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Lords Three Turn 02

1006 -1010 A.D.

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The Total Bastards


Notes for Turn 2:

Any extra FA's you might have are there for the purposes of making the game play more "freewheeling" (to attack neighbors, defend, et cetera). Use them at your leisure. But be forewarned, as they die off, they will not be replaced until you are at the proper amount of FA's per your BL.

Please put your nation name in the title of your turn submission. That will help speed up processing quite a bit.

Please delete extraneous items in the word template - for example: If you are not making any transfer, delete that bracket - if you aren't using intel, delete those. The less I have to check on, the faster this goes!

Slaves taken in the process of a turn are not available for "use" until the following turn.

Please retain the leader #'s I assign to your leaders. Playing "hunt the leader" blows ..

When demobilizing troops and using the NFP for other builds such as PWB, please put the new units or PWB into the builds section. I'm not going to do your footwork for you here, guys. If I have to do all the work on your orders, I'm just going to play the nation myself.

When garrisoning a region you have to tell me how many troops you want to leave there. Being familiar with the rules isn't just my job. See section of the basic rule book for garrison information.

I've decided to hold off a bit on mercenaries. You guys seem to be doing fine kicking the crap out of each other.


Notes for Turn 1:

Please make sure you clearly state all troops transfers.

You can't have feudal allies off doing things while you're trying diplomacy on their region. the feudal allies must be present.

I am going to assume that if the king is ruling, he's makin' whoopee. The same goes for administer.

I will not be using the inexperienced troop types from this point on. If you have some, they will be converted to light free of charge.






Michinaga Japan



The emperor was met with mixed results on the diplomatic front. Generals Ishida and Takeda made decent strides in Nigata and Toyama, respectively. Unfortunately the populace didn't take too well to General Yamashinta's harsh form of diplomacy - they took to throwing rotten eggs at the hapless general until he left the province.

On other fronts, the Japanese enter into a mutual defense pact with Sung China, His-Hsia and the Liao Empire. The Immortal Dragon Alliance looks to be formidable if it can be held together.

The emperor also received a sizable amount of gold from the Sung in trade for newly harvested crops.

Massive amounts of infantry were sent to work in the fields and on public projects. The Emperor cited financial difficulties and the main incentive for the demobilization.


The Kingdom of Hsi-Hsia

Queen Li Chi-ch'ien

Diplomacy: none

The His-Hsia saw an overall increase in their governments ability to keep track of everything. That's always helpful. The kingdom joined the newly formed alliance, and received the region of Kansu from the Sung. The Hsia gave over 4,000 cavalry to the Sung, to form a special legion in their army. Other than that, the Hsia saw to internal trade matters and tried to improve various regions in the kingdom.



The Empire of the Sung

(Buddhist Civilized Open Empire)



Cheng Tsung got Hupei to fully join the empire and Tong Nuo went about doing the same. The kingdom of Nan Chou agrees to entertain further talks of incorporation into the empire.

The fat was trimmed from the imperial army as many units were given elite status due to better training (and not to mention being put to work constructing royal roads in Hubei).

4,000 cavalry from the Liao and Hsia were made into special legions in the Sung army. Overall, the new legions seem happy - the food is better in Sung.


The Liao Kingdom




Tsainan is transferred back to Sung, and the region of Shangtung is given to the kingdom in exchange.

Ch'eng-t'ien ordered a census to be conducted when more prefecture started actually reporting in. With those new funds some public works were built in Bao Ding.

The region of Parhae was pacified by a local Sung lord and Sheng Tsung. The pacification went as planned, with only minor losses of 400 infantry.


Western Europe



Caliphate of Cordoba



If you can call the foray into Christian Spain a success, that would be the only good thing to happen in Cordoba this turn. The Fatimids never showed up to help in the war against the pigs to the north. Reports of English boats running rampant all along his coasts. And to top it all off, Aragon and the city of Saragossa rise up against the Caliphate. Al'Mansur quickly crushed that rebellion, however.

Al'Mansur did manage to conduct a census though.


Christian Spain



Diplomatic action were supposed to get under way in Navarre, but the Bishop that was lent to Catalonia by the Pope up and went home!

