Throne Enterprises presents:
Turn #50 Industrial Stage Zero
1146-1150 Anno Domini Medieval Era
Gamemaster: Thad Plate
Next Turn's Orders are due Monday, March 30th, 1998 

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT, BRAGGING:  This is  Turn 50.  Lords 11 was started 4 years ago and remains the best start ever in Lords history (110 nation choices, 90 lottery submissions, 75 nations surviving the Free Start Turn).   Since then, I have averaged 12.5 turns per year.  This is the third time I have brought a game to Turn 50.  In the past 9 years or so,  I have completed 260 separate turns in all the LOTE games I have run.  The most by anyone.

MORE RULEBOOK 5.5 RULES CHANGES:  I have noticed that my games hadn't yet upgraded to the new rules.  So I took some time out to make some changes in my program and in running the game.  Many of these will affect your economy.  Here are the changes I have implemented this turn:
    Government Support;  The formula for government support is now ((BL*2)+INFRA)2/2 instead of the power of the sum of BL & INFRA.  This cost lowers for nations who have large Infrastructures and low BL.  It is higher if you have almost as much BL as Infrastructure.
    Agro Production by Port Cities; I finally got all port cities to produce 1 Agro automatically.
    Agro Consumption; Instead of your Agro Consumption to be exactly the sum of the GPv of all tax-paying cities, it is now the sum of all GPv/3 of all city PWB/10 and 1/4 of your troop support.
    Leader Limit; The limit on how many leaders you can have has returned.  It is exactly 6 plus your Tech Level.  (Rules Variation) The Rules say you can have as many Allied leaders as your BL.  I do not agree.  You can many allied leaders as long as you have slots open for them. 
    Economic Allied is better than Feudal Allied; starting the next turn I process for this game, I will treat Economic Allied as a step up from Feudal Allied instead of vice versa.  (Special Announcement) On Turn 89 of Lords 10, Turn 51 of Lords 11 and Turn 12 of Lords 12, you may declare any of your Feudal Allied regions (fa) to become Economic Allied (ea).
    Garrison by Religion; This is Table [2-20].  All regions of tolerant region must have x1.5 garrison instead of x1.  (Special) All such regions with insufficient garrisons on Turn 90 of Lords 10, Turn 52 of Lords 11 and Turn 13 of Lords 12 will revolt.
    Control Status by Religion and by Religion Strength; This is Table [2-21].  I will enforce this rule as a limit to control on all diplomacies.  If your religion prevents a region from going friendly convert it.   I have grandfathered those regions that did go friendly as making them convert to your religion this turn.
    Megalithic Conversion of Regional Terrain; Is now instantaneous.
    Jungle Regions; Can now be converted to cultivated by cities and by megalithic project.  You may notice that some of your jungle regions have cultivated or are cultivating.  Once any jungle becomes cultivated it will become a jungle again in 100  years.  To prevent that you must pay the cost of a Level 2 Megalith, on the turn the region is expected to go jungle.

THE CONVERSION OF REGIONS TO CULTIVATION USING CITIES:  In the 5.5 Revised Rulebook, a 1 GPv city built in a wilderness will convert the region in about 350-400 years.  I cannot use this rule.  Therefore Rule [9.13] shall be replaced with this in my games:
   " Any city can convert certain roughland regions to cultivated in time.  It will take 100 years to convert a wilderness region to cultivated if a city is built there.  Steppe regions will become cultivated in 50 years.  Jungles will become cultivated in 75 years.  Any expansion to the city will lessen the wait time by 10 years."

ANY REGION CAN BECOME INTENSELY CULTIVATED: All cultivated regions not listed in the c2 eligible regions can become intensely cultivated but it will cost you dear.  It is a Level 3 Megalith that must be maintained as a level 2 each turn.  Serious ecological damage to the region may  result if the maintence cost isn't paid or if the region is devasted by war.

COMBAT EXPERIENCE: If your army survives an especially bloody battle then some or all of your units will advance to the next training level based on a successful roll against  the combat value of the army's leader.
    Example: The Flemish force of 30hi 30xi 50c went into battle against the Saxons army of 40hi 40i 40xi.  After an excrusiating series of battles, the Flemish win with  27c left alive.  The Flemish leader has a Leadership of 9.  A roll of 7 was made against the leader, so therefore the 27c advance to 27ec.

SAVED NFP: If you save your NFP for 3 turns or more and  your saved NFP pool reaches 60 points or more there will be an increasing chance that your nation will suffer riots, revolution and economic slowdown.  Your NFP is your available labor force.  If they are not employed, they will get testy.

