Lords of the Earth Campaign 19

Turn 01: Anno Domini 901 - 905

Industrial Stage Zero: The Middle Ages

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A somethings to note:

First, a few did not read the start builds close enough. You might want to go back and reread those.

Second, claimed is not a controlled status. It's still an uncontrolled status so a few of you will notice that on your stat sheets. (This is on the rules page.)

Third, if not stated all cities will be assumed to be normal inland cities. A few exceptions, like it's built on an island, will be made.

Fourth, if port was built and sea zone was not named (no port until new rules state so can be on more then one sea zone) will be ramdonly determined. This is where the port will face permanently. Only except to this are ones built at the mouth of rivers and on islands that touch more then one sea zone. The island's seahold will grant access to all sea zones touching it.

Fifth, the public work build was stated 8 gold or 4 NFP no combination of the two was stated and was not allowed either. (The rulebook, 1 NFP = 2 Gold, was not allowed in other words.)

Sixth, all sea trade route for them to open have to meet the required 1 MSP allocation. If they don't they did not appear.

Seventh, any region bought at a status level not normally surported, example: BL does not surport the allowed leader type, will hold that status level for this turn before dropping at the beginning of the next turn to the correct status level.

Eighth, income was not calculated for a reason you did not receive income. The only extra gold that could be had was from agro sells. Orders adjusted to show this.

Ninth, on any action from now on. If the words rest, to until of turn, or any but a number appears I will change the words to a zero. This is your warning now. Start counting don't make me do it. I'm not be hard I'm being fair to the ones who do spent the time. Why should they when everyone else is being lazy about.

- Steven Olson

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Normal Turns: $3.00


Will be available via the main web page only. Make sure you gain one of these maps for your area.


I have made a few alterations to the maps. These will only be reflected on maps you get from me.

  1. Move the border between the Bay of Biscay and the Celtic Sea north, so that it is possible to move directly between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. Brittany no longer borders the Celtic Sea.
  2. The Dvina and Dnepr rivers no longer connect. The current border is now the northen end of the Dnepr. The Dvina extends only as far south as the Kur-Polotsk border. A level 3 canal can be built to connect the rivers.
  3. The Grand Canal in China has not be built. So the rivers of the Yangtze and Yellow don't connect.
  4. Another change it's in the Black Sea. Most will notice that there's a Black Sea and Mare Negri (French for Black Sea). Mare Negri is now called Western Black Sea. And the Black Sea half is now Eastern Black Sea.

ORDERING THE RULEBOOK Lords of the Earth Campaign 16 uses the Middle Ages version 5.5 rulebook. You must order the rulebook from Thomas Harlan. Do not send money to me! The price is $5.00 (e-mailed pdf), $15.00 (mailed), or $20.00 (overseas); payable to:
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Please read the rules supplement, on the Lords19 web site.


Infantry (200 men = 1 point)
Cavalry (200 men and 200 horse = 1 point)
Siege Engineers (200 men = 1 point)
Warships (2 ships = 1 point)
Transports (2 ships = 1 point)


Northern Europe

Erik the Sheepish
Effects: Iceland (hm), Faeroes (c)
Erik dig through the maps and charts until he found what he was looking for. He brought over to his desk a crude map of the the area east of Iceland.

"Rolf," he called out, "stop chasing the local girls and go get yourself a wife...here." With this, Erik points to the Shetland Islands in a crude map with his eating knife. "And get that wolf of a jarl to agree to a treaty. Meanwhile, I'll stay home and take care of matters here."

Erik then sat down and watched his worker do what he paid them to do. He make the ground easier to plant in and even help make it easier for a larger population to settle in Iceland. The town of Reykjavik had a university founded in it so that can learn the ways of building better ships.

Rolf Redhand, cousin to Erik the Sheepish, set off across the charted waters to Faeroes. Once there he paid off the local jarl for allowing a claim to the rights of the land one day. A city was planned but the local jarl would not allow anyone but his own people build such a thing so nothing was done. Rolf continued until he reached the Shetlands. Once there he married a local girl and even talked th locals into an alliance with the Kingdom, but due to the fact that the Shetlands was so far they broke away forming their own nation lead by Rolf.

