Turn One Hundred-Eightteen
1542 Anno Domini
Al Hajj 1001
502 Nian Huang
Zuni Reckoning 156

Next Turn's Orders Due by Monday, 25 November 1996


Lords 9 Years Per Turn: As of Turn 120. Lords 9 will switch to 3 year turns. That means 60% tax rate.

Undefined MSP (To Reiterate): You can convert 2m to 1t (and then demobizie it for NFP) if you FIRST pay 1 GP per MSP. These are privately owned ships and cannot be seized without consequence. Repeat: 2 GP converts 2m into 1t.

Hunting Action: Code (H) Base Action Cost: 8 months (at least). Hunting requires a leader and a land army to perform. The army is going into a region and hunting wild game for their product: food, fur, ivory, oil, etc. Each region type produces a different yield:

Maximum Yields
Terrain Type Agro Res. Points Gold Points
Cultivated 1 0
Intense Cultivated 1 0
Wilderness 3 1
Steppe 2 2
Tundra 1 1
Mountain 1 1
Desert 0 1
Jungle 1 3
Island 1 0
Oasis 1 1
Sea Zone 1* 0*
*Some Sea Zones may produce an addition 2 Agro Reserve or 2 Gold as well. There are certain fishery and whaling zones but these do move.

In all hunting actions, each region's yield will be multiplied by the following factor: 10% x d6-5+modifiers.
The modifiers are: +Leadership of Hunting Leader.
+1 for each 10 units, max 10.
-RRV (or 5 if none).
+1 for each additional 4 months.
-1 for each 5 PWB in the region, drop fractions.
-5 if the region has been hunted in the past 10 years.
-30 if the region has been depleted in game.

There are ecological costs to Hunting. If a region get hunted in twice in 10 years, the game will be depleted for 50 eyars and all further attempts to hunt will yield nothing. Sea Zones won't suffer from Hunting until the industrial era.

Oceanic Movement: All ocean going leaders and navies travel on coastal sea zones that border your own nation and those of all trade partners at the rate of 1 month per zone. Movement on all coastal sea zones not bordering your nation and your trade partners is 2 months per zone. Monsoon arrows will speed up travel by a factor of a half. Sailing against a strong current counts an additional month. Sailing into hostile waters (H code in the sea zone on your maps) costs an additional month. Travel on all mapped open ocean arrows and inter-island arrows is 1 month per arrow. Travel on non-mapped or partly-mapped open ocean arrows and inter island arrows is 4 months per arrow (as you are mapping them). These movement rules nullify the rules introduces around Turn 59 of Lords 10.

Maximum Nautical Stats: Here are the maximum levels for each of the nautical stats:

Tech Level Navigation Trade Range Conduit Limit
8 4 6 4
9 5 8 5
10 6 10 5
11 7 12 5

Music (Albums) Listened to While Preparing this Turn
Xymox: Clan of Xymox
Hunting Lodge: Nomad Souls
Philip Glass: Koyaanisqatsi

Lords Nine Unit Conversion
Each point of cavalry and infantry represents 500 fighting men. A warship or transport point = 1 ship with 500 men aboard each ship. A siege point = 5 sieges towers or catapults or 500 sappers. An artillery point = 5 field pieces each supported by 100 men. A field fort point = 1 tower manned by 500 men each. A wall point = 10 feet of ramparts and about 500 guards. A siege artillery point = 1 mortar (boulders included).

Lords Nine Turn Costs
OldWorld NewWorld
Per Turn $4.00base,25¢@BL $4.00base,25¢@BL
8x11 Mapset $3.00 $2.00
11x17 Mapset $6.00 $4.00
Color Map $3.00 $3.00
Warning: There will be a $5.00 charge for each returned check. I do not accept post-dated checks.

Contacting The Gamemaster
Send Your Orders to:
Lords 9H c/o Thad Plate
5333 East Thomas Road #215
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Call Me at:
(602) 952-8929. Don't be afraid to leave messages.
Fax: (602) 952-8075
eMail: plate@inficad.com

Rules Used in Lords Nine
This campaign uses the 1994 5th Edition Rulebook and the 1994 Renaissance Expansion v1.4. Any other rules will be noted in this newsletter.

