Turn One Hundred-Twenty-Five
1565 Anno Domini
Al Hajj 1026
525 Nian Huang
Zuni Reckoning 182

Next Turn's Orders Due by Friday, June 13th 1997


Goodbye to Thad Plate: After 123 1/2 turns and over 7 years, I have to call it quits. The GM's mantle will be passed on to Earl Solper who has played in this game since Jim DeGon started it late in 1989. I have confidence that Earl will run this game in a timely and fair manner well into the the Renaissance Era. So far Earl has made one drastic change that is drop the price to $2.
I appreciate all of your support over the years, running Lords 9 has been both a honor and a pleasure. Thad Plate.

However, you still must send Money to Thad Plate: Thad will be handling the finances for Lords 9 unless you send cash.

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Lords Nine Unit Conversion
Each point of cavalry and infantry represents 500 fighting men. A warship or transport point = 1 ship with 500 men aboard each ship. A siege point = 5 sieges towers or catapults or 500 sappers. An artillery point = 5 field pieces each supported by 100 men. A field fort point = 1 tower manned by 500 men each. A wall point = 10 feet of ramparts and about 500 guards. A siege artillery point = 1 mortar (boulders included).

Lords Nine Turn Costs
OldWorld NewWorld
Per Turn $2.00 $2.00
8x11 Mapset $3.00 $2.00
11x17 Mapset $6.00 $4.00

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Rules Used in Lords Nine
This campaign uses the 1994 5th Edition Rulebook and the 1994 Renaissance Expansion v1.4. Any other rules will be noted in this newsletter.

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Lords Eight: Neil Stokes. 1674 Juliet Avenue, St.Paul, MN 55105. (612)698-9270 or nstokes@iceworld.org Turn #14. Set at around 300 BC.
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Lords Twenty (eLords): This game is run strictly off the internet. Eddie Efsic at eddief6@ix.netcom.com. At turn 15

THE GLOBAL WAR (1532-1565)
Fatimid, Atarikalimid Imam, STIS, Alimid
Afghanistan, Huang, Anatolia