Our hapless neer-do-wells, Bermudo and Garcia, sneak over the border into Talavera: only to spot a Cordoban invasion force heading straight towards Salamanca! Clearly up to no good (if how fast they got back to Salamanca is any indication), they high-tail it back to Salamanca. Al'Mansur's best man, Qutlug, is right behind them. He catches up to Bermudo and Garcia in Salamanca and smears their 1,400 infantry and 3,000 cavalry all over the battlefield. In the few hours of daylight left, Qutlug's troops manage to kill every single member of the two general's forces. Bermudo is fatally wounded, and would die later that night.

Desperate measures were taken by Christian Spain, and ruffians were hired to kidnap Qutlug. Who knew it would actually work? With Qutlug the only commanding officer for the Cordoban force, the army of over 12,000 horse moved back to Cordoba proper.

By the time the feudal lords of Christian Spain arrive, the fight is long over. Oh well, next time.

Duchy of Normandy



An ally is made in Vermandois and the city of Arras along with the region of Flanders agrees to fully join the Duchy.

Robert sent a modest tribute to France and spent an unseemly amount of time with his wife. What? It's a small kingdom. Everyone knows everything about everyone else. It's not like I was watching them, it's just something I heard.


Duchy of Venice

Doge Pietro II Orseolo


Corsica agrees to feudally ally with the republic. Other efforts on the fork-tongued front in Sardinia and Illyria are rejected outright.

The doge oversees the enlargement of the fishing fleet before moving off to woo the Corsicans into the Republic of Venice. He was very intent on downplaying the 100 warships he brought with him. Regardless, they got the point. Oh, yes.

Ottone went to Sardinia but things didn't go so well for him there. Should have brought more boats. The people of Sardinia laughed the would be diplomat off the island. Merchants, ptooie.

Federico blew it in Illyria. Again.

On other fronts, the fishing fleet was expanded along with Venice itself.


Jarldom of Denmark

Svien Forkbeard


Norway agrees to pay tribute and Prussia is put under the yoke.

Some public works were constructed in Denmark proper, then it was time to go a' viking!

Svien lost 400 good men in the pacification of Prussia - as punishment for a poor fight he left 2,000 to oppress the natives.

Alric (son of Al, or Ric, they're not sure which and neither is his mother), takes 70 warships and 5,000 burly Danes out for a spin. The coasts of Scotland and England looked tempting ..

Not being the brightest, Alric decided to try and raid Edinburgh, but the people shot dead cows at him from behind the city walls. Suitable discouraged, Alric moved down to the pastures of Lothian. Unfortunately, General Campbell of the Scottish Army (yes, they have one) is there to put a stop to things just like that. After a brief clash of arms, the Danes walk away with no gold or chickens and they lost 800 men. The Scottish Army (I know, I know) loses only 400 men in their daring defense of the home land.

So no dice for Alric in Scotland. Like I said, he's not that bright. He'd be back.

Moving on to the soft underbelly of England, alric has better luck.

Alric plows into the lightly defended region of Northumbria, killing the garrison and the feudal ally there. He then pillages the villages and lopes back to the warships, heavily laden with filthy English lucre.

Feeling spry, Al moves down to Anglia, where the English defenders actually fight him off on the first attack. 600 men versus well over 4,000. Alric pulled out to the channel to think that one over for a bit (not too long, like I said.). He then turned around and exacted his revenge. The danes lose 200 more men, and the English lose everything. Including another allied leader.

Sailing back up the coast, Alric again tries to raid the Scottish, but they weren't having any of it. Perhaps he should have brought some sheep along for the ride.

The viking done, Al heads back to home port, loaded with gold and goods. not a bad run. Not a great run either. The next one will better.



Jarldom of Norway

Olaf Tryggvason


An ally is gained in Fjordane: apparently they shared the same views on Roman Catholicism. Small world!

Jarl Olaf decides he likes the funny man that always talks about the one true god. He will keep him around. So Olaf converts his whole royal family to Roman Catholic. Never ones to be left out of a party, the surrounding countryside decides to give it a shot as well. Then they all got together and sang hymnals and built some public works. Hallelujah.


Jarldom of Sweden

Olaf Skotkonung


The region of Kymia is colonized. Turku agrees to an economic alliance and Smaland agrees to pay tribute.