NAME YOUR LEADERS, NAME YOUR CITIES: If you have an unnamed leader, that leader will suffer a -1 penalty for every action that leader does.  If I am forced to name that leader for any reason, the leader suffers a -2 penalty for the duration of the turn.  I have noticed some good names out there.  Keep up the good work!
    Also any cities built without a name cannot be used for diplomatic bonus.  Name that city, please.

RELIGION OPS - Convert Pagan Chief (cpc): You can convert a neutral heathen region to your religion instead of having to resort to all those MW's. If your world religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu) can convert a pagan chief, the region will automatically follow.

MERC POOLS:  All areas of the world have available for hire as mercenaries, 10hi, 10i, 10c, 10w.  Minimum bid is .5 GP per unit, 1 GP for the heavy units.  Mercenaries assume the QR of your nation.  I plan to change the Merc system on Turn 52.

COLOR CODED NATION HEADERS: The Colors coded on each nation represents your technology level.  GREY is Tech 1 & 2,  BLUE is Tech 3, RED is Tech 4, GOLD is Tech 5, GREEN is Tech 6, AQUAMARINE is Tech 7, PURPLE is Tech 8, BROWN is Tech 9 and OLIVE is Tech 10.

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Lords 11 Unit Conversion
Each point of cavalry and infantry represents 500 fighting men. A warship or transport point = 1 ships with 500 men aboard each ship. A siege point = 500 sappers or 5 ballista, catapults, siege engines, trebuchets or battle towers. A field fort point = 1 fort manned by 500 men each. A wall point = 10 feet of city wall ramparts.

Game Costs
$3.50+25¢ @BL per turn.
+$1 if I have to mail it hard copy by way of the US postal service.
Warning: There is a $5.00 charge to your account for any returned checks.

WORLD MAPS:  These will be available on demand for anyone this turn for $5.00.  If you just want the Old World, the cost will be $3.50 and the New World is $1.50 by themselves.  They will be updated and corrected to the latest turn published.

COLOR MAPS:  Hemispheric, Old World or New World.  Shows what regions are owned by each nation.  These are $3.00 each and must be mailed.

Rules Used in Lords 11
This campaign uses the 1997 v5.5 RevisionRulebook. Any other differences will be noted in this newsletter and past newsletters.  I plan to publish a compendium of Plate varient rules, April 1998.

Ordering the Rulebook
At this time you may order the 5th Edition Rulebook. This is just the rulebook you'll need to play in Lords of the Earth #11. Send $15.00 payable to: Thomas Harlan
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Please don't send this money to me.    

And now the turn itself...


Far East Asia

Tenno Ichijo, Emperor of Jihpen
Minomoto no Fushitoda, Shogun
    Japanese explorers ventured into the icy waters north of the Kiska San.  Perhaps there were trade partners more lucrative than sea lions (and Magadannam) in that direction.  Shogun Fushibujin croaked.  His brother Fushitoda became acting Warlord until Fushibujin's sons are 'competant'.  Cambodians visited Leyte and were shocked to find Japanese there.
    MAP: A royal road was built over the mountains to connect Sendai (Aichi) to Heian (Yamato).  Hojo and Kumamoto check in at size 9.  Shimonoseki, Heian and Miyazaki were built up to 5 GPv.  Taiwan cultivated.  Hokkaido, Kazan Retto, Koguryo, Leyte, Moluccas, Ponape, Silla and Taiwan are all now ST.

Lou, Overlord of Hai Ochostk
    Lou wondered if the thermal springs of Takama was worth any money.

Tsan Po Mi, King of Parhae
DIPLOMACY: Jilin(nt), Amgu(a), Bandao(ea)
    In 1146, Gun Xo Ron passed away.  He had no children and no surviving relatives that would claim him.  The Po Hai nobility convocated and eventually selected the young leader with mass spunk, Tsan Po Mi.
    MAP: The port city of Artuch was founded in Amgu (Angmar Sea).  Bandao's new port town was called Yukuriao.  Heilongkiang became adherants of Zoroastrianism (ZO).

    The Buryat chose to avoid the vicious Baling so they could get some real raiding done.  The 49,000 warriors rolled into Cipsac land (Merkit, Karakorum).  The Cipsac attacked but the Buryat survived the duel.  Down to 21,000, they limped to the next horde block: Betreyk.  Sure enough, when sharks smell blood they go for the kill.  Betreyk attacked.  The Buryat survived again but were so depleted that they settled in lands vacated by the Gobi.  The Gobi Horde you ask?  Now there's a sad story...