Later Huang Diverts Silk Road to Russia.
Benghazi Arabs complete their conquest of Italy.
Huang Chinese troops defeat Danes at Varshnask.
Druze begins their battles against Basra, Fatimids.
SUDANESE UPRISING. Atarikalimi Sudanese razid Sanhaja, Andalusian shorelines. Daran Sudanese and Fatimid armies topple the Benghazi regime.
Russians capture Moldavia
Afghan armies begin their conquest of Arabian Felix.
Around this time, the Afghan and Chinese Empires sign an alliance treaty. The Asian Prosperity Alliance would later inlcude the Japanese, the Russians and the Cambodians.
Danes raid Baltic Sea coast
Egyptian Spice Company (ESC) opens.
Ivory-Spear founds the Wiyali of Lubnan at Brana.
Afghan armies complete their conquest of Arabian Felix.
Fatimite Egypt convets to Atarikalami Islam
The Atarikalami High Priest, Khomeni XIV, calls a jihad against the Copts and Sunni Muslims.
Abyssinians attack Daran armies but are then repulsed near Cairo when they went after the Fatimites.
Jihadin begin their assault against the Abyssinians.
The East African Trading Coalition (STIS) begins its business.
Fatimite and Atarikalami navies raid Maghreb and Italian coasts.
Italian nationals revolt from the Arabs.
Benghazi navy destroyed by Atarikalamis.
Under pressure from constant raids, the Sanhaja Sharifat collapses.
Late 1520's and early 1530's
Fatimite navies slave raid Coptic Red Sea coast.
Local Depression is caused by a collapse of the Benghazi banking system.
Druze destroyed by Fatimites. Palmyra's population is enslaved and moved to Darfur.
Popular Uprising in Italy drives out the last of the Arabs.
Danish Kaiser linked to the Atarikalami Muslims.
Russians invade Pomerania, start of the GLOBAL WAR
Daran and Fatimite armies conquer Nubia and enslave the whole region.
Lombard pirates sack two Danish cities on the British Isles.
Chinese and Afghan armies conquer Sarkhagistan.
Afghan armies conquer much of Basran Persia.
Hurszians attack the Po Valley while the Populs drive the Lombards from Italy.
STIS and Atarikalamis shut down ESC offices in Egypt. Spice Company is split into two: Maghreb (SBM) and Arabian (SBA).
Russians defeat Dutch and occupy Holstein.
Danish armies counterattack, liberating Pomerania and pacifying Prussia.
Mbundu conquers Nia Nia from the Abyssinians.
The Global War escalates to become truly global: Afghan armies clash with Fatimites near Mecca. Afghan navy patrols the Red Sea. Chinese armies reinforce Russia.
Great unrest against the Afghan Empire in Persia and Arabia. Atarikalamite Yemen founded.
Danish counterattack destroyed, Russian occupy entire Baltic Coast and isolate Nydania.
Armenia attacks Lebanon.
Chinese navy sacks Parq'rh.
MILLENIUM JIHAD. Atarikalimites come out in force to fight the Chinese and Afghans.
Afghan Empire creates Baghdad satrapy.
Fatimite armies defeat Afghan and Chinese armies in Jordan (Azraq Ruins)
Ronin Cossacks conquer Nydania.
Dutch armies defeat Russians at Kassubia.
Danish lands troops in Ilmen and begin bombardment of Novgorod.
Popul force chase the Hurszians from Italy.
Culdi Church calls a Crusade against the Russians.
Chinese destroy the Sarkhagi remnant kingdom at Kohul.
Danes defeat Chinese & Russian army at Ilmen. Novgorod counter-bombards Danish battery.
China and Japan fall out. Japan switch sides.
Andalus enters war attacking Holland at Languedoc along with the independent Chinese navy.
Yoruban forces attack Andalus and capture Seville. The Andalus fall into civil war.
Mbundu defeats southern Abyssinian army and advance north. The Darans advance in the north of Abyssinia.
Cambodian garrison at Yemen wiped out by Fatimite Jihad.
Chinese conquer Japanese possession on the continent and keep the Japanese navy from unloading troops at Loyang.
Chagatai attack Danish at Ilmen and are destroyed.
Around this time, the Fatimite Jihad forces occupy Afghan Arabia.
Atarikalamid forces (the Basari) are repulsed at Abbis.
Arabian Spice Company (SBA) is destroyed by the Fatimites at Al Hadd.
Abyssinian King Zanditu II assassinated
After a civil war, the Andalus make peace with the Atarikalimites.
About this time the Danish Crusade attack the Baltic cities. Culdi and Orthodox Christianity are polarized.
A cease-fire is called between the Afghans and their Baghdad colony and the Fatimids.
Rogue Andal army destroyed by Italians and Dutch.
China defeats Japanese navy at Eching. Japanese army driven from Manchuria.
Danes quit passive siege; their assault against Novgorod fails.
Huang Western Navy destroyed by the Atarikalimite fleet.
Atarikalimite fleet raids the southern coast of Russia.
Russian and Chinese armies defeat Danes at Ilmen (Baketch) and clears them out. Ronin are wiped out.
Abyssinians evacuate the Amharan Plateau. They flee to the Afghan port of Mansura.
Chinese sinks the entire Japanese navy near Sarchou.
Danes and Russians effectively stop fighting.
Atarikalimite Fleet start raiding Anatolikon coast. The Greeks dragged into the war against the Imam.
Abyssinian refugees settle at Samarkhand and break direct Chinese communication with Russia.
Chinese navy bombard Tokyo.
Chinese conquer Korea from Japan.
A cease fire negotiated between the Dutch and Danes and the Russians. War resumes between the Afghans and the Atarikalimites.
Afghan Sultan and Vizier kidnapped by Atarikalimites. Afghan civil war begins. Alimite Dynasty takes India. Farucite Dynasty holds Afghanistan.
Chinese troops invade Japan and drive Japanese army inside Tokyo. Land bombardment begins.
Fatimid and Millenium Jihad forces defeat the Baghdad and Afghan armies. Baghdad colony falls.
Fatimid and Millenium Jihad forces defeat the Afghan cavalry force at Sanduk.
Tokyo's ramparts fall; enraged, the Japanese army defeats the Huang Chinese.
The Millenium Jihad ends.
Alimite Indians attack the Farucites at Mahmudabad but fail to capture the city.
Chinese depart Japanese waters and head for India. An effective cease fire takes place in the Far East.
Egyptian army attack the Farucite Afghans at Hahmar but are repulsed.
Weird shit happens that no one can explain. Hurszia is destroyed by extraterrestials. Ungodly beasts roam Russia.
Chinese navy arrives at Karachi and take harbor.
At this time, most historians agree that the First Global War ends.