Ordering the Rulebooks: Send check or money order payable to:
Thomas Harlan
4858 East 2nd Street
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Lords of the Earth Campaign One: Thomas Harlan, 4858 East 2nd Street, Tucson, AZ 85711-1207. (602)323-8570 7pm-10pm. eMail: tharlan@tophat.pima.gov. Turn 186. It is not the last.
Lords Two: Sean Harding comes out of the icebox to get turns out this month. 13224 Highview Drive, Burnsville, MN 55337. (612) 890-5878. Turn 37. There are some openings.
Lords Three, Old World: Colin Dunnigan, 5402 East Julia, Tucson, AZ 85711. (602) 881-1402. Turn 9
Lords Three, New World: Richard Ketcham, 3446 North Hills Drive, #258C, Austin, TX 78731-3183. (713) 345-8246. At turn 91
Lords Four: Dave Salter. 7338 Rolling Oak Lane, Springfield, VA 22153. (703) 912-6076. Turn 38
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Lords Seven, The Dark Ages: Eddie Hartwell. 11517 23rd Ave, Burnsville, MN 55337. (612) 431-1858. Turn #10
Lords Eight: Neil Stokes. 1674 Juliet Avenue, St.Paul, MN 55105. (612)698-9270 or nstokes@iceworld.org Turn #9. Set at around 300 BC.
Thad Plate, 5333 East Thomas Road #215, Phoenix, AZ 85018. (602)952-8929. Fax Number (602)952-8075. eMail: plate@inficad.com
Turns cost $4.00 + 25¢ per BL
Lords Nine:
Turn 118. Open: Xuxa, Kwakiutl, Sarkhagi, SBM, Yemen
Lords Ten: Turn 77. Open: Crimea, Nishapur, Xao Hsin
Lords Eleven: Turn 37. Open: Magadan
Lords Twelve: 1000 AD historical start. Will start well into 1997.
Black Empire, The Sea of Fear: Turn 26. Turn costs are $2.00. Open: Rudeltaktik, Iygtaol, Blackadder, Karakorum, Djeme
Lords Seventeen: Bob Gurley 19502 Leaning Timbers. Humble, TX 77346. (713) 852-8866 or yuppyputze@aol.com. Turns are $3.00. Turn 2.
Lords Nineteen:
James Chaney. 7316 North Black Canyon #3, Phoneix, AZ 85051. (602) 864-1175. Atacr@aol.com. Turn #1 completed. Many openings.
Lords Twenty (eLords): This game is run strictly off the internet. Eddie Efsic at eddief6@ix.netcom.com Turn 8. Run every two weeks, no openings.
Lords Twenty-One (eLords II): Rick Stevens 731 South Van Ness #3, San Francisco, CA 94110. Turn 1. EMail: loki@pacbell.net
Lords Twenty-Five: Tom Jordan. 1200 South Ruby, Ellensburg, WA 98926. Turn 1.
Cruenti Dei/ Tarbyr & Pribian:
Thom & Bev Ryng, 1435 North Pearl #2 Tacoma, WA 98406. 206-752-3923. Turn 24 for Tarbyr. Turn 9 for Pribian. Turns cost $3.00. Internet: darkpenguin@netspring.com

Fatimid, Atarikalimid Imam, Denmark, Dutec, Umma, Culdis, Popul Italy, Himrad, Mbundu, STIS, Basra, Sarkhagistan, Yemen, Lubnan
Ghaznavid, Huang, Russia, Siam, Japan, Hurszia, Abyssinia, SBA, Armenia, Baghdad
Neutral: Hansa, Andalus, Ronin, Anatolikon, Shmalid, Mataram, Tibet, Ponape, the entire New World

Later Huang Diverts Silk Road to Russia.
Benghazi Arabs complete their conquest of Italy.
Huang Chinese troops defeat Danes at Varshnask.
Druze begins their battles against Basra, Fatimids.
SUDANESE UPRISING. Atarikalimi Sudanese razid Sanhaja, Andalusian shorelines. Daran Sudanese and Fatimid armies topple the Benghazi regime.
Russians capture Moldavia
Afghan armies begin their conquest of Arabian Felix.
Around this time, the Afghan and Chinese Empires sign an alliance treaty. The Asian Prosperity Alliance would later inlcude the Japanese, the Russians and the Cambodians.
Danes raid Baltic Sea coast
Egyptian Spice Company (ESC) opens.
Ivory-Spear founds the Wiyali of Lubnan at Brana.
Afghan armies complete their conquest of Arabian Felix.
Fatimite Egypt convets to Atarikalami Islam
The Atarikalami High Priest, Khomeni XIV, calls a jihad against the Copts and Sunni Muslims.
Abyssinians attack Daran armies but are then repulsed near Cairo when they went after the Fatimites.
Jihadin begin their assault against the Abyssinians.
The East African Trading Coalition (STIS) begins its business.
Fatimite and Atarikalami navies raid Maghreb and Italian coasts.
Italian nationals revolt from the Arabs.
Benghazi navy destroyed by Atarikalamis.
Under pressure from constant raids, the Sanhaja Sharifat collapses.
Late 1520's and early 1530's
Fatimite navies slave raid Coptic Red Sea coast.
Local Depression is caused by a collapse of the Benghazi banking system.
Druze destroyed by Fatimites. Palmyra's population is enslaved and moved to Darfur.
Popular Uprising in Italy drives out the last of the Arabs.
Danish Kaiser linked to the Atarikalami Muslims.
Russians invade Pomerania, start of the GLOBAL WAR
Daran and Fatimite armies conquer Nubia and enslave the whole region.
Lombard pirates sack two Danish cities on the British Isles.
Chinese and Afghan armies conquer Sarkhagistan.
Afghan armies conquer much of Basran Persia.
Hurszians attack the Po Valley while the Populs drive the Lombards from Italy.
STIS and Atarikalamis shut down ESC offices in Egypt.
Russians defeat Dutch and occupy Holstein.
Danish armies counterattack, liberating Pomerania and pacifying Prussia.
Mbundu conquers Nia Nia from the Abyssinians.
The Global War escalates to become truly global: Afghan armies clash with Fatimites near Mecca. Afghan navy patrols the Red Sea. Chinese armies reinforce Russia.
Great unrest against the Afghan Empire in Persia and Arabia. Atarikalamite Yemen founded.
Danish counterattack destroyed, Russian occupy entire Baltic Coast and isolate Nydania.
Armenia attacks Lebanon.
Chinese navy sacks Parq'rh
MILLENIUM JIHAD. Atarikalimites come out in force to fight the Chinese and Afghans.
Afghan Empire creates Baghdad satrapy.


