Turn One Hundred-Nineteen
1546 Anno Domini
Al Hajj 1006
506 Nian Huang
Zuni Reckoning 162

Next Turn's Orders Due by Monday, 6 January 1997


Merry Christmas!: And a happy New Year.

Lords 9 Years Per Turn: As of Turn 120. Lords 9 will switch to 3 year turns. That means 60% tax rate.

No Attached Files (When eMailing Orders): When eMailing your orders in, please, please don't use attached files. Half the attached files I get are undecipherable, and they contain viruses. Use the eMail format provided by myself or Ed Efsic.

Unspecific Attack Orders: If you attack a region and there are walled cities are fortresses in the region, your army will Assault these unless otherwise specified. You must capture these if any of your attacks are to work. Secondly, you cannot attack to make tributary someone's homeland, you must pacify it.

Hunting Action: Code (H) Base Action Cost: 8 months (at least). Hunting requires a leader and a land army to perform. The army is going into a region and hunting wild game for their product: food, fur, ivory, oil, etc. Each region type produces a different yield:

Maximum Yields
Terrain Type Agro Res. Points Gold Points
Cultivated 1 0
Intense Cultivated 1 0
Wilderness 3 1
Steppe 2 2
Tundra 1 1
Mountain 1 1
Desert 0 1
Jungle 1 3
Island 1 0
Oasis 1 1
Sea Zone 1* 0*
*Some Sea Zones may produce an addition 2 Agro Reserve or 2 Gold as well. There are certain fishery and whaling zones but these do move.

In all hunting actions, each region's yield will be multiplied by the following factor: 10% x d6-5+modifiers.
The modifiers are: +Leadership of Hunting Leader.
+1 for each 10 units, max 10.
-RRV (or 5 if none).
+1 for each additional 4 months.
-1 for each 5 PWB in the region, drop fractions.
-5 if the region has been hunted in the past 10 years.
-30 if the region has been depleted in game.

There are ecological costs to Hunting. If a region get hunted in twice in 10 years, the game will be depleted for 50 eyars and all further attempts to hunt will yield nothing. Sea Zones won't suffer from Hunting until the industrial era.

Oceanic Movement: All ocean going leaders and navies travel on coastal sea zones that border your own nation and those of all trade partners at the rate of 1 month per zone. Movement on all coastal sea zones not bordering your nation and your trade partners is 2 months per zone. Monsoon arrows will speed up travel by a factor of a half. Sailing against a strong current counts an additional month. Sailing into hostile waters (H code in the sea zone on your maps) costs an additional month. Travel on all mapped open ocean arrows and inter-island arrows is 1 month per arrow. Travel on non-mapped or partly-mapped open ocean arrows and inter island arrows is 4 months per arrow (as you are mapping them). These movement rules nullify the rules introduces around Turn 59 of Lords 10.

Nautical Stats Investments: All non-Renaissance (Tech 8) nations may not invest in Nautical Stats: Conduit Limit, Trade Range & Navigation. Any gold or NFP will be saved if attempted.

AGRO Harvests: I have adjusted the randomizer to fluctuate harvests about 33% either way. This should reduce the incidents of really bad harvests.

Maximum Nautical Stats: Here are the maximum levels for each of the nautical stats:

Tech Level Navigation Trade Range Conduit Limit
8 4 6 4
9 5 8 5
10 6 10 5
11 7 12 5

Lords Nine Unit Conversion
Each point of cavalry and infantry represents 500 fighting men. A warship or transport point = 1 ship with 500 men aboard each ship. A siege point = 5 sieges towers or catapults or 500 sappers. An artillery point = 5 field pieces each supported by 100 men. A field fort point = 1 tower manned by 500 men each. A wall point = 10 feet of ramparts and about 500 guards. A siege artillery point = 1 mortar (boulders included).

Lords Nine Turn Costs
OldWorld NewWorld
Per Turn $4.00base,25¢@BL $4.00base,25¢@BL
8x11 Mapset $3.00 $2.00
11x17 Mapset $6.00 $4.00
Color Map $3.00 $3.00
Warning: There will be a $5.00 charge for each returned check. I do not accept post-dated checks.

Contacting The Gamemaster
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Call Me at:
(602) 952-8929. Even when those beeping sounds I may still be home, don't hang up.
Fax: (602) 952-8075
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Rules Used in Lords Nine
This campaign uses the 1994 5th Edition Rulebook and the 1994 Renaissance Expansion v1.4. Any other rules will be noted in this newsletter.