(Play Doctor Who theme music and special effects...)


The Solar System
Mercs: 10ss

Ming the Merciless, Emperor of Mongo
"Hee Hee Haw. Earth has defied me before. This time, I'll bring one million space marines to crush them!"
Aboard 50 sister ships, 1,000,000 space marines armed with laser rifles and cybernetic power suits along with 5000 hawkmen, 15,000 rockmen, 24,000 spidermen, 2000 cybermen and 500 merc Daleks landed on Transylvania and commenced their invasion...

The Benevolent Bringers of Civilization From Vega-4
Uncle Martin, Level 30 Lensman, Expedition Leader of Assignment 2XR-12756¥
"Oh no! Not again. Mongo is back with the Sinister Alliance. I must call my father."
The Uncle activated his chronal beacon and within minutes a blue cabinet thundered in. On its top, written in a language not used in this dimension, 'Police Call Box". Out hopped a bombastic Bohemian with wild, curly hair. Just behind his dragging multi colored scarf was his pretty earth-woman companion with black hair.
"Martin! Good to see you. Care for a jelly baby?"
"No. Sugar makes my antenae twitch. We need your help. Earth is about to be invaded by hostile aliens."
"Just my specialty. Let's go."
Aboard Uncle Martin's warp ship: The Doctor, Martin, Sarah Jane and the TARDIS (just in case) left for Earth to stop the Mongonians from destroying Earth.


Western Europe
Mercs: 20mc, 20mi, 20mw, 5ma

Kristan, Kaiser of All Danes, Tsar of the Russias, Smiter of Winic Daemon Hordes, Defender of the Faith, Master of the North, Emperor of the Western Romans
DIPLOMACY: Uppland(ea) Iceland(ea)
The Danes completed the military conversion of the Baelerics. A ghost party haunted Stonehenge in 1565 on Halloween. People swore they saw the great heroes of bygone days amongst them playing darks on the menhirs. At dawn the spirits and faeiries vanished.
MAP: Zhyolti grew to 2 Gpv. Kelsonhavn was built in Saarema.

Wulfsmythe, Scion of St. Camber, Head Dom of the Culdi Council
CONSECRATION: Anglia(mn), Northumbria(mn), Mercia(ca), Bohemia(mn), Volhynia(ab)
Missionaries went to Iceland and the conversion plan worked. Dom Edwin passed away in 1565.

Hugo Charm, Hauptsächlich Kaufmann von Hansen
"Hey, Let's have a going out of business sale."

Gavin, King of Greater Rheinland, Lord of Batavia, Stadhouder of the Netherlands
Strange goings on were reported in Marseilles where in the underworld, there was a bakery that people entered but never returned. "That's how they spiced the bread", one patron said. Gavin announced that more money should come to Nederland. A money palace was built designed to be a magnet for all the world's currency. Religion strength dropped.
MAP: A royal road was completed from Munich to Vienna.

Walid III, Malik al Andalus
DIPLOMACY: Valencia(fa), Saragoza(t), Talavera(fa)
A notice was sent to the Andalusians from the Dreadlord of Yoruba: "Don't forget to turn over Murcia to complete our pact!"
MAP: Elcafe is 5 Gpv. El Malik is 2 Gpv. Medina Yulian became 5 Gpv.

Alberto Aldenti, President of the People's Republican Society of Italia
DIPLOMACY: SArdinia(a)
Francesco Tornabouli went to Verona and climbed the Big Rock Candy Mountain. He died of buzz in 1563. The old man of the Republic, Alberto Aldenti, became the new President.
MAP: In Verona, the port of Venizia was established.

