Throne Enterprises presents:
Turn #51 Industrial Stage Zero
1151-1155 Anno Domini Medieval Era
Gamemaster: Thad Plate
Next Turn's Orders are due Friday, April 17th, 1998 

BREAKNECK TURN PROCESSING: Okay, maybe I'm going a little too fast with this game.  For the benefit of Mailed players and players who have busy works schedules, I will slow Lords 11 turnaround rate to average 3 weeks.  When the turnaround is two weeks that means I have completed a full turn in just two days like this turn.

THE LAST BATCH OF RULEBOOK 5.5 RULES CHANGES:  These are the last rules found in the 5.5 Revised Rulebook.  I have completed the retooling.
     Terrain Type Tax Multiples [4.5]:  There has been some changes with Seafaring and Precolumbian nations. Seafaring gets 1.5 per GPv from islands but cannot tax deserts or steppe.
    The Return of the Conduit Limit [5.2.2]:  All nations may trade from any overseas possessions that can be traced 2-4 sea zones (depending on culture) from their homeland.  Therefore for all nations have a Conduit Limit of at least 1.
    Colonizing Populated Regions and Cities [5.5.3] & [5.5.4]:  There has been a change here.  If you want to populate any non-friendly controlled region, you can attempt to colonize it using 15 x GPv in GP and NFP.  Since the original inhabitants resent the newcominers this Colonize action will fail unless the region has been pacified and/or there is an army present to protect the new colony.  To colonize controlled cities (non-friendly) you must pay 5 x City GPv in GP and NFP.  The full cost must be paid for the region to become friendly.
    Pocket Popes:  Any Religious Primate subserviant to a King cannot build Religious Sites, nor can they use their Influence over other nations.
    Cities Count Against Imperial Size [9.2]: Every controlled city also counts against your Imperial Size.  Every 3 city GPv times your Size Divisor counts as 1 Imperial Size (if friendly, pacified or full allied, see below for the variation).  (Special Announcement)  Cities counting against your imperial size will be enforced as of Turn 55 of Lords 11, Turn 15 of Lords 12 and Turn 90 of Lords 10.  You all will be given time to boost your Infrastructure or shore off unneeded regions to prevent Thin Government.

AND ALSO MORE RULES VARIATIONS: Many of these rules ideas are player suggested or were brought into being by gameplay.  I plan to get all these rules together into one document very soon.   Here goes:
    Mountain Regions:  They produce .3 agro per GPv.  I do not believe Mountain regions are complete deserts.  This will make Tibet and the Rocky Mountains more playable.  Changes [2.11.1] and Table 2-12.
    Building Troops For Allied Regions: Add this paragraph after the Example Box:
        "Any Ally that has had troops built for it in a turn cannot be diplomacized that turn."
    Leader Intel (insert as []):  Code: LI-(Intel Op Used).  BAC: 1 month.  May spend more time to increase effectiveness.  One LI attempt per turn per leader.  Leaders can attempt peform the following Intel actions as if they had been run by an OC or an AC with no bonus: BA-Battle Assistance (before the battle), CA-Counter Assassination (must accompany leader), CI-Counter Inteligence (at capital or suspected target), CF-Conceal Fact, CR-Crush Rebellion (at suspected target), CM- Cause Mutiny (at target army location), CU-Caust Unrest(at target location), JB-Jail Break (at prison site), KP,KL,KK-Kidnap Person, Kill Leader & Kill King (at target leader's location), RF-Reveal Fact, SGS-Steal Gold Shipment (The route of suspected shipment), SK-Steal Knowledge (at target capital or university), ST - Steal Treasury(at target capital or treasury), SL-Subvert Leader (at target leader's location), SD-Support Diplomacy(at target location), TA-Terrorist Act (at target location).  A roll must be made against the Leader's Charisma for the LI action to be run.  The higher the Charisma the more likely the LI action will be run.  Leaders with 'B' Charisma run LI as if they are an Operation with a Bonus.  Extra time add bonus to your action (+1 bonus for each additional year spent on LI).
    Nomadic Only Army Action, Make Fallow Earth (insert as []): Code: FE.  BAC: 4 months.  Must have tribe points present to perform.  A nomadic horde to keep troop costs down can convert any cultivated region to a steppe.  This action is the effect of Looting all the GPv of the region and changing the region type.  If a FE'd region used to be wilderness or jungle, it will become wilderness or jungle the following turn.  If a FE'd region has a city in it, it will become cultivated again.
    New Control Status, Feudal Allied 2 (fe) (insert as []): If you are a military minded player and hate the diplomatic status of Economic Allied, you may choose to keep the region Feudal Allied.  Though now as 'Fuedal Allied in lieu of Economic', FE.  The only difference is that FE regions count .5 to your imperial size.  Like EA regions FE regions are one step below Full Allied diplomatically.  IN Diplomacy you must specify that you want the region to go FE instead of EA.
    Control Status as a Factor for Imperial Size (supplements and modifies [9.2]):  This is actually an old rule that will be continued in my games.  The following table displays the control status modifiers in determining Imperial Size.  The only difference is that Homelands no longer count against size:
Control Status Code Size Mod.
Homeland h (hm)  x 0
Friendly f  x 1
Pacified p  x 1
Full Allied a  x 1
Economic Allied ea  x .5
Fuedal Allied 2 fe  x .5
Fuedal Allied fa  x 0
Protectorate (Pacified Tributary) pt  x .5
Tributary t  x .5
Non-Paying Tributary nt  x 0
Claimed c  x 0
GARRISON BY RELIGION:  The deadline for strengthing the garrison of pacified regions of tolerant religion is this upcoming turn.  Consult Table [2-20].  All regions of tolerant region must have x1.5 garrison instead of x1.   All  regions with insufficient garrisons on Turn 90 of Lords 10, Turn 52 of Lords 11 and Turn 13 of Lords 12 will revolt.

