Turn One Hundred-Twenty
1550 Anno Domini
Al Hajj 1010
510 Nian Huang
Zuni Reckoning 166

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Lords Nine Unit Conversion
Each point of cavalry and infantry represents 500 fighting men. A warship or transport point = 1 ship with 500 men aboard each ship. A siege point = 5 sieges towers or catapults or 500 sappers. An artillery point = 5 field pieces each supported by 100 men. A field fort point = 1 tower manned by 500 men each. A wall point = 10 feet of ramparts and about 500 guards. A siege artillery point = 1 mortar (boulders included).

Lords Nine Turn Costs
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Rules Used in Lords Nine
This campaign uses the 1994 5th Edition Rulebook and the 1994 Renaissance Expansion v1.4. Any other rules will be noted in this newsletter.

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Lords Nine:
Turn 120. Open: SBM, Lubnan, Andalus Civil War,
Lords Ten: Turn 79. Open: Nishapur, Mapuche, Porto Edoaro
Lords Eleven: Turn 39. Open: Magadan, Jantayuga
Lords Twelve: 1000 AD historical start. Will start well into 1997.
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Fatimid, Atarikalimid Imam, Denmark, Dutec, Japan, Umma, Culdis, Popul Italy, Himrad, Mbundu, STIS, Basar, Lubnan
Ghaznavid, Huang, Russia, Siam, Andalus, Hurszia, Abyssinia, SBA, Armenia, Baghdad, Ronin, Chagatai
Neutral: Hansa, Anatolikon, Shmalid, Mataram, Tibet, Ponape, the entire New World

Later Huang Diverts Silk Road to Russia.
Benghazi Arabs complete their conquest of Italy.
Huang Chinese troops defeat Danes at Varshnask.
Druze begins their battles against Basra, Fatimids.
SUDANESE UPRISING. Atarikalimi Sudanese razid Sanhaja, Andalusian shorelines. Daran Sudanese and Fatimid armies topple the Benghazi regime.
Russians capture Moldavia
Afghan armies begin their conquest of Arabian Felix.
Around this time, the Afghan and Chinese Empires sign an alliance treaty. The Asian Prosperity Alliance would later inlcude the Japanese, the Russians and the Cambodians.
Danes raid Baltic Sea coast
Egyptian Spice Company (ESC) opens.
Ivory-Spear founds the Wiyali of Lubnan at Brana.
Afghan armies complete their conquest of Arabian Felix.
Fatimite Egypt convets to Atarikalami Islam
The Atarikalami High Priest, Khomeni XIV, calls a jihad against the Copts and Sunni Muslims.
Abyssinians attack Daran armies but are then repulsed near Cairo when they went after the Fatimites.
Jihadin begin their assault against the Abyssinians.
The East African Trading Coalition (STIS) begins its business.
Fatimite and Atarikalami navies raid Maghreb and Italian coasts.
Italian nationals revolt from the Arabs.
Benghazi navy destroyed by Atarikalamis.
Under pressure from constant raids, the Sanhaja Sharifat collapses.
Late 1520's and early 1530's
Fatimite navies slave raid Coptic Red Sea coast.
Local Depression is caused by a collapse of the Benghazi banking system.
Druze destroyed by Fatimites. Palmyra's population is enslaved and moved to Darfur.
Popular Uprising in Italy drives out the last of the Arabs.
Danish Kaiser linked to the Atarikalami Muslims.
Russians invade Pomerania, start of the GLOBAL WAR
Daran and Fatimite armies conquer Nubia and enslave the whole region.
Lombard pirates sack two Danish cities on the British Isles.
Chinese and Afghan armies conquer Sarkhagistan.
Afghan armies conquer much of Basran Persia.
Hurszians attack the Po Valley while the Populs drive the Lombards from Italy.
STIS and Atarikalamis shut down ESC offices in Egypt. Spice Company is split into two: Maghreb (SBM) and Arabian (SBA).
Russians defeat Dutch and occupy Holstein.
Danish armies counterattack, liberating Pomerania and pacifying Prussia.
Mbundu conquers Nia Nia from the Abyssinians.
The Global War escalates to become truly global: Afghan armies clash with Fatimites near Mecca. Afghan navy patrols the Red Sea. Chinese armies reinforce Russia.
Great unrest against the Afghan Empire in Persia and Arabia. Atarikalamite Yemen founded.
Danish counterattack destroyed, Russian occupy entire Baltic Coast and isolate Nydania.
Armenia attacks Lebanon.
Chinese navy sacks Parq'rh.
MILLENIUM JIHAD. Atarikalimites come out in force to fight the Chinese and Afghans.
Afghan Empire creates Baghdad satrapy.
Fatimite armies defeat Afghan and Chinese armies in Jordan (Azraq Ruins)
Ronin Cossacks conquer Nydania.
Dutch armies defeat Russians at Kassubia.
Danish lands troops in Ilmen and begin bombardment of Novgorod.
Popul force chase the Hurszians from Italy.
Culdi Church calls a Crusade against the Russians.
Chinese destroy the Sarkhagi remnant kingdom at Kohul.
Danes defeat Chinese & Russian army at Ilmen. Novgorod counter-bombards Danish battery.
China and Japan fall out. Japan switch sides.
Andalus enters war attacking Holland at Languedoc along with the independent Chinese navy.
Yoruban forces attack Andalusia and capture Seville. The Andalus fall into civil war.
Mbundu defeats southern Abyssinian army and advance north. The Darans advance in the north of Abyssinia.
Cambodian garrison at Yemen wiped out by Fatimite Jihad.
Chinese conquer Japanese possession on the continent and keep the Japanese navy from unloading troops at Loyang.
Chagatai attack Danish at Ilmen and are destroyed.
Around this time, the Fatimite Jihad forces occupy Afghan Arabia.
Atarikalamid forces (the Basari) are repulsed at Abbis.
Arabian Spice Company (SBA) is destroyed by the Fatimites at Al Hadd.
Novgorod defies the Danes still.


