Throne Enterprises presents:
Turn #52 Industrial Stage Zero
1156-1160 Anno Domini Medieval Era
Gamemaster: Thad Plate
Next Turn's Orders are due Monday, May 18th, 1998


CORRECTION ON THE CITIES IMPERIAL SIZE RULE: The rulebook cities imperial size rule posted last turn was inaccurate.  The rules actually give two formulae for this and I figure the lowest of the two is best.

   Cities Count Against Imperial Size [9.2] & [12.2]: Every controlled city also counts against your Imperial Size.  I will be using two formulae to determine this: It's either every 3 cities times your Size Divisor counts as 1 Imperial Size (if friendly, pacified or full allied, see below for the
variation) -or- every 10 city GPv times your Size Divisor counts as 1 Imperial Size, whatever is lower.  (Special Announcement)  Cities
counting against your imperial size will be enforced as of Turn 55 of Lords 11, Turn 15 of Lords 12 and Turn 90 of Lords 10.  You all
will be given time to boost your Infrastructure or shore off unneeded regions to prevent Thin Government.

LATEST  RULES VARIATIONS: Many of these rules ideas are player suggested or were brought into being by gameplay.  I plan to get all these rules together into one document very soon.   Here goes:
    Mountain Regions:  They produce .3 agro per GPv.  I do not believe Mountain regions are complete deserts.  This will make Tibet and the Rocky Mountains more playable.  Changes [2.11.1] and Table 2-12.
    Building Troops For Allied Regions: Add this paragraph after the Example Box:
        "Any Ally that has had troops built for it in a turn cannot be diplomacized that turn."
    Leader Intel (insert as []):  Code: LI-(Intel Op Used).  BAC: 1 month.  May spend more time to increase effectiveness.  One LI attempt per turn per leader.  Leaders can attempt peform the following Intel actions as if they had been run by an OC or an AC with no bonus: BA-Battle Assistance (before the battle), CA-Counter Assassination (must accompany leader), CI-Counter Inteligence (at capital or suspected target), CF-Conceal Fact, CR-Crush Rebellion (at suspected target), CM- Cause Mutiny (at target army location), CU-Caust Unrest(at target location), JB-Jail Break (at prison site), KP,KL,KK-Kidnap Person, Kill Leader & Kill King (at target leader's location), RF-Reveal Fact, SGS-Steal Gold Shipment (The route of suspected shipment), SK-Steal Knowledge (at target capital or university), ST - Steal Treasury(at target capital or treasury), SL-Subvert Leader (at target leader's location), SD-Support Diplomacy(at target location), TA-Terrorist Act (at target location).  A roll must be made against the Leader's Charisma for the LI action to be run.  The higher the Charisma the more likely the LI action will be run.  Leaders with 'B' Charisma run LI as if they are an Operation with a Bonus.  Extra time add bonus to your action (+1 bonus for each additional year spent on LI).
    Nomadic Only Army Action, Make Fallow Earth (insert as []): Code: FE.  BAC: 4 months.  Must have tribe points present to perform.  A nomadic horde to keep troop costs down can convert any cultivated region to a steppe.  This action is the effect of Looting all the GPv of the region and changing the region type.  If a FE'd region used to be wilderness or jungle, it will become wilderness or jungle the following turn.  If a FE'd region has a city in it, it will become cultivated again.
    New Control Status, Feudal Allied 2 (fe) (insert as []): If you are a military minded player and hate the diplomatic status of Economic Allied, you may choose to keep the region Feudal Allied.  Though now as 'Fuedal Allied in lieu of Economic', FE.  The only difference is that FE regions count .5 to your imperial size.  Like EA regions FE regions are one step below Full Allied diplomatically.  IN Diplomacy you must specify that you want the region to go FE instead of EA.
    Control Status as a Factor for Imperial Size (supplements and modifies [9.2]):  This is actually an old rule that will be continued in my games.  The following table displays the control status modifiers in determining Imperial Size.  The only difference is that Homelands no longer count against size:
Control Status Code Size Mod.
Homeland h (hm)  x 0
Friendly f  x 1
Pacified p  x 1
Full Allied a  x 1
Economic Allied ea  x .5
Fuedal Allied 2 fe  x .5
Fuedal Allied fa  x 0
Protectorate (Pacified Tributary) pt  x .5
Tributary t  x .5
Non-Paying Tributary nt  x 0
Claimed c  x 0

MERC POOLS:  All areas of the world have available for hire as mercenaries, 10hi, 10i, 10c, 10w.  Minimum bid is .5 GP per unit, 1 GP for the heavy units.  Mercenaries assume the QR of your nation.  I plan to change the Merc system on Turn 52.

COLOR CODED NATION HEADERS: The Colors coded on each nation represents your technology level.  GREY is Tech 1 & 2,  BLUE is Tech 3, RED is Tech 4, GOLD is Tech 5, GREEN is Tech 6, AQUAMARINE is Tech 7, PURPLE is Tech 8, BROWN is Tech 9 and OLIVE is Tech 10.