NAME YOUR LEADERS, NAME YOUR CITIES: If you have an unnamed leader, that leader will suffer a -1 penalty for every action that leader does.  If I am forced to name that leader for any reason, the leader suffers a -2 penalty for the duration of the turn.  I have noticed some good names out there.  Keep up the good work!
    Also any cities built without a name cannot be used for diplomatic bonus.  Name that city, please.

RELIGION OPS - Convert Pagan Chief (cpc): You can convert a neutral heathen region to your religion instead of having to resort to all those MW's. If your world religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu) can convert a pagan chief, the region will automatically follow.

MERC POOLS:  All areas of the world have available for hire as mercenaries, 10hi, 10i, 10c, 10w.  Minimum bid is .5 GP per unit, 1 GP for the heavy units.  Mercenaries assume the QR of your nation.  I plan to change the Merc system on Turn 52.

COLOR CODED NATION HEADERS: The Colors coded on each nation represents your technology level.  GREY is Tech 1 & 2,  BLUE is Tech 3, RED is Tech 4, GOLD is Tech 5, GREEN is Tech 6, AQUAMARINE is Tech 7, PURPLE is Tech 8, BROWN is Tech 9 and OLIVE is Tech 10.

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Lords 11 Unit Conversion
Each point of cavalry and infantry represents 500 fighting men. A warship or transport point = 1 ships with 500 men aboard each ship. A siege point = 500 sappers or 5 ballista, catapults, siege engines, trebuchets or battle towers. A field fort point = 1 fort manned by 500 men each. A wall point = 10 feet of city wall ramparts.

Game Costs
$3.50+25¢ @BL per turn.
+$1 if I have to mail it hard copy by way of the US postal service.
Warning: There is a $5.00 charge to your account for any returned checks.

WORLD MAPS:  These will be available on demand for anyone this turn for $5.00.  If you just want the Old World, the cost will be $3.50 and the New World is $1.50 by themselves.  They will be updated and corrected to the latest turn published.  From time to time I will also try to upload single or full maps to the Web.

COLOR MAPS:  Hemispheric, Old World or New World.  Shows what regions are owned by each nation.  These are $3.00 each and must be mailed.  I have plans to upload Color Maps to the Web, so you can have them for free.

Rules Used in Lords 11
This campaign uses the 1997 v5.5 RevisionRulebook. Any other differences will be noted in this newsletter and past newsletters.  I plan to publish a compendium of Plate varient rules, April 1998.

Ordering the Rulebook
At this time you may order the 5th Edition Rulebook. This is just the rulebook you'll need to play in Lords of the Earth #11. Send $15.00 payable to: Thomas Harlan
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And now the turn itself...


Far East Asia

Tenno Ichijo, Emperor of Jihpen
Minomoto no Fushitoda, Shogun
    Fushitoda ruled in his own name these days despite the legality of his nephew's estate.  He deployed his samurai fighters to defend the beaches of Japan if those nasty Yanks ever decide to invade.  Lord Rejin of the Storms patrolled the waters from Bashi Channel to Tsushima Strait.  No further expression of Japanese dominance of the oceans could be so usefully demonstrated.  In the Cherry Gardens of Kumamoto, Dojo Koda became known as the Tax Collector.  He could call in the merchant bosses and shake them down.  Sometimes he and his Seven Auditing Ninja would storm warehouses and shops looking for hidden assets.  No Koku was left unaccounted for.  Gehotsa and his ships completed their exploration of the passage from Kurils to Bolsheva.  While rewatering in the port of Sendai, Gehotsa encountered an old Magadan sailor who related in detail the passage from Kamchatka to Beringa and Attu.  In the south seas, the island chief of Kwajalein converted to Shinto under some influence from the gods.
    MAP: Kwajalein island converts to Shinto (ST).  Hojo grows to 10 GPv.  Kumamoto is also 10 GPv.  Heian, Miyazaki and Shiminoseki each attained GPv 6.  Taiwan was colonized by Shintos to (2/3).

Lou, Overlord of Hai Ochostk
    Overlord Lou sent his most loyal lieutenant, Sunuk, to explore the thermal springs of Takama.  While dodging giant leaping salmon, he fell into a geyser hole and within minutes was shot 20 feet in the air.  Sunuk's dead, broken body was found by his servants who dare not touch it for fear of evil spirits.

Tsan Po Mi, King of Parhae
DIPLOMACY:  Sikhote(a), Shangtu(f), Bandao(f)
    Tsan Pomi was new to ruling.  He was just getting the rudiments of economics.
    MAP:  Shenyang, Linhuang and Sakabar grew to 2 GPv.  Natanz became 5 GPv.