Western Europe Mercs: 20mc, 20mi, 30mw

Kristan, Kaiser of All Danes, Emperor of the West
With a secure foothold in Russia, the Danish army dug in and built heavy fortifications using wood from some of their transports that were useless along the shores of Lake Ilmen. The siege of Novgorod would continue as before. The defenders had gained new spirit. They repaired their 150 point ramparts even with the ongoing barrage and within the sounds of foundries could be heard day and night. Stenkil Haraldsen and his navy (110 elite galleons and 200 cargo ships) found that he could not leave Lake Ilmen for the Russians had filled in the Ilmen Canal (which connected Lake Ilmen to Lake Lagoda) with dirt; they were stuck. But it was all right. In July 1547, a combined Russian-Chinese army attacked the Danes. There were 165,000 Russian hussars and 150,000 imperial Chinese knights. The 195,000 Danknechts were reinforced by about 100 strong field forts plus 250 artillery pieces. The Russians and Chinese were ambushed, surrounded and routed. Not one survived the fight. Only 15,500 Danes were slain mostly from being trampled by their overanxious fellows. Soon after, mortars appeared atop Novgorod's walls and the bombarding battery began to be blasted themselves. After a few months of bombardment and counter bombardment, it looked as though the Russians had the best of the Danes. The cavalry force set up a perimeter beyond the trajectory range (as did the navy in Lake Ilmen) to contineud their passive siege.
At the beginning of 1548, the Admiralty noticed a lack of Russian troops in Russia. The Dutch had ransacked Courland and were uncontested. So Chancellor Glide equipped and outfitted ships to carry the zealots and some cannons to the Baltic Coast. But because the navy was isolated in Lake Ilmen, they would not go. The victorious Ilmen army was ordered to exact tribute from Veposkava and Kirivich. To further isolate Novgorod and strengthen Danish presence in Russia. This was done easily and Olof Batilnorg returned to Ilmen to protect Leif's dwindling siege artillery and man the field forts. During the next few years, there had been only one incident to disturb the Danish stronghold. In April 1549, 60,000 Mongoloid barbarians bribed by the Russian Queen attacked Batilnorg in Ilmen. Batilnorg got those nomads trapped in a muddy swamp where they were shot down by hidden shotguns. The Danes were barely dented in the inconvienence losing about 3000 from Will-O-of-the-Wisp inhalation.
After a lifetime of suffering King Kelson's last years were filled nothing but military success. Kelson died in 1550 and was succeeded by his grandson Kristan. The Danes sent biscuits (and lots of them, with sugar on top) to the Sudanese Umma.

Edwin, Scion of St. Camber, Head Dom of the Culdi Council
Edwin accompanied the Danish army at Ilmen and founded an abbey there to help bless the troops. The Danish presence in Veposkava and Yaroslav was so shaky that head dom Edwin was unable to set up abbeys. An abbey was also founded at Gormhavn, a cathedral was built at Agder. Monasteries were cannonized at Stavanger and Oslo.

Hugo Charm, Hauptsächlich Kaufmann von Hansen
Hugo couldn't do much business with all the fighting going on.