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Lords 11 Unit Conversion
Each point of cavalry and infantry represents 500 fighting men. A warship or transport point = 1 ships with 500 men aboard each ship. A siege point = 500 sappers or 5 ballista, catapults, siege engines, trebuchets or battle towers. A field fort point = 1 fort manned by 500 men each. A wall point = 10 feet of city wall ramparts.

Game Costs
$3.50+25¢ @BL per turn.
+$1 if I have to mail it hard copy by way of the US postal service.
Warning: There is a $5.00 charge to your account for any returned checks.

WORLD MAPS:  These will be available on demand for anyone this turn for $5.00.  If you just want the Old World, the cost will be $3.50 and the New World is $1.50 by themselves.  They will be updated and corrected to the latest turn published.  From time to time I will also try to upload single or full maps to the Web.

COLOR MAPS:  Hemispheric, Old World or New World.  Shows what regions are owned by each nation.  These are $3.00 each and must be mailed.  I have plans to upload Color Maps to the Web, so you can have them for free.

Rules Used in Lords 11
This campaign uses the 1997 v5.5 RevisionRulebook. Any other differences will be noted in this newsletter and past newsletters.  I plan to publish a compendium of Plate varient rules very soon.

Ordering the Rulebook
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And now the turn itself...


Far East Asia

Tenno Ichijo, Emperor of Jihpen
Minomoto no Bujinteru, Shogun
DIPLOMACY: Kwajalein(t)
    Madoka Kanai's great navy sailed forth from Saga to conquer the already culturally assimilated Kwakjalein (Kukejalin).  The Kwakjalein quickly offered tribute to the Japanese to show there had been no disrespect.  Judging the sincerity of the capitulation as honest, Madoka voyaged back to Okinawa.  The guardian of the Shogun, Fushitoda died in 1156.  The young Shogun was invested with full powers soon after.  Gehostsa in the Aleutians explored and discovered the island of Kiska and helped colonize Takama (the tip of Kamchatka).
    MAP: Takama was colonized to (1/3) by Shinto Japanese.  A port fortress was built in Takama facing Cape Lopatka.  Hojo grew to 11 GPv.  Heian is now 7 GPv.  A royal road was built linking Joetsu and Heian.

Uzain, Overlord of Hai Ochostk
    Lou died in 1158.  His son Uzain was the king.  Darzat plotted Uzain's destruction but was himself destroyed by the Evil Beaver in 1159.  Uzain denied his connection to the woodsland menace, claiming that this was a Russian folk tale.  The nearest Russians were, however, still 4000 miles away.

Tsan Po Mi, King of Parhae
    The Po-Hai started counting all the birds of the Kingdom.  Norbu Lan found himself scouring the landscape with a notepad looking for nests.  Anti-governemnt egrets resisted all Po-Hai efforts to be counted so they were hunted into extinction.

    Way up in the north lands, 100,000 nomadic cavalry have pushed the Cipsac Federation from Naiman.

Bi Lu, "Yi No Zong", 35th Tang Ruler, Emperor of the Middle Kingdom
    Sa Zong's death in 1159, meant the ascension of Bi Lu.  He was called Yi No Zong in the Late Tang Annals.  The Chinese sense of superiority in all things combined with Confuscian philosophy to allow for less aggressive government.  Mandarins in the court and in regional offices were instructed to keep the peace and ensure that things stay the same.

Bao-Kong, Abbot Grandmaster of the Serene Palace, Bodhisattva of Chan Mahayana
    The monks sat back and figured out new things.  Their nifty inventions and gadgets were given free to any tradesman willing to duplicate them.  Common people thought the Buddhists were crazy, but still frequented the temples.

Foi Oji, King of the South Han
    The population became dangerously indolent.  Soon, there would be trouble.

Jayavarman V, God-Emperor of Khmer
DIPLOMACY: Sulawesi(f)
    Lavish gifts, a city (the royal marriage wasn't accepted) and because of the lucky success of Buddhist priests in the care of Jayavaraman halped to make the mountainous island of Sulawesi an intregal part of the expanding Khmer Empire.  Two of the aged Tiger Dukes had contracted malaria in Sulawesi and keeled over dead.  The last of these, Siddhandha, was in ill health.
    MAP: Sulawesi became Hindu.  Sulawan was built in Sulawesi facing the Java Sea.  In Mindanao, Shivaji was founded harboring ships of the Molucca Sea.  A fortress city was constructed high in the mountains of Linau (name - Mataram).  Many cities grew: Saigon(8), Sakhon(6), Phnom Penh(7), Bangkok(8) and Battemdang(7).