Map changes: Iceland is now a 3GPv cultivated region. The university city of Reykjavik was founded in 901.

Rolf Redhand Effects: Shetlands (hm)
Rolf Redhand after leaving his cousin out there on that rocky island of his started with the charts his cousin, Erik, had given him and nothing else.

Map changes: none

Effects: Hordaland (hm), Norway (c), Agder (nt)
Gokstad traveled to Agder where he was meet by Oseberg. He began the talks but had to returned home. On his return home, he and his wife tried to have children.

Mean while back in Agder, Oseberg was talking his fool head just about clean off. He did after four year get the promise of a non-paying tribute to King Gokstad.

Map changes: Hordaland is now a 3GPv cultivated region. The port city of Olso was founded facing the Freya Bank.

Olof Skutkonung of Uppsala
Effects: Uppsala (hm), Halland (a)
Olof Skutkonung stayed close to home and ruled over his nation.

While, Hagar traveled to the far reaches to Zealand. Once there he talked the locals into a paying tribute but due to it being out of Olof control range it rebelled and the locals killed Hagar.

Map changes: Uppsala is now a 3 GPv cultivated region. Vettermark in Uppsala was founded facing the Gulf of Finland. Stockholm in Halland was founded facing the Skaggerak.

Aesc, King of England
Effects: Sussex (hm), Anglia (a), Mercia (a), Wessex (a), Northumbria (t)
Aesc traveled to Northumbria where he talked the locals into a paying tribute to him only after he married one of the daughters of the current ruler.

Oswald stayed in London and ruled over the kingdom for his friend Aesc.

Map changes: Sutton in Anglia was founded facing the North Sea.

Western Europe

{ }, Herzog of Saxony, King of Germany
Effects: Saxony (hm), Friesland (ea), Holstien (t), Holland (c), Lorraine (ea)
Otto III traveled to Holland and talked to the locals until his death in 903. The only treaty that was signed so far was a claimed treaty.

The heir of Otto III traveled to Lorraine. It was here that he talked the locals into an economic alliance. It was the marriage that help he did not have time left for his new wife.

Map changes: Saxony is now a 3 GPv cultivated region. Bremen in Friesland was founded facing the North Sea. Lubeck in Holstien was founded facing the Skaggerak.

Robert (II) the Pious, King of West Francia
Effects: Ile de France (hm), Vermandois (a)
Robert defended the homeland with the army that he had gathered around himself.

While his cousin ruled over the lands and would of tried to have children but he must be married first.

Map changes: none

Rudolph III, King of Burgundy
Effects: Burgundy (hm), Lyonnais (a), Swabia (a), Provence (t), Switzerland (ea)
"King Rudolph III of Burgundy, guided by the hand of his ambassador Freiherr Karl Heinrich Friedrich Von und Zum Stein requests the indulgence of our fellow nations as we declare our emerging nation state both friendly and neutral. We are not aligned with any other nation. We seek economic trade and mutual prosperity. We respect the rights and desires of our neighboring countries and regions.
As a symbol of this policy we have renamed our Kingdom, Frankonia. We do this out of respect for our ancestors, the Franks and as an outward sign of our peaceful intentions. We apologize profusely for any imposition this may be on the Cartographers Guild. We have also built a new city named Freiburg as a symbol of the Freedom from tyranny that all our peoples desire. Freiherr K.H.F. vom Stein, in his Majesty's Service Rudolph III now of "Frankonia"

Rudolph III traveled to Provence. He totally forgot that the governmant might not be strong enough to handle the things that were doing done. While in Provence, his talks with the locals did yield a favorible treaty for his nation. They would start a paying tribute just as soon as a government surported them.

The heir to the throne of Burgundy traveled to Switzerland. Once he had arrived the talks of a treaty that would carry the people of Switzerland into the nation of Frankonia was first given a real voice. The locals liked the thought of having a government instead of a council and agreed to an economic alliance. After the signing of the treaty did the poor people of Switzerland learn the truth and that Frankonia was still under a council.