    80,000 Gobi-men came out of the desert in 1147 to get better grazing lands in Langshan, home of the eviscerating Baling Horde.  There were only 55,000 Baling but their Khan Waxum was very wily and trapped the Gobi in a ravine.  The Gobi tried to escape but the Baling kept throwing their tumbleweed buddies in the way.  Some Gobi did manage to climb out of the trap but were hunted down to the last by Baling marksmen.  The Gobi camp, their women and children were seized and were made part of the Baling.  On his Skullbone Throne, Waxum issued a challenge to all the hordes, 'If you think you're better than us why don't you come on over and find out!"

Hai Cha, "Sa Zong", 34th Tang Ruler, Emperor of the Middle Kingdom
    To stop unemployment from making China a bad place to live, great public projects were built in the Yellow River basin, the Yangtze River area and in the city of Wuling.  Lao Zong's favorable reign ended short (He was already old) in 1148.  His son Haicha came in and became known in the history books as Sa Zong (Sa=Thirty).

Bao-Kong, Abbot Grandmaster of the Serene Palace, Bodhisattva of Chan Mahayana
    The tides of faith changed yet again.  Bao Kong saw this as a good time to do great acts of devotion.

Foi Shei-Zang, King of the South Han
    The Hwai count gave his land to the Foi King in his will.
    MAP: Kanchou cultivated.

Jayavarman V, God-Emperor of Khmer
DIPLOMACY:  Mindanao(f)
   After much contact with the Tiger Dukes, the Blood Chief of Mindanao equated his favorite god Tito'i with Siva the Hindu god of destruction is his aspect of a warlord.  Within days of this realization, the Blood Chief declared himself Hindu and all Mindanao followed suit (The first successful use of Convert Pagan Chief in this game).  Mindanao's large army became Duke Siddhanha's garrison.  The senior Tiger Duke, Govatsa, went to Leyte to pull off the same trick.  Leyte, it turns out, had long been Japanese.  The Minomoto had made inroads there in the last century.
    Nataraja wasn't long for the world.  The God-Emperor died in 1148 with much wailing in the canals of Angkor.  His boy son, Jayavarman, was quickly given the royal sash.
    MAP:  A royal road was built over the Type-1 Mountain border of Dvaravati-Thaton connecting the Burmese to Kambuja.  It became the road of choice of the merchant class.  Mindanao was Hindu.  City growth: Sakhon(4), Saigon(6), Da Nang(9), Lo Wan(9), Phnom Penh(5), Bangkok(6) and Battamdung(5).

Sri Dharmapundra, God-CEOof Srivijaya, Inc.
    The Burmese sent 240 talents in pure gold to the offices of acting chairman Kolorkora with a note attached stating, 'Please send this gift of our virtue to the Sucrasul of Alepu, so that Buddha may smile upon him and give blessing to all who touch him. -King Grath of Myanma'.  Kolorkora was asked that this bounty be sent in full confidence  and trust.  He did so but word leaked out.  Even as these crates were being boarded on ships headed to Syria, every dockman knew what was inside and dreamed of obtaining some of it.  Twelve were arrested trying to hijack the shipment.  Security became extra tight after that.  Influential ministers and local bosses questioned why the Acting Chairman would be party to a cash transfer that would enrich the Muslims.  Some drew a conspiracy that would lead to eventual Muslim takeover of all Indonesia.  After a heated board meeting in October 1146, Kolorkora was ousted and 14 year old Dharmapundra was fully invested with Business Power.  Usanaura became Director of Operations.
    To remove from everyone's mind  the scandal, Srivijaya declared war on Timor.  The island was invaded with 16,000 men.  There were 16,000 strikers of bad quality (Their boomerangs broke) who were defeated in short order.  Timor was military converted to Mahayana Buddhist.
    MAP: Atjeh, Johor, Kedah, Kediri, Mon, Pajajaran, Perak and Sunda became Mahayana Buddhist (MB).

South Seas

Capoom, Master of the Great Dividing Range
DIPLOMACY: Pechua(fa)
    Spinky Crow Beater renegoatiated the Pechuan alliance to become fuedal, then he went on a long walkabout into the outback.  The treasury building was moved inland to Bogong.  Capoom noted the fall of Yampi with much sadness.  Yampi had been Goolbura's senior kingdom and taught the Goolburrans everything about statecraft, diplomacy and war.
    MAP: Kunakban was built in Yaraka.