Sri Dharmapundra, God-CEOof Srivijaya, Inc.
DIPLOMACY: Timor(ne, it's pacified), Socotra(ne)
    Usanaura went over to Timor to play 'good cop'.  The Timor people had no say while Usanaura made cooing sounds at every village he visited.  The garrison thought the whole display ridiculous but were under strict ordersnto to kill any company managers.  General Maha (who didn't have to leave garrisons in pacified tributaries) took his marine force to Bali to smash the Dreamtimers.  With a good mixed force about three times as powerful as the defending boomerang bandsmen, Maha's men vanquished the locals and force fed Great Wheel Buddhism on them. Bali was pacified and was left with a garrison.  Maha retired to Akachati.  Captain Najera sailed west to compare maps with his observations.  He reached as far as Cape Delgado and then stationed at Socotra; inhabited by Arab speaking Christians.
    MAP: A  port fortress faces the Selat Strait in Lampung.

South Seas

Capoom, Master of the Great Dividing Range
DIPLOMACY:  Wallaroo(fa)
    Chuca hiked to Wallaroo and told real exciting stories around the campfire.  The border bands were amazed that all those people were willing to put aside their creative differences and be a part of a great Imperium.  At the heart of the culture, Goolbura's land was more densely populated.
    MAP:  Goolbura was now a (2/3) Aboriginal Dreamtime (AD)  region.

Eure, Chief of Ping-Ping
   Pinelipa died in 1156.  The little, small pebbles collectors market collapsed.  The palm leaf dealers started buying up all the beanie babies.


Barttholum, King of Burma
    Garth with a sizable mixed army reached Kamarupa in 1157.  There he staged a foray into Maghada.  The response of an even greater Chola army impelled the Burmese King to withdraw.  He returned home and plowed the south-forty in 1159.  Grath's brother Kerath organized a regency for the new king, the eight year old tyrant Bartholum.
    MAP: Tibet was colonized to (2/10)TB.  Samatata suddenly became cultivated thanks to the intervention of celestrial aliens and a mysterious government project.  Rangoon grew to 10 GPv.  Mawlamyine is 6 GPv.

His Magnificence, Chola Cunahara, Maharaja of Bharat
    The Chola army were tipped to the Burmese's intension and responded to the scene, their swords sharpened for war.  Maghada would the site of the some blood letting.  The Burmese, however, fled before Cunahara and his 20,000 armoured cavalry, 138,500 mounted swordsmen, 20.000 javelin riders, 7500 heavy infantry, 2500 guards and 5000 siege engineers.  Subsequently, the army stormed a suspected 'Burmese Hideout'.  All the defenders of this mountain cave were found dead.  Hindu priests were brought in to determine that these were death cultists.  The site was declared off-limits while mongooses were let loose in the stronghold's passageways.

Kulikar, Hidden King of Lahore
    The wealth of Punjab was hoarded in Kulikar's coffers.


Khusun Hoksh, Khagan of the Tavokhstan
DIPLOMACY: Ilhand(t)
    The Ilhand allies degraded to tributary after the death of their leader.

Alim ad Dawla Osman ad Dolkar, Khan of Samarkhand
   Abdullah became a stiff in 1156.

Ashaul, Governor of the Roughlands
    There were some rumblings of unrest in the cities.
Abyud ad Dawla Abu Nasr al Buya, Emir of Emirs, Pasha of Shiraz
    Abu Nasr stayed at his spendid palace and collected information of the world.  Allach and Mubar were out in the field.  Allach was kidnapped by the Persian people's party and was brainwashed.  When he was discovered, he was at a bazaar spouting leftist propaganda.  He had to be exiled, he was both a nuisance and a internal security threat.  Mubar fared not much better.  A hyena bit his spine below the neck, paralyzing him.  On orders from Mubar, his concubines gave him poison and then drank from the same cup.  Mubar would not live the rest of his life as an invalid.  The tribe in El Burz demanded a home.
    MAP: Kumis was colonized to (3/5)SH, completing the resettlement of the Tehran plain.


Al Mutawakkil III, Kalifat Rasul Allah, Commander of the Faithful
DIPLOMACY: Pontus(ne), Qatar(ne)
    The ongoing famine was terrible but the inhabitants of all the cities were hardy enough to endure the malnuitrition.  Better harvest in 1157-9 helped the situation a lot, along with new farms and canals in Iraq.   The vizier Faoad docked his ships at Kuwait and made his way to the capital to check things out.  He determined all was well that he did not have to oversee the feeding of the hungry.  Fouad then left to visit hostile, Christian Pontus to smooth things over.  He only got scowls and growling noises.   He was ignored often and finally after two months of sitting in a cafe, was detained along with the two young princes, twins of Al Mutawakkil, who had accompanied the Vizier.  The Pontus after a few months, demanded a ransom of 25 GP a head.  Selim ibn Selim tried but couldn't get Qatar to trade in an alliance for retironment.  The Qatar Prince al Quatar died and his successor remained allied.