Eastern Europe Mercs: 10mec, 10mei, 50mc, 10ma

"Our first target is Pethion, the city named by our sleeper agent!"
Bur Rodg and her great extraterrestial army laid waste upon the land. After making a compact with the Gypsies, the space marines laid waste and depopulated Carpathia, Slovakia, Alfold, Banat, Bakony, Podravina and Bosnia, depopulating all these with - with fire!
The space marines were about to go into Germany when they were stopped by a small hovering disk of light. The ship emitted a sound or vibration which caused the space marines exo-skeletons to bust. The whole army had to be teleported back onto their mother ships. The auxillieries broke and ran. The Cybermen choked on gold dust. The Daleks kept falling over the stairs.
Uncle Martin's antennae were up. He spoke first, "All the monsters are gone."
Sarah Jane, "Then the Earth is safe."
"Don't be too sure", K9's voice piped through the speaker, "The tracker reports that Mongo's Planet Destroyer has just powered up."
"Oh no!"
"Back to the ship."
MAP: Carpathia, Slovakia, Bakony, Alfold, Podravina, Bosnia & Banat have been depopulated. Podravina and Alfold reverted to steppe. The cities of Pethion and Paks have been completely wiped out. Dalmatia, Epirus, Ludgorie and Temesvar have become neutral. Bulgaria joined Anatolikon. Carniola and Illyria joined Italy.

Sonya, Czarina of Great Russia, Empress of the East
DIPLOMACY: Jan Bek's troops (f), Yaroslav(fa), Pelym(c), Kama Bolgar(nt), Courland(nt)
General Oleg escorted the Chinese garrison out of Russia by way of Khazaria to assist in the Chinese securement of the Silk Road. The home garrison wasn't busy for the Danes have rested their guns. So the Kremlin had to be subjected to the lousy Cossack dances of the Damxu. They would drink lots of v odka, fall off their horses, stick a leg out and plop on the ground all to the sound of off beat clapping.
The countryside was a little more interesting. Somehow the plant and animal life began to resemble the early Cretaceous. Huge herds of Nodosaurs and Igaunadons grazed on the grassy fields of the steppe. Stegoceras made loud noises in the forests, banging their heads into each other. Neon-Green Protoceratops invaded the farms much to the chagrin of the peasants. Pterodactyls flew through the air. In 1565, Sonya was presented with a gift of a black stone. She didn't like it so she smashed it with a hammer.

Basil III, Metropolitan of Vitbesk, Patriarch of the Third Rome
These ungodly creatures bothered the Orthodox Church.
"They are of the devil. They must burn."
The Russian Czarina didn't seem to agree.

Damxü, Ataman of the Layerug Host
They stuck tar to the hooves of their horses. The tribesmen decided they would show off their Cossack folk dancing but they couldn't do it right. They kept falling even when they were not drunk.

Herakles, King of Rumania
DIPLOMACY: Macedon(ne), Rhodes(c), Malta(ne)
The Maltese ally donned black hats and woman's jewelry and began to pirate the Bay of Tunis, looking for Sudanese and Egyptian ships to plunder. They shut down a few ships but the rest figured it best to avoid the Bay of Tunis and use the Straits of Messina and Bonifaco and the Gulf of Lyons to avoid these Maltese blackjack bums.
MAP: Ephesus grew to 7 Gpv.

Acacis, Shah of Armenia
DIPLOMACY: Psidia(a)
The Armenian forces guarded their mountain passes and cleared the insects from Azerbaijan.
MAP: The city of Konya was built in Psidia. Abydos grew to 4 Gpv.


Al Mahgrab
Mercs: 10mi

Achmed, Sultan of the North, Ruler of As Siqilli
Achmed was wounded by Black Muslim terrorists in 1563. He wouldn't have done anything interesting anyway. The restless population rioted in the African coastal provinces.

West Africa Mercs: 20mi, 20mc, 10ma

Rucat, Sword of Islam
The Umma leaders were told to use government funds to build offices and warehouses for the East African Trading Coalition. They all griped and groaned and squirreled away some of the money for themselves. A few of these corporate welfare buildings did get built. Factors in Cheysuk, Dakar, Earp and Baughazwil and branch offices in Timbuctu and Maza. Just because they're wildernesses still the regions of Zerma and Garou were ejected from the Umma. They joined the other many regions that wanted to join the Umma but can't (Marampa, Senufo, Asante and Kurfei). Off the coast of Arguin around Awwal ad Dahab, a ship full of divers was anchored for awhile. When a traffic cop rowed over to hand them a parking ticket, the ship pulled up their anchor and sailed away.
MAP: Awwal ad Dahab, Terfaya became 2 Gpv cities. Gotheye is 3 Gpv. Keni-Eba, Ifni and Saf Oujda are now 5 Gpv. Oran and Parq'rh are 6 Gpv. Ilorin got to 7 Gpv. Baughazwil is now 8 Gpv. Segu became cultivated. Boure was colonized to (2/5) and Susu to (2/4).