Hai Cha, "Sa Zong", 34th Tang Ruler, Emperor of the Middle Kingdom
    The Tang shrugged just a little.  Blue Spoke helped in the conversion of Pat'ang to Mahayana.
    MAP: Kwangte became cultivated.  Pat'ang became Mahayana Buddhist (MB).

Bao-Kong, Abbot Grandmaster of the Serene Palace, Bodhisattva of Chan Mahayana
    Bao-Kong's priests jumped into action.  They went to Tunhuang, Lob Nor and Pat'ang to convert more of those unenlightened to Wheel Buddhism.  The Abbot Grandmaster fostered a great expansion of his Buddhist schools both in religious matters and in the knowledge of temporal things (The University at Chinghu was greatly expanded and drew more Tang scholors there).  Finally Bao-Kong subsidized the building of fishing fleets to feed the inhabitants of Chiangling.  His efforts paid off immediately.

Foi Oji, King of the South Han
    Shen-Zang had no orders for Olian and Hiao in Hwai so they got into some mischief.  In 1155, Shen-Zang died from some terrible sickness that always seems to afflict people in the Middle Ages.  His son and successor, Oji, has to tackle the growing problem of unemployement.
    MAP: Lingnan cultivates.

Jayavarman V, God-Emperor of Khmer
  Yadavas, himself a young man, deftly administered the Empire in Jayavarman's stead.   He worked closely with Secretary Mansab to regulate the building of a road project into the Kwa isthmus.  The Tiger Dukes reunited once more in the rainy, mountainous, island wilderness of Sulawesi.  Although efforts to convert the chief lacked the luck of the Mindanao conversion, they did arrange economic union with the tribes there.
    In 1154, Yadavas stepped down and organized the 'Coming of Age' party for Jayavaraman V.  Many people got drunk so they were tossed into the newly canals of Angkor.
    MAP: Da Dang in Mison and Lo Wan of Phan Rang each grew to 10 GPv, joining the ever growing alliance of maxed out cities.  Phnom Penh is 6 GPv.  Bangkok is 7 GPv.  Battamdang became 6 GPv, despite the poll that declared Battamdang the 'least desireable place to live'.  A royal road was built over the mountain spine from Sakhon in Dvaravati to Barmali in Kwa.

Sri Dharmapundra, God-CEOof Srivijaya, Inc.
    Dharmapundra went to Bali which long practiced Aboriginal Dreamtime (a religion now hostile to Mahayana Buddhism).   The Bali didn't want the God-Chairman around but Dharma wanted a wife.  So in the cover of night and thick bamboo forests, he stole one and escaped to his waiting navy.  His new wife bore him a son and the boss placed the child in the care of Buddhist nuns.  The Director of Operations came close to attacking the homeland.  He was talked out of this by Dharmapundra and PR.  Dharma should have demoted him but didn't.
    The Srivijayans sent an army to the Australian mainland.  Lord Maha and around 10,500 men landed in Okora and decisely defeated the 7000 boomerangers.  Only 1000 men were lost in the hostile engagement.   The hostility that the Aboriginals felt for Srivijaya affected Yanri's embassy to Pilbarra.  The Pilbarrans threw stones at him chasing him back to the sea.
    MAP: The jungles of Irian was colonized to (0/5) by Mahayana Buddhist colonials.  Sunda became cultivated.

South Seas

Capoom, Master of the Great Dividing Range
DIPLOMACY:  Warrego(fa)
    The Grand and Glorious Capoom amused his people and himself with his constant display of pagentry.  He would cover himself in colorful paints, don bejeweled animal skins and feathered capes and sit on a high bier from where he would survey his latest construction.  When traveling he would sit on the bier as it was carried by team of 100 laborers all dressed in orange.  His official musicians blasted huge didgeridoos, 25 feet long deafening the crowd, heralding his arrival.
    Spinky Crow Beater enjoyed the show but would rather work.  He allowed Warrego leave to become feudal allied.  Spinky died of Eucalyptus overdoes in 1153.
    MAP: In Tibuburra another city was built: Muna Muna.  It was fully stocked with free beer (from the clay kangaroo statue).  Goolbura became cultivated.

Pinelipa, Chief of Ping-Ping
   Pinelipa was an old man now at 65.  He described the brilliant civilization of Aetearoa but no one believed him.


Grath, King of Burma
    Grath began to take long extended baths.  Eventually he had his entire court in the pool wading with him as state affairs were conducted.  In time, he would only leave to sleep.  The troops didn't like swimming so the Rajah put them on boats.  In Samatata, jungle trees were cleared to make way for the mysterious megalith.
    MAP: Imphal and Ava both showed more urban expansion,each were 4 GPv.

His Magnificence, Chola Cunahara, Maharaja of Bharat
    The Burma border inspectors continued their hard work looking for contraband and illegal immigrants.  Karca discovered an ashvamedhan violation in Maghada.  He wanted the Maharaja Gunamuditya II to judge the situation for himself, but the old potentate died in 1155.  His grandson, the rude Cunahara, became the new ruler.  The vast army roared its approval when he ascended his throne.  There was much expansion all throughout the realm.
    MAP: Ten cities saw growth: Manyakheta(4 GPv), Munger(3), Tripuri(4), Kalanjara(4), Vizianagaram(3), Kochi(3), Banavasi(6), Konorak(8), Varanasi(3) and Nellore(3).