    An uprising of anti-royalists broke the power of Panukultau in 1147.  These Maori rebels went rampant in the New Zealand islands, destroying Waikato, Timaru and all public works.  Akaroa, Otago, Taranaki and Te Ika a Maui fell into chaos which lasted many years.  Eventually pre-civilized Maori chiefdoms arose with amnesia about the past.
    Remnants of Panukultau's government fled to Vanuatu where refugees built a new city Ping-Ping.

Pinelipa, Chief of Ping-Ping
    Pinelipa was lucky to be Vanuatu when Aotearoan civilization collapsed.  He and his cohorts organized a new kingdom consisting of Vanuatu, Tonga, Te Awampu and Fiji.
    MAP: Vanuatu owns a new city Ping-Ping.  Waikato in Te Ika a Maui and Timaru in Otago have been destroyed.

    Soon after Srivijaya's invastion of Timor, a band of unruly youth 11,500 strong challenged Ulee's right to rule.  They defeated Ulee's small force of 2500 then ransacked the countryside.  Eventually they settled down but the Yampi dominion was no more.  Aanx, Camoweal, Irith, Oanx and Yampi became neutral.
    MAP: Mulga was reduced to 1 GPv.


Grath, King of Burma
    The accumulated wealth of Burma of three years was sent off into the gaping maw of a dangerous foreign cult.  Grath ruled Burma by dictate and no one dare to question his wisdom.  It was King's money and Kings can squander it any way King pleases.  Meanwhile in the Laotian highlands, Biakar searched for signs of the Monkey Cult or its rival the Kaleethugs.  He returned to Myanmar to make his report.  The mysterious project in Samatata continued.  Workers were told they were working on the set of the 4th part of the Mahabharata play.
    MAP: A royal road arrives into Thaton from Khmer and connects to Pegu and then to Myanmar (Burma).  Jemonga and Imphal each became 3 GPv cities.  Laos was colonized to (2/8)TB.  Assam, Gtsang, Kamarupa, Samatata, Tibet and Vanga adhere now to Therevada Buddhism (TB).

His Magnificence, Chola Gunamuditya II, Maharaja of Bharat
    Karca did a tour of inspection along the Burma border.  He was especially curious about Samatata and that new movie they're working on.  He had seen the first three Mahabharatas and was fascinated by the special effects.  They say the fourth would be a 'prequel' to the first three when Kuru was King before Dark Panchala subverted the Kshatriyan Knights.
    MAP:  Some cities grew - Munger(2), Vizianagaram(2), Kochi(2), Kalyani(8), Banavasi(5) and Nellore(2).  Maghada, Ceylon and Sri Lanka became Hindu.

Kulikar, Hidden King of Lahore
     Unemployment brought about a peasant rebellion sparking from Sukkur which spread to all parts of the Hidden Kingdom.  These were defeated by Kulikar in 1148.  The devastation brought to the land led to a depression.


Hokshoi, Khagan of the Tavokhstan
DIPLOMACY: 'Anipsai Tribesmen(f)
    Hokshoi converted the 'Anipsai warriors to become a full part of the Tavokh Khan's personal army.

Abdullah ad Dolkair, Khan of Samarkhand
    The troops moved back to Soghdia and spent much time goofing off.

Khosrau, Governor of the Roughlands
    All was peaceful like the unbroken surface of the Caspian Sea.  Everyone had too much salt in their diet.
    MAP: Khurasan and Yayik became Shi'ite (SH).
Abyud ad Dawla Abu Nasr al Buya, Emir of Emirs, Pasha of Shiraz
    The Buyid Emir watched as the Caliphat erupted into civil violence.  Nothing like that happens in Buyid-land.
    MAP:  Kumis was colonized to (2/5)SH.  Laristan cultivated.  Mansura grew to 7 GPv.  Dasht Margo became Shi'ite Muslim  (SH).


'Arif Al Muktafi II, Kalifat Rasul Allah, Commander of the Faithful
    An uprising of 82,500 inexperienced infantry attacked the Caliph's palace guard of 31,000 cavalry, 20,000 spearmen and 1000 engineers.  The Caliph put down this revolt losing 25,000 men.  The populace returned to their homes, their boil reduced to simmer.  Iraq and Baghdad suffered the most from the revolt.  The government braced for loss of tax revenue.  There was also a famine.