Western Europe Mercs: 20mc, 20mi, 30mw

Kelson II, Kaiser of All Danes, Emperor of the West
DIPLOMACY: Gwynned(n), Anglia(a), Jamtland(ne)
In the winter months of 1539, Prince Mathus Kelsson was assassinated. His army of 65,000 cavalry and navy of 537 warships were left unattended until Spring when Olof Batilnorg arrived in Prussia. Olof moved his force to Kassubia to better defend his empire. In the following year during the Summer. 65,500 elite dragoons and 125 elite cannons from Russia attacked. The Danes were at an advantage with 20 field forts, 3000 local volunteers, 10,000 mercenary cavalry and 40 cannons delivered with cargo ships by Stenkil Haraldsen. Heavy damage was scored against the Russians so that their cavalry patrol was down to 13,000 but then they were reinforced by 150,000 Dawonc elite knights plus an army of 8000 Russian elite dragoons, 50 elite artillery, 15,000 elite engineers and 59 elite mortars. Outnumbered by 5 to 2, the Danish Kassubian force was annihilated. Both Olof Batilnorg and his lieutenant Stenkil escaped to the navy to recount the rout before the unhappy Kaiser. Before the defeat the two Russian armies had left Saxony and exacted tribute from Lausatia and Pomerania. With the loss of Kassubia and Prussia, the Nydanian lands were isolated and land-locked. 17,500 Sincramer elite cavalry marauded them too, as the raided Sandomir, Sorbia and Meissen. The Meissen ally fretted in far away Gwynned. Moravia and Silesia revolted.
The Dutch were useless allies and no other could assist the Empire in its time of need. There had to be some victory somewhere. So there was. The priest Dom Helmut Solortund and 7500 elite dragoons defeated and took prisoner the 20,500 Lombard army. Their belongings were consficated and some were singled out for execution at Kobenhavn's Head Chop Circus. Larry Glide went to Jamtland but ignored Uppland (home of the Stone Face Man) which the Empire hasn't controlled for over 100 years. Cities: Portsmouth and Derry grew each to 2 Gpv.

Edwin, Scion of St. Camber, Head Dom of the Culdi Council
The Culdis wandered around and built churches in Derry and Danehelm. Some monasteries were set up in Munster. Cathedrals were consecrated in Connaught and Lienster. Jorevin died so Edwin became the chief dom.

Hugo Charm, Hauptsächlich Kaufmann von Hansen
When Matew Gartenshom passed away, the company made Hugo Charm its leader. Hugo was famous for making deals in places deals weren't expected.

Robert, King of Greater Rheinland, Lord of Batavia, Stadhouder of the Netherlands
Phillipe Van Dorn and his forces joined the main army body at Holland. They awaited a further attack from the Russians that didn't come. In 1542, the Sincramers tried to raid Thuringia. The reaction of 333,000 cavalry and 390 cannons put an end to that. The Sincramers had no where to run and were stomped on. The Yorubans sent a trade fleet.

Mohammad ibn Rokk, Malik al Andalus
DIPLOMACY: Valencia(c), Morocco(t), Aragon(fa), Murcia(nt)
Mohammad advocated peace while the world was at war. Abd-al-Allah was told stayed at Seville's port for there was no explicit directions on what sea zones to take. Both protectorates Murcia and Saragoza were let go of, so new relationships could be forged. Ru Tawad withdrew the garrison from Gascony allowing the Muslim land to be abandoned to the Christians. Morocco degraded because Mohammad lacked charm and heart.
Cities: Cordesa grew to 6 Gpv. Seville was 7 Gpv. Calacara got to 2 Gpv. Cordoba nwo had 5 Gpv.

Constanza Bashup was killed by a mob of Irish huntsmen. His assistant, Guenella, couldn't find his balls in battle and was easily tricked in battle by a priest. All surviving Lombard leaders were executed in Kobenhavn in 1540.