Ordering the Rulebooks: Send check or money order payable to:
Thomas Harlan
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Turns cost $4.00 + 25¢ per BL
Lords Nine:
Turn 119. Open: Andalus, Chagatai, Hanseatic League, SBM, Yemen
Lords Ten: Turn 78. Open: nothing
Lords Eleven: Turn 38. Open: Magadan
Lords Twelve: 1000 AD historical start. Will start well into 1997.
Black Empire, The Sea of Fear: Turn 28. Turn costs are $2.00
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Lords Twenty (eLords): This game is run strictly off the internet. Eddie Efsic at eddief6@ix.netcom.com. At turn 9.
Lords Twenty-One (eLords II): Rick Stevens 731 South Van Ness #3, San Francisco, CA 94110. Turn 1. EMail: loki@pacbell.net
Lords Twenty-Five: Tom Jordan. 1200 South Ruby, Ellensburg, WA 98926. Turn 1

Fatimid, Atarikalimid Imam, Denmark, Dutec, Umma, Culdis, Popul Italy, Himrad, Mbundu, STIS, Basra, Sarkhagistan, Yemen, Lubnan, Külü Horde
Ghaznavid, Huang, Russia, Siam, Japan, Hurszia, Abyssinia, SBA, Armenia, Baghdad, Ronin
Neutral: Hansa, Andalus, Anatolikon, Shmalid, Mataram, Tibet, Ponape, the entire New World

"In those years World War One heated up-- Especially when that that unnatural heat wave struck in the winter of 1545-6."
-An excerpt from "The World At War" by Sun Kyongkwon (translated from the Korean)

Later Huang Diverts Silk Road to Russia.
Benghazi Arabs complete their conquest of Italy.
Huang Chinese troops defeat Danes at Varshnask.
Druze begins their battles against Basra, Fatimids.
SUDANESE UPRISING. Atarikalimi Sudanese razid Sanhaja, Andalusian shorelines. Daran Sudanese and Fatimid armies topple the Benghazi regime.
Russians capture Moldavia
Afghan armies begin their conquest of Arabian Felix.
Around this time, the Afghan and Chinese Empires sign an alliance treaty. The Asian Prosperity Alliance would later inlcude the Japanese, the Russians and the Cambodians.
Danes raid Baltic Sea coast
Egyptian Spice Company (ESC) opens.
Ivory-Spear founds the Wiyali of Lubnan at Brana.
Afghan armies complete their conquest of Arabian Felix.
Fatimite Egypt convets to Atarikalami Islam
The Atarikalami High Priest, Khomeni XIV, calls a jihad against the Copts and Sunni Muslims.
Abyssinians attack Daran armies but are then repulsed near Cairo when they went after the Fatimites.
Jihadin begin their assault against the Abyssinians.
The East African Trading Coalition (STIS) begins its business.
Fatimite and Atarikalami navies raid Maghreb and Italian coasts.
Italian nationals revolt from the Arabs.
Benghazi navy destroyed by Atarikalamis.
Under pressure from constant raids, the Sanhaja Sharifat collapses.
Late 1520's and early 1530's
Fatimite navies slave raid Coptic Red Sea coast.
Local Depression is caused by a collapse of the Benghazi banking system.
Druze destroyed by Fatimites. Palmyra's population is enslaved and moved to Darfur.
Popular Uprising in Italy drives out the last of the Arabs.
Danish Kaiser linked to the Atarikalami Muslims.
Russians invade Pomerania, start of the GLOBAL WAR
Daran and Fatimite armies conquer Nubia and enslave the whole region.
Lombard pirates sack two Danish cities on the British Isles.
Chinese and Afghan armies conquer Sarkhagistan.
Afghan armies conquer much of Basran Persia.
Hurszians attack the Po Valley while the Populs drive the Lombards from Italy.
STIS and Atarikalamis shut down ESC offices in Egypt.
Russians defeat Dutch and occupy Holstein.
Danish armies counterattack, liberating Pomerania and pacifying Prussia.
Mbundu conquers Nia Nia from the Abyssinians.
The Global War escalates to become truly global: Afghan armies clash with Fatimites near Mecca. Afghan navy patrols the Red Sea. Chinese armies reinforce Russia.
Great unrest against the Afghan Empire in Persia and Arabia. Atarikalamite Yemen founded.
Danish counterattack destroyed, Russian occupy entire Baltic Coast and isolate Nydania.
Armenia attacks Lebanon.
Chinese navy sacks Parq'rh
MILLENIUM JIHAD. Atarikalimites come out in force to fight the Chinese and Afghans.
Afghan Empire creates Baghdad satrapy.
Fatimite armies defeat Afghan and Chinese armies in Jordan (Azraq Ruins)
Ronin Cossacks conquer Nydania
Dutch armies defeat Russians at Kassubia.
Danish lands troops in Ilmen and begin bombardment of Novgorod
Popul force chase the Hurszians from Italy.
Santa Claus takes a vaction this Christmas and it became very hot in Northern Europe.
Culdi Church calls a Crusade against the Russians
Chinese destroy the Sarkhagi remnant kingdom at Kohul


