Turn One Hundred-Sixteen
1534 Anno Domini
Al Hajj 993
494 Nian Huang
Zuni Reckoning 148

Next Turn's Orders Due by Monday, 14 October 1996


Lords 9 Years Per Turn: As of Turn 120. Lords 9 will switch to 3 year turns. That means 60% tax rate.

Monday Due Dates: I've finally done it. I graduated from college some seven years ago but I stuck ritually to the Friday due dates. No more. I am switching to Monday due dates so I can establish a weekday discipline. This may actually help to get turns out sooner. After Oct 13th, I will be in Phoenix most of the time.

New eMail: I have a new internet carrier. Please send all electronic messages to plate@inficad.com. Thanks.

Capital Command Control Radius: This will radiate from your capital city your nation has an infrastructure of 2 or more. If your king is outside the CCR, the capital will be overthrown. Any Centralist Monarchy may choose to radiate CCR from the king if they so choose.

Chancellors: All Imperial governments must have a chancellor present in the capital city some time during the turn to ensure smooth government. Any imperial government without a chancellor may suffer an increase chance of dynastic unrest.

2.10.3 Adjustment: Project Support: The PWB component of the Project Support has been changed. It is now
Support = (PWB/((Imperial Size + Size Divisor)*10))2

Fax Messages: If you have written something for the fax, just eMail it to me.

Mercantile Combine Notes: I now have automated the Mercantile Combines's NMV to be 5% higher than normal nations. I have fixed a little problem in the MerCom's ITV calculation which will give MerCom's a greater income through trade.
* I have knocked down Religious Empires NMV down 5% to balance things out.
* To accomodate the MerCom's ability to handle trade routes for other nations, I have added three new Trade Route Codes.
Land Trade MerCom (ltm): If you are using a Mercom to handle your land trade, this is the code I will use. If the trade partner does not border your nation, I will count the number of regions away from your border to their border. If this number exceeds your trade range, you 'll get less income. Mercom handled land trade is multiplied by .85, which is slightly better than Land Trade Open Terrain (lto). The Mercom gain as their fee for their troubles, a bonus of 30% of what you are making from this route (This approximates the difference between the MerCom's NMV and your NMV). To open such a route, the Mercom must have at least a branch office in your territory and a branch office in the prospective trade partner's office. This trade can be interdicted by intervening countries or armies.
Land Trade Caravan (ltc): If you are on the recieving end of a Land Trade by MerCom route (ltm) and have not made a contract with a MerCom to handle your route, your route will be considered ltc if you do not border the trade partner nor can trade with them in any other way. This kind of route is multiplied by .5 and will be reduced if the number of regions your partner is exceeds your trade range.
* If you have any region along the Silk Road, you can trade with non contigious nations also on the Silk Road with ltc.
MerCom Sea Trade (mst): This is a MerCom handled sea route. It is like Normal Sea Trade (nst) in all ways except the Mercantile Combine handles the arrangements. Using Mercantile Combines can allow nations to reach distant overseas trade partners. Like Land Trade MerCom (ltm), the Combine will receive a bonus of 30% of the money you make. MerComs require a branch office or better to base trade from your port.
* If you want to open up a MerCom, this is the time to jump in!

Music (Albums) Listened to While Preparing this Turn
Laibach: Opei Dei
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Mother's Milk
They Might Be Giants: Flood
Peter Murphy: Deep
Simple Minds: Sparkle In the Rain
The Cure: Faith
Sonic Youth: Bad Moon Rising
The Style Council: My Ever Changing Moods
Magazine: After the Fact (Compilation 1985)
Tangerine Dream: Cyclone
Japan: Tin Drum
...and various mix tapes.

Lords Nine Unit Conversion
Each point of cavalry and infantry represents 500 fighting men. A warship or transport point = 1 ship with 500 men aboard each ship. A siege point = 5 sieges towers or catapults or 500 sappers. An artillery point = 5 field pieces each supported by 100 men. A field fort point = 1 tower manned by 500 men each. A wall point = 10 feet of ramparts and about 500 guards. A siege artillery point = 1 mortar (boulders included).

Lords Nine Turn Costs
OldWorld NewWorld
Per Turn $4.00base,25¢@BL $4.00base,25¢@BL
8x11 Mapset $3.00 $2.00
11x17 Mapset $6.00 $4.00
Color Map $3.00 $3.00
Warning: There will be a $5.00 charge for each returned check. I do not accept post-dated checks.