Baruod ad Din Faruk, Sultan of Aleppo
DIPLOMACY: Faiyum(fa)
    Faruk came back to Aleppo to check up on the government.  It was overworked, stressed out and couldn't get its missive delivered safely to Sanaa.  Asir's garrison figured that they would be neglected no more and rebelled.  Asir became neutral.  Trade from Yemen's port  was just a little bit tougher.  The port in Petra picked up some of the slack.  Faiyum's farmers fell to the ground laughing when their new ambassador, Ali Durango, arrived.  Eventually after many monologues, the Faiyumi offered to fight for the Karimids for free.  Arazil debated the pilgrims of Mecca about the Muslim devotion and the Shari'a (Holy Law of Islam).  His debating team was a force of Karimite swordsmen who won the argument after much physical violence.  Madina/Mecca became Shi'ite and was pacified.
    MAP: Madina is now offically Shi'tie (SH).  Beirut was built on Lebanon's rocky coastline.  Lebanon was colonized to (2/3) SH.


East Africa

Simon II, Negus of Nubia
    The Nubs collected their sticks and moaned.  They became insular and celebrated their holidays with little glee.  There were more sandstorms, an omnious omen of future misery.

Catherine,  Queen of Gamo-Gofa, Grand Mistress of the Rifts
    Chogana worked Sidamo some more and luckily found new converts to Christianity.  Catherine's son Richard (Old High Germanic: Strong & Brave) was seen the palace more.  He was schooled in statecraft by the priests.

Kivimara, King of the Nampul, Lord Kurase
DIPLOMACY: Serengeti(t)
    The great king vacationed in Serengeti, home of the most dangerous beasts of the world,.  The natives demanded a city  that would protect them from the wild animals but the Namp put one somewhere else.
    MAP: In Kimbu, we see the city of Tabora.

Rilambo II, Queen ofZimbabwe
Mufasa, Protector the Confederation
DIPLOMACY: Shona(nt)
    King Rilambo invited all the witch doctors to the chief's mansion.  He demanded a change in the belief system of the Zambezi.  The witch doctors were all conservative and adamant.  Their objections were noted in the Confederation logs: 'You delve into forces you do not understand', 'One blunder can hex us all', 'We strain the forces of Nature already, need we cause catastrophe'.  Rilambo let them go in despair.  Perhaps the common people were the most advanced anywhere, but the religion remained rooted in the old traditions of each village.  Click the Protector ended his term of office on a high note.  His student, Mufasa, succeeded him.
    MAP: Zim & Zon both grew.

West Africa

Malete, Ba King
DIPLOMACY: Etosha(fa)
    Douko sent construction workers to build a city at a site the Etosha didn't like: Capelongo.  The Etosha heard the words of Douko but didn't listen that much.  Queen Dobini died in childbirth.  The child was still born, a tragedy.  Her brother, Malete, quickly seized the throne he thought was his all this time.
    MAP: Capelongo is Etosha's new city whether they like it or not.

Oranmiyan, 15th Oba of the Ibo, Descendent of Oduduwa, Blessed of the Rainbow
    The great fat king heard bizarre rumors of the wars in the continent of Ferang (Europe) and worried that it might interfere with his merchant shipping, so the navy was beefed up.  The elder statesmen such as they were,  Iboka and Timokin decided to take up dancing.  Lord Okoye told them he came to watch and stole their liquor bottles of boom-boom.  The codgers were crazy and didn't miss anything.  The lands of Burkina and Tusyam were let go.

Dia Somba Bulu, King of Songhay
    The Dia wondered if they could ever tame the desert.  The treasure room was stuffed.

    There were 52,500 Sunni nomads in Batha.  They were a threat to any nearby nations.

The Ghana, Mansa, King of Bure, Master of the Gold
DIPLOMACY: Tusyam(c), Sankarani(nt), Marampa(t), Kru(ne)
    The Ouagadou looked to the southern forests for expansion.  All the leaders did not put on additional months (like +20) to any of their diplomatic efforts.  The Kru were especially unimpressed by the part-time diplomatics of the Ouagadou.
North Africa

Ala' ad-Din Rex, Wizare al Id, Regent for the Emirat of Almaghreb and Alandalus
DIPLOMACY: Arguin(a)
    Rex took on the condition of the Paranoid Farmers.  His armed forces expected that attack to come because people were now fighting too close to home (overseas in France).  Rex called back Fellahdin home for someone had to lead the ships.  The caste structure of the Id was broken down by royal decree.  All men were accounted by their families instead of their social class.
    MAP:  The coastal road stretched south from Juby (Bojador) to Arguin's Tan Tan.  Another road from Lisba (Portugal) went inland to connect Almedin in the interior.  All this great communication made governing the land much easier.  Expresso, Fez and Bogarta each became 3 GPv.

Kemal, Amir al Balerum
DIPLOMACY: Ghebal Gharib(t)
    Kemal was generous and kind while in his stay in Corsica.  He demonstrated the peace and love of Islam and won a few more converts.  Musad seemed to continue having trouble in Ghebal Gharib but suddenly the sheik offered tribute.  Musad was so shocked that he keeled over and died (The Sicilian cooking didn't work).
    MAP: Al Madura is now 4 GPv.  Sagunto became 7 GPv.