Western Europe Mercs: 20mc, 20mi, 30mw

Kelson II, Kaiser of All Danes, Emperor of the West
DIPLOMACY: Anglia(ea)
With the Dutch advancing into Nydania, the Danes began to marshal their forces for a new offensive. Huri Tanvok and Stenkil Haraldsen gathered the coastal fleets while the chancellor guy, Larry Glide, mass conscripted the Danish youth. The armies were loaded onto the ships to be landed on the Saarema islands, long used by the Empire as a military reservation. Finally in 1545, with the last of the expeditionary forces sea lifted from Kobenhavn, a landing was attempted along the Ilmen coast. Olof Batilnorg with 13,000 elite cavalry, 115,000 dragoons and 46,500 line soldiers and 250 field guns landed at Sosnovy Bor in the morning of 10 October 1545. It was a blistery hot day, though. The Dawonc-Russian army fresh from humiliating defeat at Kassubia responded to the threat. These were 79,000 Chinese iron dragoons, 19,000 Russian elite cavalry and 155 Vitebsk howitzers. The defenders couldn't keep the Danes from getting a foothold and were shoved back into the forest where the shade was at least 100 degree Farinheit. The Russians withdrew within Novgorod's 50 foot and unair-conditioned walls. Batilnorg's army was then reinforced by Stenkil Haraldsen's second shuttle of sweating soldiers. Now the mostly mounted army grew to about 295,500. 110 elite warships and 300 cargo ships (which luckily did not catch fire due to the blistering heat) interdicted Lake Ilmen. Bombardment from the Danish mortars began on Novgorod in 1546, but so far, no surrender, everybody within were too busy waving their fans.
The allied jarls led by the Meissen Landbaron gathered at Derry and sailed toward the Mittelmeer. An attempt to hire the merc soldiers was outbid by the nomially pro-Dane Popols. They landed in Thrace's coast near the Dardinelles late in 1544. The 5000 infatnry expedition encountered 12,000 Dobrujan knights and 9 castles which repulsed the attack convincibly and killed the survivors in pursuit. The Anglia Jarl died in the attack. Anglia degraded to economic ally. Hebrides and Hordaland rebelled outright. The loyal Meissen Landbaron returned to his estate with his 10 lanteens only gto get killed by the Ronin invaders during the heated winter of 1545.
In the isolated and landlocked South Nydan, 88,500 Ronin samurai and 17,500 various Russian engineers force tribute from Volhyna, Sandomir, Meissen and then rested their treacherous hooves at Sorbia (which had revolted and then joined the Ronin). Silesia also switched sides. Only Kuyavia and Galich are left down there.

Edwin, Scion of St. Camber, Head Dom of the Culdi Council
Monasteries were built in Wessex and Mercia. A cathedral was blessed at Skåne. Ilmen wasn't quite secure for Edwin's judgement. John failed to set up his abbey in Gormhavn. In 1546, Edwin succeeded in stirring up the population of the North enough to call a crusade against the Russians.

Hugo Charm, Hauptsächlich Kaufmann von Hansen
Hugo Charm didn't do much while this war was going on.

Robert, King of Greater Rheinland, Lord of Batavia, Stadhouder of the Netherlands
DIPLOMACY: Saxony(t), Obodria(nt), Pomerania(t), Kassubia(t)
In the early spring of 1543, both Hansi von Rosen and crown prince Willhelm were promised elite artillery. The crown prince won the argument and the general retired to his estate, refusing to take any orders. Willhelm needed his guns to fight square-on against the Russians in a counter-invasion that began in May. 300,000 knights and 250 brass artillery rode into Saxony where the local garrison was defeated thanks in part to a pro-Dutch uprising. Obodria and Pomerania were secured in similar fashion for the inhabitants hated the Russians. After such an easy time, the cavalcade caught the Khitan-Slavic army on the march in Kassubia. There 125,000 Dawonc iron dragoons, 19.000 Russian elite cavalry, 155 Vetebsk howitzers, 13,500 elite Russian engineers and 53 great mortars of solid brass wheeled to face their attackers. At the farm of Vyriwsk, the battle stalemated. The two sides regrouped and had a second match near Elblag. This time the Chinese commander named Jiag was slain and his troops withdrew from the field. The Dutch charge destroyed all the mortars and ran over the pioneers. Outnumbered, the Russian joined their Oriental counterparts and retreated. With 86,500 lancers and the 250 guns left, Prince Willhelm advanced into Prussia where he extraced tribute by force. The Russian defenders had abandoned the defense of the wetern march to fight the Danes further north. You really can't blame them, a swamp is no place to be at during a heat wave.

Mohammad ibn Rokk, Malik al Andalus
Neutrality had its priviliges, like the luxury of not having to do a thing.

Francesco Tornabuoni, President of the People's Republican Society of Italia
The Populists called on all citizens to help drive the invaders from Italy. 35,000 townsmen and farmers showed up and were armed. In total, 20,000 condotteiri, 24,000 cavalry, 24,000 infantry, 150 cannons and 500 ballista followed the President. They first entered Romagna where 11,000 Dracule knights attacked them. These successors of a once frightful horde were bad fighters and got creamed. After that pitiful clash, the Populi came upon Ravenna where the Hursz had just built 40 foot walls (state of the art rocks). The Hurszian lack of siege knowledgte hurt them also in defense (state of the art rock smashers). Still, the going was slow. Ravenna was completely reduced after a year's siege (1545). Just before the final capitulation, Bernkluk defected along with the Lombardy garrison. That saved some time for the soldiers were complaining about the heat. The President and his surviving troops: 28,000 soldiers, 150 cannons chomped on the pitiful Verona garrison, freeing all of Italy from foreign domination. Aldenti reappeared at that time.

Eastern Europe Mercs: 40mc, 10mi, 10ma

Gaspar III, King of Hurszia, Grand Zhupan of Pethion
DIPLOMACY: Styria(a)
The walls of occupied Milano and Ravenna were built as high as they could go. New troops were mustered too. Unfortunately, Igor Japroy was one of the worst combat leaders around. So he and his 11,000 knights, outnumbered 6 to 1 were wiped out. Without the siege experinced and good leadership, all the Po Valley was lost. King Gaspar paid little attention to the failing warfront. He married a princess in Styria and spawned.