Francesco Tornabuoni, President of the People's Republican Society of Italia
Nicola Mulicno was murdered by burglars in 1039. Things looked bad as the 73,000 Dracule knights advanced to Nova Roma. There, 90 foot walls were erected. The Dracule didn't care and attempted to assault. Somebody didn't read the battle history book, cavalry are almost worthless in siege situations. All but 3000 Dracules were slain. The war guards celebrated their great fortune. They had survived a national emergency. A new President was elected in 1541.

Eastern Europe Mercs: 40mc, 10mi, 10ma


Gaspar III, King of Hurszia, Grand Zhupan of Pethion
King Gaspar II was poisoned early in 1539. His lieutenants Seth and Bernkluk took command of the army. They ran headlong into stone walls, where archers and rampart guards picked them all off. The loss of the Dracule Knights led to the rebellions of Wallachia and Carpathia.

Sonya, Czarina of Great Russia, Empress of the East
DIPLOMACY: Thrace(f), Vladimir(t), Crimea(nt)
As seems to be the custom this turn, Queen Cinja, was strangled to death by a masked diplomat. Her death left the young chancellor Gurin Stavantoski in charge of the Kremlin. The battle plan ramained the same. Martha and Sapelivy and Sonyal Radotvin moved out of Saxony and headed back east to deal with invading Danes in Prussia. Martha's elite army went the straight path, tributizing Pomerania on the way. She bumped into a Danish stronghold in Kassubia and suffered until reinforcements came rushing in. Sonyal took a roundabout route. She forced tribugte from Danish Lausatia then rode to Kassubia with her mostly siege troops in time to bail Martha out. The Chinese army of 150,000 elite cavalry also arrived. The Danes were routed and the entire coastline from Lubeck to Ilmen was secure in Russian hands.
There had been talk of a unified Church at Vitebsk, but the patriarchs and metropolitans couldn't agree on how to do it. Bandits were spotted in th woods of Daugava and Lithuania.

Tsubigea Jumin, Ronin Captain
The Ronin liked their pastorial way of life. I wasn't able to translate the disk with this Mac Corel Draw Word Perfect 3.5.
Herakles, King of Rumania
DIPLOMACY: Crete(ea), Hellas(a)
The young boss found an even younger wife to bone in Hellas. He honeymooned in Peloponnese.

Nisibis, Shah of Armenia
DIPLOMACY: Edessa(n)
The Armenians threw their gloves into the World War, calling themselves pro-Russian. General Stefan and a force of 100 elite artillery, 200 regular artillery, 16,000 eltie cavalry and 50,000 regular cavalry crossed into Raqqah and easily made them a protectorate in 1539. A 6000 man Lebanonese force was defeated there. The next year they moved against Aleppo eliciting a response from 54,000 Wiyali cavalry, 150 artillery, 5000 swordsmen and 15 siege engines. The battle was clearly in Armenia's favor. The Black Muslim army was completely routed. By then 30 mortars were rolled in along with 15,000 engineers and 5000 infantry. They bombarded Antioch in 1541-2 and then laid siege. Antioch still resisted for its walls were still 70 feet tall. The Armenian army suffered from attrition from stray arrows and disease in the meantime. Despite all of Sebastes' efforts, Edessa was still degraded to neutral. Batumi grewt o be a 7 Gpv capital city.


Al Mahgrab Mercs: 10mi

Fasher Hadi, Sultan of the North, Ruler of As Siqilli
The Benghazi became quite irrelavant these days. They took no sides in the Global War - they had bad feelings about both sides.

Asad, Director of the SBM
The factors in Abydos, Balerum, Blohaym, Chalcedon, Myra, Kirovsk, Pisa and Valetta came under control of the directors of the New Jerusalem office of the former Egyptian Spice Company. They were renamed the Moorish Spice Company.

West Africa Mercs: 20mi, 20mc, 10ma

Asuor, Dread Oba of Yoruba, Lord of the Zombies, Caliph of the Shining Path, Protector of the Holy City of Parqr'h
DIPLOMACY: Gagnoa(f), Galam(hs), Boure(nt), Cheliff(ne), Oujda(ne)
The Yorubans dealt with peaceful expansion. New public works, larger cities (Bouma - 7gpv, Maza - 8, Kumbi-Saleh - 10, Cheysuk - 8, Volta - 7) and more trade. A new city Kankan was built in Jenne land. Diplomacies were made in Sunnite regions to bad effect. Galam all but declared war since the Atarikalimid rebellion there had failed. Prince Rucat and the Gagnoa escaped the region. In the Maghreb, the Sunni princes of Oudja and Cheliff remembering what the Umma had done to them in the past, absolutely rejected the envoy's requests.
Some 300 elite warships arrived into the Niger River in A.H. 1001. These sailors were like demons from another world. They used thunder guns to crush the 60 foot walls and then with 40,000 marines assaulted the city. Once cleric, Y'xjsh III, defended it but not too well. Parq'rh was brutally looted and sacked, and the navy went back to sea. In response to thsi act of terror, 197,500 Millenium jihadin crowded around Kumbi-Selah. They wanted to sack the distant Radidaul Empire and the ir Ilhind lackies.