Contacting The Gamemaster
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Lords 9H c/o Thad Plate
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(602) 952-8929 Wednesday morning to Friday night. Don't be afraid to leave messages.
(520) 776-8462 Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.
Fax: (602) 952-8075
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Rules Used in Lords Nine
This campaign uses the 1994 5th Edition Rulebook and the 1994 Renaissance Expansion v1.4. Any other rules will be noted in this newsletter.

Ordering the Rulebooks: Send check or money order payable to:
Thomas Harlan
4858 East 2nd Street
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Wanderers' Web page is maintained by Chris Cornelle at bob@gumby.spa.umn.edu. I post newsfaxes when I am able.

Lords of the Earth Campaign One: Thomas Harlan, 4858 East 2nd Street, Tucson, AZ 85711-1207. (602)323-8570 7pm-10pm. eMail: tharlan@tophat.pima.gov. Turn 186. It is not the last.
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Lords Three, New World: Richard Ketcham, 3446 North Hills Drive, #258C, Austin, TX 78731-3183. (713) 345-8246. At turn 91
Lords Four: Dave Salter. 7338 Rolling Oak Lane, Springfield, VA 22153. (703) 912-6076. Turn 38
Lords Six: Kerry Harrison 11441 IH-35 North #3102, Austin, TX 78753-2851. (512) 837-5553 call between 7pm and 10pm weekdays or 1pm and 11pm weekends CST. Email at kerry@io.com. Starting soon - 900 AD historical free start.
Lords Seven, The Dark Ages: Eddie Hartwell. 11517 23rd Ave, Burnsville, MN 55337. (612) 431-1858. Turn #10
Lords Eight: Neil Stokes. 1674 Juliet Avenue, St.Paul, MN 55105. (612)698-9270 or nstokes@iceworld.org Turn #9. Set at around 300 BC.
Thad Plate, 5333 East Thomas Road #215, Phoenix, AZ 85018. (602)952-8929 weekdays. (520) 776-8462 weekends. Fax Number (602)952-8075. eMail: thadplate@aol.com
Turns cost $4.00 + 25¢ per BL
Lords Nine:
Turn 116. Open: Xuxa, Kwakiutl, 3 Plains Indian Hordes, Andalusia
Lords Ten: Turn 75. Open: Bornu, Senegal, Crimea, Ukrain
Lords Eleven: Turn 35. Open: Bakongo, Magadan
Lords Twelve: 1000 AD historical free start. Will start well into 1997.
Black Empire, The Sea of Fear: Turn 24. This is a playtest game. Turn costs are $2.00 after Turn 25.
Lords Thirteen: Rich Sorenson. PO Box 779, Columbia Falls, MT 59912. (406)892-3752. Turn 3. (406) 892-3752.
Lords Seventeen: Bob Gurley 19502 Leaning Timbers. Humble, TX 77346. (713) 852-8866 or yuppyputze@aol.com. New game. Turns are $3.00. Turn 2.
Lords Eighteen: Minnesota based game.
Lords Nineteen:
James Chaney. 7316 North Black Canyon #3, Phoneix, AZ 85051. (602) 864-1175. Atacr@aol.com. Turn #0 will start September 16.
Lords Twenty (eLords): This game is run strictly off the internet. Eddie Efsic at eddief6@ix.netcom.com Turn 5
Lords Twenty-One: Rick Stevens 731 South Van Ness #3, San Francisco, CA 94110. EMail: loki@pacbell.net
Lords Twenty-Five: Tom Jordan. 1200 South Ruby, Ellensburg, WA 98926. This is a new game.
Cruenti Dei/ Tarbyr & Pribian:
Thom & Bev Ryng, 1435 North Pearl #2 Tacoma, WA 98406. 206-752-3923. Turn 24 for Tarbyr. Turn 9 for Pribian. Turns cost $3.00. Internet: darkpenguin@netspring.com