Sonya, Czarina of Great Russia, Empress of the East
DIPLOMACY: Dobruja(f), Vladimir(ea), Crimea(t)
Martha Sapelivy suffered some desertions from her army. She then received a mysterious anonymous letter promising riches, lands and title if she rebelled. She tossed the missive into the munching jaws of her Iguanadon. New troops were trained at Tver and were brought to increase her army numbers thanks to the work of Sergei Sobchak. The army awaited while the Dutch attacked their way towards them (Saxony, Obodria, Pomerania...) Battle was met in 1545 at Kassubia. Neither side got the upper hand until the Huang marshal Zhiang died. Martha withdrew to Prussia with her dinosaur and some troops. Seryei Sobchak had been captured by the Hollanders and was killed. Boyaress Sapelivy took command of the Chinese troops and along with her own reacted to 'unseasonably warm' Ilmen to stop the Danish amphibious invasion. The Danes were too numerous, the Russian-Chinese had been weakened by the Dutch and the hot weather (the Danes wore sun screen). The survivors withdrew to Novgorod which quickly became like an oven and a strange banshee song began to wail:
"Oh, some like it hot, but I like it REALLY hot! Hee Hee...
I'm Mister Green Christmas.
I'm Mister Sun.
I'm Mister Heat Blister.
I'm Mister Hundred and One.
They call me the Heat Miser.
That's what I am.
What ever I touch
Begins to melt in my clutch.
I'm too much!"

After the Danes applause. A nasty bombardment began along with a passive siege and blockade of Novgorod in 1546. The Dutch completed their conquest of Kassubia and then took Prussia too. Isolated Lausatia revolted.

Tsubigea Kiryu, Ronin Captain
DIPLOMACY: Silesia(nt), Sorbia(nt)
The Ronin captain, Tsubigea Jumin, made his move at last. He and his samurai-cossack host rode through south Russian lands to Kiev where some Russians offered their services. Then he forced tribute from neutral Goryn, then Danish Volhynia and Sandomir, ignored Silesia, defeated Meissen then sat on Sorbia. None of these lands worshiped the ancestors or the special dieties, something must be done about that.

Herakles, King of Rumania
DIPLOMACY: Hellas(ne), Crete(a), Peloponnese(f), Kyklades(nt)
Herakles married off his sister to the elites of Peloponnese while Sparta grew to 3 Gpv. This helped to unite the peninsular land to the Anatolikon. The Armenians sent the many chests of collectible Ghaznavid coins which helped to build public works in Hellas.

Nisibis, Shah of Armenia
DIPLOMACY: Edessa(t)
Stefan was wounded at Aleppo but Tiverhios took his place and used his siege artillery to bombard the ramparts of Antioch. They only had six months for in August 1543 a great big Fatimite army atttacked. There used to be 10,000 engineers, 10 mortars, 230 cannons, 39,000 cavalry but 282,500 Mamluke horsemen, 240 guns and 20,000 mercenary infantry massacred them all. Stefan died. Tiverhios escaped the death grinder.


Al Mahgrab Mercs: 10mi

Fasher Hadi, Sultan of the North, Ruler of As Siqilli
Sunni extremists tried to kill Fasher Hadi and his son Achmed. Both attempts failed. In AH 1005-6, 160,000 Sudanese jihadin infantry, 37,500 Jihadin infantry, 37,500 jihadin cavalry and 30,000 Umma horsemen used without permission the Ad Darb Maghreb. They only got as far as As Sidrah but every traffic citation that the cops gave them were thrown away. Another famine dropped the city levels of Tunis, Algeras and Bone by 2 Gpv.

Asad, Director of the SBM
The Western Spice Lords didn't twitch.

West Africa Mercs: 20mi, 20mc, 10ma

Asuor, Sword of Islam
DIPLOMACY: Niete(ne), Galam(nt)
Prince Rucat and the entire Umma jihadin and 30,000 cavalry rode the north coast to Oujda. They planned to force tribute but needed to capture the walled city. The passive siege of Saf Oujda didn't work because no warships blockaded the port. So Oujda was let off the hook. Rucat then attacked Cheliff but refused to assault the fortified positions there either. Cheliff too was let go of. Since he could no longer leave his troops in hostile regions, the Umma cavalry went with Rucat through Shmalid land. The heir only got as far as As Sidrah.
At home Oyo and Takrur became cultivated. Bouma and Volta became 8 Gpv cities, Cheysuk and Maza became 9 Gpv cities. Parq'rh was rebuilt along the River Niger in Ife. Khalem got a road stop called Ola. Galam was fully converted to Black Muslim and spontaneously (because Zetonj had bad directions) became non-paying tributary. A factor for the STIS was successfully financed in Gao.