Kulikar, Hidden King of Lahore
    Kulikar marched around the barracks leaving a path groove in the ground.   The Punjab Kingdom weathered the depression.


Khusun Hoksh, Khagan of the Tavokhstan
   The Grand Khan Hokshoi died in 1152.  His eldest son, Khusun filled his father's shoes elegantly.  Many thought that father and son were the same man.

Abdullah ad Dolkair, Khan of Samarkhand
   Abdullah sat on his laurels, expecting the tribute to come in unbidden.

Ashaul, Governor of the Roughlands
    Khosrau's reign ended with his death in 1152.  His first son Shaham lasted only one year before illness claimed his life.  The second son Ashaul then took over.  The populace was in a state of agitation.  The Khwarzimshah sent a letter to Ashaul asking him to do something about the manpower pool.
Abyud ad Dawla Abu Nasr al Buya, Emir of Emirs, Pasha of Shiraz
    Abu Nasr tried very hard with five different women but was unable to impregnate any of them.  Up in El Burz, Achmed waited with the North army.  Rumors came in that the North Army wasn't as big as the Arran home garrison.  The North Army dug in.
    MAP: Laristan was colonized to (2/6)SH.  Kuhestak(5 GPv), Borazjan(7), Kangan(9), Mansura(8) and Mirba(3) grew.


Al Mutawakkil III, Kalifat Rasul Allah, Commander of the Faithful
    The famine of 1150-1 took its toll on the population.  But only Qanaqin lost population from malnuitrition. The Muktafi Caliph expaned the cavalry army greatly and put them under the battle command of Achmed at Talit.   Al Muktafi died of old age in 1154.  His successor and eldest son Ali became Caliph al Mutawakkil III.  The Vizier, Fouad, who had been patrolling the Persian Gulf was asked to come back to Baghdad to serve as regent for awhile for the underaged, young Caliph.
    In 1153-55, an even worse famine struck.  The army was much too big for the harvests to support.  More farmland was needed and the cities needed relief immediately.
    MAP: Qanaqin of Diyala reduced to 3 GPv.

Baruod ad Din Faruk, Sultan of Aleppo
DIPLOMACY: Egypt(ea)
    The Sultan spend much time smoothing things over in Egypt.  The low religion strength helped Faruk some.  Mu'awiya and the great army moved to Yemen.  Mua'aiya was far from the imperial capital (you know how the government is overworked) and with all the troops, he got power mad.  He declared himself Emir in 1153.  Arazil the naval captain did not believe the time was right for rebellion and his stranglers killed Mu'awiya.  Holy Arabia would remain in Karimid hands for now.
    MAP: Lebanon was recolonized to (1/3).  Kalisma and Jerusalem each grew to 4 GPv.


East Africa

Simon II, Negus of Nubia
   Zacharias' reign ceased in 1155 with his deathly demise.  His eldest son, Edrian, was already dead from a hunting accident.  It was generally agreed to send the inheritance to Edrian's only son, Simon.

Catherine,  Queen of Gamo-Gofa, Grand Mistress of the Rifts
    The good Queen ordered more public works be built in Gamo Gofa.  Chogana had difficulty converting the Sidamites.

Kivimara, King of the Nampul, Lord Kurase
    Kivimara took the long way home from his stopover in Masai.  His magnetic charm affected the wild animals he encountered along the way.  They would gait up to him almost in a threatening manner (For his entourage would often bolt), stop and make pleasure sounds.  After that they would not go away, even with the presense of other, dangerous animals.  When the King arrived home, he was accompanied by a menagerie of fifteen different game animals: elephants rhinos, lions, hyenas, zebra, leopards, gnus, giraffes, oryx, tapir, jackals, ostiches, gazelles, warthogs and meerkats.  They were fenced up forming the first Nampulan Zoological Gardens.

Rilambo II, Queen ofZimbabwe
Click, Protector the Confederation
    Yanni's term of office was well remembered as the time the Confederation has a background ambient rhythm.  Whereever Yanni strode (and he ofthen traveled), he was followed by a band of percussionists each trying not be louder than the other (when they were in perfect synchronicity, their sound would increase).  The Barotse settlers got tired of this and asked Protector if he had important business that he could do in Zim.  He told them no, he would stay at Zor where the air was fresh and the acoustics was fantastic.
    Rilambo studied culture and science aat the University of Human Knowledge (UHK).  He helped an academic engineer invent the water wheel.  Its practical use was yet to be developed.  In 1155, Rilambo made a call for people of political skill to come to Zim to apply for the next Protector.  Hundreds showed up.  The numbers were winnowed down to five.  Leader Lakat announced that he would run too.  after a ten day trial of wits, a Zedite named '*' or Click was selected the new Protector.  Lakat, now 75, announced his retirement.  He was joined by Yanni (farewell tour 1155).  Amra had died in 1154. The corp of leaders was rejuvenated some.  Of the old guard, Luoi and Yeshyi remained.
    MAP: The Royal Road connecting Zyr (Matabele) and Babwe (Matapos) was finished.  a new link was started that went to Babwe to Zax (in Vaal).

West Africa

Dobini, Ba Queen
    The Ba Queen was popular amongst her subjects and won their hearts despite the challenges of her younger brother, Malete.  The resources of the Kingdom was saved up for no one had any plans.