Robert, King of Greater Rheinland, Lord of Batavia, Stadhouder of the Netherlands
The ailing Robert felt fit enough for one more campaign. He accompanied General Van Rosen with 170,500 knights, 33,000 elite cavaliers and 165 cannons to guard the East from the Ronin. The Ronin did show up but it was not what they expected. 86,500 samurai rode up to Thuringia. They were eerily docile and after some stubborness agreed to leave the country peacefully. It was a rather nice episode in an otherwise brutal war.
Back to Brutality: Crown Prince Willhelm with 81,000 knights and 250 elite artilleryh attacked Courland, Daugava and looted and plundered each of those regions. Daugava had about 40 towers which slowed things up a littel. There was nothing in Courland to steal. The cities were left alone, unwalled as they were. In 1549, they rode through Kirivich to assist the Danes in Ilmen. To the south, the Moors suddenly got a wild hair, 149,000 dragoons, 25,000 engineers, 17,500 infantry, 20,000 Moroccan mercenaries, 29,000 Chinese seasoned veterans and 4 dragonfire machines stormed over the eastern Pyrannies and occupied Languedoc. Sigmund van Delf rushed to Rotterdam with 9000 infantry and chose to assault. Sigmund's bad leadership caused Rotterdam to be reduced. The general was killed. The Moors didn't do much after that - probably because the Hypernotian Blacks had just captured Sevilla. Swabia became cultivated.

Mohammad ibn Rokk, Malik al Andalus
"I, Mohammad ibn Rokk, have kept quiet for many years on the encroachment of the heretical Black Muslim. I must now make a stand for recent events have shown that the intentions of the Imamnate is the erradication of the True Path that all Sunni follow. I know call upon all Sunni and our Shite brothers to rise up in defense of our faith from those misguided followers of the Ayatollah. I do not call for the destruction of the Black Muslims, but the ceasation of their expansion into areas that have already heard and follow the Prophet's message. We are pleased that the Prophet's word has been spread through parts of Africa, but the Ayatollah has not kept up with his mission of bringing the Allah to the infidels. Allahu Akbah & Viya con Allah."
The call for Jihad didn't go over well. Everyone thought that Dutch were their friends and a far graver threat existed in Africa. Mohammad proceeded anyway with his plan. His troops led by the vizier Ibn Tawafi and Abd-al-Allah marched along the Med coast to Catalonia. They were joined by the Huang Western Navy who had a few marines to spare. In exchange 150 warships were lent to them. It was a shaky alliance for the foreigners from the east were distrustful of any Muslim. This was understandable, any who have had dealings with the Atarikalimids must be wary. In AH 1008, the troops crossed into Languedoc and occupied the land. Rotterdam was assaulted. There were defenders but they all died. Both Ibn Tawafi and Abd-al-Allah were hurt in the rush and refused to go any further. At about the same time, 474 Atarikalimid galleys from the frozen frigid wastes of the Northwest Isles stormed Sevilla. They captured the captured and the Alhambra then secured the countryside of Andalusia (dispatching 20 castles). The citadel of Cadiz just down the coast was invested and destroyed in an active siege. Mohommad and some of his entourage fled to Cordoba but he and his government suffered credibility (and was no longer as effective). Catalonia, Murcia, Talavera and Valencia became independent. The army that could have stopped these devils mutineed. Abd-al Allah and Ibn Tawafi have declared war on the Rokkids. The Rokkids retain possession of Granada, Jaen, Extremadura, Algarve, Portugal, Leon, Granada, Asturias, Castille and Aragon. Morocco had been lost to the Millenium Jihad.

Abd-al-Allah, Malik al Andalus
The army have declared Abd-al-Allah to be the true Emir. The General has promised to liberate his homeland from the Black Muslims and the Rokkids. The 149,000 cavalry, 12,500 siege and 150 warships occupy Languedoc and Rotterdam.

Bo-Ro 'Run Away', Marshal of the Ocean Sea
The Navy left the Canaries and found a friendly port at Cordoba (for now, at least). They lent their troops to the Emir and got to play with most of his navy. They assisted the Andalus invasion of Rheinland by blockading Rotterdam. Bo Ro was also wounded in the assault and sat out 1550 to heal.

Francesco Tornabuoni, President of the People's Republican Society of Italia
The Populs wanted the condottieri but were outbid by the Moors. Italy remained unmolested by the Dracule horde though and it was OK. Bernkluk died in 1550 and his followers have dispersed.

Eastern Europe Mercs: 40mc, 10mi, 10ma

Gaspar III, King of Hurszia, Grand Zhupan of Pethion
The Hurszian Kingdom was safe from Communist takeover - at least for now.