Azucentia II, Sultana of Ngazargumu, Lady of Dara
The latest vizier, Ji'fe, took the Millenium Jihadin to Faras and waited for the slow Imamist troops to arrive. She and her general Hanunumar and Mulah Gayne watied with the main army whcih had suffered some mutinies resulting in mass desertions. Finally in AH 1006, the Ayatollah arrived at Faras and accompanied the Himraqat in the latest attack against the Ha'besh. 74,500 Himraqat rough riders, 235 artillery, 25,000 hired warriors, 80,000 holy bashers and 250 siege towers invaded Kordofan defended by 50,000 Coptic longbowmen, 30,000 Amharan knights and 215 Abyssinian cannons. The Copts were outnumbered two to one and were munched up in the meleé. Only a handful of knights survived and they abandoned the province. This allowed the Himrad troops to sack the city of Sitona. Ibtissam took the Napata slaves to complete the postal raod through Kerkoure and to upgrade the Kreda-Salamat road to royal. The weather was rather chilly and there was even snow in the ground. Mulah Sihe'd'r lent 150 guns to the Mbundu savages at frigid Nia-Nia. He returned home after a detour (probably to find a good warm coat). Faras became Atarikalamid Muslim. Thebes rebelled due to external pressures. That allowed the STIS to take over both ends of the Fatimid-Himrad trade.

Ayatollah Khomeni XV, Protector of the True Children of Islam, Guardian of the Shining Path, Imam
The young Ayatollah returned from Gagnoa to a rebuilding Parq'rh to raise some new infatnry. These plus some Millenium Jihadin marched through the vast Himrad lands to Faras. There Ben Wudad led an attack against the Ethiopians in Kordofan. It was a successful effort. Khomeni XV moved on with 50,000 jihadin cavalry and 137,000 jihadin spearmen to Palestine by the end of AH 1006. An abbey was built in Kordofan.

Okonkwo II, Pantrap of Mbundu, Lord of the Fell Gates of Khatovar, The Last True Afro-Pagan on Earth
DIPLOMACY: Lunda(a), Lozi(c)
Yet another ice age affected the Mbundu lands and the entire Kongo watershed. Meerkats became Snowkats. Warthogs got shagging fur and became called Cavehogs. Baboons actually had hair on their butts. After picking up 150 Himrad cannons (ice had to be removed from them every morning), Bwana and 29,500 zebra cavalry roughed through the snowbanks to Ankolye to raid. 160 artillery and 60,000 infantry waited for them in the bitter cold. The raid was aborted. As the party shivered in their Nia Nia camp, a wailing sound began to make words:
"Twenty, Ten, Five Below! Let it freeeeEEEEEEeeze!
I'm Mister White Chirstmas.
I'm Mister Snow.
I'm Mister Icicle.
I'm Mister Ten Below.
Friends call me the Snow Miser.
It's what I do.
What ever I touch
Turns to Snow in my clutch.
I'm too much!"

The STIS invested in Kanyamagufa.

Bo-Ro 'Run Away', Marshal of the Ocean Sea
Lua Sie was assailed by at least three different murderers. He was killed, mutilated and burned. The navy suffered from many fires. Then there were many desertions. Nothing got done. After a couple of years, Bo-Ro took over and had the navy (about 150 ships now) go to the Canary islands. There were iceburgs in the Kongo Sea, making navigation troublesome.

East Africa Mercs: 40mi, 20mc

Zanditu II, King of Abyssinia, Negus Negesti, Anointed by Jah, Lion of Judah
DIPLOMACY: Berbera(c)
Leon and Abenner colonized Nubia to (2/2) Coptic. They then responded to a Himrad attack in 1546. They lost. In the freezing south, Barachias foiled a Mbundu raid in Ankolye. The population got anxious losing all those battles.

Hanna al Hiddad, Chief Executive of the East African Trading Company
Merchant factors were built in Gao, Alexandria, Benghazi and Tunis. Chirop'tera became a cartel city. Luxor now has a branch office.

Inulla az Zaur, Malika al-Arabiya, Lady Caliph of the Ba'athist Muslims, Keeper of the Martian Secrets
DIPLOMACY: Madina(c), Yemen(ne, promises alliance if Fatimid comes to their aid)
Al Barim with Buda Horri led 130,000 infantry, 31.500 jihad cavalry, 47.000 engineers, 25,000 jihad swordsmen, 175 artillery, 50 mortars to the walls of Ziba. There bombs were exploded while the Ghaznavid and Spice Company defenders tried to hold off the storm. The city was retaken handily and the Spice Company cartel city office was shut down and nationalized (the economic effect this time was nil). At the same time General Buba Horri and Princess Inulla with 266,000 cavalry, 6500 elite cavalry, 240 artillery, 30,000 mercenaries overwhelmed the Armenians, beseiging the Lubnan city Antioch. All the defenders were wiped out. ON the heels of these two victories, all the armies gathered at Palestine. Part of them had to go back to Misr. The remainder awaited the arrival of Millenium armies. None had arrived when late in AH 1004, Ghaznavid and Huang armies attacked Jordan. Along with 25 field forts, the Fatimid army led at this time by Bubba Horri, Lasik Khadafi and Princess Inulla had 166,000 cavalry, 6500 elite cavalry, 31,500 jihad cavalry, 10,000 singing mercenary cavalry, 30,000 infantry, 12.500 merc infantry with drums, 25,000 millenium infantry, 47,000 siege engineers and 240 cannons to face off against 250,000 Afghan riders, 17,500 Chinese elite cavalry, 22,500 Chinese elite infantry, 9000 Chinese elite pioneers, 140 elite Chinese guns and 18 elite Chinese siege cannons at Azraq Ruins. Battle was a stalemate early on but the Egyptian troops held on to turn the tide when the great Ghaznavid charge was shattered. In the second pulse, the Fatimid cavalry flanked the Afghans and began to cut down the Chinese specialists. Panic spread throughout the invader ranks and soon they ran, but there was no where to run. The Egyptian cavalry patrols had them surrounded so all the attackers were cut down. Azraq Ruins was a tremendous victory. Inulla and the veterans (half the troops) returned to Palestine to brag their battle prowess. They told the first group of Millenialists (Himraqat Jihadin) what they had missed.