Map changes: Burgundy is now a 4 GPv region. Lyonnais is now a 3 GPV region. Swabia is now a 3 GPv region. Basel in Burgundy was founded on the shore of the Rhine River. Freiburg in Swabia was founded on the shore of the Rhine River.

Effects: Bohemia (hm), Austria (fa), Bavaria (ea), Franconia (ea), Meissen (fa)
Sviatopluk Govner traveled to Meissen and married a local girl to get the locals to agree to a miliatry alliance. He returned home being glad that not one of the wilderness lands agreed to anything higher.

Ivan Gorvcheck traveled to Franconia and talked to the locals. He married a local girl to help his treaty gain a higher level of trust. And that's just what happened. In the end the locals agreed that an economic alliance would be just fine with them.

Map changes: Bohemia is now a 4 GPv cultivated region. Moravia is now a 3 GPv region. Silesia is now a 2 GPv region.

Sancho the Great, King of Navarre
STARTS WITH: Navarre (hm), Catalonia (f), Languedoc (t)
Sancho traveled to Old Castille, but his health was not the best. He collasped and died shortly there after.

This made Francisco II the new ruler over Navarre. He was in Languedoc getting a treaty a go around there. When the news was that they were hosting the king of Navarre the local leaders bought their daughters to wed with him. One was selected and the locals of Languedoc agreed they could send a paying tribute to the ruler.

Map changes: Navarre is now a 4 GPv cultivated region. Tortosa in Catalonia was founded facing the Gulf of Lyons.

Rolema I, King of Verona
Effects: Verona (hm), Lombardy (ea)
Rolema I traveled to Lombardy and married the only princess of the realm, it was just so sad that she was twice his age and ugly. But the people of Lombardy did like that someone was willing marry the royal family here and agreed the best they can give due to time is an economic alliance.

Kali stayed in the homeland and ruled over the nation, it was not needed but then it could not hurt to have some kind of government.

Map changes: none.

Mustafa ibn Rabin, Sultan of Sicily
Effects: Sicily (hm), Malta (a)
Sultan Mustafa ibn Rabin was going to travel to Malta but then he remembered something and was forced to rule over his kingdom instead.

The heir of the Sultan did nothing.

Map changes: Sicily is now a 4 GPv region. Malta is now a 4 GPv region.

Eastern Europe

STARTS WITH: Estonia (hm), Novgorod (a)
Siakhau and his heir stayed very close to home.

Map changes: Estonia is now a 4 GPv cultivated region. Koratin in Estonia was founded facing the Gulf of Finland. Daugana is now a 2 GPv region. Rzhev is now a 2 GPv region.

Van Lierden, King of Poland
Effects: Poland (hm), Kauyavia (f), Danzig (fa)
King Van Lierden traveled to Danzig and talked the locals into a military alliance after the marriage of the king to their princess. If it had not been for that marriage things would not have been so good for the king. He then finished his time in Poland.

Sika, under royal orders, moved the homeland and capital from Kauyavia to Poland and it's city of Corinth. The Fortress Hellrieger, in the center of Corinth, was to be the palace of the kingdom.

Map changes: Poland is now a 4 GPv cultivated region. Danzig is now a 2 GPv region.

Vladimir, Grand Prince of Kiev
Effects: Kiev (hm)
Vladimir awoke from his vodka induced slumber and started to do something.

Map changes: none.

Sosthenes, Eastern Roman Empire
Effects: Thrace (hm), Constantinople (f)
Sosthenes moved the homeland from the small region of Constantinople to the much larger land of Thrace. Once everything was done, with the help of Demetrius, he set about to rule.

Map changes: Thrace is now a 4 GPv region.


The Middle East

Sa'id ad Dawla Sa'id
Effects: Syria (hm), Aleppo (f), Jordan (t), Carhae (t), Levant (ea)
Sa'id ad Dawla Sa'id traveled to Levant and talked up a storm. It was at the end of 905 when he married a local leaders daughter, for the ruler has only sons. The ruler of Levant agreed to an economic alliance, but will withdraw from it if something is not done about the poor government.

