe here and are playing in Lords 16 also I will remove you from both games if there's negative balance in both games goes unpaid.

Created by Steven Olson