Arabia and Persia Mercs: 20mi, 20mc, 20mw

Yussuf al Khalan, Director -General of the SBA
The director's son Sinbad died defending Ziba with the troops (3000 infantry, 2000 siege, 4 elite artillery and some Ghaznavid guns). The home office had already been moved to Al Hadd. Yussuf built the cartel city in Somanatha. Jalal made a merchant factor in Pata of Brava.

Ilkwan, Rais al Walad al Ibrahim
Thanks to the Fatimids, Aleppo was restored with the pressure taken off Antioch. Deriq died and a regency was set up for his young son Ikhwan.

Khari Aranib, Emir of Yemen
A bunch of Sianic transports showed up by the coast of Yemen making rude noises. They disgourged 32,500 troops which clobbered the 13,000 defenders. These strange (but Buddhist) invaders laid a passive siege on Sanaa (ignoring the coastal fortress0. Khari and his supporters were hoping that other Atarikalimids would bail him out.

Yusufri ibn Alimusa, Amir as Sideh, Sultan of Basra
Yusufri called a mass conscription and built some boats. Then with his 5000 jihadin infantry, they sailed to Misr where they set up a government in exile. Guba begged for money at Brana but the Wilayi ignored him.

Goudfari ibn Shluki al Ahmud, 'the Grinning Totem', Emir of Baghdad, King of D'oh
A camp fire led to the death of 10,500 men (it went out of control). Shluki still had enough troops to do his stuff. He and his first force rode down river to Abadan and pacified the mutinous land. Khuzestan and Mand were exacted tribute. Now down to 50,000 cavalry, Shluki invaded Hormuz and demanded they become Sunni or else. 33,000 angry Black Muslims came out from their homes to fight. Casaulties were heavy but eventually Hormuz and As Sidrah was placed under a heavy Sunni Muslim jurisdiction. In AH 1004, Shluki passed away at Baghdad. Boy Goudfari needed a regency.
Al Bikil found himself fighting the natives while he colonized Shi'a Diyala and Jibal and Jewish Kipchak. The Ghaznavids were allowed to build a road from Hamadan to Tehran going to Now in Tabaristan. A rebellion in Hahmar failed. The Luristan did uprise and threw out the garrison.

About 44.000 elite cavalry, 50 artillery pieces and 10 siege cannons from China came by Kulsary and destroyed the port fortress of Inshak. Sa'id al Aman didn't care. A year later at 1006, the same army (though slightly less in numbers after fighting some wild cossacks) attacked the new homeland of Yayik and easily occupied it and its city Kohul. Sa'id al Aman fled into the steppe taking his secrets with him. The 450 year history of the Sarkhagishah came to an end. Khuttal was conquered by the Ghaznavids. Ferghana, Khokhand and Urkel became neutral.

Hindustan Mercs: 20mi

The Hearty and Huge Hotspur, The Heroic Hematitic and Humungous Hackalope, Most Honored and Holographic Highness, Musamasad, Hkan of the Hindus, Sultan of Avestan, Chieftain of the Nutter Butters
DIPLOMACY: Tukharistan(ne), Jowzjanan(c)
Generals Nakbin and Kirha plus Prince Is'mail advanced to Dulaym and took temporary control of the Chinese army. Confidently, they attacked neutral Bostra and made it a protectorate (with Palmyra depopulated, Bostra became the chief throughfare between Palestine and Mesopotamia). They waited for about a year for the Chinese leader to arrive and take over his troops. During that time, Ziba fell and the Armenians were smashed. All word had been lost about the Huang Western Navy. But with 250,000 knights and 72,000 elite Chinese troops, the Yamini were confident of victory. But Jordan changed all perceptions. At Azraq Ruins, 336,000 Fatimid soldiers, many of these units formed during the day of the Great Empire stood against the Ghaznavid-Huang force. Allah was not on the Afghan's side. The entire Ghaz-Huang army was annihilated and only Nakbin escaped to relate his sad tale to Bufili whose reinforcements had just arrived to Dulaym (and force tribute from it for the Huang had neglected to post a garrison there).
After Petra's fall in 1003, Admiral Lanhim and the navy (which suffered from arson attacks) escaped to the Red Sea which he patrolled for the next few years. Hulu-Halluf and 50,000 swordsmen forced tribute from soon-to-be-ex-Sarkhagi Khuttal. After that he was nice to Tukharistan and Jowzjanan. Afghan construction crews built a royal road from Gonbad through Tabaristan and Kipchak into Jibal, connecting the Afghan-Chinese road system to the Arab road system. Delhi (at 10 Gpv), Patna (9), and Srinagar (8) began huger. The Zufari had a bad hankering for that Black Imam stuff.