Ahamed ad Dawla Sa’id traveled to Carhae and talked with the local ruler. He got a paying agreement from the current ruler. He never did find anyone to marry for the current ruler was just about the same age as he was.

Map changes: Syria is now a 4 GPv region.

Asrasha, Emir of Emirs, Protector of the Baghdad Caliph
Effects: Mesopotamia (hm), Abadan (c), Hahmar (nt)
Asrasha traveled to the land of Hahmar. Once there he talked with the local leader and laid down the plan he had in mind for the growth and the expansion of the Buwayid. The locals were not sure but they were willing to give a non-paying for now.

Akmechel ibn Asrasha traveled to the far off land called Abadan. He spent just enough time there to be able to lay a claim on the land and it's port city before heading back home.

Map changes: none.


Ahmad Arslan, Kara Khan
Effects: Kara-Khitai (hm)
Ahmad Arslan rested at home and watched the world go by.

Map changes: none.


Vijayapala, Emporer of India
Effects: Rajput (hm), Jihjhoti (ea), Uttar Pradesh (fa), Vatsa (fa), Jaunpur (a), Tarain (ea)
Vijayapala traveled into Uttar Pradesh just long enough to order the feudal ally to ready himself with what troops he has. The orders were to protect the empire from attacks. Vijayapala then continued on his way to Tarain. Once he had arrived there he located the local ruler and talked to him. He even married the rulers sister to help his talks. It helped greatly the local leader signed the economic alliance treaty.

Apalajay traveled down into Jaunpur. Once there he began talks with the local ruler. He married the rulers daughter in a celebration that would link the two lands together for a generation. The local ruler liked Apalajay that he signed a full alliance treaty. He readied his troops.

Map changes: Jihjhoti is now a cultivated region. Pandua in Jihjhoti was founded on the shore of the Upper Ganges. Vatsa is now a 4 GPv region.

Mahatmasamhatman, Raja of Bengal
Effects: Maghada (hm), Assam (c), Chandela (nt), Gaur (c), Jaunpur (ne), Nadavaria (nt), Palas (c)
Mahatmasamhatman stayed in Maghada and defended the land from attacks.

Ramahatsalama did a little diplomatic talks. He traveled first to Gaur where he laid claim to the lands. He the traveled into Assam and laid claim to the land there too. His last stop before crossing the Lower Ganges was in Palas. He laid claim to it also. He then crossed the river to Nadavaria. He got a non-paying for his time. He reached Chandela was got the same reply from the locals there. His last stop was Jaunpur. It's just to bad they liked Kaunaj better, a lot better. He returned home to help defend the lands from attacks.

Map changes: none.

Sunil, Rajasraya, Rajakesarivarman Arunmorivarman
Effects: Chola (hm), Chera (nt), Madurai (ne), Pandya (ea)
Sunil traveled up to Madurai and was planning on marrying a daughter of one of the local leaders, but he had no one to marry to his talks that he was doing had no effect on the locals what so ever. He might as well stayed home and ruled.

Chakrabandhu, on the other hand, was so lucky that he walked in and married the eldest daughter of the current ruler. The talks he held were so praised that the locals just could not wait to sign that economic alliance treaty. The only thing he was not so lucky with was gaining a child to be his heir.

Map changes: Kochi in Chera was founded facing the Malabar Sea.

Indochina and Indonesia

Viaya Sri Harivarman II
Effects: Champa (hm), Cochin (f), Khemer (ne)
Viaya and his heir traveled to Khemer. They had no effect on the land since there was no daughters for them to marry. Better luck next time.

Map changes: none.

East Asia

Warlord Ming, King of the Tanguts
Effects: Wu Hai (hm), Ningsia(a), Ordos (a), Yanzhi (a)
Warlord Ming sat down upon his throne and ruled over his fair nation. Now all he needed was to wed and produce some children.

Map changes: none.