Oriental Europe

Zeno III, Exarch of Crete, Basileus of the Greeks
DIPLOMACY: Optimaton(a), Kyklades(fa)
    The Greeks shivered with all the wars going on.  The navy expanded.  Zeno heard that Titus found him a wife but wasn't excited enough to go to Kyklades.  The islanders were insulted and nixed the wedding.
    MAP: Peloponnese became cultivated.  Rhodonis is 3 GPv.

Torbeg, Khagan of Levedia
DIPLOMACY: Pereaslavl(t)
    The Levedian embassy at Pereaslavl succeeded as much as culture and religion would allow.  Ostrak retired from the service of the Khagan.
    MAP: Volgagrad and Baykonir became each 2 GPv.

Karlovf, Grand Prince of Suzdal
DIPLOMACY: Kirivich(a)
    The Grand Prince Karlovf didn't rule like he used to.  Grugor's head accidently fell off.  Reattaching it didn't bring him back to life.  Karlovf was now upset because he had no heir to rely on.
    MAP: Kalinin and Kotlas became cultivated due to the influence of their cities.

Phase II: Scotland, Sweden, Rome, Castille, France vs Hungary, Lorraine, Burgundy
   The Fourth War flared up when the Burgundian King Heinric announced his support for Vater Benjamin.  Quickly Epona excommunicated him and Rome and Castille mobilized their forces against Burgundy.  Burgundy fell into the throes of civil war.  The Saxons withdrew from the war when their own nation split into two.  To ensure an easy attack, the Romans offered a cease fire to the Hungarians and withdrew from Rijeka.  The Hungarians were free to besiege Jutland now protected by the Swedish king.

     January- King Heinric Clense of Burgundy breaks diplomatically with Rome, announces a program of aid and comfort for the Aachen Papacy.
     February- Magyar Prince Gilbert and Field Marshal Bob leave Saxony and arrive in Holstein.
    March- Celtic Mother Epona excommunicates Heinric.  Swedish Admiral Sythia leaves Alborg with his navy.  Swedish King Wotan opts to stay in the city.  Prince Gilbert arrives to Jutland and retrieves most of the Hungarian army.  The Castillans and Romans declare war on Burgundy.
    April- Hungarian Field Marshal Bob switches army commands with his king, Stephen II and keeps a watch on Alborg.  Roman Consul Quintus Claudius and the Apulians evacuate Slovenia and Rijeka.  The Consul sets to sea in the Adriatic.  T. Pompeius Mactator marches into Lombardy early in the month and heads up the Po Valley with marching orders against Burgundy.  Castillan General Trevor and the Gothic army begin their march north.  Prince Emeric of Hungary moves out of Prague heading to Slovenia.  Heinric Clense officially declares for Teutonic Christianity.
    May- The Norman Marquis Raymond declares for Celtic Christianity.  The Duke of Brie does not.  The two sides clash in Normandy.  Brie flees to Ponthieu, loyal to Heinric.  The entire kingdom of Burgundy falls into anarchy.
    July- Prince Emeric restores Hungarian rule in Rijeka.
    August- King Stephan arrives in Bohemia.  After crossing the Maritime Alps, Pompeius Mactator arrives in Provence.  General Trevor makes it to Languedoc.  The Roman navy of Claudius docks at Nice.
    September- Prince Gilbert camps at Austria and is satisfied with the safety of the frontier.  He heads back north.  Trevor takes the road to Orleans with 45,500 cavalry, 25,000 infantry and 7500 siege men.  With the help of Celtic armies, the Cathars regain control of Provence of Lyonnais.
    October- The Cathars of Provence pay homage to Rome.  Gascony rejects Burgundy and joins Castille.  Brabant declares for the Celtic Church and becomes independent.  Gilbert winters in Bohemia.
    January- The Burgundian Teutonic Church holds sway over Burgundy, Alsace, Ponthieu, Flanders, Anjou and Maine.  All other lands are lost to King Heinric and stay Celtic.
    March- Norman Marquis Raymond becomes King of France as he hold sway over the lands controlled by the French Kingdom of 918.  The new Frankish Kingdom consists of Brittany, Normandy, Ile de France, Champagne and Orleans.
    May- The Castillan army of Trevor arrives to Orleans.  Orelans, no longer a part of Burgundy is left alone.
    June- Gilbert of Hungary with a force of 48,500 light cavalry, 3000 infantry, 2000 archers, 2000 catapult corps plus a navy of 63 heavy warships, 12 light boats and 10 privateers arrives in Jutland.  The Roman expedition of Pompeius arrives to Lyonnais.
    July- Trevor's forces are seen in Anjou.  At this time, the English Saxons rebel from Connaught.  Gilbert enforces a passive siege of Alborg.  Swedish King Wotan is trapped inside.
    August- Pompeius exact tribute from Lyonnais.
    October- Trevor's Goths pacify Anjou.
    December- Alborg defies the Maygar noose.
    April- Pompeius with his troops: 50,000 mixed cavalry, 16,000 inexperienced light infantry and 15,000 siege crewmen arrive in Burgundy's homeland.
    May- The Romans clash with Heinric's home army: 6500 cavalry, 2000 light cavalry, 38,500 infantry and  7500 siege guys.  They are led by Heinric's son Leon.
    June- Pompeius crush Heinric's forces.  The Romans lose all 16,000 green archers and 12,500 siege crewmen.  All but 4500 Burgundian cavalry are destroyed.  The Burgundians flee to Alsace.  Prince Leon dies of a heart attack en flight.  Trevor's Gothics arrive in Poitou.
    July- Burgundy is pacified by the Roman army.  Poitou renoucnes all ties to Burgundy.  Trevor isn't satisfied.
    October- Trevor's Goths pacify Poitou.
    December- Alborg still resists the Hungarian blockade.
    April- Pompeius arrives to Alsace.  Heinric and his followers flee through neutral Vermandois to Ponthieu.
    June- The Gascons give free passage to Trevor's knights.  Gascony joins the Kingdom of Castille.  Claudius' navy arrives to Basel along the Rhine River.
    August- Alsace is pacified by the Romans.
    September- Trevor returns to Languedoc and rests his horses.
    December- Alborg lost population but doesn't surrender to Gilbert.
    April- The Roman arrive to Lorraine.  Pope Benjamin and his troops withdraw to Aix la Chapelle and its 20 foot walls.
    July- Lorraine is secured by the Romans.  Pompeius begins the passive seige of Aix la Chapelle.
    December- Both Alborg and Aix la Chapelle remain under land and sea blockade.