Sujisain, 10th Host of the Oceanic Buddha, Queen of the Mystic Arts, Incarnation of Pan-Dan Lha-Mo
The Tibet-Salwegn road was completed.

Funan Mercs: 10mi, 10mw

Rama V, God-Emperor of the Sian Kambujadesa, Grand Abbot of Lopan
Zaru, Chief Monk of the Golden Palace, Premier of the Earth
DIPLOMACY: Kanchou(ne), Seylan(ea)
Another squad of 15,000 elite cavalry was assembled and were sent under Sho-Ri's lead to China to eventually, someday, participate in the Tan War. The weather was rather nice in Siberia. A navy of 50 cargo ships and 30 warships sailed to Yemen but failed to scare the Yemen Emirat into submission with their loud sounds and gongs. So 20,000 infantry, 10,000 elite cavalry and 25 elite (but primitive) guns landed ashore. There were only 13,000 defenders which were swept off the field. The rest hid within the 50 foot walls of Sanaa. A barricade was placed around the interior capital in hopes that it would be captured. But it defied princes Shanataliba and Lianval as of the end of 504 NH. Seylan got a port city called Narvati. Narvati was then connected to Colombo with an imperial road.
More cities: Pagan grew to 6 Gpv. Vijaya, 6. Tahoi, 5. Kotabaru, 4. Angkor, 12 (yes it's that big). Hong Kong, 4. Rangon, 8. Pa, 8.

Baviksangaraguna-varman, King Neptune of the Matay, Lord of Java, Chief of Celebes
DIPLOMACY: Lampung(t)
With new builds and the Timur garrison, Lord Sar'e with many troops invaded barbaric Yampi and pacified it. Meanwhile Javanese Therevada Buddhists colonized Pilbarra supplanting the Aboriginal population.

China and Japan Mercs: 10mei, 20mec

The All Powerful and Celestial Lord, Huang In-Do, Son of Heaven, Giver of Life, Protector of the Golden Path, Guardian of the Immortal Gate, Father of the Han, First Groundbreaker of the Bountiful Land, Wizard of the Nine Suns, Master of Matter, Agent Double O Soul, Gatherer of Clouds, Earth-Shaker, Sky-Smasher, Power of the Cosmic Mojo, Grand Dragon Extraordinaire, Most Likely to Succeed, Mystic Fiber of All Nature, Mister Know-It-All,Yellow Emperor of the Middle Kingdom, Ruler of the Entire World
DIPLOMACY: Kucha(fa)
Gi Xai raised a new army at Uigur and led those troops to Bactria and thence to Kulsary. There, they exacted tribute, taking it away from the Sarkhagi - and then bombarded the fortress there out of existence. Then the 54,000 troops attacked Cim eliciting the attention of 30,000 angry horde cavalry. These were blasted to bits. Cim was secured as a protectorate. Then Yayik was occupied and the samll treasury at the city of Kohul was taken back to Loyang.
General Hon ran from Bactria, leaving the cavalry he had for Gi Xai, to check up with the Dulaym garrison. They had suffered from a cloud of misery. There was heavy desertion due to foreign agitation. The Ghaznavids had moved them to Bostra. Unfortunately, Hon and the rest of trhe troops were murdered by fanatic Fa-Ti and their greasy guns. Plans to build a city in Dulaym was scrubbed when Dulaym rebelled in 501. The Ghaznavids regained Dulaym for themselves in 502.
In Ru-Si, Zhiang and his troops were battered and buffeted and eventually brought to ruin by Duteng and Dan armies. This was the first time that the Dan actually defeated Chinese arms. To reinforce, Marshal Daben with 150,000 fresh cavalry (just out of the oven) rode up the New Silk Road to Ru-Si land. Dua-Hong was chosen to escort the Nihon cavalry from Korea to be involved in the World War. But the 125,000 elite cavalry had to stop a Külü raid on Yen. The Japanese ran over the mountains to Chahar to crush these nomads. Dua-Hong stayed in Yen for the time being.

50,000 nomads erupted from the steppe and attempted to riad Yen off the bat. This caused the Japanese samruai there to chase them down and crush them in the windy woods of Manchuria.

Tenno Yirutaga, 92nd Emperor of Nihon, Divine Son of Amaterasu
Nakatobi no Chibasatsu, Shogun of all Japan
Eyini Shegi took command of the 125,000 elite cavalry and was charged with protecting the Chinese frontier from all enemies. One of these, the Külü showed up at Yen. The samurai chased them down Chahar, Tumet, Wudan, Sungari, Jilin to Heilongkiang. There, the horde was cut to ribbons. Then all word was lost from Eyini Shegi.

Iniki III, First Chosen of Nan Matol, King of Ponape , Keeper of the Mystery Blocks
Nan Matol grew to 7 Gpv.


South America Mercs: none


Rotgy, Chief Astronomer of the Parana
Nevechi died. His son Rotgy was the new big man.

