Lords 9

Turn One Hundred Thirty Three

Age of Discovery and Exploration

Orders due May 22

1589Anno Domini

Al Hajj 1050

549 Nian Huang

205 Zuni Reckoning

Try to get your turns in on time. If you have trouble, you might want to consider sending in "standing orders" for turns that you miss.

When your maximum stat has been reached, the word "max" will now be appearing in your investment area. Don’t invest in these. All Old Word civilized nations may invest in their artillery AQR. New World nations may do likewise once they have received gunpowder from an Old World nation.

Buying tech costs 10xISZxcurrent tech level and ISZ*.6 nfp per turn and gives about 30 additional techpoints per turn. You may buy tech from someone who is at least 2 levels higher. Primacies, Secret Empires and Combines may continue to buy tech until their tech level is equal to the level of their host country (the country which includes their Holy City, Temple or Home Office, respectively).

Heavy troops give a bonus to how much damage you do in combat, light troops give a bonus to winning the combat. Cavalry works best in open areas, infantry is better in environments like jungles. Cavalry and Infantry may be built as light, medium or heavy. The cost for light and medium is normal (no change), the cost for heavy troops is one more.

All warships owned by nations with an artillery AQR of 3 or greater come equipped with cannons. Every 5 ships act as a field cannon in ground combat. Galleons may also be built by nations with a 3+ AQR. These are big warships loaded with guns. Each galleon has a cargo of zero and counts as an artillery unit in sea combat. They may not travel up rivers or canals. The cost is 10gp and 1 nfp.

Troop type


Light, cavalry or elite


Medium, infantry or normal quality


Artillery, inferior, siege, heavy


Slaves, Siege Artillery


Inferior troops may not be built under normal circumstances. During a mass conscription, the player receives additional NFP equal to his rate (before support costs are subtracted). The following turn, the player receives half the normal amount of NFP. Astute players will realize that this means they actually make extra NFP. To balance this free NFP, during a mass conscription ONLY troops may be built and their quality is inferior (the cost is normal). Inferior troops are about 75% as good as regular troops and regular troops are about 75% as good as elite troops.

Next turn piracy and banditry rules go into effect.

Galleons may bombard port cities: every 5 galleons = 1 siege artillery.

If elite troops are placed into reserve, they become regular. Inferior may not be reserved.

Diplomatic bribes are now logarithmically based: bonus = log1.1((gold spent+10n)/(10n)) where n is 5 if all factors are favorable (same religion, easy terrain, etc.)

5 gold gives +1; 30 gives +5; 80, +10; 160 +15; 300, +20. With unfavorable factors (like hostile terrain & religion) results would be: 8 gold for +1; 50, +5; 130, +10; 250, +15)

Agrarian Economic Base allows the country to sell

Agro for 1gp or convert 2 Agro into 1 nfp regardless of how much money the country is producing. They go up slowly in tech.

If I don’t have a turn for China or Siam next time, I will open these countries for play. Selection will be by lottery if more than one player requests these positions.

Maps are 10¢; Color maps are 25¢.

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Disputes between the Ummans and the Dutch over the partitioning of Spain erupted into a full-scale war in Europe. The great Umman Armada landed in July of 1588 in Holland. In two months the battle was over…

Unit conversion: 1cav or inf = 500 men ;1 warship or transport = 1 ship with a crew of 500; 1 artillery = 20 field guns with crews of 25; 1 sa = 1 cannon; 1 s = 50 catapults; wallpoints are 7'+3' per point high; a field fort is a castle with 500 men.