Oranmiyan, 15th Oba of the Ibo, Descendent of Oduduwa, Blessed of the Rainbow
    "To my neighboring nations the Dia Kingdom, Bakongo Kingdom and the
Kingdom of Ouagadou I send my warmest greetings.  We have enjoyed tremendous stability
amongst us and during my reign i will continue to promote an everlasting peace.
Let us all share in our growth through trade and cooperation.  Let us all help in our time of
need.  Let us all unite in war.  May your fields bear plenty, your wives always fertile and your
spears sharp as the leopard's claws.  I have spoken."
                 -King Oranmiyan, 15th Oba of the Ibo, Descendent of Oduduwa, Blessed of the
    Oranmiyan went to the Love Shack, but he made sure he was the only guy.  The Steward, Balama, took it all in good humor and kept the abacus geeks calculating.  The two old lieutentants were bored as they hung out in the capital.  Iboka, the 6'7'' tough man, challenged the constantly drunk Timokin to a rousing series  of stone games.  Iboka was crafty as they came and found ways to win all bets.  Timokin did not seem to mind except when he lost a drink.  Timokin's problem was not passing out.  All the other courtiers avoided the two armored geezers - they were too dangerous to bother.
    Meanwhile at Jiggywitit, a bunch of stange humanoids showed up and started vandaling things.  The ebon dwarves and their insectoid friends were tiffed because they were not invited to the Love Shack action.  They seem to like disco.  Balama could not bother Oranmiyan but called in a secret team of specialists that you aren't supposed to know about it to deal with the aliens.
    MAP: Ijebu Ode grew to 7 GPv.  Nigeri was now 8 GPv and was cleaned up and was loaded with all sorts of nifty improvements.  Akan cultivated.

Dia Somba Bulu, King of Songhay
    Bulu was very good in the military arts but had nowhere to practice his talents.

The Ghana, Mansa, King of Bure, Master of the Gold
DIPLOMACY: Khalem(f), Marampa(nt), Kru(ne)
    Captain Faon went into the land of Tse Tse flies to muster support.  He parked his cavalry in Gambia before stepping into the biting insect infested zone.  Lacking bug spray, the Captain had to resort to skin ointments prepared by witch doctors, each vial reputedly having been blessed by six different spells.  To Marampa, the Captain headed and the flakey white stuff on his skin scared the pests away, but made him feel uncomfortable.  The Marampa were intregued by Faon's offer and asked Faon to send Mansa a gift of flowers.  The Marampa were fascinated with stories of 'horses' and 'cattle'.
    Inigo who had become accustomed to living in the hot zone had also come to terms with the bumps all over his body.  The Kru thought he was a monster and ran away.  Mansa completed the peaceful conquest of Khalem with his words of good cheer.
North Africa

Ala' ad-Din Rex, Wizare al Id, Regent for the Emirat of Almaghreb and Alandalus
DIPLOMACY: Arguin(fa)
    The Wizare of Id, Amman, cooked up a new strategy to defeat the Bignasty Horde.  He did a simulation. His army versus Bignasty.  Bignasty smashed his army to bits.  However each Bignasty horde had been detailed with pinstripes.  'Hmm', thought Amman, 'Back to the drawing board.'  As Amman hatched his atomic bomb theory (just add water), his wife stormed into the war room and beat him to death with a rolling pin.  She was unhappy that he did not give her chocolates on the Festival of Flowers Day.  Before Rex could catch his step mother, Blanche escaped with the Spook and became Queen of the Azores.
    Rex planned an invasion until he got this crumpled up note that Bignasty protects the Azores.  Rex was wise not to stir up the Bignasty.  The Count flew over to Africa to keep tabs on Earl.  Earl had been painting moustaches on camels.  He was a bad boy.
    MAP:  Two unconnected Royal Roads were built linking Almedan to Toledo and Cordoba to Seville.  The interior road was isolated from the rest of Id.  Expresso, Fez and Bogarta each got to 2 GPv.  Rex finally knocked his wife up.

Kemal, Amir al Balerum
DIPLOMACY: Ghebal Gharib(c)
    Kemal held a goodwill tour in Corsica along with the influx of new Muslim settlers at the new city.  Prince Sharif guarded Sardinia from fish thieves.  Musad visited Ghebal Gharib finding the desert rather unimpressed with his talk.  The Sicilians lent out 50 chests of gold to Burgundy.
    MAP: Fareh grew to 3 GPv.  Al Madura grew also to 3 GPv.  Ajaccio was founded in Corsica facing the Gulf of Lyons.


Oriental Europe

Zeno III, Exarch of Crete, Basileus of the Greeks
DIPLOMACY: Optimaton(t)
    Long independent Optimaton, a land that still held onto Byzantine ways was approached by Cyril who spoke of a New Greece.  The Optimaton had longed for stability and glory and sent half their tax take to Zeno Basileus.
    MAP: Pelles grew to 6 GPv.

Torbeg, Khagan of Levedia
DIPLOMACY: Pereaslavl(ne)
    Torbeg headed to the wildlands of Pereaslavl to talk mutant giant seagull with them.  The Pere culture was different from Pechneg nomadism.  Khagan Kavis (died in 1051), however, sent Ostrak to help out.  He converted some of the folks from ancester worship to sky worship.  The two Kara tribes encamped in Levedia are clamoring for a home.
    MAP: The Hurand(in Crimea) via Zaporozhie to Taganrov (Levedia) postal road was finished.

