Some highlighted notes:

  • Building Cities: please provide me with the NAMES of the cities that you are building. If you do not, the city construction will not take place.
  • Leader Names: any leader that you have not named will be unable to perform any action.
  • Renumbering leaders: Don't renumber your leaders - use the leader number given on the stat sheet.
  • HOT This game uses HOT - Hands Off Trade, as described in the Modern Era Rules.
  • Investing in other people's stats: If you've got better stats than a trade partner, you can invest in their stats, to help them improve, assuming their religion is tolerant, and their language the same, otherwise, its not much help - worse than just tranfering gold and letting them invest it themselves.
  • Open Positions: If you're dropping, let me know ASAP. Most open positions are available First Come/First Served.
  • Grudge Positions: I try not to allow players to play positions directly next to positions they just lost.
  • Multiple Actions: I'll have you know that, like the diplomacy action, I don't know of any action that will succeed if you try it a second (or more) times in the same turn. Example: Multiple ST actions in the same turn by the same nation against the same enemy treasury will fail.
  • Insufficient Funds: If you don’t have enough GP to pay for everything on your orders, I will make up the shortfall by reducing your Saved, and then working up your expenses from the bottom (investments) to the top (builds).
  • Transferring Gold, Agro and NFP: Sending resources to another nation by Leader or Trade Route now takes a turn to effect and goes into the other nation’s Saved. Essentially, you can only spend what is on your stat sheet at the beginning of the turn, plus Bank Loans.
  • Famines and Importing Grain: Previously, if you started a turn in Famine, with a depressed tax rate, you could import grain from your trading partners and tax at the full rate for the current turn. This is no longer allowed. You can, of course, continue to import grain, but you must suffer the effects of Famine as they arise. The imported grain will offset any shortfall arising from the harvest calculated at the end of the turn, as per usual.
  • Counter-Intel: When you issue a CI operation, you can differentiate it in three ways:
    (1) As a general CI, which will apply to every hostile operation directed against your nation, but the initial operation will be at a -2 modifier. [Ex. CI+0 : Whole nation ]
    (2) As a CI directed against a designated type of hostile operation, which is the default. [Ex. CI+1: vs. Infiltrate Enemy]
    (3) As a CI directed against a specific hostile op, which gets you a +2 bonus to your CI. [Ex. CI+1: vs. IE-Intel Service]
  • Combined Intel/Assassin operations: If you attempt to get something done with more than one Intel or Assassin op, then the results of all those ops combine to a final Success Effect number. So if you tried, for example, six Terrorist Attack ops and got some successes and some failures, all those plusses and minuses would be totaled to get your final effect number. Which might be less than if you just pitched in one Op with lots of bonus points behind it. Focus is a good thing.
  • Drop zeroes: Leave any Investment fields which are zero empty.
  • Projects: When listing Projects, put them in Project ID order.
  • Secrets Empires: There are no secret empires in Lote 12.
  • Religious Orders: Can be created per the standard rules.