Sonya, Czarina of Great Russia, Empress of the East
DIPLOMACY: Dobruja(ne), Vladimir(ne)
To assist the Russian cause against the evil Danes, both the Chinese and Afghan banks sent gold shipments to the Kremlin. The Chinese delivery was hijacked by masked hunters in Kama Bolgar. The treasure room was all the less for it. Money was doled out to the Anatolians and the Chagatai and to the mercenaires. The mercs were hired at Starayarussa and they guarded Kirivich after calling up a mass conscription. The chancellor Gurin Svantoski with 165,000 dragoons along with Cathay general Da Ben with 150,000 cavalry marched from Vitebesk in 1547 right into a trap. They all died except for Svantoski but he was injured. Novgorod proudly defied the Danes and counter bombarded the Danish battery. Up to 1550, the Danes to lost half their siege artillery while the Russian still had most of theirs. The ramparts of Novgorod are now 90 feet tall.
Everything else didn't go all that well. In Nydania, Vladi was told by the Ronin to 'get lost' for he did not want the Russians to spoil his plans to fool the Dutch (Beside, the Russians didn't pay their way into the Ronin's plans). From 1547, a party of 13.000 Danish elite dragoons terrorized the countryside of Veposkava, Yaroslav and Kotlas. They did little damage but rattle people's nerves until late in 1548, they encountered the Chagatai Horde in Kama Bolgar. The Chagatai were 60.000 men strong. This brave horde, one not afraid of death, cold or terror ran straight into Ilmen and perished. 36,000 elite Chinese cavalry arrived by way of Khazar and protected Vitebsk. 15,000 Cambodian elite cavalry traversed the country from Omskaya to Cherven in their mission to kick some Dutch butt. Nothing was done to stop 205,000 Danish soldiers from exacting tribute from Kirivich and Veposkava. They lost 5000 more fighting the mercenaries in Kirivich. Veposkava later repudiated Danish law under the influence of the doomed Chagatai.
Since the Ilmen canal had been destroyed, Novgorod and Starayarussa are no longer port cities.

Tsubigea Tsutsu, Ronin Captain
The teenage captain, Tsubigea Kiryu, rode his 86,500 samurai to Thuringia and requested to assist the Dutch against the Russians. The Dutch didn't buy it. They told the Ronin that if they really wanted to help the Dutch, they must attack the Russians. Dejected, the Ronin moved back to Meissen where in 1550, Kiryu died of jaundice. His brother, Tsutsu, had assumed the leadership of this mighty army. Some 15,000 Kambujans arrived in Meissen in 1550 but kept their distance from the Ronin camp.

Herakles, King of Rumania
DIPLOMACY: Hellas(f), Crete(f), Macedonia(c), Kyklades(t)
Where all else fought their brains out, the Anatolians were engaged in peaceful things. The Russians did send cash but these were the usual shipment of Afghan collectors coins which the Greeks were all to eager to melt down and restamp with Herakles' profile. Athens grew to 3 Gpv.

Nisibis, Shah of Armenia
DIPLOMACY: Edessa(ea)
The Armenians shuttled troops and equipment to Adawa to protect the city from the Atarikalmites. Optimaton purged their bad feelings from their souls.


Al Mahgrab Mercs: 10mi

Fasher Hadi, Sultan of the North, Ruler of As Siqilli
The Umma extremists again traversed the Shmalid African coast, returning the way they came. Fasher and his boys could and did nothing. Trade with Egypt and Dara was arranged by the East African Trade Coalition.

Asad, Director of the SBM
Asad is thinking of golden parachutes.

West Africa Mercs: 20mi, 20mc, 10ma

Rucat, Sword of Islam
The Umma focused their Jihad against the Sunni by targeting the Maliki Andalusians again (like they did at the Sudanese Uprising a generation ago). Lord Aggu and a great navy of imperial and holy ships was gathered 474 galleys, 290 transports and on board was loaded an army. 77,000 spearmen, 22,000 knights, 7850 catapults. They sailed northward by way of the Maghreb to the Gates of Hercules. They then went up the sea worthy portion of the Guadalkavir to Sevilla. There some seventy warships idled ate the port - these were burnt to a crisp (yum). The unwalled city was captured in a heartbeat; the treasury was emptied. The university (Alhambra) was captured. A great fortress defied them at Cadiz. This was destroyed with explosives and bombardment. By the end of 1010 AH, all of Andalusia was in Yoruban hands. The navies were prepared for the next step.
Meanwhile, Prince Rucat's jihadin that had marched all the way to As Sidrah turned around. This force of 160,000 infantry, 67,500 cavalry ignored Cheliff but stormed Saf Oujda and the region the city was in. Oujda was made a protectorate. The Jihadin then crossed the Atlas and tributized the Andalusian possession of Morocco. Its city Fez was defeated in an assault. Having accomplished his goals, Rucat rested. He was told in 1010 that he would become the new Dreadlord since Asuor had passed away.
The royal road from Merrakesh to Idjil was completed. Bojador and Dogamba both became cultivated. The Imam lent additional bishopric support. Some baked goods was imported from distant Ad Danbild. These were passed to savage Mbundu.