Azucentia II, Sultana of Ngazargumu, Magajiya of Daura
The Vegan disk flew south over the Sahara to avoid detection but that plan didn't work for in a darkened room full of vid screens, a black cowled, robed figure murmured, "No! Those interlopers must not interfere."
The mysterious monk pressed a sequence of buttons. Within seconds a pulse of tidal energy disrupted the Vegan disk forcing it to careen back to the Earth and crashland in the Jos Plateau Wildland (Ikego). Zebra riding Himraqat rangers rode up to the crash site and recovered the Dane looking passengers including a funky man dressed in a long coat and many hued scarf. And he could speak the language.
"Care for a jelly baby?"
"Cannibal. Kill him!"
"Wait! This is a royal matter. Take him to the Sultana."
At the great garden capital of Mandara, the Doctor, Martin and Sarah Jane Smith were herded into the Sultana's audience room. An old, greying queen bedecked in many brilliant and colorful gemstones and dyed linen regarded the strange crew.
"They claim to be here to save the Earth from the strange nation of 'Munju'"
"The sufi talked of such things. These are ones described in the Ath Thaddin Codex." To the Doctor, "And you are called, 'The Doctor'?"
"And you are the insect-man called 'Mawteen'?"
"And you are the 'One Who Shreiks'?"
"No!" ~Whack~, "EEEEEEE!!! Uh, yeah"
"Take them to Mbundu. I don't want to see them ever again."
They were thrown into drum like wicker baskets and were carted further south into the land of savage Afro-Pagans.
MAP: The road from Sitona to Warra through Quada to Salamat was finished. Also the unfinished part from Sokoro to Kreda. Ngoko and Makurra were colonized to 2 Gpv each. Salamat had a road stop called Rana. Sokoro's new city is Altar.

Ayatollah Khomeni XVI, Protector of the True Children of Islam, Guardian of the Shining Path, Imam
CONSECRATION: Baughazwil(mn), Cheysuk(ca)
Yxysh III checked up on the Tekruri regions building mosques and colonizing uninhabited areas. Some scribes were sent to do Allah's work in Cairo.

Kabunga II, Pantrap of Mbundu, Lord of the Fell Gates of Khatovar, The Last True Afro-Pagan on Earth
DIPLOMACY: Barotse(ea), Lunda(f)
Some boxes arrived from Himrad with the red ramhead seal posted on them. Couriers took these directly to the Steward of the Gentle Pantrap of the Savage Empire, Worworitunagasfingou-Dambab. In a daze, the Doctor, Uncle Martin and Sarah Jane were pried out of their baggage.
"Pardon your travel accomdations", said the steward, "This operation had to be conducted in the utmost secrecy. This is a black budget item that even our Pantrap is unaware of. My father and my father's father up to the original Steward, Fred. We were in charge of a secret project of great importance."
The grass-skirted, bone armored Steward led them down a hall in a cave that ended at a great door. The Steward removed a plastic card from his medicine pouch. The steel door slid open. They entered into an empty chamber and the iron door slammed shut. A green fog was sprayed upon everyone. When that was done, the far-side steel door opened to a 20th century looking laboratory lit by electric florescent lamps. Men in white lab coast with high tech tools looked up from their work to wittness the strange visitors.
"Come, I'll take you to the hangar."
Down a half mile hallway, the four went to a vast warehouse with sliding doors to the top. There were 13 saucer shaped metal ships.
"We know how they work. We just don't have any philosopher's stones."
Uncle Martin piped in, "I've got one. Let's ride."
Accompanied by 20 Mbundu secret space soldiers, the Doctor, Uncle Martin and Sarah Jane plus a TARDIS wrapped in burlap entered the ship. Uncle Martin revealed a shiny red-metal nugget which he slipped through a hatch saying 'ELEMENT 106" and all the ships lights went on. The ceiling doors opened and the Mbundu UFO flew through the night sky to the North East.

East Africa Mercs: 20mi, 20mc

Sa'ud and his family dismissed many of their followers and became ivory merchants.

11,000 Fatimid cavalry, 15,000 infantry from Egypt, 125 artillery and 16 mortars invaded Danakil and besieged Aseb. Once Aseb fell the Copts lost power. Zeila and Berbera became neutral.