Olaf (a different one) got a better grip on this whole government thing and built some public works. Still not a whole hell of a lot to do up here, you know?


Kingdom of England



Ethelred sent diplomats to start extorting funds from the Irish - Connaught pays lip service, and Ulster actually commits to sending money.

More tax collectors were brought on to fund the growing kingdom. Public works were built in Sussex. Drainage ditches and the like. When the Danes came a' calling the feudal lords responded. Unfortunately they died in the defense of the kingdom.

taking a page from that dirty northman Alric's book, Ethelred decides to try his hand at this whole raiding thing. He rounds up 2,000 bold and surly country men and 120 warships. he then basically does as he pleases with the Cordoban regions of Merrakesh, Granada, Zirid, Valencia, Morroco, The Baelrics, Cheliff, and Andalusia. Ouch. Ethelred splits the booty with his "troops", and manages to net a hefty sum for his kingdom.


Kingdom of France

Robert the Pious


Langeudoc and Maine agree to an economic alliance, while Nivernais agrees to a full one.

Christian Spain had no use for Robert's assistance this time around, so Robert began cultivation projects in Aquitaine, Auvergne, Gascony, Limousin, Orleans, and Poitou. Other than that, everything was quiet.


The Holy Roman Empire

Otto III


Lorraine, Lombardy and Lyonnais must have gotten together earlier to discuss terms, because they were all on the same page concerning the HRE. No dice! Munich agrees to a full alliance, and Swabia agrees to pay tribute. Thuringia considered a full alliance, but more readily agreed to an economic one.

Otto had some public works constructed, and had many foreign agents traveling across the width of his realm.


The Kingdom of Scotland

Malcolm II


Malcolm opened trade with Catalonia, built some public works, and fended off some raids. Then he went home and played dre.. uh, sired some children of the realm.


The Roman Catholic Papacy

Sylvester II


The monasteries in Munster, Ulster and Connaught are given over to the people, and smaller more efficient churches are erected nearby.

Some field fortifications were constructed in Latium, adding to the already impressive number there. You can hardly walk around the damned place. Sylvester personally performed missionary work for those freaky Magyar. He sent some cronies to do the same in Denmark. If that wasn't enough, he had a hand in the religions conversion of Norway as well. The lord's work is never done.


Eastern Europe



Kievian Rus



Pinsk and Turov are reduced to the lowest possible status that doesn't involve pitchforks and fire. Lithuania agrees to future talks, but not with Ivan. He died in his sleep while wooing the region. Latvia also agrees to political ties with the Rus, mostly due to a royal marriage proposal.

Finally, the full effects of the fur trade from Kirov are felt. (my fault) Vladimir had been kicking around (Vladimir kicked a lot of stuff around, much like his neighbor to the west - that crazy Boleslaw) the idea of converting to Eastern Orthodox for a while, and he finally decided to go through with it. With help from the Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church himself, and lots of door to door salesmanship, the conversion went smoother than expected. Only three regions failed to switch over - but they also didn't revolt. The heir Svatopolk ruled the kingdom and made babies while Vladimir was out having visions or whatever. After the conversion news, Tsar Vladimir was eagerly prepared to crush any revolts, but not a one happened! Damn it!



Kingdom of Poland

Boleslaw the Mad


Silesia agrees to a full alliance. Kauyavia grants a lordship, and Masuria pays the smallest amount of lip service possible. Just to keep boleslaw away for a while.

A fortress was built outside of Warszawa, where bad things happen to people that get in the king's way. The king was also spotted feeding pigeons in the courtyard. At midnight.





Wallachia and the city of Pecs both agree to be fully incorporated into the realm.

Wallachia now mostly Roman Catholic, due to hard work and crafty words. All the allies of the realm are set to respond to any threat, and Stephen found another way to squeeze more funds out of Alfold.


The Byzantine Empire

Basil II


Internal trade is built up in Thessaloniki and Naples. The Emperor was prepared for invasion, but in the mean time he made some whoopee with his empress. Taking a page from his father's book, the heir Nikepholos did the same. Not to be left out, General Bardas hopped in that boat as well. Amidst all the rampant fornication and paranoia, a port city named Amalfi did manage to get built in the region of Spoletto.