Azucentia II, Sultana of Ngazargumu, Lady of Dara
The young Vizier Kammir watied at Mandara for the Imam's force of 15,000 spear-men and 1500 catapults to appear. Once they passed, Kammir went to Bornu picked up some cavalry brigades and headed north-east to the Nile Valley regions. Near the end of AH 1000, the force of 108,500 Himraqat riders, 275 Daran cannons, 35,000 Imami spear-men and 1500 Parq'rh catapults and 15,000 mercenary horsemen crossed from Faras into Napata and occupied the region. Since Talo had no walls, the 110 holy galleys didn't have to blockade. The city was sacked and toasted then the region was enslaved. Its entire population was herded into stock pens. Napata became a steppe wildland.
The Millenium Jihad brough forth a swarm of fighters at Nozebned and Mandara city. Chirop'tera grew to 4 Gpv. Thebes and Faras are more like the Shining Pathers. Uninhabited Kwararafa became a Black Rhino Reserve.

Ayatollah Khomeni XV, Protector of the True Children of Islam, Guardian of the Shining Path, Imam
New troops were mustered to assist the Darans in their attack against Al Ha'besh. Ayatollah Khomeni stayed at home for awhile and tried to have children. His wife did come from a fertile family. She was not bad looking. The young Imam might not be ready. He went off to build monasteries in Volta and Bouma and an abbey in Maza. While he was out a great navy from Gehenna sailed into the Niger Estuary and bombarded Parq'rh walls with strange guns. These Oriental strangers were very visibly led by the Ghaznavid duke, Ahmud as Sanaa. They then assaulted and sacked the town at the end of 1001. The Wezollah escaped the mess with luck, but the main governing mosques and libraries were lost. The sack crippled the Imamat - but it also casued a great alarm to spread throughout the Atarikalimid Community. This alarm combiend with the words of various mystics who whispered of a 'Great Reckoning at the Millenium'. Thus myriads of holy fighters, willing to go to the ends of the Earth to destroy the evil Radidauls who sat on Parq'rh's ruins and throw armies across the planet came out for the Millenium Jihad. The angry Ayatollah was heartened that his disgust was shared by many. Soon the Evil Ones and their Sunni Shah slaves will quake in fear against the sword of righteousness.
A bounty of 5 GP was placed on 1 sNFP of Russian population delivered to any Imamat mosque.

Okonkwo II, Pantrap of Mbundu, Lord of the Fell Gates of Khatovar, The Last True Afro-Pagan on Earth
A generous loan of 500,000 dinars was sent by the Himrads to the Pantrapy. They used this money to crank their technology up. As the Atarikalimids were riled up over the sack of the holy city. Okonkwo and his artisans made and distributed tunics with the pictograms that spoke, "Nobody Knows I'm An Afro Pagan".

Lua Sie, 'Parkerbane', Marshal of the Ocean Sea
At 502, after a long and difficult voyage, along the coastline of South Asia and Africa, the 300 frigate fleet, Marshal Lua Sie and the Ghaznavid Emir, Ahmudi, went up the Niger River and sacked and burned Parq'rh after a good bombardment. They then headed back home but din't have the favorable waters they had coming in. They ported at the neutral port of Dhulnan. Ahmudi died. Lua Sie told his sailors that they may never get home alive. Resolved to their fate, the sailors and marines have to trust their futures to the Marshal and his warchest of ivory and gold treasures.

East Africa Mercs: 40mi, 20mc

Zanditu II, King of Abyssinia, Negus Negesti, Anointed by Jah, Lion of Judah
The Lion and his generals were helpless to act while over 196,000 Black Muslims, mostly from Himrad, invaded Napata. They captured Talo, sacked and burned the city and then enslaved the population of the region. Gamo-Gofa became cultivated.

SHIRKI AT TIJAR AL IFRIKI AS SHARK (East African Trading Company)
Hanna al Hiddad, Chief Executive of the STIS
Hanna tried to steal monopolies in Ghaznavid territory, but now that Yemen became and independent country that wasn't possible. He escaped when the Ghaznvaid army attacked Sanaa. He wasn't welcome in Aden so the went back to Yemen, where the new local rulers were friendly to fellow Atarikalimids. Abd Hanna, a lousy negotiator was useless trying to build factors at Christian Greek cities. Abdul spent extra time in Fatimid cities but the only go-ahead was a factor in Cairo. Sea trade was handled for the Fatimids to 'Urzi.
The Aranib rebellion in Yemen meant that STIS must now handle land trade for them with the Fatimids and Himrad. No nation was able to succeed in building up offices for the STIS.