Azucentia II, Sultana of Ngazargumu, Lady of Dara
DIPLOMACY: Thebes(ne)
Hanunumar and Mulah Gayne waited for the Basari led Fatimid army to arrive. Then with these and the Imam's own army, the Himrad force of 74,500 horse wranglers and 235 guns invaded Makurra. The other advanced to Meroe. Hanunumar evaded an assassins's bullet. Makurra's entire population was enslaved. Black Muslim colonized the region in their place to (0/6). Another force led by Mbisa of 25,000 riders and 500 catapults rode across the plains to attack Quada (The Quadans you may remember were the Black Muslim province that had a tangle with the Coptic Ha'beshi which caused this danged World War. Queen Azucentia had noticed since the initial attack, Quada had been free from the violence. No more). Quada crumbled in the face of greater odds and became a protectorate. This force then occupied Darfur, an Ethiopian satellite that was still Afro-Pagan with a strong Coptic underclass.
At home Nozebned and Chirop'tera became 5 Gpv cities each. Faras became accustomed to the Himrad culture.

Ayatollah Khomeni XV, Protector of the True Children of Islam, Guardian of the Shining Path, Imam
The Palestine Jihadin was passed on to Fatimid control. This move allowed the Holy Imam a chance to head home. Only Ben Wudad stayed on the campaign trail. He and his 45,500 infantry and 2500 ballistae were joined in June by 50,000 Fatimid cavalry, 50,000 Egyptian swordsmen, 175 artillery and 50 siege artillery in Kordofan. Along with the Himraqat, they attacked Makurra but only that. The Imamist and Caliphat force advanced to Meroe and occupied the ruined land and its already sacked city. Egyptian troops were used to garrison the place in Basar's name. They then attacked Sennar. The assault of Metema was the first real battle. A force of 40,000 cavalry, 10,000 infantry and 40 artillery stuck themselves behind the 100 foot walls. The Imam-Basari had great numbers and fire power and captured the city, killing all the defender. Metema was put to the sack and the proceeds went into the treasure train of Yusufri Shah. By the time 1010 rolled around, they got to Amhara itself, the capital city was even more well defended. The walls were only 30 foot tall but there were 30,000 infantry, 7500 cavalry, 6000 siegemen, 1000 artillery plus better leadership in the person of King Zanditu. The invading force could not even touch the stone walls of Abbis and withdrew. Ben Wudad died in the confusion. At Ilorin, Yxjsh III succeeded in establishing a branch office for the STIS.

Okonkwo II, Pantrap of Mbundu, Lord of the Fell Gates of Khatovar, The Last True Afro-Pagan on Earth
DIPLOMACY: Barotse(t)
The Mbundu fetched their new prodigous general Musuri to break through the Rwandan Mountains and win control of South Itiopya. He arrived at the occupied port of Mossaua in AH 1008 and made ready the troops he had. A part of the Nia Nia garrison had deserted. He was left with 40,000 zebra cavalry, 20,000 infantry and 75 Himrad cannons. These were enough. The enemy was suddenly frightened to see the striped stampede and bolted to run. Of the 60,000 infantry and 160 guns only 10,000 guys and 25 pieces escaped to Buganda. Ankolye was at last conquered, Coptic population and all. Buganda was taken by 1010 and hte last of the southern army was eliminated.
At Khatovar, boxes of frosted Danish pastries were distributed to the lean, starving masses. People could afford to be chubby again.

East Africa Mercs: 40mi, 20mc

Yusufri Shah ibn Alimusa al Basar,Amir al Ha'besh
The Labanid Dynasty was given a new lease on life by being lent some Egyptian troops at Cairo. They got 50,000 cavalry, 50,000 infantry, 175 artillery and 50 siege artillery. Yusufri and his smart son Sa'ud headed to Kordofan meeting Daran and Imamist armies. They then took Makurra for the Himrad and then pacified Meroe and Sennar for themselves. The assault into Abbis didn't work out. The survivors 25,000 cavalry, 35,000 infantry, 150 artillery, 30 siege artillery and 45,000 Imamist regrouped at Sennar to catch their breaths.

Zanditu II, King of Abyssinia, Negus Negesti, Anointed by Jah, Lion of Judah
All efforts to safegaurd the countryside had failed. Only the capital could be saved - Ankolye, Buganda, Darfur, Makurra, Meroe and Sennar and two armies were lost to the Atarikalimid/Mbundu invasions. Afro-Pagan Ras Hafan and Burundi rebelled.