Baruod ad Din Faruk, Sultan of Aleppo
    Faruk sent his brother to live in Egypt to help smooth relations there.  Egypt had to be told all the benefits of the Karimid Dominion: (1) Free donuts before morning prayer, (2) All livestock get hoof inspections, (3) Houses are painted white, (4) No apple tax  and lastly (5) Camels can sleep inside.  The navy which played no part in the Die, Zaidi, Die War was dragged overland to the Red Sea.  Aruzil picked up these ships to scout out the Indian Sea coast of Africa.
    MAP: Kalisma and Jerusalem each grew to 3 GPv.  Lebanon was colonized to (0/3) by Shi'ites.  Jordan, Misr, Palestine, Petra, Raqqah and Syria are all Shi'ite (SH).


East Africa

    Nasir was overcome by a general rebellion which destroyed him and his nation.  All regions became independent (Aden, Aksum, Danakil, Hadramunt, Najran and Zeila).
    MAP: Barim and the port fortress in Danakil have been erased.  Shoa, however, converted to Shi'a Muslim.

Zacharias IV, Negus of Nubia, Owner of Dibbles
    The Nubians did their best to straighten things out.
    MAP: Mitsiwa was restored to 1 GPv.

Catherine,  Queen of Gamo-Gofa, Grand Mistress of the Rifts
    Chogana got extra help converting Sidamo.

Kivimara, King of the Nampul, Lord Kurase
    Prince Oluotmi helped to bring Masai fully into Nampul orbit.
    MAP:  A royal road now connects Lamehege (Ruvama) to Mahenge (Kilwa).

Rilambo II, Queen ofZimbabwe
Yanni, Protector the Confederation
    The Chieftains acknowledged the pool of qualified candidates always worked for the government.  In 1150, for his hard work in Barotse, Yanni became the new Protector.  King Rilambo II came of age that year bemoaning the aging leadership.
    MAP: Barotse was colonized to (1/2)AF.  In it, a city called Zor, was seen.  Gorongo became cultivated.

West Africa

Dobini, Ba Queen
DIPLOMACY: Etosha(ne)
    The Queen tried but could not get any children planted.  Douko found that diplomacy was not the way to evade table [2-22].
    MAP: Giri enjoys the presence of its Kongo river port, Zongo.

Oranmiyan, 15th Oba of the Ibo, Descendent of Oduduwa, Blessed of the Rainbow
    The Ibo continued their urbanization.  Oranmiyan ruled without serious incident.  General Iboka wanted something else to get him through his semi-conscious life.
    MAP: Bornu's Tchad Lake port was called Jiggywitit.   Nigeri grew to 7 GPv.  Ijebu Ode and  Ikeja became 6 GPv.  Biafra, Boukombe, Djoleto, Kwame, Kachigwe, Ndjamo, Lawino and Jos are all 4 GPv.  Gagnoa cultivated.

Dia Somba Bulu, King of Songhay
    Sudna walked up to his hut in Songhay and rested those aching feet.  Bulu considered himself a much better king than Biyaika.  He hated the comparisons.  'Wait 'till you see what I can do!" young Bulu often muttered.
    MAP: Unmatta and Karimama each got to 3 GPv.

The Ghana, Mansa, King of Bure, Master of the Gold
DIPLOMACY: Khalem(ea), Senegal(f), Marampa(ne)
    Something had to be done about Khalem so the king in his glittering way went in himself and did it.  The new Lord Faon proved to be very adept in his diplomatic assignment.  Ouagadou could only get stronger.
    MAP: Dakar grew to 3 GPv.
North Africa

Nafa ad-Din Amman ir Saleem, Wizare al Id, Regent for the Emirat of Almaghreb and Alandalus
DIPLOMACY: Bojador(f)
    Rex was a bit of a scamp stealing all of Blanche's brooms (saving Amman from the pain) and tearing the curtains off the wall.  Amman sent the boy to the Count to learn how to become a wizard like his dad.  Silvertung arranged Rex to be married to a Bojodor princess.  The Bojador thought it swell.  Rex ignored her, he got a thrill blowing up sand dunes with fireball spells.
    MAP: Bojador, after going friendly, was colonized to (2/6)SN.  A royal road connects Baruklin to Juby.  Africa, Kabilya are both Sunni Muslim (SN).

Kemal, Amir al Balerum
DIPLOMACY: As Sidrah(nt)
   Prince Luqmann, Kemal's son passed away.  Luqmann's son (he found one) Sharif became the new crown prince.  Du'ad protected Valencia until terminal illness forced his retironment.
    MAP: Cities grew - - Fareh(2), Al Madna(2), Palermo(7) and Sagunto(6).