Al Baram, Malika al-Arabiya, Lady Caliph of the Ba'athist Muslims, Keeper of the Martian Secrets
The Spice Company struck back against the government by seizing control of Ziba with a militia of 10,000 and 4 siege artillery. They invited the Ghaznavids in. Kalifa Jazmyne and her daughter Inulla did lots of belly-dancing. To participate in the Millenium Jihad, a few zealots gathered at Cairo. The hot heads among them wanted to drive the Afghan scum from Ziba.


Arabia and Persia Mercs: 20mi, 20mc, 20mw

Yussuf al Khalan, Director -General of the SBA
From inside Ziba, Yussuf and his lieutenant captured the city and posted new wall guards. They then opened the gates for 50,000 Ghaznavid knights and 925 field cannons who were on board a navy of 39 elite warships, 541 regular warships and 235 transports. Once Yussuf was satisfied that he done the Kalifa of Kairo dirty, he went off to Somanatha to open a branch office. Public works built there helped to smooth relations with the city bureaucrats there.
Fatimid customs agents have ensured the split of the Egyptian Spice Company into two. The Al Hadd, An Najaf, Mecca, Siraf, Socratrabad, Somanatha, Wasit and Ziba section remained under Yussuf's purview and was renamed the Arabian Spice Company (SBA). The Mediterrean offices have become known as the Moorish Spice Company (SBM).

Deriq, Rais al Walad al Ibrahim
DIPLOMACY: Raqqah(ne)
Deriq lost his entire army fighting the invading Armenians. He withdrew to Lebanon where he sacked the Spice Company factor. Antioch held out as it was besieged. Labor became guild based, instead of slave. Some jihadin showed up in outrage over the sack of Parq'rh.

Khari Aranib, Emir of Yemen
The Yemen was converted to Black Muslim in 998 so they overthrew the pro-Ghaznavid quislings then repulsed an assault at Sanaa to achieve their independence (thank you, Mr. Imam). Some jihadin gathered to help strike down the earthly forces of evil.

Yusufri ibn Alimusa, Amir as Sideh, Sultan of Basra
DIPLOMACY: Makran(nt, later rebelled)
The Basra Sultan Benusa headed to Fatimid terrority to appeal for help. His leaders disappeared. One did show up in Hormuz after its rebellion from the Ghaznavids. In 999, Prince Yusufri, Benusa's grandson, took 5000 men on 5 transports to Al Kuwayt claiming their right to defend the city but ended up sacking the city. Kuwait rebelled from Basra misrule, Yusufri took the loot home. When Benusa died in 1001, Yusufri proclaimed himself to be Black Muslim. Only Hormuz converted with him. A handful of jihadin arrived to help Yusufri to fight the demonic Ilhandi.

Shluki al Ahmud, Appointed Emir of Baghdad, King of D'oh
Shluki was given 102,000 cavalry plus the pacified regions of Diyala, Hahmar, Iraq, Jibal, Kipchak and Luristan and their garrisons (Abadan rebelled). He only had the time to colonize Iraq with Sunni Muslims. Shluki was Ahmud Assanaa's son.

Sa'id al Aman, Shahanshah of Sarkhagistan
Only lost Arlan to the Huang (Radida'ul) Empire.

Hindustan Mercs: 20mi

The Great and Glorious, Gargantian and Glistening Giant of Ghaz, His Most Excellent and Perspiring, Musamasad, Sultan of Avestan, Khan of the Hindus, Chieftain of the Nutter Butters
DIPLOMACY: Jazirah(nt)
Musamasad decided that being a Wizard wasn't his style. He became a Giant instead. To pave the way for a new sub-kingdom, the Mesopotamian conquests had to be reattacked. Two armies did the dirty work. Is'mail and 138,000 cavalry attacked Iraq (a tributary). Nakbin and Kirha and 140,000 cavalry backstabbed Hahmar (a protectorate). There were many, many rebellions as a consequence (or as a coincidence): Abadan, Al Batnah, Al Jiwa, Andhra, Asir, Dasht Kavir, Diyala, Gangas, Hormuz, Jibal, Jowzjanan, Khuzestan, Kipchak, Luristan, Mandina, Makran, Mand, Tukharistan, Turan and Yemen became independent. Nakbin and Kirha went on to pacify Abadan and Luristan before linking up with Is'mail at Iraq. Is'mail had in the meantime had occupied Diyala, Jibal and Kipchak. They then attacked the garrison in Jazirah. Despite it all, the Jazirah people have cheered the Ghaznavid troops. Abadan suddenly revolted again, destroying the garrison there. A great Chinese army of 25,000 elite cavalry, 32,000 eltie infantry, 12,500 elite engineers, 200 elite cannons and 25 elite mortars marched through Gurgan, Tabaristan, Kipchak, Jibal, Diyala and Iraq to get to Dulaym.
Etlif with 100,000 fresh cavalry forced tribute from Shadad, Laristan, Yezd and Zagros and delivered Shluki to Iraq in 1001. To the south, Ramohn found himself confronting a hostile Atarikalimid rebellion in Yemen. He had to capture Sanaa in order to restore order and chose to assault. He and his entire force were shot down by the Sanaa city wall guards. The Red Sea navy suffered from an attack by Armenians badly disguised as Imamists. Makhaz, the admiral, was protected though. He led the ships to Ziba to take over the city and protect Arab Spice merchants.
Ahmud as Sanaa, upset that his home town was subverted by the Imam, participated in a act of personal revenge. He hitched a ride with a Chinese warship fleet that sailed the coast. He had told the Chinese the Arab and ancient geographical knowledge that Africa was surrounded on all sides by the Ocean Sea. It was possible he told them to navigate along the south coast, south of Zanzibar, sotuh of the Kaashats and around the to the Bight of Benin. This was duly done at his direction and he participated in the sack of Parq'rh, the hitherto mysterious holy city of the Atarikalimids. He died happy in a distant and strange land.