Kalif-Sied, Chief Executive of the East African Trading Company
CAPITALIZATION: Cheysuk(mf), Dakar(mf), Earp(mf), Maza(bo), Timbuctu(bo), Lagos(bo), Bouma(bo)
A great, big loan (or gift) was passed on to Mbundu. Something fishy is going on.

Al Haidi, Maliqa al-Arabiya, Lady Caliph of the Ba'athist Muslims, Keeper of the Martian Secrets
DIPLOMACY: Yemen(fa)
Rumors flew about the fate of the Ghaznavids. A civil war had caused the great Sunni power to collapse. And an even better story came from the far east - it seems that Allah's wrath had descended on Huang China itself. A pestilence of locusts, rats, snakes and weird, wild beasts came out of the wilderness and destroyed that wicked empire. The Jihadin in Dulyam rejoiced, packed up their kit bags and went home. The rest: Generals Wufill and Difram, 142,500 cavalry, 29,500 infantry, 390 catapults, 20 siege artillery and 250 guns rolled into Hahmar with high spirits. The apostates had been busy that time. Their carpenters had worked overtime to massively fortify Hahmar with an unprecedented 225 field forts. There were so many that not all of them were fully effective in battle. Many of them served to keep the catapults busy. These forts, towers, traps and berns helped to cover the movement of 89,500 elite dragoons, 36,000 regular horse-archers, 10,000 condotteiri knights and 10,000 merc skirmishers. For all the firepower of the Fatimids, their leadership and their morale, the Afghan forts in Hahmra caused a stalemate. Difram and Wufill reformed their 116,500 riders and 250 guns to try it again but the result was more bloodshed. The 139 forts and 89,500 elite cavalry kept them out. Those survivors, both generals and 55,000 cavalry, 150 guns, withdrew to Iraq.
The naval manuever to Socotra was mostly successful. Socotrabad was sacked by an expedition of 4 warships, 10 transports and 11,000 infantry but the garrison left behind was murdered by the angry populace. The raids against the Alimid ports of Somanatha, Kayal and Puntin had no effect. With Socotra hostile to ships took port at Ltif. Princess Ruaia and the southern task force destroyed the walls of Aseb and toppled their Coptic state. Danakil was militarily converted to the one true faith.


Southwest Asia
Mercs: 20mi, 20mc, 20mw

There wasn't any money to support the government. The Chinese troops conquered the land of Itiopya and hauled its university back to Loyang.

Hugharin ad Dawla Sinjar IV, Sultan of Afghanistan
Sinjar IV and his general staff joined Etlif in time to participate in the Hahmar battles. A mass conscription was pulled off and the garrison in Hormuz recalled in order to get the manpower needed to build all those towers. It rained ping pong balls in Seistan. Those round things were a menace to livestock herders.

Al Alim, 'The Learned', Imbaratur al Hindustan
50,000 cavalry rode from Sind north tgo Multan and attempted to take Mahmudabad by force. The Afghans had granted the Indians free passage but not permission to enter castle. Angry, the Learned ordered an assault but that failed big time. After some hurling invectives, the Alimid cavlary returned to Sukkur to grumble about rebellions and the Mustard Boys. Those stories about baby eating Atarikalimites was inaccurate. It refers that that white skinned guy with the floppy clothes. A great Chinese fleet ported at Karachi looking disappointed.

Sujisain, 10th Host of the Oceanic Buddha, Queen of the Mystic Arts, Incarnation of Pan-Dan Lha-Mo
DIPLOMACY: Daghtse Tsho(fa), Lanchou(nt)
Inside the great Tibetan massif, miles underneath the surface dwelt a race of subterranean blue people. The Doctor's black budget Mbundu flying sacuer flew in a hole maintained by Yeti at the edge of the Himalayas. The blue people agreed to help. In 1565, a fleet of saucers flew over Tibet and then headed into outer space.
MAP: Tibet to (2/10). Bhutan to (2/3).

Funan Mercs: 20mi, 20mw

Indravarman II, God-Emperor of the Sian Kambujadesa, Grand Abbot of Lopan
Redon, Chief Monk of the Golden Palace, Premier of the Earth
Trade was cut with the Africans.
MAP: Hmong=(2/7). Johor=(2/5). Kedah=(2/5). Kwa=(2/4). Preikuk=(2/6). Pa is 14 Gpv. Tahoi is at 10 Gpv. Vijaya is now 10 Gpv.