Nordic Europe

Wotan, Fire in the North, King of Sweden
DIPLOMACY: Jutland(a), Opland(t)
    In Alborg, King Wotan declares:

 "The time has come for the fighting to end.  Maygar and the
 others must confess the error of their ways and the Celtic
 Church must provide a means of repentance for those who repent.
 Those who will not repent must be destroyed.

 "The schism in our Church has been a disaster for Sweden and a
 disaster for all Christiandom.  As we bicker, the heretics in
 Arabia grow mighty.

 "The fighting must end."

    King Wotan found himself in the unfortunate situation of being besieged for three years.  His personality kept the city in reasonable spirits despite all the hardships.  People started eating their draft animals, dogs, barks from trees and old leather.  The Swedish navy had chosen to avoid the Magyar fleet rather than be smashed.
    MAP: Alborg lost population and is now 4 GPv.

Stephen II, King of Hungary and Germany
DIPLOMACY: Moravia(a)
    The Hungarians got Rijeka back and its trade routes to the Levant restored.  A cease fire was effected with Rome.  With it, the Huns got a free hand to deal with Jutland -and the meddling Swedes.  King Stephen II stated that since the Swedes did not pull out their troops from Alborg that they must be cowardly curs worthy of no trust for they did not keep their word.  They would be treated like the dogs they really were.  While Gilbert and Bob were preoccupied with dog kicking in Jutland, the Moravians slave raided Bochnia.  They tried to get to Volhynia but the Volhynians wouldn't allow passage and were fixing to fight.  The Moravians backtracked back to their starting positions with scratches and welts all over their bodies.
    MAP: Podravina became cultivated.  Itzehoe grew to 2 GPv.  Schleswig was now 7 GPv.

Fyodor, Duke of Poland
    Leszek died in 1160.  Fyodor was in Masuria.
Magna Mater Epona Rapturous, Sister of Mary, Protector of the Innocent, Blessed of the Divine Light of Christ, Beloved of God in All His Glory
CONSECRATION: Burgundy(ca), Ile de France(ca), Lyonnais(mn), Provence(ca)
    For seizing Church property and his words and actions of heresy, Heinric Clense of Burgundy was excommunicated.  The pronouncement had the effect of causing a civil and social war in Burgundy/France.  All the Church properties that Heinric seized except Ponthieu's chapel returned to Scottish control.  Much Clerical support was sent to the Holy Roman Empire.  the land defenses of Strathclyde was toughened.

Donald, Eriu Ri
      Harold's rebellion took away all the possessions on Sasana.  Now the Connachta merely consisted of Connaught, Musnter and claim to Ulster.

Harold, King of England
      In 1157, Harold and the Saxon armies rebelled.  They took the bulk of the nation being: Anglia, Cornwall, Dyffed, Gwynned, Lancaster, Lothian, Mercia, Northumbria, Sussex (homeland) and Wessex.