Western Europe 32mc 20mi 15mw 3ma 1msa 1t 2mec


Christian, King of Denmark

Diplomacy: Hordaland(nt) Jamtland(fa) Rhodes(ne)

The Ummans sent 150,000 gold to the Danes, ostensibly as tribute for the Canaries. The Danes were expecting a large sum from the Dutch as well, but the Dutch were otherwise occupied. Vater Paul and Bron continued in their Mediterranean campaign, attacking Sardinia. It seems the Sardinians had signed a secret accord with the Italians so by attacking the Island, the Danes effectively declared war on Italy. To make matters worse, the Imamists had been busy there and the entire island had secretly been converted to the Shining Path. Bron attacked with 40 elite warships, 10,000 cavalry, 5000 infantry, 200 guns and 4 siege cannons. Defending the island were 1000 horsemen, 6000 archers and a series of 10 castles. The Danes defeated the Sardinians, who then withdrew behind the 34’ walls of Kalyari. The Danes had enough troops to passive siege the city and their 4 cannons rained a not particularly terrifying barrage on the city. After 18 months, the Sardinians had had enough and surrendered. Disease, desertion and combat losses have reduced the numbers of Danish soldiers to 8500 knights, 3000 footmen, 180 guns and 3 cannons.

The rest of the Balearic expedition returned home to guard against insurrections. Duncan McDanald journeyed to Rhodes (a region claimed by the Fatimids) and after some vague promises to colonize the area with Culdi Christian Danes, convinced the locals that neutrality is a good idea. The port city of Richartkrone was built in the Highlands and Suduoa in the Balearics was expanded, slightly increasing the number of Culdis in a region where Culdis, Black Muslims and Eastern Orthodox Christians coexist. More food was sent to the Russians. While the other European nations mobilized for war, the Danes began investing in their cities.

Culdi Council

Flewellen, Scion of St. Camber

Consecration: Cornwall(ca)

The Dutch continue to convert in large numbers. About 25% of the country are now Culdi. Flewellen was alarmed to hear that the Ummans had landed in Holland and prayed mightily that the Dutch would be delivered from this plague of Infidels. A cathedral was built in Cornwall while the attempt in Svealand failed due to the incompetence of the bishop. Flewellen spent his time attempting to engender more children. His efforts met with no success – for now he’ll have to be content with his three daughters.

The VOC™ (Hanseatic League)

Hugo Charm II, Governor General of the VOC™

Capitalization: Rosden(mf) Christianburg(bo) Taminy(mf) Volsk(mf) Ryazan(mf) Reykjavik(cc)

The VOC™ continued to have trouble building in Eastern Orthodox regions (where they hate the Culdi traders). Efforts in Estonia, Daugava, Atelkuzo and Ozu failed. More time or money in each city might help – as would a lower RS. In Denmark, attempts were far more successful: the traders have established themselves in the New World, beating their rivals, the STIS© by convincing the primitive people of Mohawk to allow them in.

War between the Dutch and the Sub-Saharan rabble has inconvenienced the traders. Many of their ships were captured or destroyed by Imamate raiders and valuable trade routes have been closed.


Kroninkrijk der Nederlanden

Francis Vanmollen, Chancellor of Greater Rheinland

Diplomacy: none

Relations between the Dutch and the Ummans fell to an all-time low. The Ummans, STIS© and the Mbunduns severed all economic ties with the Hollanders. But this was just the beginning…

Desiderius Erasmus was kidnapped early in 1586 by Rucat’s men while King Gavin was captured by STIS© agents – in spite of the best efforts of the Dutch secret service. He died later in an STIS© prison A regency was set up since his 5 year-old grandson is two young to rule. Slightly more than half of the troops in Jaen deserted and slightly less than half of the fleet vanished. Three siege cannons were blown up by Imamate terrorists. By the middle of 1586,Mbundun raiders searching vainly for merchant ships in an effort to replenish their own rapidly diminishing New World fleet had visited the Dutch ports in Provence, Corsica and Languedoc. These vessels, flying the flag of the Monkey God, returned to Africa without success – not a single Dutch merchant ship was to be found in the Med. In Jaen, Joost escaped a kidnap attempt by the Imam while two attempts to break Juan Carlos of Spain out prison failed. In June of 1586, an Imamist leader, Dostoyevsky, led 15,500 mixed mercenaries with 120 hired cannons into Jaen to do battle with the Dutch. Joost had 24,500 knights, 23,000 elite knights, 30,500 crossbowmen, 380 guns and 4 siege cannons left in his command. All the mercenaries were slain, the Dutch lost 500 men.