Western Europe Mercs: 20mc, 20mi, 30mw

Kelson II, Kaiser of All Danes, Emperor of the West
DIPLOMACY: Jamtland(nt), Hordaland(a)
In 1531, rumors flew through the capital populace when a secret document was unearthed containing construction plans of a mosque hidden in the Royal Palace oriented towards the south. The implication was clear: King Kelson was a Black Muslim and worked the will of the Dread Ayatollah of Parker. The Culdi Council was horrifified and placed the matter under investigation. Confidence in the crown was low - and it sunk further, the following year when the Russians invaded Kassubia. 102,500 elite infantry, 4500 elite siegemen, 85 steel artillery, 65 iron mortar guns, 26,000 Dawonc cavalry (elite) and 26,000 Dawanc infantry (also elite) plus 500 regular cavalry following the main army along with an Igaunadon and the Russian Chancellor Yerski Anara and Lady General Sapelivy crossed the border to fight. The 20 field forts were useful only in getting destroyed. Kassubia was occupied then. The force moved on to extort tribute by violence in Pomerania in 1533. In 1534, these cradlesluggers moved to Obodria and began the bombardment of Rostock. Much of its defenses had been blasted away by the end of the year. If that wasn't enough, some 5 elite warships and cargo ships full of 20,000 Lombard infantry snuck into the English Channel while the Hebrides navy got hammered with scotch at Pargonhavn and the main navies patrolled the Baltic Sea. These aquatic wibbergluts landed on Portsmouth and sacked the entire town in March 1534. In August, they repeated their raze job in Connaught's Derry. The Lombard pirates took shelter at an isolated cove in the south of Munster.

Jorevin, Scion of St. Camber, Head Dom of the Culdi Council
Jorevin was under great pressure to excommunicate Kelson II. Proof that the king was a Black Muslim spy was manifest in his unwillingness to defend his Empire's sacred borders from apostate enemies. Abbeys were built in Lancaster, Ulster, Hebrides, Orkney, Hordaland, Romsdal. Jylland got a monastery. Sjaelland got a cathedral.

Matew Gartenshom, Hauptsächlich Kaufmann von Hansen
Hugo Charm put some key lime effort into his negotiations. He got what he came for at last. A brand new factor shop in El Malik. Riga and Tilberg became cartel cities. The bombardment of Rostock was felt in the pocketbook.

Robert, King of Greater Rheinland, Lord of Batavia, Stadhouder of the Netherlands
Nothing was done against the Populards who took over control of Lombardy and Saxony and the city of Milano. They tried to take Liguria but only ended up destroying the garrison there. There was a Populard inspired revolt in Corsica which fizzled. The rabble took out 500 garrison soldiers of the 3500 had had been stationed there. The Popularids threatened to become a more serious problem though and a watch was posted in the Alps. Robert smirked when he heard of the Danish problems. The Puppetmasters allowed that.

Umar ar Rokk, Malik al Andalus
DIPLOMACY: Snanid Kingdom of Fez(a)
Rokki died at last. His mind was snapped by the forces beyond this plane of existence. He was 76 anyway. The Moroccans have agreed to ally with the Maliki.

Darino, Lombard King of Italy
The Lombards finally made their way back to Italy. Their homecoming was spoiled, however, by an uprising of their old foes: the Commune of New Rome. These bungjunkets were now called the Popolo or Populards in Rhineland. Like their first uprising in 1438, the Popols swarmed all over Nova Roma like ants and Latium in 1531. They claimed Tuscany and Pisa, Romagna and Ravenna before they advanced to Verona. Perandero had just arrived in time to evacuate his newly built army of 20,000 infantry and 500 siegemen on board ships before the growing, dirty host of 5500 riders and 17,500 spearmen could stop them. Darino and Guenello seized control of Tarantum and drove the Popols from there at least, but then came the Imamists. These 80 ship slavers captured children in Calabria, Apulia and Spoleto. When they were gone, the Lombards took stock of their dire situation: they were left iwth Apulia, Spoleto and isolated Tyrol. Their army and navy were far away along a hostile shore without leadership. Lack of farmlands starved Tarantum and it lost 2 Gpv.

Giacomo Perlotto, President of the People's Republican Society of Italia
DIPLOMACY: Latium(hm), Tuscany(f), Romagna(f), Verona(f), Lombardy(f), Savoy(f), Campania(f)
The Spirit of 1438 was never forgotten. The Commune laid low and prepared for a more glorious return than the original revolution of Baltico Vadagi. Their leader Giacomo Perlotto in his Teutonic manner spoke to his newly formed Popular Army:
"The effete, incompetant, impotent, unpatriotic, vile, base and cowardly Lombard aristocracy have proved themselves incapable and unwillingg to defend Italy against the ravages of barbarous Dutch and infidel Moor alike. It falls to the Italian peopel to find a new Roman Republic in order to defend ourselves. I, Giacomo Perlotto, call on the Italian people to rise up and throw out the foreign oppressors!"
The host grew as the army marched. The Popol forces gained Latium, Tuscany and Romagna in the first year. 1532-3, Verona, Lombardy and Savoy were gained while Dutch garrisons and Lombard armies fled. They even stopped a Moorish raiding party from touching Romagna. In 1534, after failing to take Liguria, they made their way to Campania and destroyed the last important Muslim garrison in Italy. Rebellions failed to ignite the population of Calabria, Spoleto and were crushed in Corsica, Sicily and Apulia. Both Dutch and Lombards vowed to smash the Popols but they won't now because they are too scared.