The Eastern Orthodox Church

Sergius II


The Patriarch established a church in Kiev, an abbey in Paphlagonia, a monastery in Thrace, and another abbey in Lydia, One of his prized bishops was killed in Isauria. Not everyone is civilized.

Some missionary work was conducted in Aleppo, to great effect. The Church also increased it's influence in Kievian Rus, and oversaw the almost complete conversion of that kingdom. Colonists were expected to be sent to Syria, but with the silence from the Fatimid Caliphate (for once) the plan fell through.


Indonesia & India



Khemer Empire

Jayavarman V


Burma agrees to hitch it's wagon to Khemer's train. All regions but Manipur come over and join the empire.

Gold is sent to Srivijaya so they can send it to Chola. So they can spend it kicking the snot out of some Turkish bastards. And the world turns. The rulers of Khemer didn't do too much else. They built port cities in Pegu and Thaton for Burma, but that went a long way towards bringing Burma into the empire. Smart play.


Srivijayan Empire


Diplomacy: pajajaran to F -

Srivijaya got some gold from Khemer, and passed it along to Chola. The cities of Malayu and Srivijaya proper were expanded and massive amount of public works were built in the home land.

The Spice Islands

Spice Master Mahatamasarids


Timor is brought fully into the kingdom through a royal marriage. The region of Mindanao also buys into the kingdom through marriage, but to a lesser degree.

In a fermented stupor, Mahatamasarids declares himself king. He also threatened to poke those silly Japanese with fire-hardened stick if they didn't build him a city to trade with soon. No one really objected to either of the declarations anyway, this being the least active tribe of people in all of existence. Oh, and his final proclamation was that everyone was a Buddhist now. Then he was off to try and get him some.

King Mahatamasardis returns to Timor and picks up right where he left off. Face down in a bowl of poi. He did somehow manage to wrangle the local chief's daughter into marriage. Weaving his own skirts was getting tiresome anyway.


Prince Lokombombo travels to distant Mindinao to bring more flavor to the island hopping party. Although annoyed at not being king himself (he lost all of the 3 challenges to become king - wrestling, dancing and coconut-ball) he was happy to have not been executed as a rival to the Wicker Throne (the Wicker Throne being housed in the Great Bamboo Palace). Being thankful for that, he works hard at getting diplomatic results. Results his king demands. He dined on the finest mushy stuff and drank the best fermented stuff, then he woke up married. Such is life in the Spice Isles.

Far to the east a red glow was spotted, followed by ash that blacked out the sky for hours. Whatever, the night time is the right time! *hic*


The Seljuk Turks

Arsen Ilig Nasr, total bastard


Arsen settled his people in Uttar Pradesh, Rajput, and Juanpor. he couldn't really do anything about the existing cities, so he left them alone for the nonce. But, being a total bastard, he couldn't be happy with that. Oh no.

invades maghada and palas, meets resistance from maghada, palas and chola


Kingdom of Chola

Rajaraja I


Chola prepared for war and got one.


Moksha Par Brahm


Even in the face of total war, the fledgling primacy managed to establish a few sites and exact tithes.

Additionally, the Brahmans sent some much needed financial support to the Rajputate of Benares.

Rajputate of Palas



See the war in India.


The Rajputate of Benares

Rajput Sanjay


Struggling to survive in the face of Turkish pigs stealing their land and waving raw meat at them from the other side of the river. Some sneaky things were attempted, but they couldn't be pulled off. Looks as though the Turks are dirty AND clever. Who knew?


The Rajputate of Gujerat

Raj Jivin Kanak




The war in India


Gujerat strikes the first blow against the Turks. Sort of. Ok, not really.


Uttar Pradesh:

Gujerat hurries to Uttar Pradesh to liberate it from the Turks. Unfortunately, by the time they got there, the Turks had already set up their yurts and goat pens. The Seljuks were NOT happy about seeing indians with weapons near their goats. Not at all.

The initial round of combat went thusly, humans:

The attack on the Turkish region of Uttar Pradesh incurred losses on both sides. Sadly, for the Gujerat, they lost a lot. They had originally brought over 5,000 cavalry and about 6,000 infantry to the fight. The Turks, however, had well over 8,000 horde riders at the ready to defend their new territory.