In April of 1587, a fleet of 12 Imamate warships attempted to raid the coast of Holland, but the Dutch had nearly half a million troops on hand with which to discourage them. A second group 51 raiders struck in September with similar results. Both of theses flotillas went on to visit most of the Dutch ports, capturing or destroying many VOC™ ships. Attempts by the Ummans to stir up revolutions in pacified Valencia and friendly Provence and Languedoc failed.

The greatest threat to the empire came in April of 1588, when the Umman Armada arrived off the coast of Holland. Consisting of 100 galleons, 480 warships and 260 transports, the fleet disgorged an army of 80,000 horsemen, 21,000 zebra riders, 42,000 heavily armored footmen, 1000 guns and 80 siege cannons. It took a few months for the Africans to find an appropriate landing site and during this time about a seventh of the Dutch army mutinied. In July, the battle began. The Dutch army consisted of 280,000 knights, 500 elite knights, 82,500 archers, 880 elite guns and 20 small castles. In two months, the battle was over – the Ummans were swept from the battlefield and forced back to their ships. 63,500 horsemen and 17,500 zebra riders made it back to the ships along with 480 guns, most of the artillery being abandoned in flight. The Dutch lost 17,000 men and 6 castles.

In Spain, Umman operatives attempted to incite the locals into rebellion against the Dutch. In Talvera and Saragaza the efforts were failures but in Catalonia, 5500 rebels threw out the 3500 man garrison to reclaim their independence. The loss of Catalonia meant that the main force in Spain was isolated. Joost declared himself King of Spain and retreated out of Jaen to make Talavera his homeland. The Saragozan garrison declared for Joost but Valencia remains loyal thanks to the presence of loyal but evil Admiral Asmodé. Things could have been worse – the Africans might have sacked the capital if they’d been a little less overconfident.

Christian Kingdom of Talavera

Joost van den Voondel, King of Talavera

Diplomacy: Talavera(f) Saragoza(p)

Joost isn’t a great military leader, but he knows how to take advantage of a good opportunity when he sees it. Hopefully, the Ummans and the Dutch will be too busy fighting each other to worry about him. Some of his soldiers have settled down in Talavera, turning it mostly Dutch Orthodox and making the Christian Kingdom Caste.

Rokkid Spain

Juan Carlos, Malik al Andalus

Diplomacy: none

The Dutch took a break from the war. The Black Muslims have stepped up their support for Spain. Juan Carlos remains a prisoner of Joost van den Voondel, in spite of two half-hearted attempts by the Imam to help him escape. Spain is now tolerant to the Shining Path. The Spanish people rejoiced at the unexpected departure of the Dutch army.

People's Democratic Republic of Italy

Shakira, Queen of Sicily and Italy

Diplomacy: none

The Danes have stolen away Sardinia and the claim in Malta has been lost.


Eastern Europe 11mec 12mei 77mc 10ma 4mi 1msa

Holy Roman Empire of Russia

Mikhail, Czar of Russia, Empress of the East

Diplomacy: Moldavia(ne) Malta(c to Himrad) Masuria(t) Bailoweza(t) Chernigov(fa) Lithuania(f)

The Czar sent an ultimatum to the Ummans: treat the VOC™ better or the STIS© will be banned (actually, the STIS© were banned by his mother during the Global War). The Ummans broke trade with the Russians for this affront. STIS© ships continue to visit Russian ports, trading for other African nations. Russian leaders were sent out to gather in all the garrisons and new troops were built in the capital. The Russian army is larger than it has been since the War. A loan had to be taken out to pay for the new troops. The Russians continue to import free wheat from Denmark so that their peasants would be free to dredge the Volga. Catherine, the Czar’s sister, was drafted into the Government. There is no STIS© presence in Ozu /Odessa.

The Kingdom of Armenia

Nisiblis, Shah of Armenia

Diplomacy: none

Acasis died. His son, Nisiblis, took over.