Effects: Koguryo (hm)
Mog-Jong awoke from a slumber that had filled his nation.

Map changes: none.

Fujiwara Michinaga, Kanpuku of the Bakufu
Tenno Sanjo, 67th Emperor of Japan
Effects: Yamato (hm)
Fujiwara Michinaga defended the homeland with the help of his heir.

Map changes: Yamato Castle was built as a port fortress facing the Dozen Wan.

Wu-Lang, King of Hupei
Effects: Hupei (hm)
Wu-Lang declared war upon the fools to the east of him. They should run then nation better before trying to fool with his.

Map changes: none.

{ }, Emperor of the Middle Kingdom
Effects: Anhui (hm), Honan (f), Hupei (aw), Shentung (n, rebelled)
Song Chen-Zhong traveled to Hupei in the hope that they would come friendly to him. Instead they just killed. It did make them mad enough to form their own nation though.

Song Chen-Zhong heir traveled to Shentung. Due to the fact that Song Chen-Zhong was died the command from the capital could not control Shentung so they rebelled killing off the heir.

Map changes: none.


Polynesia and Australia

Effects: Moluccas (hm), Kepeluan (a), Sulawesi (fa)
Yabnagu traveled across the Moluccas Sea to the island of Kepeluan. Once there he talked with the local chief. He even married the chief's sister to help his talks go smoother. And smoother is just what that did for him. The local chief agreed to an alliance.

Kargu, son and heir to Yabnagu, traveled across the Moluccas Sea to Sulawesi. Once there, he talked with the local chief there. At the end of his time there the local chief agreed to a military alliance to his father.

Map changes: Moluccas is now a 4 GPv cultivated region. Kepeluan is now a 1 GPv region. Buku Sulat in Moluccas was founded in the Moluccas seahold gaining access to all sea zones that touched the seahold.

Effects: Maree (hm), Goolbura (nt)
Marrogin stayed at home and ruled over his tribe. He tried to have some children but failed.

Naroola spent a long time with some women before it daned on him that maybe he should marry. No children which might be called his were born.

Map changes: Maree is now a 4 GPv cultivated region. Wollongong in Maree was founded facing the Ulladula Sea. Nowra in Goolbura was founded facing the Ulladula Sea.

Effects: Te Ika a Maui (hm), Akaroa (fa)
Adalena stayed in Te Ika a Maui and ruled over her people. She also wed and became the mother to a health son in 902. And then in 904, she and her husband became the proud parents to a daughter. And then finally in 905, she gave birth to another health son.

Kinsey, the heir to Adalena throne, was sent to oversee the building of Kesh. Upon her return she was given a rest.

Map changes: Te Ika a Maui is now a 4 GPv cultivated region. Akaroa is now a 2 GPv region. Kesh in Akaroa was founded facing the Cook Strait.


Northern Africa

Nasir ad Dawla Badis
Effects: Tunisia (hm)
Nasir ad Dawla Badis awoke to his alarm that thing were changing in the world.

Map changes: none.

Western Africa

Dai Amadou, King of Songhay
Effects: Songhai (hm), Adawara (c), Garou (c), Segu (c), Sudan (c), Ghana (nt)
Dai Amadou traveled to Ghana and did talks with the chief of the lands. When he finished his talks the following was the best treaty he could get from the chief. The chief signed a non-paying tribute with Dai Amadou. Dai Amadou then traveled back home.

Akil traveled to Segu and ruled the nation from there. His control over things was just barely enough to do the job.

Map changes: none.

Fe Anor, Bird Chief of the Great Water
Effects: Akan (hm), Togo (a)
Fe Anor and Hutumil stayed in Akan. Fe Anor would of liked to have some children but due to the that his wife died in 902 he could not have any. Hutumil wants children but needs to get married first.

Map changes: Akan is now a 3 GPv cultivated region. Port of Togo in Togo was founded facing the Bight of Benin.

Eastern Africa

Kalen, King of Nubia
Effects: Nubia (hm), Alwa (fa), Suakin (fa)
Kalen traveled over to Alwa and got married. His marriage lock the deal for a military alliance with the leader of Alwa. He then returned home with his new bride. They became the proud parents to a son in 904.