Gujerat limps away after the fighting of the first day with only around 4,000 cavalry left and about 5,500 infantry. The Seljuks lost about 1,200 horsemen.

Not too bad, right?

 Arsen the bastard shows up shortly after the first clash of arms. He brings, oh, about 40,000 more dirty bastards on horseback with him. The Turks now outnumber the Gujerat forces six to one.

Now it's bad.

I'll just leave it at this:

The Turks lost about 2,500 cavalry, and Gujerat was whittled down by the loss of ,2000 more cavalry and infantry. They are then ordered to try and liberate Rajput. Sadly, the foot soldiers slowed them down in their retreat from the field, and the Turkish horse caught up to them.

In the end, Gujerat loses everything in it's desperate attempt to aid it's eastern neighbor. The heir to the throne is captured, and the commanding lieutenant is killed outright. The remaining forces scatter to Jijihoti to help with the defense of the city in case of Turkish attack.

The Turks had other plans.



The Turks blast into Maghada with over 55,000 cavalry of superior quality and discipline. Maghada has a few scattered field fortifications and about 7,000 total soldiers. The Turks outnumber the Maghadan forces eight to one.


The first and only day of combat between maghada and the Seljuks is as lopsided as it appears to be. The Maghadan forces are completely obliterated in the face of such overwhelming numbers. The Raj and his heir are captured and executed, and the capitol buildings put to the torch.

The Turks get busy with settling their people in, and shortly after that Palan forces show up in support of what used to be Maghada.

The battle for Maghada:

Palas brings a rescue force of 6,000 infantry, around 3,000 cavalry and a few sappers and miners. Facing them across the field are well over 50,000 angry turks.

The Palans, seeing as how the made it all the way here, it would have been a waste to not try to hinder the horde. After all, their home was next.

The army of Palas makes one valiant sally against the turkish front and loses all their sappers, about 2,000 light cavalry, and 2,000 infantry. The turks suffer losses totaling 2,000 cavalry.

Seeing that this battle was not going to go their way, the Palan forces head for the hills of Gaur. Arsen sends his bastard brother Kiliq after them with about 25,000 horsemen. Taliq the brothers friend since childhood heads to Gaur as well. Kiliq manages to harry and harass the Palan troops along the way, taking another 2,200 infantry from the army of Palas, while Taliq forges ahead of the harrying force.

Taliq finds Cholan scouts in Gaur. Damn those Cholans! Don't they know when to quit? He waits for Kiliq to get to Gaur, then heads back to Maghada to oversee the completion of the settlement there.

Kiliq Ilig Nasr heads for Gaur to finish off the Palan troops, and chases them out of the region - Kiliq then makes gaur pacified tributary after dispensing with some annoying forts in the region. The Turks lose 800 more cavalry in the process.

Passing up Palas itself due to advance warning of defenders there, Kiliq decides to head for Chandela.

Where the Cholans have a defense prepared.

This battle would decide who rules the north for a long time to come.

On the first day of combat the Turks suffer heavy losses for the first time, losing over 4,000 cavalry. The well prepared Cholan defense suffers the loss of a feudally allied lord from Belur, and 2,000 mixed light infantry and cavalry.

Stunned, the Turks retired from the field to rethink what little strategy they had. Cholan forces could be heard yelling insults the whole time. Embarrassing.

Day Two, Chandela:

At the break of day, Turkish and Indian forces met on the field to decide India's fate. This battle raged all day and well into the evening, with both sides making advances and retreats - neither side could seem to gain the advantage. The Turks had the numbers, but the be damned Cholans had a fine defensive strategy.

At the end of the day, the Cholans retired to their camp with losses of 600 sappers and 2,000 cavalry. The Turks lost another 2.500 cavalry, or so.

Day Three, Chandela:

The better Turkish strategy was "kill everyone". And that's exactly what they intended to do. Cholan morale faded as the day wore on, these dirty bastards just would not quit! Mind boggling! The Cholan army finally retired from the field, suffering heavy losses totaling about 4,500 infantry. This left the army at 5,000 cavalry, almost 12,000 mixed foot soldiers. In comparison, the Turks lost about 2,000 cavalry. But they were still left with around 16,000 horsemen.