West Africa 12mi 15mc 4ma 1mec 1msa

Islam (Yoruba/Umma)

Rucat II, Sword of Islam

Diplomacy: Cheliff(f) Zerma(ne) Garou(ne)

The Imam assured the Ummans that with the main Dutch army in Spain, fewer than 150,000 troops would remain in their capital. Now was the time to strike. A quick attack to sack the Dutch capital would cripple the European giant and allow the Ummans time to convert and absorb Spain. The STIS© ambassador assured

Rucat that his agents would scatter the Dutch army before the Ummans ever set foot on Dutch soil and guaranteed that King Gavin would be eliminated. So a great armada, led by three excellent Umman commanders, was sent forth to smite the Christian barbarians in order to make Spain safe for muslims (well, Black Muslims). The fleet retreated to the Bay of Biscay after the debacle (see Dutch turn). Rucat’s Chancellor had been entrusted with the mission and on his return he declared himself enfranchised. He was instantly cut down by an Umman assassin. Rucat cancelled a celebratory speech.

While the main war effort went badly, the siege of Cordoba was lifted when an isolated and demoralized Dutch army revolted, generating the fledgling Kingdom of Spain.

Araune is now Black Muslim and there are fewer Sunnis in Khalem. Fermat guarded the Holy City while remaining garrisons were gathered together and brought to Ghana. Black Muslims everywhere have had disruptions in their trade because of the STIS©/Umman attacks on the Dutch.




Himrad Sultanette

Landeria III, Sultana of Dara, Heart of Islam

Diplomacy: Mbandaka(nt) Radom(c ) Ghazal(nt) Tondou(c) Yaounde(ne) Sibut(t) Malta(c )

Landeria is getting better at diplomacy. This time only a single envoy was sent to a depopulated region. Missionaries were sent out to Radom, Sibut, the Kyklades, Amhara and Baraka. Radom and Sibut are now entirely Black Muslim. A road was built to connect Nozebned to Chirop’tera. Mzunga Arudi, Chirop’tera, Warra and Miayar expanded. The Unviversity of Mandara continues to grow.

The Imamate

Ayatollah Khomeni XVI, Guardian of the Shining Path Voice of Islam

Consecration: Larnak(ab) Cyprus(ab) Adawa(ab) Cilicia(ab) Raqqah(ab)

"Listen now to the Guardian of the Shining Path: Let the world tremble before the glory of Allah. The infidel Dutch stood in the way of Spain’s conversion to the Shining Path. No more! Allah be praised! Let this be a lesson for those heathens that follow False gods and Foolish prophets. There is no God but Allah. Let it be known that Islam will comply with Russia’s request to convert to the true faith of Islam. We will not tolerate interference with their noble quest. The Followers of the Shining Path refuse to be treated as lesser beings. The Faithful have the right to defend what is ours. Glory to Allah! Defend we shall. The Sword of Islam is as keen as an executioner’s blade. The Shield of Islam remains strong. The Heart of Islam is still pure. The Arrow of Islam strikes true. And the Voice of Islam will be heard above the murmurs of the False Prophets. Praise Allah in His might and wisdom!"

The Imam sent two small fleets north to harass the Dutch. They had not yet returned to the Canaries by the end of 1588. Sagremor the Unruly sailed 185 holy ships to the Awlil Coast, where he was joined by a second cleric; they vigilantly patrolled the area. Mullah Dostoyevsky hired a few thousand mercenaries in Granada City and attacked across the mountains into Jaen. The Dutch forces slaughtered the Mullah’s troops and sent him fleeing the field in disgrace.

A silver-tongued Russian diplomat undermined diplomatic efforts in newly converted Malta. The Maltese have recognized a claim by the Himrad Sultana. Sardinia is now entirely Black Muslim – just in time to be conquered by the Danes (who seem to enjoy collecting islands with large Shining Path populations). Attempts to stir the Valencians into revolt were ineffective. The Valencians are too apathetic and the Dutch garrison too scary.