Eastern Europe Mercs: 40mc, 10mi, 10ma

Gaspar II, King of Hurszia, Grand Zhupan of Pethion
The Danube River dwellers didn't much worry about the planet. So they dumped many barrels of green slime into the river.

Cinja II, Czarina of Great Russia, Empress of the East
DIPLOMACY: Dobruja(a), Thrace(t), Vladimir(n)
It took a year to retrain the troops but the wait was worth it. Both the Daugavan and Latvian armies became 100% elite except for a unit of cavalry wheo dressed as cavemen (riding prehistoric cave horses, of course) so they could keep the Iguanadon company. This shiny army marched as a mass: 161,000 Russian, 52,000 Khitan and 20,000 merc forces to Courland and Prussia. These pacified Kassubia, forced tribute from Pomerania and bombarded Rostock - all without Danish resistance. A host of 53,000 additional expert dragoons caught up with the rest in Pomerania, having rode all the way from the Crimea.
The rest of the country of vague. The Cambodians (17,500 elite knights) hopped on a wagon train and left the country by Silk Road. Some 25,000 Greek free lancers milled about Estonia, muttering to themselves. An Imperial Road was built from Kiev to Caxa to Sakr. A port city was founded in Prussia called Grudek. Vladimir clung to the old ways. Thrace was given a handsome bribe to ignore the Anatolians with.

Tsubigea Jumin, Ronin Captain
DIPLOMACY: Donets(nt)
The Ronin moved to Donets which they became lords over.

Herakles, King of Rumania
DIPLOMACY: Macedon(n), Crete(nt), Thessaly(f), Hellas(n)
Diplomacy came not easy for Ajax so he appointed himself as defender with the Anatolic army in Lydia. Lexus was appointed ambassador and went stomping all over Greece. Things didn't go well until he hit Crete. The expected gold shipment didn't arrive. Who was sitting on it this time?

Nisibis, Shah of Armenia
Elias and his family ate at a big banquet in 1534. The visiting cooks had served them red olive. Unfortunately Elias' bloodline was allergic to red olive in a violent way. The Shah and son died from t heir culinary experience. The rest of the kingdom didn't know what to make of it. Kuban rebelled while the Armenians decided who would be the new rulers. A multi-sport contest was held. The winner had to be good in riding, archery, fighting, dwarf-tossing and checkers. The champion was a minor noble from Baku named Nisibis.


Al Mahgrab Mercs: 20mi

Fasher Hadi, Sultan of the North, Ruler of As Siqilli
The Shmalids were no longer seen as a threat by anyone. So they were ignored for the most part. National Italians had overhwelmed the Campania garrison so the Etal possessions were completely lost. In Sicly itself, the Popolin made a fuss but were easily squelched. The economy slowly picked up. Harvests still weren't good. Tunis, Algeras, Bone each lost 3 Gpv, partly from starvation, partly from poverty.

West Africa Mercs: 20mi, 20mc, 10ma

Asuor, Dread Oba of Yoruba, Lord of the Zombies, Caliph of the Shining Path, Protector of the Holy City of Parqr'h
DIPLOMACY: Gagnoa(t)
The Umma were peaceful. Except the too-good-for-his-own-good Aggu. General Aggu led 75,000 fighters to Bojador and exacted tribute there. He then enslaved the Sijilmasa, taking moderate losses (7500 men). Maza was expanded to help the Gagnoans come back (The Imam forgave them). Bouma, Kumbi-Selah, Zungeru, Dakar, Cheysuk and Volta also grew 1 population level each. The city of Dakar converted to Black Muslim. Assimilation was now possible there. Walata was let go of. For the Shirki Attijar, a factor was successfully financed in Ilorin.