Jarrod traveled over to Suakin and got married. His marriage lock the deal for a military alliance with the leader of Suakin. He then returned home with his new bride. He and his wife tried to have children but to no advail.

Map changes: Nubia is now a 2 GPv cultivated region. Serin in Nubia was founded along the shores of the upper Nile River.

Southern Africa

Oduduma, King of Bakongo
Effects: Kongo (hm), Matadi (fa), Vili (fa), Mbundu (t)
Oduduma traveled to Mbundu. Once he was there he talked to the chief about lending his support to the Bakongo Kingdom. The chief did agree to sign the paying tribute treaty that was offered. Only on the grounds that Oduduma married his daughter. SO it was done and thw wedding was held.

Umada stayed in Kongo and ruled over the nation making sure that everything ran smoothly.

Map changes: Kongo is now a 4 GPv cultivate region. Bokona in Kongo was founded at the mouth of the Kongo River giving it access to both the river and the Kongo Sea. Matadi is now a 2 GPv region. Cabwola in Matadi was founded at the mouth of the Kongo river directly across from Bokona in Kongo. Vili is now a 2 GPv region. Rava in Vili was founded facing the Kongo Sea.


North America

Powtuneep, Son of the Sun
Effects: Michigamea (hm), Illinois (f), Sangamon (f), Scioto (fa)
Powtuneep traveled to the wilderness region of Scioto. Once he had arrived there he set about talking the locals into a treay of any kind. He talked himself just to the point of being blue faced when the local chief stepped forward and signed a military alliance with the Empire.

Chewing Beaver stayed in Michigamea and ruled over the nation.

Map changes: Michigamea is now a 4 GPv region. Illinois is now a ( 2 / 8 ) cultivated region. Fox River in Illinois was founded along the shore of the Middle Snake River. Sangamon is now a ( 2 / 6 ) cultivated region. Kaskaskam in Sangamon was founded along the shore of the Middle Snake River.

Running Bear
STARTS WITH: Yokuts (hm), Patwin (c), Serrano (c)
Running Bear and his heir sat around watching the grass grow.

Yokuts is now a 4 GPv region. Serrano is now a 3 GPv region.

Effects: Anasazi (hm), Chiricaua (f), Moache (f), Opata (f), Hohokam (nt), Navajo (nt), Tiwa (nt)
Unkestine stayed and ruled over the Anasazi Nation. When he finished doing that he traveled to Hohokam and talked the local ruler into a non-paying tribute.

Chetopa had a lot of traveling to do ahead of him. His first stop of two was in Tiwa. It was just a passing thing for him but it was a big deal to the people of Tiwa. They signed the non-paying tribute treaty and thanked him for his time even. He then finished the rest of his time in Navajo. He got the local ruler to sign a non-paying tribute treaty.

Map changes: Anazi is now a 4 GPv region. Chiricaua is now a ( 1 / 3 ) cultivated region. Moache is now a ( 1 / 5 ) region. Mesa Verde in Moache was founded on the shores of the Colorado River. Opata is now a ( 1 / 7 ) cultivated region.

Effects: Atakapa (hm), Chitmacha (nt), Mejcalero (nt)
Chingachgook stayed at home and tried to have some children, but his wife died from an illness in 902.

Uncas got married in the summer of 901. And in 902 he and his new wife became parents to a daughter. And then in 903 his wife died during a miscarriage. To bad medicine was not better bad then.

Map changes: Atakapa is now a 4 GPv region. Tangipahoa in Chitmacha was founded facing the Delta Sea. Powhaten in Mejcalero was founded facing the Matagorda Sea.

Meso America

Xiu Cinteotl
Effects: Maya (hm), Yucatec (f), Quiche (t)
Xiu Cinteotl traveled down to Quiche. Once there he located the local chief and talked with him. It was at the end of 905 that the local chief signed the paying tribute treaty.