Oriental Europe

Zeno III, Exarch of Crete, Basileus of the Greeks
DIPLOMACY: Isauria(f)
    Zeno blissfully governed his growing kingdom.  Hellas became a really dandy place to grow turnips.

Kavis, Khagan of Levedia
DIPLOMACY: Khazar(f)
    Khagan Torbeg paid to Kron of Khazar a pension check.  Now the Pechnegs have firm control of the west bank of the Volga Delta (the other bank belonged to Arran).  Ostrak was anxious to expand the military forces to combat the growing threats of Nutqak and Tavarhod.
    MAP: Volgagrad was built by the Volga River in Don.  Kiev has cultivated terrain.  Chernigov and Taman were both Asia Pagan (AP).

Karlovf, Grand Prince of Suzdal
    Ituval's erratic leadership did not change with his advanced age.  In 1146, he was found dead in a pool of geritol.  He was 76.
    MAP: Tver cultivated.

Nordic Europe

Wotan, Fire in the North, King of Sweden
DIPLOMACY: Romsdal(c), Hordaland(ea), Opland(nt), Trondheim(nt)
    Captain Sythia, skipper of 30 medium warships patrolled Baltic waters on the lookout for the infamous Magyar Slaver Navy.  In the Spring of 1048, word came that the sea-mongrels had departed Schleswig and were heading to the Skaggerak.  The Swedish navy pursued to spot 42 heavy warships, 12 longboats, 10 transports and 10 heavy cargo boats.  Sythia approached so as to be seen, then withdrew.  The Huns didn't take the bait and the Swedish marineer spat curses to the wind.  In 1046, King Waldemar passed away.  Within days his son Wotan became the new king.
    MAP: Valheim(2), Kalmar(3) and Helsingor(2) were up to the challenge of urban influx.

Stephen II, King of Hungary and Germany
DIPLOMACY: Jutland(hs), Friesland(a)
   Sir Garrod's navy was expanded at the port of Schleswig and preparation were made for a new assault against the Celts.  He waited for King Stephen to lend him some knights and for Pope Purity IV and Bishop Ernst and their holy guardsmen.  In the Spring of 1148 all was ready.  On the way, Swedish warships loomed on the horizon.  After a provokative gesture, the Swedish craft fled.  Clearly they were no match for the Hungarian armada.  Garrod hadn't the time to be distracted.  King Steve and Pope Pure wanted Scone captured and that witch Epona burned.  In September 1148, they got their chance.  The navy, brimmed to the max with soldiers and mercenaries, was challenged by 30 Scottish warships.  The 42 heavy warships rammed right into them.  9 heavies sank.  All the Scottish ships were disabled and/or destroyed.  The transports and light ships took to the flanks and unloaded most of the army on the rocky Scottish beach.  The land troops were 4500 armored knights, 7500 Magyar horsemen, 2500 armored swordsmen, 2500 archers, 4500 mercenary lancers, 1000 mercenary pikemen, 4500 mercenary shieldmen and 3500 Papal guardsmen.  Sir Garrod was thrown off the deck of his flagship and drown in the cold North Sea.  This affected teh Hungarian army's morale for only the two Papal leaders were left to carry on the King's battle plan.
    The Scots had left their homeland well protected.  Long ago, they trained a cadre of highlanders, ready to die at the will of their Queen.  The Scottish army was led by Connor Mac Millan and Meire of Clan Campbell.  The 38,500 kilted fighting men (3000 sappers, 35,000 infantry, 500 mounted nobles) put up a great defense of their homeland at the County of Fife, 18 September.  The Magyars suffering from morale and leadership deficits, making an amphibious assault into their enemy's homeland, despite their superior arms and equipment and battle lines were put to rout that day.  12,000 cavalry and Ernst made it back to the boats alive.  Pope Purity IV was slain in battle and his body was taken back to the ships.  The navy sailed uncontested back to Itzehoe.  The Magyar effort to break the Celtic Church came to ruin.
    In following month, Stephen with 85,000 mixed cavalry, 2000 siege engineers and 2000 archers prevented the English from landing at Lorraine.  The English army of 25,000 infantry and 4500 cavalry scrambled back to their 99 ship navy and returned to England.  At the same time, there was a false report of a Roman incursion into Carinthia.  Bob's backup troops responded to the reported looting by 300,000 mercenaries and found they had been fooled.
    The rising tide of Catharism and the hatred between religions meant the revolts of both Holland and Jutland.  Roger of Saxony's visit to Jutland went badly.  He was almost arrested by the Alborg Prince's henchmen.
    MAP: Bakony cultivated.  Holstein was colonized to (2/3)TC.  Schleswig grew to 5 GPv.  Prague is now 7 GPv.