Karlovf, Grand Prince of Suzdal
DIPLOMACY: Kirivich(a)
    The Grand Prince Karlovf sent runners to distant lands to find out about the magics of other religions.  Upon returning they reported the existence of three sects of God-Christ worship, a scattered people revering a God with No Name and in Suvar and Pelym the worhip of Allah.  He asked for representatives of each religion to show up and talk to him.
    MAP: Novgorod and Orsha were expanded to 2 GPv.  Bolgar became 6 GPv.  Sacked Velikiye Luki was rebuilt in Kirivich.  Yaroslav cultivated.

Nordic Europe

Saxons, Scotland, Sweden, Rome vs. Lorraine, Hungary
    In these years, the 4th Schismatic War became a series of border skirmishes.

    February- A shipment of 70 GP sent to the Maygars by the Teutonic Church is hijacked by river pirates in the Rhine.  Maygar coffers are unable to renew mercenary contracts.
    March- Admiral Count Harold of the Saxons is gravely injured by a Papal assailant.
    April- Consul Quintus Claudius' roman fleet of 5 grannauts, 5 war galleys and 20 light galleys anchor off the coast of Slovenia.
    June- Hungarians Load ships at Itzehoe.
    August- Swedish Navy port in Alborg.  King Wotan and Admiral Sythia begins diplomacy with Jutish Prince Jorgi.
    September- Hungarians fetch cavalry troops along the North Sea coast of Holstein.
    March- King Stephan II of Hunary commences his campaign.  Marches towards Jutland.
    April- Duke Gilbert of Friesland and Bob of Hungary and their navy of 63 heavy warships, 12 longboats, 10 heavy cargo ships and 20 meerhansen patrol the waters of the English Channel.  On board are 14,000 archer cavarly, 2000 bowmen, 2000 sappers and 3000 Freislandish swordsmen.  King Stephan makes it to Saxony.
    May- King Stephan arrives in Holstein.
    July- King Stephan with 57,500 knight-lancers and 49,500 archer cavalry invade Jutland. Jorgi and his 2500 cavalry and 3500 infantry withdraws to Alborg under suggestion by Sythia.
    August- King Wotan unloads 5000 bondi soldiers to reinforce the Alborg garrison.
    October- King Stephan's Hungarians complete the pacification of rural Jutland.
    March- Despite the presence of Hungarians in the area, King Wotan continues his embassy with Prince Jorgi.  Admiral Sythia's navy of 10 great ships, 35 medium warships and 3 longboats patrol the Skaggerak.
    June- Maygar navy unloads Bob and 14,000 archer cavalry at Selsey Bill in Wessex.
    July through September- Magyars rape Wessex, capturing women and children.  They loot the cathedral at Winchester.  News of the pillage spreads to all parts of Celtic Europe causing outrage.
    April- Duke Gilbert now in charge of the Hungarian Navy fails to draw the Saxon navy (67 medium warships, 25 transports) out of London's harbor.
    June- Bob and his archer cavalry are chased from Sussex by 25,000 infantry and 4500 knights.  They return to Gilbert's ships.  Emperor Vergilius Secundus of Rome declares war on the Magyars.
    July- Q. Cladius and his navy in the Adriatic respond the war call.  They blockade Rijeka and capture 10 merchant ships by the end of the year.
    August- Bob's archer cavalry land in Anglia.
    September- Anglia is slave raided by Bob's Hungarians.  Roman Apulian army pacifies Slovenia and the city of Rijeka.
    March- Bob's archer cavalry abort raid on Northumbria.  A patrol of 6000 English soldiers guards Northumbria.
    July- Hungarians leave England.
    September- Hungarian navy return to Itzehoe.

Wotan, Fire in the North, King of Sweden
DIPLOMACY: Jutland(fa)
    King Wotan and Sythia's navy protected Alborg from the Magyar Horde.  The Huns could storm the city but it would be mighty painful for them.  Trade with Hungary was stopped due to the hostilies.

Stephen II, King of Hungary and Germany
DIPLOMACY: Friesland(f), Moravia(f), Meissen(t), Westphalia(nt)
    The King's great cavalcade attacked Jutland but was unable to capture Alborg for it was protected by the Swedish navy.  His friend Duke Gilbert of Friesland married his daughter Epiphany and became a great Prince of the realm in 1153 after the death of Roger of Saxony.  The sacking of Winchester caused a declaration of war with the Romans who conquered Slovenia, cutting off trade with all the Muslim Kingdoms.
    MAP: Banat became cultivated.  Prague and Lorrach each grew to 8 GPv.  Schleswig is now 6 GPv.

DIPLOMACY: Masuria(t), Prussia(t)
    Prince Fydor and the Kassubians headed northeast into Mazovia and Prussia to advertise the greatness of Poland.
Magna Mater Epona Rapturous, Sister of Mary, Protector of the Innocent, Blessed of the Divine Light of Christ, Beloved of God in All His Glory
    Connor Mac Millan braced for a new attack against Scotland while Mother Epona prepared for formal Church unification.  Just in case the Cardinal Jorgen didn't show up, Aarron mac Claurin sailed over to Rome in 1152.  By 1153, It was agreed that the Churches would unite.  Cianodh got control of the cathedrals in Liguria and Savoy, the monastery in Latium and the abbeys in Lombardy, Romagna and Rome.  However word arrived that the Burgundians had kicked the Cathars out of the churches in Lyonnais, Provence, Ile de France, Pontheiu and Burgundy and installed priest loyal to the king instead.  Though the Burgundians did not realize any profit from their actions, it meant loss of revenue from Gaul.  Then there were the wicked acts of the Magyars who gutted the Winchester Cathedral in 1153.