Xiu Teochina traveled down to Yucatec and ruled the nation from there.

Map changes: Chontal is now a 2 GPv region. Quiche is now a 4 GPv region. Ulva is now a 1 GPv region. Yucatec is now a 4 GPv cultivated region.

Effects: Arawak (hm), Ciguayo (fa), Colon (fa)
Ahabatey stayed and ruled over his nation. He then finished what time he had available to him in Colon talking the local leader into a military alliance.

Fedal crossed the Cayman Sea to Ciguayo. Once there he talked to the local leader for nearly four years. At the end of that time a military alliance was signed and entered into the records.

Map changes: Arawak is now a 4 GPv cultivated region. Guantanamo in Arawak was founded facing the Bahama Sea.

Silver Bark
Effects: Otomi (hm), Totonac (c)
Silver Bark stayed at home and married. His wife died in 902 due to illness. A large celebration was held in honor of his wife and he gave lots of gold to the people.

Jade Light traveled to Totonac and talked to the local leader. When he learned they had no daughter to marry. He laid claim to the land and stopped all talks.

Map changes: none.

Tukan, King of the Chibchan
Effects: Chibcha (hm), Achagua (f), Guahibo (f), Pijao (f), Choque (nt), Timote (nt)
Tukan ruled his kingdom. The changes that were going in were just so great that he just had to travel to Timote so his nation has access to the seas. What little time he had did gain a non-paying tribute from the people of Timote.

Kucan traveled to the mountain lands of Choque. Once there he talked with the locals and gained the trust of the people enough to gain a non-paying tribute treaty from them.

Map changes: Chibcha is now a 2 GPv region. Achagua is now a ( 2 / 4 ) cultivated region. Guahibo is now a ( 2 / 8 ) cultivated region. Pijao is now a ( 1 / 4 ) region.

South America

Savuro, King of Paraiba
Effects: Paraiba (hm), Kraho (f), Piaul (f), Shucuru (f), Gueren (t)
Savuro traveled off to Gueren. Once there he married the chief's only daughter and held talks with him for over four years. In the end it did gain him a paying tribute treaty.

Sura stayed in Paraiba and ruled over the nation while his king was gone.

Map changes: Kraho is a now a ( 2 / 3 ) cultivated region. Piaul is now a ( 2 / 9 ) cultivated region. Shucuru is now a ( 1 / 5 ) region. Nar in Paraiba was founded facing the Pernambuco Sea.

Tatam Yach
Effects: Inca (hm), Mashco (f), Tacana (f), Chavin (nt), Moche (nt), Pucara (nt)
Tatam Yach ruled his empire. He then traveled in the last few months of 905 to Pucara. Here he talked with the local ruler and gained a non-paying tribute for his greatness.

Capac Yach traveled to the land of Chavin and gained the trust of the locals in order to have a non-paying treaty signed. He continued his journey on into Moche. Here his talks gained him the same level of trust that he had in Chavin, a non-paying tribute treaty was signed.

Map changes: Mashco is now a ( 2 / 4 ) cultivated region. Tacana is now a ( 2 / 4 ) cultivated region.

Effects: Shokleng (hm), Cari (f), Tucarembo (f), Tupinamba (nt)
Capiwab stayed in Shokleng and ruled over his duchy.

Chipwa traveled to the land called Tupinamba. Once there he talked to the locals about the growth the Duchy was doing and that it would help make Tupinamba once of the great trade centers of the Duchy once they got enough worker to build them a city. With this said the locals were ready to sign the non-paying tribute to the Duchy.

Map changes: Cari is now a ( 2 / 9 ) cultivated region. Tucarembo is now a ( 2 / 10 ) cultivated region. Santos in Shokleng was founded facing the Cabo Frio.

Black Rock
Effects: Mapuche (hm) Huilliche (f), Poya (f), Pichunche (a)
Black Rock like the way his nation was going. So he stayed at home and ruled over it.

Standing Rock, son of Black Rock, traveled to Pichunche. He married the local chief's daughter and talked about what a great nation they will have with the help of the people of Pichunche. The local chief liked that his daughter was married and could really careless about a nation, just as long as she was out of his house. He signed an alliance with the Mapuche Nation.