Ibn Hanna al Hiddad, Chief Executive of the East African Trading Coalition
Merchant factors were built at Parq'rh, Safi and Sudoua. Branch offices opened at Alexandria and Ilorin. A cartel city is now in Luxor. The Yorubans were connected to 'Urzi, Ar Rus, Egypt, Sicily, Anatolia and Etal. The Coalition founder, Hanna died in 1010.

Inulla az Zaur, Malika al-Arabiya, Lady Caliph of the Ba'athist Muslims, Keeper of the Martian Secrets
DIPLOMACY: Madina(nt), Asir(nt), Aranid Yemen(t), Zufar(nt), Wilayi of Lubnan(ne)
The Fatimid army was given the point in the Millenium Jihad. They dispatched the vizier Khuki Sumra and General Biratn to Palestine to lead the rabid forces against the prodigal Afghans. Lorinmayr got the mercenaries (which the Fatimids oubid the Ha'beshi for) and marched them to Bostra, a Ghaznavid outpost (at Jordan a portion of them deserted, 18,000 infantry and 9000 cavalry were left). The city of Zalaf was sacked in the summer months of 1007. Bostra was left to declared its independence. After that they tried to raid Kuwait but great force of 71,000 Ahmudi cavalry, 69,500 elite Ghaznavid dragoons, 362,500 Avestan horse-archers, 11,000 ghulams, 76,500 sabre soldiers and 610 Mahudi artillery stopped them. Lorinmayr insisted on advancing to Abadan with these overwhelming odds and his army was creamed.
The Jihadin moved south into Hijaz to bail out the Yemeni. The 50,000 jihad cavalry, 137,000 holy fighters, 150 artillery and 155 trebuchets killed off the badly led Siamese force of 10,000 elite cavalry, 14,000 infantry and 25 elite artillery and destroyed the 30 warships and 50 junks that were docked along the beach. After that neutral Aden was exacted tribute. Hadramunt was attacked and its unwalled city (Ltif) was sacked. Zufar which had just converted to Black Muslim gave them free passage (They earlier revolted from the Ghaznavids). Oman was ignored but they did rebel from the Ghaznavids too. Last, Al Hadd in Al Batnah was sacked. The cash box of the SBA was captured there. There had been only 1000 casualties in the whole campaign. Biratn and Sumra backtracked to Hadramunt which they had to pacify. The Basr exiles were loaned some troops (the old home garrison) to fight the Coptics.


Arabia and Persia Mercs: 20mi, 20mc, 20mw

The Spice Company didn't like being a pawn in power politics so they did nothing. When Al Hadd was sacked their home office was liquidated, destroying the company. A recession had hit affecting the Fatimids and the Ghaznavids.

Ilkwan, Rais al Walad al Ibrahim
The Wilayi were courted by a Fatimid diplomat but without a great bribe, nothing could be done.

Goudfari ibn Shluki al Ahmud, 'the Grinning Totem', Emir of Baghdad, King of D'oh
The regency for Goudfari gathered all the troops together to help defend their territory. There was only one incursion at Kuwait and Abadan. Luristan was attacked and enrolled into the tribute book.

The Chagatai were a horde that emerged around Ayaguz along the New Silk Road. They were immediatley contacted by the Russians and were given much gold for which they had to attack the Danes. Chagatai, their leader, and his 60,000 trekked along the Russian part of the Silk Route and made a headlong assault against the Danish fortified position. It was a brave act but a fatal one. Chagatai's treasure was never found by the Danes at Ilmen.

Hindustan Mercs: 20mi

The Hearty and Huge Hotspur, The Heroic Hematitic and Humungous Hackalope, Most Honored and Holographic Highness, Musamasad, Hkan of the Hindus, Sultan of Avestan, Chieftain of the Nutter Butters
The Yamini Caliphate took up a defensive posture in the face of the advance of the Millenium Jihad. Their Red Sea navy (which suffered another terrorist attack) moved back to Sind to guard the coast. They could not prevent the invasion of South Arabia. The army consolidated at Gurgan with both veterans and new recruits. These protected Ahmudi lands but were too late to do anything about Bostra. They stayed in Abadan after the mercenary band was defeated. Srinagar grew to 9 Gpv. Kakatiya and Chela accepted Afghan control. Zufar revolted because it became Atarikalamid Muslim and paid tribute to the Fatimid Caliphat in Cairo. Neutral El Burz became cultivated.

Sujisain, 10th Host of the Oceanic Buddha, Queen of the Mystic Arts, Incarnation of Pan-Dan Lha-Mo
The mountains were free and safe. No donkeys were allowed.