DIPLOMACY: Kassubia(a)
    Fyodor was a dynamite diplomat.  The Kassubians really liked him.
Magna Mater Etain Rapturous, Sister of Mary, Protector of the Innocent, Blessed of the Divine Light of Christ, Beloved of God in All His Glory
     The Mother extolled the faithful of Europe to remain strong in the face of renewed assaults from those misguided.  When news that the Roman Church leader was planning a visit, she was elated.  The Scottish desire of a unified Church under a pious order would soon be realized.  But the forces of division and material greed landed upon the shores of fair Scotland herself.  In the County of Fife did 38,500 brave warriors turn the tides of darkness.  9000 men and women died that day of honor (along with the crews fo the ships who sacrificed themselves defending the coastline).

Coenwulf, King of Saxons and Eiru
DIPLOMACY: Northumbria(f), Ulster(c)
     Harold made a return trip to Lorraine with his troops.  The Magyars forced him and his troops to scramble back to their ships to get home.  7 of the 74 warship navy mutineed to become foam pirates.
    MAP: Gwynned and Munster became cultivated.

    The division of Western Christendom occured in the late 11th and early 12th Centuries after the Papacy left the Roman Vatican for Aix La Chapelle in 900 A.D.  Two churches, the Culdee or Celtic Church and the German or Teutonic Church competed for influence and power.  Never a year passed without some form of conflict between the two sides.  Having reached a cusp in this historical saga, I give you a chronology of the events of this conflict.

    THE RESULT, NEW RELIGION CODES: The Celtic and Teutonic Churches having abandoned all hopes of reconciliation, bent on destroying each other, has caused Christendom to be further split.  The Celtic Church (including the Roman Church and the Cathars) shall retain the map symbol of the old Roman Catholics, the Celtic Cross.  Their letter code changes from RC to CC.  The Teutonic Church (TC)'s map symbol shall be the Maltese Cross (four arrowheads pointing in).  The following regions are now TC (break out that liquid paper): Slovakia, Friesland, Lorraine, Swabia, Westphalia, Saxony, Holstein, Thuringia, Nordgau, Bochnia, Bavaria, Lausatia, Meissen, Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Carinthia, Slovenia, Podravina, Bakony, Silesia, Carpathia, Alfold, Banat, Temesvar and Ludgorie.  RC & TC religions are mutually hostile to each other.  In regards to other religions, they are both like the old RC religion.  Furthermore, Croatia and Wallachia become Eastern Orthodox (EO).  All other former RC regions are now CC.

Occidental Europe

Benjamin, Bishop of Aix-La-Chapelle, Pope of the Catholic Church
    Purity IV's death in battle meant another extended session of the College of Cardinals.  The College finally chose Ernst to continue the struggle for religious orthodoxy as Vater Benjamin I.  Aix La Chapelle was rewalled.  120 chests of gold were sent to the Magyars for their ongoing efforts.  The government suffered from destruction of record books and assassinations.

Caesar Vergilius Secundus, Rex Latinorum, Dominum Lagobardium, Imperator Romanorum Occidentalis
     "To the Most illustious Catholic Princes of Europe.
    "We have watched with growing dispair the rift that has developed within
the community of European Catholicism. It is time that we put behind us
this strife behind us and begin to build a newer and better Europe, a
Europe not characterized by bloody and pretty squables, but of peace and
co-operation. We have viewed this conflict as a trial of ordeal sent down
by our lord to help us to see the corruption that had infested his
apospolic church. These most recent years have seen the judgement of our
lord upon the Aachen papacy. Our most noble predecessor and father
characterized this conflict as good against evil, we however feel that
this is the misguided against the correct, God's judgement has fallen
upon Europe and if we do not recognize that we will consign ourselves and
our prosperity to eternal damnation. I therefore declare that the
Independent Roman church is aligning itself with the righteousness of the
Bheathaamrois. Together may we finally bring to Europe a unity that is
sorely needed.
    "Vigilius II, Rex Latinorum, Dominum Lagobardium, Imperator Romanorum Occidentalis."
    And so the Roman die was cast.  Cardinal Jorgen who ruled the Independent Roman Church had planned to go to Cianodh to negotiate a new ecclesiastical order.  However, Jorgen at some bad meat and had to spend time to recuperate.
    MAP: Fanum Fortunae, Pisae & Stabiae became 5 GPv all. Castrium Novum was now 4 GPv.