Donald, King of Saxons and Eiru
      The Saxons did nothing as the Huns slave raided Wessex and Anglia, and destroyed a holy cathedral in Winchester.  Harold, despite his ill-health protected Sussex and kept the navy safe in the port of London.  King Berand's forces (500 cavalry, 500 heavy infantry and 5000 standard infantry) saved Northumbria.  Berand died in 1152.  His son Donald became King.  Donald wasn't at all an effective monarch.

Occidental Europe

Benjamin, Bishop of Aix-La-Chapelle, Pope of the Catholic Church
CONSECRATION: Bohemia(ca), Bakony(ab)
    Cardinal Darwin consecrated a cathedral in Bohemia in 1152.  He paid lots of cash to place an abbey in Bakony.  The missionary orders lost many good clerics from accidents and murder.

Caesar Vergilius Secundus, Rex Latinorum, Dominum Lagobardium, Imperator Romanorum Occidentalis
     "We had hoped that the misguided would see the error of their ways
and repent, and usher in an age of prosperity to Europe, alas this is not
to be the case. For their petty ambitions and short-sighted materialism in
contravention of God's will, For their continued interference with God's
righteous  judgement against the Aachen papacy, and for their continued
attacks upon God's annointed representitive, the Bheathaamrois, and
unwillingness  to address, and thier unreasoning support of-- the
corruption that festers within the bowels of that anti-christian organ of
the Teutons. In as much as their goals are not the salvation of the souls
of christian under their guidence, but rather the selfaggrandizing of an
 unchristian King who is seeking his reward in this life not in the
everlasting life with Christ. We see no alternative to this situation
other than to save the souls of the powerless masses of Hungarian
subjects who are being bent to the Unchristian will of a minion of the
Anti-pope, We therefore declare that the Roman Empire and the Magyar to
be at war, and from this day forth the Roman Empire shall be called the
Holy Roman Empire protector of Christendom and smiter of those who would
oppose the will of God though his annointed ambassador on earth:The Magna
Mater, Leader of the one True, Universal and Apostolic Church."

           -Ceasar Vegilius II,  Rex Latinorum, Domimum Lagobardium,
Imperator Romanorum Occidentalis, Protector of the Faith, Obedient
Servant of Our Lord Jesus, and his rightful Heir on Earth; Magna Mater
Etain, Rapturous, Sister of Mary.
    In 1154, The Romans formally declared war against the Hungariae and the Teutons.  Quintus Claudius blockaded the port of Rijeka.  Then the Apulia who were supposed to sneak into the province, ended up pacifying the region when they realized they could not sneak in.
    MAP: The road system was finished - Mediolanium (Lombardy) to Cremonae (Savoy) over mountains to Genuae (Liguria).  Slovenia became cultivated.

Heinric Clense, Rex Burgundus
DIPLOMACY: Normandy(a), Ponthieu(f), Brabant(a)
    Heinric finally to calm his troubled soul.  His armies seized control of all Celtic Churches in his land and nationalized them.  The Burgundian crown treasury borrowed cash from Sicily and used it to strengthen the government.  More merchant ships increased trade with these Saracens.  Leon mourned the death of his son Reynard in 1151.  Fortunately his son's wife was pregnant and gave birth to a boy in 1152.
    MAP: Nice grew to 4 GPv.

Juan III, King of the Western Goths, Sovreign of Español
    The Goths opened up vast new farmland in Aragon and Leon.  Santana died in 1151.  He was only 28.  His eldest son, Juan, became King under a regency.



Dun Firewater, Jarl -Sachem of the Efulandish
DIPLOMACY: Huron(ea), Sesquehanna(ea)
    Geran Steel joined with Axe Tribone, packed a lunch and enjoyed a summer holiday in Sesquehanna.  There Geran found a fetching maid amongst the Nordic minority.  The Native Religions ruler didn't care about the marriage but accepted economic alliance.
    MAP: In Micmac, Yarmouth was founded.

Shoma, Chief of Illinois
    All waited for Shoma to mature.

Gunbok, Sachem and High Priest of Etowah
DIPLOMACY: Lucayo(nt)
    In 1151, the Catawba rose in anger, declaring themselves a free and sovreign nation.  The great army of Gunbok crushed them and pacified Catawba.  Manfox finally made a diplomatic breakthrough in Lucayo but it wasn't easy.
    MAP: Etowah and Savanah both became 6 GPv cities.  Cusabo was now 3 GPv.

Genkadi, Son of the Sun
DIPLOMACY: Kansa(fa), Osage(fa)
    Genkadi expanded his army and guarded his realm with it.  The Sects best city, Okatoma, was beautified.  Genkadi's son Luis approached Kansa and asked for a bride.  The Kansa mulled over it over they were a proud nation and then obliged the prince.

