Lords of the Earth
Campaign Five


 Very small modification to this (Pre-Renaissance Only)

It will cost 1 AP to get to the Conduit location. This means on the other side of the conduit your range will be 3.

EXAMPLE: England (the Seafarer)

Port of London......The English could set up a Port in any province on the Gates of Hercules Sea Zone. From that port they could extend another 3 AP's beyond the conduit. For example:

First leg (range max 4) from London: 1.English Channel; 2.Bay of Biscay; 3.Sea of Portugal; 4.Gates of Hercules.

Second leg (range max 3) from Esbleya: 1.Gates of Hercules; 2.Gades; 3.Gulf of Lyons

England pays 1AP to the Conduit City no matter what the distance (obviously can't exceed 4). The Conduit city is also 1 CCR away too.


NT & T City as a Conduit: Not allowed unless is actually being shared with another nation (see Free Cities).
FA as a Conduit City: Want a big % of the trade benefits (assume 75%)
EA as a Conduit City: Allowed but they expect to get a certain % of trade generated (assume 50%)
A as a Conduit City: Allowed but they expect to get a certain % of trade generated (assume 25%)
P as a Conduit City: It is pacified and you can do what you want here. Assume you will lose some trade do to
Worker slowdowns, Worker theft and sabotage etc.

FREE CITIES: (this may never be used but it is there now)

If Two nations decide they would like to share a city for conduit purposes they can but the City becomes labeled as a Free City. There are other ways Free Cities might come into existence as well but in all instances I suspect this will be a rare bird.

Free City is like a regular nation they will produce money and NFP's they will build troops, etc. They will have only a couple of leaders generally a Mayor (King) and the Captain of the Guard (Lieutenant). The Free City will tax all traffic going through the city (assume 25%). Benefit for the Players is that the Free City will actively work to protect the City and develop the City.

Players may donate leaders to the city at the time they make it a Free City.

No more than one leader per player may be given. Allocating a Royal family member is acceptable too.

The two creating nations need to determine which leader will run the city.