Azucentia II, Sultana of Ngazargumu, Lady of Dara
The Faras garrsion had heard the good news from Itiopya (Any thing bad in Itiopya was music to an Black Muslim ear), so they prepared once more to break into Nubia. They waited for the Fatimids to come by and in AH 990, the attack was on. Commanderix Vadou (the vizier Kudurran and Lady Hanuaumar) led 78,000 horse wranglers, 17,500 Himraqat jihadin and rolled 250 cannons across the Nile. The infamous Fatimid general Karles Barikli and colonel Shams Kasell brought 50,000 dragoons, 16,000 Misrat jihadin and 25,000 engineers to the party. The Ha'beshi looked disorganized. Their reaction force suffered from heavy desertion. Their commnaders Leon and Berdoy were wounded by poison porcupine quills. They had an army of 32,000 infantry, 48,000 crusaders, 20,000 cavalry and 150 artillery pieces. Despite their problems, the Ha'beshi put up a good fight. But they could not manage. The Himraqat won the day. What was left of Copts were pursued and hunted down by Karles Barikli's Fatimid horseys. The Himraqat survivors were all the non-Jihadin. These, plus 30 mosque galleys, put a passive siege on Dongola. The once arrogant city of 10 Gpv surrendered in 993. There was only enough time to sack and burn this lousy joint.
As the war against the Ha'beshi went well, the enslaved population of Palmyra (ex-Druze) were led by Fatimid and later Ayatollah crackers up the Nile River and into the Darfur plains. These were put to hard labor building a royal road from Mandara to Sokoro then a postal road from Sokoro through Kreda to Salamat. Chiroptera and Nozebned grew to 2 Gpv and 3 Gpv respective. The STIS merchants were assisted by government grants and goodies. Miayar became a cartel city for them. Mandara city opened up a new STIS factory.

Ayatollah Khomeni XV, Protector of the True Children of Islam, Guardian of the Shining Path, Imam
The Imam sent money to the East African Trading Coalition. They also had their clerics put their sweat into building market warehouses. Uada succeeded in opening a branch office for the STIS in Chiroptera. THe Wezollah Yxjs'sh II built great mosques in Kumbi-Selah and Zungeru. On the military side, Kumalo took the 80 warships from Faras' docks and raided the Etal coast. The Lombards couldn't stop it but the new Shu'ubi Etalin stopped the Romagna sortie. Calabria, Apulia and Spoleto had been successful however. The ships sailed back to Nubia with their loot and captives on board.

Okonkwo II, Pantrap of Mbundu, Lord of the Fell Gates of Khatovar, The Last True Afro-Pagan on Earth
Bwana reinforced Maiko and awaited word of something benevolent. A city in Lui (Xa-Muteba) made Mamba's diplomacy easy. A city was also placed in Lunda (Moxico). Kanyamagufa grew to 9 Gpv. Without hostilities, trade started with Ethiopia.

East Africa Mercs: 40mi, 20mc

Zanditu II, King of Abyssinia, Negus Negesti, Anointed by Jah, Lion of Judah
The defending army couldn't stop a joint Himraqat-Fatimid attack into Nubia. After that, everything happened. A Daran hired mercenary force of 10,000 cavalry raided Meroe, Sennar but didn't penetrate Amhara thanks to Zanditu's home force of 10,000 men. Fatimid crone Jijan took 10,500 merc knights and slaved Napata, Atbara and Kassala but not too effectively. A more efficient Fatimid navy of 76 frigates captured many children from Suakin, Adulis and Aksum. The survivors of the Nubia battle: 20,000 cavalry and 150 artillery got in conflict with the pursuing Fatimids. The enemy had 50,000 cavalry and 10,500 engineers. 8 castles assisted the embattled and hurt Leon and Berdoy. The Egyptians were overwhelming and shattered the home force. Berdoy and the army died on that field. Leon fled to Sennar. Makurra was conquered. Meroe was attacked and looted. The Imamists have broken through. Only the anti Mbundu army, far to the south, was intact.


Arabia and Persia Mercs: 20mi, 20mc, 20mw

Hanna al Hiddad, Chief Executive of the East African Trading Company
Corporate Welfare from the Black Muslim countries in West Africa helped the Coalition a great deal. Hanna and his boys did the rest elsewhere. They finally opened their branch office in Sanaa. That allowed STIS merchants to deliver goods from Himrad cities to the Afghans of South Araby. They also sent ships cosigning Himrad supplies to sell in Andalus, Addutek and Bilad 'Urzi. Ibn Hanna couldn't even build a paper hat. His efforts in the Maghred wasted money. Abd Hanna luckily built a cartel city in Tarabulis, despite Benghazi misgivings. He was detained in Tunis and then released.