His Solar Highness, Valgol, King of Peru, Lord of the Earthen Lines
DIPLOMACY: Arica(ne), Caranga(fa)
Chimu became cultivated. Eskito grew to 4 Gpv. Pachacamac, Mocheva and Nazcal all became 2 Gpv.

Family troubles at the death of Fondo II split the Xuxa Kingdom apart. All its regions and cities became independent of each other.

North America Mercs: 10mc


Eremenko, Kynaz of the Roanoke Russ, Chief of Jamaica
Alexandralenca grew to 3 Gpv.

Roturi, Ariki-a-Maaori, Beloved of Tangoroa, Quetzal Emperor of Mexico
The winter was so cold that it snowed in the jungles. That Snow Miser operates in two hemispheres.

Chitaotin, King of the Requel, Keeper of the Tikal Codex
DIPLOMACY: Paiute(ne), Zacatec(c)
The city of Acambara was built in Pisones. Zacatec became Meso Amerind.

Mudawatta, Chief of the Ogo-Pogo, Protector of The Buffalo
DIPLOMACY: Commanche(f), Crow(f), Navajo(f), Ogo-Pogo(f)
White Thunder convinced the Crow and the Commanche to unite their hosts with her own. To deal with the Ogo-Pogo, she offered Mudawatta co-rulership. He agreed to that and went along for awhile. Later, White Thunder was said to gone on a 'spirit trip'. So Mudawatta had to take full control of everything. All who rode under this unified Pogo supertribe went to Minnewaska.

Kongmai, King of Bengkalis, Guardian of the Straits
DIPLOMACY: Chumash(ea), Yokuts(t), Tolowa(ne), Yurok(ne)
Ahilannga died at the age of 80. The Chumash degraded to economic after its latest leader died.

Maquinna IV, Twilight King of the Kwakiutl
Then the woodcarving stopped.
The MSI Rankings List

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1 Ghaznavid Sultanat 733 80 Jack Wagner 602-242-4794
2 Huang China 730 125 [Jonathan White] 602-894-2109 jwhite@mail1.ade.state.az.us
3 Natatobi Shogunate 486 50 Dave Pettit 602-966-4727
4 Sian Kambujadesa 474 57 Scott Hagen 602-756-0104 scott.hagen@alliedsignal.com
5 Fatimid Caliphate 430 32 [Moammar Stalinsky] arizona
6 Umma 399 64 [James Kramer III] 602-272-8046
7 Danish Empire 396 25 George Shrake 602-894-1384
8 Great Rheinland 377 46 [Logan Vanderlinden] 512-479-7692 loganv@cris.com
9 Rosska Empire 339 45 Jamie White arizona trillian@impas1.asu.edu
10 Imam of Parq'rh 312 6 Earl Solper 602-921-3716
11 Mataram 278 28 Barnacle Bill new mexico barnacle1@juno.com
12 Himrad 262 29 Heidi Zoltz 602-935-7006
13 Ethiopia 257 18 David Salter 703-912-6076 102417.3444@compuserve.com
14 Al Andalus 222 18 open 5.00/turn
15 Armenia 166 22 Dennis Doubek 602-820-4314 doubek@soho.ios.com
16 Mbundu 135 20 Lance Solper 602-921-3716 lancesol@imap2.asu.edu
17 Maori Arikate 115 18
18 Solar Peru 109 13 Ted Kaminski 608-253-9231
19 Dalai Lama in Tibet 105 5 T Limon 602-820-2278
20 Anatolikon 96 7 Mark Newman 602-878-9359
21 Shmalids 95 11 Ed Peterman california
22 Ponape 95 19 [Tom Hudspeth] saudi arabia
23 STIS 91 24 [Craig Bartels] 602-894-0972 axcrb@asuvm.inre.asu.edu
24 Culdi Council 82 2 John Carter virgina
25 Popular Italy 81 10 Warren Bruhn 503-623-1001
26 Hurszia 78 7 Brian Smith arizona monsterbri@aol.com
27 Ahmudid Baghdad 71 5 Jeff Martin arizona
28 Lubnan 61 6 [John Prichard] arizona
29 Requela 58 8 Dave Welches 602-498-0922pgr ciboney@ix.netcom.com
30 Parana Stargazers 58 7 Stephen Nobles 602-589-5188 imperi@goodnet.com
31 Huang Western Navy 51 0 Darin Byrne arizona
32 Twilight Kwakiutl 51 7 Timar Clark arizona
Medium Sized
33 Roanoke Russ 43 7 Roger Truitt 209-584-3989 emo@kingsnet.com
34 Rising Sun Ronin 39 0 Kelly Powell arizona
35 Hanseatic League 36 16 open 4.25/turn
36 Bengkh 32 4 Mike Overstreet 602-969-8840 spiketo@gnn.com
37 SBA 31 7 Kerry Harrison 512-837-5553 kerry@pbmgames.com
38 Great Pogo 30 0 Charles Hurst 503-653-1178 charlesh@teleport.com
39 Basra 29 2 John David Smith 602-992-7137
40 Chagatai's Horde 26 0 open 4.00/turn
41 Aranid Yemen 11 0 open 4.00/turn
42 SBM 10 7 open 4.00/turn

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