Occidental Europe

Benjamin, Bishop of Aix-La-Chapelle, Pope of the Catholic Church
CONSECRATION: Alfold(mn), Ponthieu(ab)
    Pope Benjamin guarded Aachen and his colleague held Castle Wulfenstein.  The Lotharingians prepared for passive siege against the hostile Roman legion of 35,000 mixed cavalry and 2500 sappers.
    MAP: The countries of Hesse and Franconia were colonized back to (0/*) Teutonic Christian (TC).

Raymond, Roy de France
      THis nation is held by the Cathars.  The French are strictly loyal to the Celtic Church.  The French own Normandy (homeland), Brittany, Ile de France, Orleans and Champagne.

Caesar Vergilius Secundus, Rex Latinorum, Dominum Lagobardium, Imperator Romanorum Occidentalis
 "To the most noble princes of Europe,

"It is with a bittersweet heart that we address you this day.
We are pleased to see that the Hungarian Kingdom possesed the wisdom to
guide us on a path away from the abyss of continued was and stop his
attacks in contravention of God's righteous judgement, and therefore, declare
that hostilities between the Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary to be at
an end.

 "However we must take an action that leaves our heart heavy. After
numberous attempts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis, to which
the Burgundian crown has been stubbornly unrepentant we must Declare war on
the Burgundian gov't for their attack upon the most righteous and holy Celtic
Catholic Church, against the will of God and in violation of the faith of his
kingdom. We are not launching this war for political reasons, but
rather are honor bound to defend the faith, therefore we must take this
action to safeguard the souls of the righteous Celtic Catholics of Burgundy,
and to protect God's annoited one true and Apostolic Church.
 Now to other matters. The Roman empire formally announces a
Defensive alliance with the Kingdoms of Sweden and Castille."

-Ceasar Vegilius II Rex Latinorum, Domimum Lagobardium Imperator Romanorum
Occidentalis, Protector of the Faith, Obedient servant of Ou Lord Jesus
and his rightful heir on Earth Magna Mater Epona.

    On that note, the Romans went to war against Burgundy.  The Magyars were left alone.  The Apulians even evacuated Slovenia.  The campaign was successful.  Provence, Lyonnais, Burgundy and Alsace were conquered.  The legions of Titus Pompeius Mactator were beseiging Aachen as 1160 closed.   The Roman forces were depleted by garrisons in Burgundy and Alsace and the fight with Heinric in Burgundy.

Heinric Clense, Rex Burgundus
    Being excommunicated was no fun, but Heinric didn't want to be Celtic Christian.  He made it official that he was Teutonic and there was nothing that could be done to stop that.  Heinric's army was loyal to him and so was the government, depleted by assassin attacks.  The populace was in uproar.  Eventually his nation was split between Teutonic and Celtic zones.  What was  more, his traditional enemy the Castillans and a new one Rome attacked. The Roman army took over Provence and Lyonnais and then defeated Heinric and his army in 1158.  Heinric had to abandon his capital.  The Burgundian king suffered from the loss of its government and forfeiture of its treasury to the Roman army.  Surrounded by the treasonous French, the Burgundian Kingdom has been reduced to Ponthieu, Flanders and Maine.
    MAP: Alsace, Anjou, Burgundy, Flander, Maine and Ponthieu are Teutonic Christian (TC).

Juan III, King of the Western Goths, Sovreign of Español
DIPLOMACY: Gascony(f)
   The young Sancheras (Heir to the Throne) issues a proclamation:

     "We can no longer stand by in this war and let others fight our
fight.  Burgundy started to show great wisdom in accepting our Lady Up
North as her Spiritual advisor.  BUT, she has since regressed back into
the infantile ways of supporting only her own self greed.  Making demands
of our Lady to make us relinquish control over our own lands.
If he were truly a believer he would realize that unlike his demonic
comrades, our judgements are our own. Out Lady does not control her
faithful like a puppeteer his marionette.  He has only to deal with that
nation.  But his long, unfortunate friendship with the forces of the dark
have corrupted his thinking.
     "We Castillians have beaten the Burgundians into seeing the light
before, so shall we do again. But this time, we must remove the cancer
from the land that is her King and court, or it may yet again spread it's
malignant tendrils into the minds of it's people.
      "Know that you are not alone in this endeavor, as the mighty Rome
has aligned herself with our efforts. Go now, and show the world that
Castille is not to be forgotton or ignored.
      "May God stand between you and harm, and return you safely to your

    Juan's stirring words heartened Trevor to campaign in Burgundy.  Trevor finished out his battles in 1159, reporting success in extending Castillan influence.  The wicked Heinric was still at large in the north.



Dun Firewater, Jarl -Sachem of the Efulandish
DIPLOMACY: Huron(f), Sesquehanna(ne)
    The Vikings guarded their lands while war raged to the south.  They wondered what was going on.  In 1156, Dun Firewater died.  His son, Geran Steel, took his place as an heir should.  No one knew what happened to Axe Tribone.

Shoma, Chief of Illinois
   The Illini sold Tunica to the Etowah for 30 bags of cowries.  Taulton with the help of a city construction crew and magic dust made Ojiwba part of the nation.
   MAP: In Ojiwba, Calmox was built.