Sikolla IV, Heir to the Kingdom of Atlantis
    The writing system of the Maya, the pictograms, long understood by the ruling class was simplified adapting Atlantean symbols and was taught to Caribbean children.  In the 1140's, paper was invented and thus the pictographic alphabet became popular.  Within a decade most tradesmen and even farmers became literate.  Books were written describing all aspects of life, nature and of human achievement and people gobbled it up.  The breakthrough made the Ciboney Kingdom easier to govern and improved everyone's life.

The Rocky Mountains

    The Kwakiutl underclass rose against their potlach masters in 1152 leading to massacres and atrocities.  Within days, the grand city of Bella Coola was destroyed.  The bandits  rampaged across the land in all directions.  In Comox, they were stepped by King Lingi with his 10,000 loyal warriors were not in the capital city.  Lingi defeated these anarchists and saved Comox and its city Squamish from destruction.  He also protected Chemakum which had a nice city called Agit.  Lingi took this as a sign from nature that ruling a vast land was a bad idea.  He took his followers and allied to Imrura of Coos Bay forming the Alsean Alliance.  Chilicotin, Kaska, Kitwanga, Kwakiutl, Nahani, Nootka, Shuswap and Tatalu are all neutral.
    MAP: Bella Coola has been destroyed.

    Cedarflute listened to the signs but did not listen.  It was now too late.  In 1151, the youth combined with the oppressed nations that chafed under Miwok rule rose in a general uprising.  It was a dire event.  217,500 inexperienced light infantry defeated Cedarflute and his 50,000 kinsmen at Oakland itself.  Cedarflute and his son were slain in battle.  The lieutenants Wood and Heartwrap were captured and executed by the mocking crowds.  In jubiliant glee, the revolutionaries turned their attention to the great works of the Miwok and destroyed these.  There would be a 'return to nature'.  Oakland was put to the torch and leveled.  Every farm in the San Joachin valley was incinerated.  The farmers were killed or chased into the mountains.  They split their forces and spread out, ruining Mariposa and Calaveras.  Devastating Chumash and toppling the elevated huts of La Brea.  As they ran both north and south their ranks thinned out from exhaustion and satiation.  In the north, an Alsean leader emerged in Coos Bay named  Imrura who defeated the force of 30,000 with his home forces of 14,000 mixed troops (including 4500 cavalry).  To the south, 20,000 were turned back in Yuma by the 'Boojum Army'.  When all was settled down, the center of Miwok was nothing but a burnt out husk of its former glory.  Chumash, Klamath, Nez Perce, Pomo, Salinin, Sawtai, Tucannon, Tuname and Yakima became independent.  The young Miwoks who had called themselves the 'Okmi' reverted to a nomad lifestyle riding horses hunting game in Serrano, Yokuts and Patwin.  The Alseans secured for themselves Tolowa, Yurok, Chehalis, Klamath and Kalapula plus the allegiance of Bella Bella.  The Boojum took for themselves Cochimi and Yuma and then paid homage to Mogollon.
    MAP: The cities of La Brea, Mariposa, Oakland and Calaveras are no more.  Patwin, Serrano and Yokuts have been transformed to steppe.  The road between Serrano and Patwin has been left to ruin.

Imrura, Grand Chieftain of Coos Bay
DIPLOMACY: Bella Bella Nation, Chemakum & Comox(a)
    Imrura's Alliance was strengthened by the admittance of the Bella Bella, Lingi's new nation, which was the southern half of the old Bella Coola Kingdom.  Defensive minded chiefs under Imrura suggestion a build up of troops for someday the Okmi may come after them.

    Black Mesa's long reign ended in 1155.  He was 64.  His only son, Salt Stalk, became the new king.  The Boojums of Miwok fame were welcomed to the Graveyard.
    MAP: Tahue cultivated.  Taos grew to 4 Gpv.  Rilto got to 2 GPv.  Taos was connected to Windfall by royal road.

Sierra Madre

Cha Kan
    Uca continued his exercise in futility in Nicarao.  He simply wasn't a good missionary.  He died in 1155.
    MAP: Tikal grew to 8 GPv.  Xicalango is 2 GPv.

    Bocu and an army of 40,000 infantry and 30 field forts found themselves controlling only one region, not enough to support themselves.  They had a second problem, the people of Hawkon and the troops suffered for lack of food.  Bocu will need to find a way to obtain the resources to feed and pay his army.
    MAP: Hawkon grew to 3 GPv.

Cord de Los Andes

Emperor-in-Jade, Juichen VI, Hawk King of Chanchan
Lord General, Parthl, Warlord of Moche
   In 1152, Strongman Aren finally died.  He had adopted Parthl but Alten his uncle objected furiously.  Alten couldn't press his case very well.  Parthl was a clever man and within days of Aren's death, captured the capital and command of the army.  Alten appealed to Emperor Juichen VI but the pampered prince elected to stay aloof of politics.  Alten and his small band of supporters were caught and were sacrificed the Spider Man.  In the country there was little problem except in the extreme north.  Bocu, in command of the border garrison, rebelled.  He expected Guy in Guayami to join him but no dice.  Guy had a change of heart and remained loyal to the new regime.  So only one region and its army was lost, but that army can still march home to contest the Warlord's Whip.

This Turn's Awards
Lord: Michael Magoon  (Minomoto)
Vagabond: Charles Hurst (Moche)
Sly Dog: Devin Cornwall  (Castille)

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