Al Baram, Malika al-Arabiya, Lady Caliph of the Ba'athist Muslims
200 frigates were scrubbed in Ziba, their crew were put on horses and were led to Cairo to link up with the Antidruze expedition. Nisal and Buba Hoiri stayed in Misr with their beloved Kalifa. Karles Barikli rode further with Shams Kasell to help out the Himrad and do a little damage on their own. Shams was killed in Nubia. Karles advanced to Makurra and took the region for their own after mauling what was left of the Ha'beshi army. Someone tried to kill the 'Ser' and the would be assassin was captured. The general was donw to 36,000 riders now. 15,000 were left to guard Jijan's captives and the region of Makurra. The rest attacked and looted Meroe. They returned to Makurra after that. Khuki Sumra slave raided the Ha'beshi coast. Barqa was heavily influenced by Black Muslim propaganda.

Mustafa ibn Mohammad al Khalan, Director of the ESC
On his own effort, the Khalan family got factors set up in Al Hadd, Somanatha, New Jerusalem. Alexandria and Cairo became cartel cities for the Spice Lords. Mohammad died in 993. Mustafa, now in Corsica, became the new company chief. Trade opened iwth Armenia, Dutec, 'Urzi, Lubnan and Andalus.

Ivory-Spear (Asulodulakka, El Harbilminaj), Rais al Walad al Ibrahim
The Wiyali forces came home to Brana. Asulodulakka prepared for peaceful expansion.

Benusa, Amir as Sideh, Sultan of Basra
DIPLOMACY: Hahmar(ea), Abadan(a), Kuwait(f), Khuzestan(t)
Victory had been won so the Laban had time to rebuild their empire. Benusa moved to Kuwayt where he could keep tabs on his vizier in As Sideh.

Torvik II, Shahanshah of Sarkhagistan
The Shah stood by while great empires began to tear his dominion apart. In 990, the Ghaznavids came in and took Jowzjanan. They then tributized Tukharistan and pacified Bactria. In 991, the Chinese forced tribute from Pamar and marched on Soghdia taking that and Uzbek as well.

Hindustan Mercs: 20mi

The Great and Glorious Wizard of Ghaz, His Most Excellent and Perspiring, Musamasad, Sultan of Avestan, Khan of the Hindus, Chieftain of the Nutter Butters
DIPLOMACY: Dravidia(fa), Najran(f)
To prevent any poisonous feelings from getting overboard, the Wizard paid off the Vizier a tidy sum of collectors coins. Prince Ahmudi of the Sanaan joined with Bimato and 150,000 blue knights and attacked the unfortunate Sarkhagi. They captured Merv by assault and placed protectorates over Jowzjanan and Tukharistan. Bactria was easily oppressed. Tughibad, Gonbad, Srinagar, Nishapur, Kayal, Patna, Babaran and Delhi became larger cities. Kuru was made intensive cultivated by project. Zufar forgave the Afghans. Money was sent to Russia. The boxes read, 'Don't Open Until Its Aegean'. They were opened anyway.

Sujisain, 10th Host of the Oceanic Buddha, Queen of the Mystic Arts, Incarnation of Pan-Dan Lha-Mo
Birds came to the mountains in bundles. It was breezly in Amdotsho.

Funan Mercs: 10mi, 10mw

Rama V, God-Emperor of the Sian Kambujadesa, Grand Abbot of Lopan
Eng-Phul the Ungetridable, Chief Monk of the Golden Palace, Premier of the Earth
DIPLOMACY: Nanling(ea), Seylan(t), Kalinga(t), Sri Lanka(t)
This time the Golden Palace Monks left Eng-Phul alone. Rama V liked him anyway. Pagan, Tahoi, Phuket, Meilu, Sanshui became 4 Gpv urban places. Rangon's city level was now 7 Gpv. Angkor grew to 10 levels and Pa became 6 Gpv. A royal road was built from Kuakil to Vanga's Monywa.

Baviksangaraguna-varman, King Neptune of the Matay, Lord of Java, Chief of Celebes
DIPLOMACY: Timur(nt)
The jungles made noises not meant to be heard elsewhere. Perhaps the deadly Fakoo-Bumba stirs once more...