Heinric Clense, Rex Burgundus
    The long lived Heinric had been King of Burgundy for over six decades.  He had defended the Aachen Papacy and risked his life for it.  He had assumed that his nation stood behind him in this but they had gone a different direction all that time.  Now his subjects showed their true colors and he was crushed.  What could he do?  He could convert to the Celtic faith and fight his brothers but that would break his heart.  If he demanded his nation become Teutonic then civil war would erupt and Burgundy would suffer another 100 years of destruction.  The old king chose to be silent, perhaps a better opportunity would arise.
    At least Cathar fanaticism petered out.

Santana, King of the Western Goths, Sovreign of Español
   Ramiro moved his army back to Castille.  Ramiro then died of a heart attack in 1146.  His anemic son, Santana, became the new king.  Santana's wife was very fertile and gave him two sons and a daughter.  Travera's death in Languedoc was very mysterious.



Dun Firewater, Jarl -Sachem of the Efulandish
   The effort to get more people into worshipping Odin, Thor and Valhalla got boosted these days.  Three regions converted.  The Huron ally (Osmo Coldfingers) died and those that replaced him sent only tribute.
    MAP: Ottawa, Tobacco and Wyandot became Euro Pagan (EP).  Ice Tower rose to 2 GPv.

Shoma, Chief of Illinois
DIPLOMACY: Yanktonai(f), Ojibwa(t)
    Rappahan accidently fell off a cliff and broke his neck on the rocks below.  The accident left the Illini without a great chief.  Rappahan's son, Shoma, was being groomed to eventually take over the Nations.

Gunbok, Sachem and High Priest of Etowah
DIPLOMACY: Lucayo(ne)
    A surprise hit Gunbok right between the eyes.  His favorite region, Creek, uprose in rebellion.  The stupid fools!  The region was duly pacified by the great army (which always camps in Creek).  Hard feeling were buried with the expansion of Savanah.  Euro Pagan influence waned.
    MAP: Savanah grew to 5 GPv.  Powhattan, Chowan became Native Amerind (NA).

Genkadi, Son of the Sun
    The Mounders returned to their normal peaceful, dull ways.

Sikolla IV, Heir to the Kingdom of Atlantis
DIPLOMACY:  Camopi(f), Palicur(f)
    The entire army was brought together at the land gates of Constant.  Sikolla came of age in 1148.
    MAP: Arua, Cuyuni, Camopi became Native Amerind (NA).  Camopi cultivated.

The Rocky Mountains

Lingi III
     Unemployment was becoming a problem.  It could spell the end of a civilization.

Cedarflute, Chief of Chiefs, Sultan of Surf
    The youth of Miwok increased their lawless activity, stealing baskets and lighting them on fire, making loud noises at night, breaking all the acorns before they were ripe...

Black-Mesa Rain-Agave Jasper-Sprig Wolf
    And Mogollon's power steadily rose.
    MAP: Toboso was founded in Concho.  Tahue and Culiacan became Native Amerind (NA).

Sierra Madre

Cha Kan
   The squabbling Maya kept getting into trouble.  Chi Pahuc died in 1149.  His son Cha Kan was seen as a misfit by those who didn't understand.  Ga Lon and Uca understood that if they did rebel they would be splatted.  In the end, nothing rebelled.  Another wasted dynastic failure.
    MAP:  Chontal became cultivated.  Teloloapan was built in Tarascan.  Nicarao became Meso-Amerind.

Cord de Los Andes

    Tribal uprisings broke the power of Raitoag and ended Elfin Culture.  All regions became independent and stone aged.
    MAP: Raitoag, Racati and Tupori have been destroyed.

Emperor-in-Jade, Juichen VI, Hawk King of Chanchan
Lord General, Aren, Warlord of Moche
    Thousands willingly volunteered to have their heads chopped off each month to feed the Great Spiderman.  A vision filled Aren's mind.  There were unenlightened savages out there whose death would please the great god and keep that sun moving.  The Strongman made Parthl his designated successor.
    MAP:  Elohim(9), Pacoco(8) and Tumaco(5) grew.  Cayapa, Choco and Cuna cultivated.

    The Araucan nations split at the seams in violence.  All vestiges of civilization failed and all traces of the Empire have been lost.
    MAP: Gona, Tolten and Pitrufquen have been destroyed.

This Turn's Awards
Lord: David Salter (Greece)
Vagabond: Jack Wagner (Suzdal)
Sly Dog: Steve Hogie (Sweden)

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