Gunbok, Sachem and High Priest of Etowah
DIPLOMACY: Lucayo(n)
    Troubles beset the Temple Cult from many directions.  It all started with a rebellion in Calusa, early in 1036.  The great army of Gunbok rumbled to the south and crushed the malcontents.  As the sachem puzzled over the rash of rebellions in his nation, boats arrived off his coast and unloaded troops.  From across the Gulf of Mexico, the Maya invaded!  Kin Chun along with 30,000 horse slingers, 50,000 panther troops and 12,500 siege engineers challenged Gunbok, the Sly Fox and a veritable host of 10,000 plank-armored cavalry, 10,000 bowmen riders, 43,500 splint mail braves, 3000 clubmen, 50,000 archers and 1000 spademen.  Amazingly enough,  the Maya fought well for being outnumbered as they were.  These strange invaders after taking heavy casualties returned to their ships and headed back home.  Keen eyed observers counted just 18,500 horse-slingers left.  The Etowah forces lost 21,500 heavy infantry.  As that was happening, the Ciboney navy being 128 warships, 35 cargoes was ravaging Etowah shipping along the northern coastline.  The coastal fleet in Nottawai was captured.  The Ciboney was ambitious too.  In August of 1157, they deposited a force of 31,000 stone axe wielders, 5000 pioneers, 18,000 mixed cavalry in the pacified land of  Catawba.  Gunbok and Sly Fox's main force responded against these Caribbeans and whomped them good.  Only 4000 light cavalry escaped with their leaders.  Another 18,000 heavy infantry were slain in battle.
    Gunbok had been challenged twice but neither assault could make a foothold on his land.  Now he wondered what retaliation he would do against these ravagers.  Lucayo rebelled again and Wild Turkey had trouble dealing with the restive natives.  The land of Tunica was peacefully transformed to the Temple Cult.  The land of Tunica was peacefully transformed to the Temple Cult.
    MAP: Etowah and Savanah both became 6 GPv cities.  Cusabo was now 3 GPv.

Genkadi, Son of the Sun
DIPLOMACY: Kansa(fa), Osage(fa)
    The Natchez held on to their lands.  Jade's streets were widened.  Quickly the literacy of the Ciboney was adopted by the South Mississippians.

Sikolla IV, Heir to the Kingdom of Atlantis
    Sikolla IV and Yappuchiuk tried to break into Etowah but their amphibious assault failed.  Some ships were captured and the navy came back home.  Mercenaries were hired to protect the capital city.

The Rocky Mountains

Ulsix, Grand Chieftain of Coos Bay
    Imrura died in 1056.  His son Ulsix would lead the alliance into the next decade.  The Bella Bella also elected a new chief.

    The Mogollon mourned the passing of their chief Saltstalk in 1160.  The 14 year old Rough Bluff was elevated to the grand temple.
    MAP: West Pass and Taos became 5 GPv.  Rilto is 3 GPv.

Sierra Madre

Cha Kan
    General Kin Chun loaded many soldiers on Ga Lon's ships.  They sailed over to Florida to do some damage.  However the Etowah weren't barbaric pushovers.  Kin Chun's survived and the navy returned back to Quiche with dreadful stories to tell.

    With mouths to feed and a payroll to meet, Bocu was desperate.  He chose to pay his costs at the expense of Guayami.  Bocu and 40,000 men attacked Guayami.  Guy had only 5000 men and was hopelessly outnumbered until 12,000 defected Bocu to join Guy.  That even things out a little.  Bocu still had more fighters and with a few months grounded Guy's forces to nil.  In the final confrontation both Bocu and Guy died.  18,000 veterans of Bocu's campaign headed back to Boruca only to find it taken over by Lord Ontap who swayed the field fort garrison to return to Moche.  Boruca, now pacified, was no home for the 18,000 so they elected a leader and offered themselves as mercenaries for whomever wanted them.

MERCENARY COMPANY: The Bocunio, L3A3 "Guodragun" 36i QR=5.  At Ulva.  Minimum Bid 18 GP.  This is a mercenary band.  If unhired, they will resort to less patable means to procure their provisions and pay.

Cord de Los Andes

Emperor-in-Jade, Juichen VI, Hawk King of Chanchan
Lord General, Parthl, Warlord of Moche
    The strongman refused to deal with the Hawkon rebellion directly.  He sent his lackies to shut them down.  Fortunately Big Boy Spider was on his side.  Bocu died in battle as he defeated his hated rival Guy.  This allowed Ontap to take over Boruca by ruse without opposition.
    MAP: Due to famine conditions, Hawkon shrank to 1 GPv.  Pacoco grew to 10 GPv.

This Turn's Awards
Lord: Darin Blackburn (Burma)
Vagabond: Jeremy Heinrich (ex-Burgundy)
Sly Dog: Charles Hurst (Moche)

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