Funan Mercs: 10mi, 10mw

Indravarman II, God-Emperor of the Sian Kambujadesa, Grand Abbot of Lopan
Satitok Tak, Chief Monk of the Golden Palace, Premier of the Earth
DIPLOMACY: Sri Lanka(ea), Kanchou(c)
Both princes Lianval and Shanataliba were assassinated under mysterious circumstances in Yemen. The army and navy that had gone to Yemen were later defeated by the Black Muslim Jihad. Sian's last war contribution was Lord Sho Ri and his 15,000 Brazen Immortals who traversed the frozen forests to the land of the wooded chimneys, through the endless peats ruled the Displaced Daimyo. Zaru died in 508 NH to be replaced by Satitok Tak. Rama V's reign ended with his death in 509. His son, Indravarman II, had been placed on the throne.
Cities: Pagan(7), Vijaya(7), Tahoi(6), Angkor(13), Rangon(9), Barang(6) and Pa(9 Gpv) are larger. A postal road links Andavatar in Manipur to Burma.

Baviksangaraguna-varman, King Neptune of the Matay, Lord of Java, Chief of Celebes
DIPLOMACY: Lampung(ea)
The Matay worked in their way to improve their lives.

China and Japan Mercs: 10mei, 20mec

The All Powerful and Celestial Lord, Huang In-Do, Son of Heaven, Giver of Life, Protector of the Golden Path, Guardian of the Immortal Gate, Father of the Han, First Groundbreaker of the Bountiful Land, Wizard of the Nine Suns, Master of Matter, Agent Double O Soul, Gatherer of Clouds, Earth-Shaker, Sky-Smasher, Power of the Cosmic Mojo, Grand Dragon Extraordinaire, Most Likely to Succeed, Mystic Fiber of All Nature, Mister Know-It-All,Yellow Emperor of the Middle Kingdom, Ruler of the Entire World
The Celestial Emperor suspected the Japanese of some double-dealing when word arrived bearing some truth of Eyini Shegi's Manchurian army. Since the Ribenese would not co-operate in the Asian Alliance in the Dan War, they would have to be subdued and be driven from the Middle Kingdom. 200,000 cavalry, 35,000 elite infantry, 350 elite firedragons, 500 elite trebuchets, 50 elite thunderdragons and 15,000 irregular wage troops attacked and made tributary Tsainan and Shantung and captured their undefended cities. At the same time (507 NH) General Qian with but 25,000 cavalry and 20 siege artillery captured Kiangsu, Liangche and Chekiang. Thus the Japanese were driven off the continent. The Emperor had completed his work in time to respond to a Japanese naval assault directed up the Yellow River to the Forbidden City itself. Indo's mighty army prevented their landing and forced them to stay on their ships. The Sea Barbarians eventually sailed back down river to their island. General Ao-Zhao with 142,500 elite cavalry, 15,000 elite infantry and 150 elite firedragons was sent to Liaotung to post guard against the wily terrorist Eyini Shegi. He stopped a raid into Suifenhe by the 125,000 samurai (with 255 cannons) and they fled back into the forests.

100,000 cavalry have united behind Sechan at Solon drawing from the tribes in Dagour, Khalka, Wudan, Kutai and Tari Nor.

Tenno Yirutaga, 92nd Emperor of Nihon, Divine Son of Amaterasu
The Japanese Shogun having heard the dread words of war from Dahuang fell into a coma. Initiative was seized by the kanpaku, Kutiyen Sajonan. He organized a flotilla to carry an army to strike into the heart of China itself. He also reinforced Eyini Shegi from his secret batcave in the Sihote Alin Mountains (soon to be a part of the United States). Lords Isshiki, Kono, Tabinaki and Kosuzai took command of 520 warship fleet and sailed up and down the Yellow River in 508 NH. They could not find a safe landing and all the ships had clubs attached to their steering columns. They all headed back home. The Chinese took from Japan the lands Japan gained during the civil wars that handed Huang the Mandate of Heaven.
In 510 by Huang reckoning, the Shogun had died. He left no children. He had no relatives. The powers of the Edo Court decided to restore the Tenno's power but he had to move his residence from Kyoto to Edo which was renamed Tokyo.

Iniki III, First Chosen of Nan Matol, King of Ponape , Keeper of the Mystery Blocks
The Islanders paid their proper dues to the Tiki Gods. The winds brought much good rain.


South America Mercs: none


Adgalan, Chief Astronomer of the Parana
DIPLOMACY: Huarpe(fa), Gueren(c), Itacare(nt)
Rotgy died and a new dynasty headed by Adgalon took over. A city Obeoru, was dedicated, to help out the Camacan allies. Neutral Parana became cultivated. Rumor that Caete cultivated too.

His Solar Highness, Valgol, King of Peru, Lord of the Earthen Lines
DIPLOMACY: Arica(f), Caranga(a)
No hostage taking was done during the holy weeks. Eskitu grew to 5 Gpv. Both Pachacamac and Mocheva are 3 Gpv. Gayamachu became 2 Gpv. Moquequa and Ayacucho cultivated. In the uncontrolled south Mapuche was also cultivated.