Missionary activity was curtailed since most of the Imam’s efforts went into the Umman war effort. Oujda and Idjil are now free of Sunni influence. The number of true believers increased in Cilicia. Imamate agents failed to steal more gold from Spain.

Mbundu, Land of Pagans

Kabunga II, Last true afro-pagan on earth

Diplomacy: Kilwa(f) Rozwi(ea) Cape(f)

A postal road was built to connect Zambia and Luangua. Sewers were built in Njimbo. The Mbundans continue modernizing their country. Ship building technology is improving every day; the New World fleet lost only 2 ships on the last voyage. Nybeki and Bwana have been spending their long vacation telling outlandish war stories of the Ethiopian campaign to impressionable young women. Kabunga keeps telling his ministers he’s going to die, but many believe he’ll live forever. Princess Benzi collected some garrisons and marched to Nia Nia.

East Africa 19mi,31mc, 1ma, 2mw


Kalif-Sied, CEO of the STIS©, Arrow of Islam

Capitalization: Baidoa(bo) Juba(mf) Kivinje(mf) Nozebned(bo) Sokoto(cc) Kohul(mf)

STIS© agents spent a lot of time working for the Ummans. They broke trade with the Dutch for themselves and also the Mbundans. Ships once going to Holland have been placed on the Mbundu-Denmark route. STIS© agents kidnapped King Gavin and caused part of the Dutch army to desert. Prince Atreus of Hellas set sail from Mandara City with a fleet of 17 Galleons. He headed for the New World from the Cape Verdes and has not been heard from since. Kalif rejoiced when the Imam’s ships returned from capturing and destroying the VOC™’s shipping – especially since the Imam has promised to donate the captured vessels to the corporation.

Fatimid Caliphate

Al Haidi, Lady Caliph, Nation Killer, Shield of Islam

Diplomacy: Ghebel Gharib(a) Berbera(a) Aleppo(f) Yemen(f) Jazirah(a)

The Fatimids kept to themselves, concerned with internal matters. A postal road was built from Misr to Ghebel Gharib. Baraka was militarily converted. More slaves were taken from the Sunni deserts.


Southwest Asia 24mi 18mc 5ma 46mw


Turghil III

Diplomacy: none

The Afghans continued their policy of doing nothing.


Alimid Empire of Hindustan

Al Alim, The Learned

Diplomacy: none

The Alimids lapsed back into inactivity.

The Enlightened Kingdom of Tibet

= ; & , 11th host of the Buddha

Diplomacy: none

A Tibetan force of 7000 light cavalry, 20,000 elite footmen, and 9000 regular footmen swept out of the mountains into Fucheng. After a brief battle, the region was subjugated. The Tibetans lost 1000 foot soldiers, half elite. Sujasain died but the Chancellor was on hand to insure a peaceful transition. Many farm projects were built and Thinbu, Tinsukia, Lhasa and Kathmandu grew in size. Nepal and Sikkim were colonized to 2gp.


FUNAN 11mi 22w 4mc

Sian Kambujadesa

Indravarman III, god Emperor of Siam

Diplomacy: none

The Siamese are now Renaissance.



Ravi Gizmo, Slayer of Aborigines

Diplomacy: Ponape(ne) Sarawak(ea)

Medan, Sulawesi and Sunda were colonized to 2gp. The Mataram army recommenced their campaign of genocide against the hapless aborigines. Dajarra is now devoid of human life. The Tibetans sent a trade fleet. The university was expanded.

China and Japan 11mei 12mec 4mea 10mw 15mc

Da Huang Chinese Empire

Lao Hao, Ruler of the World

Diplomacy: none

The Chinese did nothing. The STIS© built a factor in Yayik.

Nagatobi Shounate

Tenno Tamo, 93rd Emperor of Nihon

Diplomacy: none

The Japanese slept.

Kingdom of Ponape

Iniki IV, first chosen of Nan Matol

The Kingdom was visited by a myriad of Matarami envoys. Iniki prefers independence.

ESI Ranking and Trade Values

Wealth Beyond the Dreams of Avarice

























Power Elite



















































Working Poor








The Underclass