Hurabhattangisanavarman, King Neptune of the Matay, Lord of Java, Chief of Celebes
Everyone was killed in Yampi and the land was colonized by Therevadas to (1/6).
MAP: Sapalut and Tanjung each gres to 3 Gpv. Acehtong is now 4 Gpv. Lampung converted to Therevada Buddhist.

China and Japan Mercs: 20mei, 20mec, 10mea

Janron, Emperor of the North
The Kulus left the horde alliance.

The All Powerful and Celestial Lord, Huang In-Do, Son of Heaven, Giver of Life, Protector of the Golden Path, Guardian of the Immortal Gate, Father of the Han, First Groundbreaker of the Bountiful Land, Wizard of the Nine Suns, Master of Matter, Agent Double O Soul, Gatherer of Clouds, Earth-Shaker, Sky-Smasher, Power of the Cosmic Mojo, Grand Dragon Extraordinaire, Most Likely to Succeed, Mystic Fiber of All Nature, Mister Know-It-All,Yellow Emperor of the Middle Kingdom, Ruler of the Entire World
A great navy of 416 elite warships, 600 warships with 100 siege artillery, 500 regular artillery, 87,500 infantry aboard departed China to the sultry southwest. They ported at the Indian capital of Karachi. No Alimid admirals showed up to guide the navy to Africa. Dasun tendered his resignation. Ma Chang wanted to take the navy back home before Japan got some ambitious ideas. Some spies were caught in Loyang. They were Tibetans trying to steal technology. Some aliens barged in at that time and demanded free mints. Many coins were shipped to Afghanistan. An army of 124,000 overran Coptic Itiopya (formerly Soghdia) and pacified the place. The trade route to Russia was made safe once more.

Tenno Tamo, 93rd Emperor of Nihon, Divine Son of Amaterasu
DIPLOMACY: Hokkaido(a)
The Japanese fortified their land to keep Godzilla away. The prayers to the Shinto gods were answered. The Chinese ships (those that survived the typhoon) no longer clogged the coastline waters. They departed for good.
CITY: Kwanto grew to 14 Gpv.

Iniki IV, First Chosen of Nan Matol, King of Ponape , Keeper of the Mystery Blocks
Everyone waited for young Iniki to become mature.


South America
Mercs: none

Adgalan, Chief Astronomer of the Parana
DIPLOMACY: Itacare(f), Kitpek(ne), Chaco(ne), Huarpe(f), Camacan(a)
MAP: They built a postal road from Kaingan to Terena.

His Solar Highness, Tapiuz, King of Peru, Lord of the Earthen Lines
"Hey Rocky, I think he see something."
"It's a lost city. We can find treasure."
"Here's the way in."
Bullwinkle lifted the caprock. A lion's head appeared and roared. Bullwinkle placed the caprock back.
"Maybe I can be of assistance."
Peabody whipped out a spray can onto the rock. A huge explosion followed. Rocky, Bullwinkle and Peabody became jet black and ragged.

North America Mercs: 10mc

Rostov, Kynaz of the Roanoke Russ, Chief of Jamaica
Hurricane Chito was especially nasty and it caused the Bermuda Triangle power crystals to wobble. A yellow fog covered all the islands for a day. Some fool people who dared go outdoors were never seen again.

Acimaco IV, Ariki-a-Maaori, Beloved of Tangoroa, Quetzal Emperor of Mexico
MAP: Bilafiza grew to 5 Gpv as did Maja and Bawaki. Te Aroha was now 4 Gpv. Magobiki became 3 Gpv.

Chitaotin, King of the Requel, Keeper of the Tikal Codex
DIPLOMACY: Tamaulipec(fa), Huastec(ea)
Paqua and his mounted warriors rooted out the cliff dwellers of Tepehuan and made them pay tribute.
MAP: Tomatlan is now 2 Gpv.

Okwang, King of Bengkalis, Guardian of the Straits
DIPLOMACY: Yurok(nt), Serrano(fa), Chumash(a)
The Bengkh had a good turn.
MAP: Pomo is cultivated. Bengkal grew to 7 Gpv.

Madilbe, Twilight King of the Kwakiutl
Madilbe entered a cave and stayed there for years while his subjects wondered in fear.