Map changes: Huilliche is now a ( 2 / 10 ) cultivated region. Urupoi in Huilliche was founded facing the Gulf of Corcovado. Poya is now a ( 2 / 6 ) cultivated region.

ISI List for Turn 001
#Nation Name MSIESI Players NameTV
1The Pratihara Empire of Kaunaj 73.814 Allen Moorehead3.4
2The Mississippian Empire 47.227 Tom Dagget3.2
3The Kingdom of the Yangtze 43.023 Open for a Player0.3
4The Mighty Incan Empire 43.116 Geran Watson2.9
5Da Song Handi Guo 42.412 (Aerin Rosenberg)7.2
6The Toltec Hegemony of Chichen Itza 40.128 Jon Grover1.4
7The Hamadid Emirat 38.53 (Helmer Jensen)5.5
8The Blue Star People 37.020 Victor Stein3.8
9The Kingdom of Aengland 35.411 Jeff Morrison2.0
10The Chibchan Kingdom 33.835 Jeff Krauss2.3
11The Pala of Bengal 33.313 (Charles Darden)1.1
12The Arawak of the Islands 32.046 Tavis Burdun1.8
13The Oriental Roman Empire 32.08 (Bruce van Etten)7.2
14Le Royaume de France 32.06 (Robert Hanson)2.3
15The Kingdom of Paraiba 32.232 Sam Freese1.6
16The Buwayid Emirates 31.41 James Chancy3.0
17The Norwegians 29.733 (JJ Martel)1.3
18The Miwok Confederation 30.017 (Rob Otts)1.1
19The High Kingdom of HellRieger 28.740 (Shaun Yauch)5.6
20The Mapuche Nation 29.326 Jordan Tungson1.5
21The Twifo-Heman Nation 28.331 (Russell Reid)3.0
22The Duchy of Bohemia 28.336 David Maher1.6
23The Duchy of Shokleng 28.034 Allen Moorehead2.1
24The Dai Kingdom of Songhay 26.87 (Alex Bierwag)2.7
25The Arikat of the Maaori 26.547 Liz Young0.9
26Ez Zirid Emirat al Mahidya 27.144 E. Garrett1.8
27The Kingdom of Champa 26.49 (Chris von Albercht)2.4
28The Maree Tribe 25.742 Peter Morzinski3.0
29The Bakongo Kingdom 25.038 Jeff Krauss2.2
30El Reino de Navarre 23.729 Ron Meinung1.4
31The Empire of Japan 24.14 (James Cochran)1.1
32The Moluccas Seahold 22.539 Tom Dagget2.8
33The Kingdom of Italy 23.12 Ron McBride1.8
34The Plaquemine Natchez 22.224 Ron Meinung2.2
35Frankonia 21.315 Douglas Salter2.3
36The Kingdom of Sicily 21.125 Truitt Black4.2
37The Karakhanat of Ilig 19.519 (Ian Cahill)3.0
38The Varangian Rus of Kiev 20.141 (Dave Adams)1.8
39The Xi Xia Kingdom 20.118 (Warren Voight)3.1
40The Goryeo Kingdom 19.143 (Jack Wanger)1.8
41The Toltec Kingdom of Tula 18.05 (James F. Marshall)1.1
42The Ests 16.945 (Brian Barger)0.8
43The Makuria Kingdom of Nubia 16.721 (John Rascon)1.3
44The Chola Mandalam 16.010 (Ken Larsen)4.8
45The Kingdom of Germany 12.822 David Salter1.5
46The Kingdom of Svear 10.330 (Brian Sico)1.5
47The Norse Kingdom of Iceland 9.337 (John Smith)0.7
48The Celtics of Shetlands 7.048 Open for a Player0.3

If you name appears in parentheses means you owe for this turn and if it's not paid for you don't play the next turn. Or if you play in Lords 16, it's because I was not informed that you would like credit transfered.

Created by Steven Olson