Lords Nine, Turn 135

The New World

ZR 211

North America: 4 mc

Mercenary Captain Atreus {m885+13g}

Can be hired by New World players with Caribbean ports (other players must physically send a leader to him in order to hire him) Cannons plus tech 9 AQRs! 10g minimum bid.

The Timishian Confederation (X)

Couxi, Chief of the Timishian and Tlingit

Dipomacy: none

Kwakiutl assassins killed Couxi early in ZR 209. His lieutenant proved to be incompetent. The Twilight Kingdom managed to exterminate the upstart confederacy.

Twilight Kwakiutl

Gui-Madilbe, Twilight King of Kwakiutl

Diplomacy: Timishian(ea) Tlingit (ea)

Gui-Madilbe made his oldest son, Coxcox, heir. Coxcox was immediately sent to Timishian, along with Chief Smegle, to destroy the northern rebels. 26,500 Twilight Warriors attacked the 16,000 rebels. Brilliant scouting contributed to a victory for Coxcox. 5500 Kwakiutl warriors died to the 6500 for the rebels (and another 4000 in flight). The people of Timishian renewed their pledge of loyalty. Just in case they changed their minds, a 6000 man garrison was left behind. The Kwakiutl warriors then continued into Tlinglit, where they did battle with the remnant forces of the Confederation. 15000 warriors attacked the 5500 traitors and 3000 local troops. 1500 loyal soldiers died in battle while the rebels were destroyed entirely. The rebel leader was captured. Another garrison was left behind and the victorious generals returned home to celebrate. Strange ships were spotted off the coast of Tlinglit…

On the island of Nootka, Nanaimo expanded. Kwakiutl scholars have begun to study navigation. The university got a little bigger.


Bengkh Kingdom of San Fonkiso

Okwang II, King of Bengkalis, Guardian of the Strait

Diplomacy: Klamath (ne) Yoruk(ne)

Diplomatic missions failed. San Fonkiso grew to size 2. The army got a little bigger but Okwang chose not to exploit the weakness of his northern neighbor by invading while they were busy with their civil war. More ships were sent to trade with the Maori. Religious reformation came to an abrupt halt.

The Requela Kingdom

Chitaotin II, Keeper of the Tikal Codex

Diplomacy: Huastec(ne) Jonaz Pame(ne)

The people of Tepehuan no longer hate the Requelans. Chitaotin wanted his oldest son to join the government, but there are no available openings right now. Trade with the Maori continues to expand and the city of Tomatlan grew a little bigger. The wilderness regions of Jonaz Pame and Huastec refuse to give up their sovereignty, maybe money would help.

Like the other Caribbean countries, the Requela have chosen to ignore the tech 9 pirates.

Maori Empire of Mexico

Acimaco IV, Quetzal Emperor of Mexico

Diplomacy: none

The Maori have lapsed into a coma. Their neighbors continue to increase trade with them, making them richer in spite of their indolence.


Roanoke Russ

Rostov, Tsar of the Carribean

Diplomacy: none

The Roanoke were visited by Europeans.

South America no mercs

Solar Peru

Fyodor, Solar King of Peru

Diplomacy: Lipe(n) Tairona(t) Guanacane(c )

Diplomatic missions to hostile Lipe and Guanacane proved successful. Tairona, on the Caribbean Sea agreed to pay the Solar King protection money. Fyodor is such a good administrator that the Taironans didn’t even try to rebel. As soon as a port is built, trade with the Europeans will be possible.

Many cities were expanded. Cuzco, Guayamachu and Mocheva are size 10. Azow, Pari, Late, Ciew, Mocanov, Nazcal, Lima, Tiwanaku and Voronezh all got larger. More ships were sent to trade with the Solar Kingdom’s one trade partner, the Maori, including some warships to deter possible piracy.


Parana Astronomers

Adgalan, Scholar King of the Parana

Diplomacy: none

Adgalan continues to hold his far-flung empire together by the sheer force of his personality.