China and Japan Mercs: 10mei, 20mec

The All Powerful and Celestial Lord, Huang In-Do, Son of Heaven, Giver of Life, Protector of the Golden Path, Guardian of the Immortal Gate, Father of the Han, First Groundbreaker of the Bountiful Land, Wizard of the Nine Suns, Master of Matter, Agent Double O Soul, Gatherer of Clouds, Earth-Shaker, Sky-Smasher, Power of the Cosmic Mojo, Grand Dragon Extraordinaire, Yellow Emperor of the Middle Kingdom, Ruler of the Entire World
DIPLOMACY: Suachu(nt), Tarim(nt), Yarkhand(nt)
A huge vat of silver was sent in many shipments to the Russians so that the evil Di Dan-Mu Empire could be whacked. The Emperor had his own whackers lined up for the latest masterplan: Invade Sar-Kan-Guo. The Sarkhans had lost their way. They needed to become Buddhist. Some 44,000 elite dragoons, 41,500 elite linemen, 12,500 engineers, 200 good fireworks machines and 25 badass siege cannons rolled their way up the Old Silk Road past grumbling Muslim watering holes to exact tribute from mile high Pamir. Soghdia was next. It took time to bomard Samarkhand's city walls to powder. Then by the end of 494, Uzbek was protected. Only 1500 men were lost mostly from illness. The promised cities of Korla (Suachu), Kuqa (Kucha), Aksu (Tarim) and Kashi (Yarkhand) were built. The Old Silk Road from Turfan to Kashi became an Imperial Highway. In 492, Lian-Ping died. He had no male sons. So his brother In-Do was made the new Cosmic Mojo Power.

Tenno Yirutaga, 92nd Emperor of Nihon, Divine Son of Amaterasu
Nakatobi no Chibasatsu, Shogun of all Japan
Yatou grew to 4 Gpv. Go-Arikau was found dead from some flu. So the new Emperor Yirutaga outlawed the flu. Yirutaga also wrote a poem about how the deer should be easier to hunt. Water exercises were performed in hot tubs high up in the forests (sounds like fun).

Iniki II, First Chosen of Nan Matol, King of Ponape
Pismartu and Koror expanded.


South America Mercs: none


Nevechi, Chief Astronomer of the Parana
DIPLOMACY: Chana(f), Camacan(nt), Lengua(n), Patasho(f)
Patan, a new port city for Patasho was built. Fax machines did not work there. The Lenguans have declared themselves independent.

His Solar Highness, Valgol, King of Peru, Lord of the Earthen Lines
The Cuna wouldn't leave it alone. Their 11,000 bone warriors crossed into Choco forcing Prince Fydor to defend it. His 20,000 beat these bums so Cuna would have to simmer in their fetid swamp. Fydor died in 1533. Next year, Mama Aglaya died. Jose tried to overthrow the new Solar King Valgol but his hands failed him (They became dead hands thanks to certain assassins). Valgol had Jose's body disassembled. Each part was given a special doom.
Vagdosh and Guanacane came to a bad understanding and split off. They took Arica, Caranga, Uru, Leco as part of their rebellion. Lesayo grew to 9 Gpv. The loan was paid off averting certain economic catastrophe.

Vagdosh, King of Guanacane
DIPLOMACY: Guanacane(hm)
The Guanac supplied Vagdosh with fighters to hold off the Peruvians.

Fondo II, Steward for the Lost King
Paranans sent trade craft by sea to the port of Catu.

North America Mercs: 10mc


Eremenko, Kynaz of the Roanoke Russ, Chief of Jamaica
Prince Pavlov took a boat and braved the open Ocean. He was never seen again (good riddance). Eremenko's next son was better (we hope).

Roturi, Ariki-a-Maaori, Beloved of Tangoroa, Quetzal Emperor of Mexico
The Quetzal Ariki got a little more concerned about the events in the Great Prairie.

Chitaotin, King of the Requel, Keeper of the Tikal Codex
DIPLOMACY: Tamualipec(c), Huastec(nt), Zacatec(c)
There was some work to regain the Eastern coastlands. Much pressure was put on Zacatec. They refused safe passage for now. A really bad drought made cities starve. Pemayo lost 2 Gpv. Tuxpan lost 1 gold level.

Driving Ranger
The Navajo romp led to many things. One was the muster of 60,000 Commanche warriors which then moved to Wakita.