North America Mercs: 10mc


Eremenko, Kynaz of the Roanoke Russ, Chief of Jamaica
Alexandralenca grew to 4 Gpv.

Acimaco IV, Ariki-a-Maaori, Beloved of Tangoroa, Quetzal Emperor of Mexico
Roturi died. His son was not old enough.

Chitaotin, King of the Requel, Keeper of the Tikal Codex
DIPLOMACY: Zacatec(t), Paiute(ne)
Ano soothed Zacatec's fears. The homeland of the Holokatchina wasn't going to bow to some Aztlan Prince.

Mudawatta, Chief of the Ogo-Pogo, Protector of The Buffalo
DIPLOMACY: Chicagos Host(a)
The horde raided Saginaw, Miami and Michigamea. They then pacified Quapaw but the land was expensive to stay in. The Chicagos host joined the Pogo at Illinois.

Kongmai, King of Bengkalis, Guardian of the Straits
DIPLOMACY: Yokuts(a)
A special effort was made to improve relations in Yokuts. Salinin was now cultivated.

Metla, Twilight King of the Kwakiutl
The new king had kids. Two port cities were founded: Chinook in Chehalis and Tillamook at Kayapula.
The MSI Rankings List

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Rk Country MSI ITV Player Phone # eMail Address

1 Huang China 836 130 Jonathan White 602-894-2109 jwhite@mail1.ade.state.az.us
2 Ghaznavid Sultanat 771 78 Jack Wagner 602-242-4794
3 Fatimid Caliphate 490 32 Moammar Stalinsky arizona
4 Umma 484 63
5 Sian Kambujadesa 479 62 [Scott Hagen] 602-756-0104 scott.hagen@alliedsignal.com
6 Natatobi Shogunate 478 41 John Smith 602-992-7137
7 Danish Empire 416 25 George Shrake 602-894-1384 shrake@imap1.asu.edu
8 Great Rheinland 392 56 Logan Vanderlinden 512-479-7692 loganv@cris.com
9 Mataram 295 29 Barnacle Bill new mexico barnacle1@juno.com
10 Imam of Parq'rh 288 6 Earl Solper 602-921-3716
11 Rosska Empire 284 40 Jamie White arizona trillian@imap1.asu.edu
12 Himrad 275 31 Heidi Zoltz 602-935-7006
13 Ethiopia 198 15 David Salter 703-912-6076 102417.3444@compuserve.com
14 Armenia 184 22 Dennis Doubek 602-820-4314 doubek@soho.ios.com
15 Mbundu 145 22 Lance Solper 602-921-3716 lancesol@imap2.asu.edu
16 Solar Peru 122 15 Ted Kaminski 608-253-9231
17 Maori Arikate 116 18 Tom Jordan washington
18 Anatolikon 110 10 Mark Newman 602-878-9359
19 STIS 108 28
20 Dalai Lama in Tibet 105 5 [T Limon] 602-820-2278
21 Al Andalus - Abdalid 102 3 Nelson Gauthier arizona nelsong@clh.com
22 Ponape 95 19 Tom Hudspeth saudi arabia
23 Ahmudid Baghdad 91 7 Jeff Martin arizona
24 Shmalids 87 8 Ed Peterman california
25 Culdi Council 85 2 John Carter virgina
26 Popular Italy 82 10 Warren Bruhn 503-623-1001
27 Hurszia 78 7
28 Al Andalus - Rokkid 76 11 open 4.25/turn
29 Wiyali Lubnan 63 6 open 4.50/turn
30 Requela 60 9 Dave Welches 602-498-0922pgr Ciboneyqqqq@aol.com
31 Parana Stargazers 60 7 [Stephen Nobles] 602-589-5188 imperi@goodnet.com
32 Huang Western Navy 52 0 Darin Byrne arizona
33 Twilight Kwakiutl 51 7 Timar Clark arizona
34 Basari Ha'besh 51 1 David Vasiloff arizona
Medium Sized
35 Roanoke Russ 44 8 Roger Truitt 209-584-3989 emo@kingsnet.com
36 Oinut 41 0 open 4.00/turn
37 Rising Sun Ronin 41 0 Kelly Powell arizona
38 Bengkh 37 5 Mike Overstreet 602-969-8840 spiketo@gnn.com
39 Hanseatic League 36 16 Ryan Kilkline arizona
40 Great Pogo 36 0 Charles Hurst 503-653-1178 charlesh@teleport.com
41 SBM 10 7 open 4.00/turn

X Everything Else Thad Plate 602-952-8929 plate@inficad.com

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