Sujisain, 10th Host of the Oceanic Buddha, Queen of the Mystic Arts, Incarnation of Pan-Dan Lha-Mo
DIPLOMACY: Tsaidam(nt)
A royal road between Lhasa and Qamdo was begun.

Funan Mercs: 10mi, 10mw

Rama V, God-Emperor of the Sian Kambujadesa, Grand Abbot of Lopan
Zaru, Chief Monk of the Golden Palace, Premier of the Earth
DIPLOMACY: Kalinga(ea), Kanchou(c), Seylan(ne)
After many years of service, Eng Phul died at the age of 69. He saw to it that a city was built in Chiennan (Phayao). Also Pagan, Baharu, Kotabaru, Hong Kong, Angkor andPa grew. All word was lost about Ral and his force of elite cavalry in Rus-land.

Baviksangaraguna-varman, King Neptune of the Matay, Lord of Java, Chief of Celebes
The Matay made their cities a bit cleaner.

China and Japan Mercs: 10mei, 20mec

The All Powerful and Celestial Lord, Huang In-Do, Son of Heaven, Giver of Life, Protector of the Golden Path, Guardian of the Immortal Gate, Father of the Han, First Groundbreaker of the Bountiful Land, Wizard of the Nine Suns, Master of Matter, Agent Double O Soul, Gatherer of Clouds, Earth-Shaker, Sky-Smasher, Power of the Cosmic Mojo, Grand Dragon Extraordinaire, Yellow Emperor of the Middle Kingdom, Ruler of the Entire World
DIPLOMACY: Suachu(ne), Kucha(fa)
An elite navy of many frigates were built at Yangchou and was put under the command of Lua Sie. Lua Sie sailed the coastal waters and was given secret instructions of impending doom. Paxiu who had just obtained control of Bogazgol marched south with his army to force tribute from Arlen and reduce their fortress. These troops marched through Ghaznavid territory, with much pomp and gong and horn noise. They attacked and pacified neutral Dulyam. Paxiu, then died of old age at the end of the 502nd year of Huang Domination. A royal road then connected Bekdas to Ghaznavid's Gonbad going through Arlan. The army in Rus, helped to destroy a Dan army in Kassubia.

Tenno Yirutaga, 92nd Emperor of Nihon, Divine Son of Amaterasu
Nakatobi no Chibasatsu, Shogun of all Japan
Elite cavalry were trained near Ulchin.

Iniki III, First Chosen of Nan Matol, King of Ponape , Keeper of the Mystery Blocks
Nan Matol grew to 6 Gpv. Umatac was now 2 Gpv.


South America Mercs: none


Nevechi, Chief Astronomer of the Parana
DIPLOMACY: Jurucu(ea), Kitpek(ne), Camacan(a)
A postal road got dug out from Guarani to Parana to Guayaki to Heta.

His Solar Highness, Valgol, King of Peru, Lord of the Earthen Lines
Lesayo grew to 10 Gpv. Voronezh was built for Wairajikira. Chavin cultivates.

Vagdosh took the money and ran. Guanacane and Leco are independent.

Fondo II, Steward for the Lost King
UFO's hovered over Xuxa. The advisors told Fondo that something have caught the interest of the flying balls of light.

North America Mercs: 10mc


Eremenko, Kynaz of the Roanoke Russ, Chief of Jamaica
On Taino, on the north-west side, the port of Udesa was constructed. Carib was fully converted to Christianity.

Roturi, Ariki-a-Maaori, Beloved of Tangoroa, Quetzal Emperor of Mexico
Roturi took all his cash and manpower to build irrigation works.

Chitaotin, King of the Requel, Keeper of the Tikal Codex
DIPLOMACY: Zacatec(n), Huastec(ne), Tamaulipec(n)
Ano himself paid a social call on the mean Zacatec. After the diplomat handed out flowers, the Zacatec forgave the Requela of past crimes. Huastec and Tamaulipec were just plain inaccessable.