** More OUTER SPACE **

Wild Black Yonder
Mercs: 10ss

Flash Gordon, Savior of the Planet, Sexiest Man of the Stars
The UFO fleet challenged Ming's imperial cruisers. They clustered around the Planet Destroyer and bombed it. The Doctor and his lovely companion stole out to stir up trouble. They found a rebel named Flash Gordon who was happy to foment rebellion. Soon with the help of all sorts of people, the rebels defeated Ming and the Mongo War Machine was shut down. Flash was declared a hero. The Doctor and Sarah Jane entered their TARDIS and left. Uncle Martin continued to track the progress of the Reptoid Mother Ship following Comet Hale-Bopp.

In the shadows, a cowled figure started chuckling. "It's not over yet. The seeds of destruction have just been sown. Soon time will be mine... Heh, Heh, Heh...." The monk entered what looked like a broom cabinet and the cabinet vanished in a thundering grumble.

(Play Doctor Who end theme music and special effects. Roll the credits)

The Doctor - Tom Baker
Sarah Jane Smith - Elisabeth Sladen
(voice of) K9 -John Leeson
Uncle Martin - Ray Walston
Ming the Merciless -Yul Brenner
Flash Gordon - Harrison Ford
Bur Rodg - Glen Close
Queen Azucentia II - Nichelle Nichols
Black Budget Steward - Michael Dorn
Rocky - a bird in a grey squirrel outfit
Bullwinkle - some moose
Peabody - Snoopy (with glasses)
The Meddling Monk - Thad Plate

The MSI Rankings List

Rk Country MSI ITV Player Phone # eMail Address
1 Huang China 1168 135 Jonathan White 602-894-5311
2 Fatimid Caliphate 567 51 Imam Puppet arizona
3 Sian Kambujadesa 567 80 Scott Hagen 602-756-0104 scott.hagen@alliedsignal.com
4 Umma 462 91 James Kramer III arizona
5 Netherlands 443 56 Logan Vanderlinden 512-479-7692 loganv@concentric.net
6 Alimid 394 59 Jack Wagner 602-242-4794 jacko@goodnet.com
7 Japanese 380 42 Charles Hurst 503-653-1178 charlesh@teleport.com
8 Himrad 352 41 Heidi Zoltz 602-935-7006
9 Mataram 350 37 Barnacle Bill new mexico barnacle1@juno.com
10 Danish Empire 330 38 George Shrake 602-894-1384 shrake@imap1.asu.edu
11 Rosska Empire 323 38 Jamie Goodwin arizona trillian@imap1.asu.edu
12 Afghanistan 314 47 Dan Agle arizona dagle@icgconsulting.com
13 Imam of Parq'rh 293 7 open for a player
14 Armenia 271 21 Dennis Doubek 602-820-4313 doubek@soho.ios.com
15 STIS 189 64 Craig Bartels 602-677-6886 axcrb@asuvm.inre.asu.edu
16 Mbundu 166 27 Lance Solper 602-921-3716 lancesol@imap2.asu.edu
17 Rokkid Andalus 151 14 Andre Kieren 410-203-0652 akieren@apexgrp.com
18 Anatolikon 151 12 Mark Newman 602-878-9359
19 Solar Peru 139 19 Ted Kaminski 608-253-9231
20 Maori Arikate 134 22 Tom Jordan washington
21 Dalai Lama in Tibet 113 7 Ken McGee 360-687-0421 keng@pacifier.com
22 Popular Italy 106 16 Warren Bruhn 503-623-1001
23 Culdi Council 97 3 John Carter virgina
24 Ponape 96 22 Tom Hudspeth england
25 Shmalid 84 10 Ed Peterman california
26 Requela 69 10 Dave Welches 602-498-0922pgr cibonyqqqq@aol.com
27 Parana Stargazers 62 8 Stephen Nobles 602-435-2258 imperi@goodnet.com
28 Sanlin Horde 59 0 Sean Byrne 602-431-8660 seanb@clh.com
29 Twilight Kwakiutl 58 7 Thad Plate 602-952-8929 plate@inficad.com
30 Bengkh 52 6 Mike Overstreet 602-969-8840 spiketeo@aol.com
Medium Sized
31 Hanseatic League 45 20 Ryan Kilkline arizona
32 Roanoke Russ 44 8 Roger Truitt 360-698-6933 elteecat@worldfront.com
33 Damxu Horde 42 0 Aerin Rosenberg 602-894-6386 hunter@primenet.com
34 EO Patriarch 19 0 Darin Byrne 602-431-8660 darinb@clh.com

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