White Thunder
DIPLOMACY: Abagaho Horde(aw-destroyed), Dakota Sioux(aw-destroyed), Okmulgi(a)
White Thunder Woman led her braves across the plains to call for a great gathering of peoples. The Abagaho and Dakota didn't share the vision. Their forces fought her ten myriads reducing the host to only 65,000. The Okmulgi who were related to the Navajo joined in late 148 ZR.

Mudawatta, Friend of the Water Dragon
Ogo-Pogo sat strong but Dakota flights made them stronger. Now their 55,000 horsemen have their own herds to follow.

Ahilannga, King of Bengkalis, Guardian of the Straits
DIPLOMACY: Yuruk(c), Yokuts(c), Patwin(n), Serrano(ea)
Not enough care was placed in the Patwin diplomacy and it cost the Bengkh. Patwin have declared themselves their own masters.

Maquinna IV, Twilight King of the Kwakiutl

The MSI Rankings List

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Rk Country MSI ITV Player Phone # eMail Address

1 Ghaznavid Sultanat 812 80 [Jack Wagner] 602-242-4794
2 Huang China 714 119 Jonathan White 602-894-2109 jwhite@mail1.ade.state.az.us
3 Great Rheinland 447 48 Logan Vanderlinden 512-479-7692 loganv@cris.com
4 Sian Kambujadesa 439 50 Scott Hagen 602-756-0104 scott.hagen@alliedsignal.com
5 Natatobi Shogunate 436 50 Dave Pettit 602-966-4727
6 Fatimid Caliphate 424 32 Nora Grace Calato 602-820-9969 sapphireclaws@juno.com
7 Danish Empire 418 34 George Shrake 602-894-1384
8 Rosska Empire 363 45 Jamie White arizona trillian@impas1.asu.edu
9 Umma 315 53 James Kramer III 602-272-8046
10 Himrad 260 31 Heidi Zoltz 602-935-7006
11 Imam of Parq'rh 251 5 Earl Solper 602-921-3716
12 Judah Lion of Ethiopia 234 20 David Salter 703-912-6076 102417.3444@compuserve.com
13 Al Andalus 232 18 It could be you! 5.00/turn
14 Mataram 201 28 Barnacle Bill new mexico
15 Armenia 173 21 Dennis Doubek 602-820-4314 doubek@soho.ios.com
16 Mbundu 124 19 [T. II. F. B.] arizona
17 Maori Arikate 108 18 Tom Jordan washington
18 Dalai Lama in Tibet 103 5 T Limon 602-820-2278
19 Ponape 97 18 Tom Hudspeth saudi arabia
20 Shmalids 95 12 Ed Peterman 619-575-5244
21 Solar Peru 92 10 Ted Kaminski 608-253-9231
22 Hurszia 85 7 [Brian Smith] 602-246-9645 monsterbri@aol.com
23 Basra 82 11 John David Smith 602-992-7137
24 Lubnan 74 6 John Prichard arizona
25 Popular Italy 72 8 Warren Bruhn 503-623-1001
26 Culdi Council 69 1 Dave 602-894-1384
27 Sarkhagistan 67 7 [John Ray Napier] 502-796-8961 napiejr@wkuvxi.wku.edu
28 Anatolikon 59 5 [Mark Newman] 602-878-9359
29 Parana Stargazers 59 7 Stephen Nobles 602-589-5188 imperi@goodnet.com
30 ESC 59 25 Kerry Harrison 512-837-5553 kerry@pbmgames.com
31 STIS 56 14 Craig Bartels 602-968-6821 axcrb@asuvm.inre.asu.edu
32 Requela 53 8 Dave Welches 602-498-0922pgr ciboney@ix.netcom.com
Medium Sized
33 Rising Sun Ronin 44 0 Kelly Powell arizona
34 Twilight Kwakiutl 44 6 Up for grabs! 4.25/turn
35 Roanoke Russ 42 6 Roger Truitt 209-584-3989 emo@kingsnet.com
36 Lombard Italy 41 4 Darin Byrne arizona
37 Xuxa 40 5 Pick it! 4.50/turn
38 Guanac 37 2 Give it a try! 4.25/turn
39 Hanseatic League 36 17 Ryan Kilcline arizona
40 Navajo Horde 27 0 NW Horde! 4.00/turn
41 Bengkh 25 2 Mike Overstreet 602-969-8840
42 Ogo-Pogo Horde 17 0 NW Horde! 4.00/turn
43 Commanche Horde 16 0 NW Horde! 4.00/turn

X Everything Else Thad Plate 602-952-8929 plate@inficad.com

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