White Thunder, Unifier of the Prairie
DIPLOMACY: Ogo-Pogo(a, after a fight), Lumisan(hs, then destroyed), Simiwach(a, until destroyed), Chicagos(ne), Modoc(a, until destroyed), Commanche(a, after a fight), Crow(a)
The Navajo boldly challenged the other plains tribes for supremacy. 55,000 Ogo-Pogo fought 90,000 Navajo and Okmulgi at Arapaho but lost. The Ogo Pogo joined them. Then 18,000 Lumisan attacked. 96,500 Navajo, Ogo-Pogo and Okmulgi crushed them at Oto. The Okmulgi were destroyed. After being ignroed by the Chicagos, the small Simiwach tribe joined. At Plains Ojibwa, the Modoc joined forces with the Navajo, Ogo-Pogo and Simiwach (96,000 mounted braves) to defeat the hair trigger Commanches and Kiowa (66,000 riders). After the destruction of the Kiowas, Simiwach and Modoc, the Navajo and Commanches agreed to bury the hatchet. At Teton, the Crow tribe joined. Except for the extreme north and the Chicagos just about all the horse-tribes have been united.

Ahilannga, King of Bengkalis, Guardian of the Straits
DIPLOMACY: Yokuts(ne), Chumash(ne), Yurok(c), Tolowa(t)
The best diplomat didn't spend enough time in Yokuts.

Maquinna IV, Twilight King of the Kwakiutl
The sounds of woodcarving became thunderous.
The MSI Rankings List

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Rk Country MSI ITV Player Phone # eMail Address

1 Ghaznavid Sultanat 758 78 Jack Wagner 602-242-4794
2 Huang China 690 123 Jonathan White 602-894-2109 jwhite@mail1.ade.state.az.us
3 Natatobi Shogunate 486 50 Dave Pettit 602-966-4727
4 Fatimid Caliphate 472 32 [Tim Solper] arizona
5 Sian Kambujadesa 459 53 Scott Hagen 602-756-0104 scott.hagen@alliedsignal.com
6 Great Rheinland 423 48 Logan Vanderlinden 512-479-7692 loganv@cris.com
7 Danish Empire 406 29 George Shrake 602-894-1384
8 Umma 390 61 James Kramer III 602-272-8046
9 Rosska Empire 367 46 Jamie White arizona trillian@impas1.asu.edu
10 Himrad 350 33 Heidi Zoltz 602-935-7006
11 Judah Lion of Ethiopia 273 19 [David Salter] 703-912-6076 102417.3444@compuserve.com
12 Imam of Parq'rh 270 6 Earl Solper 602-921-3716
13 Mataram 244 28 Barnacle Bill new mexico barnacle1@juno.com
14 Al Andalus 222 18
15 Armenia 187 22 Dennis Doubek 602-820-4314 doubek@soho.ios.com
16 Mbundu 128 21 [Lance Solper] 602-921-3716 lancesol@imap2.asu.edu
17 Maori Arikate 117 18
18 Solar Peru 109 11 Ted Kaminski 608-253-9231
19 Dalai Lama in Tibet 106 5 T Limon 602-820-2278
20 Shmalids 94 11 Ed Peterman california
21 Ponape 94 19 Tom Hudspeth saudi arabia
22 Huang Western Navy 89 0 Darin Byrne arizona
23 Hurszia 82 10
24 Anatolikon 77 7 [Mark Newman] 602-878-9359
25 Culdi Council 75 1 Dave 602-894-1384
26 STIS 69 17 Craig Bartels 602-894-0972 axcrb@asuvm.inre.asu.edu
27 Ahmudid Baghdad 67 3 Jeff Martin arizona
28 Parana Stargazers 63 8 Stephen Nobles 602-589-5188 imperi@goodnet.com
29 Popular Italy 61 7 Warren Bruhn 503-623-1001
30 Requela 56 8 Dave Welches 602-498-0922pgr ciboney@ix.netcom.com
31 Twilight Kwakiutl 51 7 open 4.25/turn
Medium Sized
32 Lubnan 48 6 John Prichard arizona
33 Roanoke Russ 44 6 Roger Truitt 209-584-3989 emo@kingsnet.com
34 Rising Sun Ronin 43 0 Kelly Powell arizona
35 Xuxa 43 5 open 4.50/turn
36 SBA 41 11 Kerry Harrison 512-837-5553 kerry@pbmgames.com
37 Sarkhagistan 40 3 open 4.25/turn
38 Navajo Horde 39 0 Charles Hurst 503-653-1178 charlesh@teleport.com
39 Hanseatic League 30 16 Ryan Kilcline arizona
40 Bengkh 30 4 Mike Overstreet 602-969-8840 spiketo@gnn.com
41 Basra 29 2 John David Smith 602-992-7137
42 Aranid Yemen 16 1 open 4.00/turn
43 SBM 10 7 open 4.00/turn

X Everything Else Thad Plate 602-952-8929 plate@inficad.com

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