Day Four, Chandela:

Kiliq decided this would be the day he broke the Cholan army, or he would die trying. he had to. Arsen had told him how many men he was allowed to lose, and he was close to that number. What he couldn't know is that the Cholan army was also close to what they considered acceptable losses.

Around midday the two armies met for a final, decisive battle. The fighting raged on well in to the night and on through until dawn. Both sides desperate to crush the other. The Cholans broke first. Reaching what was considered to be too many dead men, Chola withdraws from the battle, retreating to Nadavaria. During the course of the day's battle, they lost another 3,000 infantry. But they did manage to inflict 2,000 more casualties on the Turkish dogs.

After the Cholan army retreats, the Turks quickly pacify Chandela - they then move all the way back to the region of Chitor and pacify that. Tarain swiftly follows Chitor - then it's back to Uttar Pradesh to sack and burn the city of Mathura there. All in a days work.



Middle East & North Africa



The Fatimid Caliphate



Open for a player!


The Ghaznavid Empire



Mahmud gave two of his most loyal generals fiefdoms, greatly easing the future diplomatic process there. The region of Turkmen also swears loyalty to the Ghaznavid banner.

Mahmud ordered the populations of Kashmir, Punjab and Kush to be enslaved. He also ordered enough troops to go along for the ride that crushing these small nations wouldn't be a problem. As a result, Kashmir and Punjab completely fall apart, leaving what's left of the populace without direction or support.


The Buhwayid Caliphate

Baha al-Dowlah


Ahvaz and Carhae reduced in status. Diplomatic efforts in Dharan have no effect on the leaders there. things really went sour in Qatar, and now those guys are just pissed at everyone. But they especially hate the Buhwayids. Might have had something to do with the slaves that were dragged through the desert on a diplomatic mission.

The regions of Selucia and Circis are first enslaved and then cut loose from the Caliphate. The same process was attempted in Bostra, but the slave raiders were met by about 40,000 really angry Banu. The slavers beat a hasty retreat back to the homeland.


West Africa



Kingdom of Songhai

Kumal the magnificent


That crap's for suckers.

Kumal the unstoppable African force challenges the King of Ghana in open battle, and defeats him resoundingly. Songhai suffers losses of about 5,000 men in the action. Ghana is devastated by the total loss of their army, king, heir, royal family and government officials. The only neighbors left to conquer are Hausa and Akan.


The Kingdom of Akan



Ife and Benin agree to pay lip service to Akan - anything is better than being run over by the beast from the north.

A port city called Abidjan is built in the region of Togo. Some public works projects are started there as well. Tooco II decided to increase his brood, and spent much of his time doing just that.



East Africa



Kingdom of Zagwe

Mera the Insistent


Diplomatic actions in Axum resulted in the region agreeing to an economic alliance. On a surprise note, Zeila decides to marry into the royal line of Zagwe, giving up all rights and claims to their former lands in favor of Zagwe.

Diplomatic conversion of Shoa continues. The University of Aksum established in.. Aksum.

Mera formally invites representatives from the nearby Muslim nations to attend a conference seeking better mutual understanding of our respective faiths, and to build a better rapport with our fellow believers in the One True God. The conference is to be held in 5 years, in Debaiwa.

trade was established with Sheba and Zanzibar. Finally.


The Emirate of Zanzibar



The regions of Karanga, Shona, and Gorongo are all given independence. The region of Kilwa agrees to become economically tied to the emirate, and the region of Nyassa agrees to a full alliance.

Ibriham shuffled some troops to Kilwa and Nyassa - who were grateful for the protection. He then returned home and had some kids. The city of Zanzibar was expanded, to allow for more economic growth.


The Emirate of Sheba

King Mustapha



Sheba built a port city of Al Mukalla in Nadramurt. And then they looked around at all the desert and sighed.


The Americas



The Aztlan

Red Feather


Wenro agrees to a full alliance.

Red Feather colonized the region of Cherokee to make it more habitable for his people. Other than that, there was a lot of sport fishing on the lakes. Pike is tasty, after all.


The Michigamea



Built the port city of Moundville in Chickasaw. Sat around the rest of the time communing with nature or some such crap.



The Yamasee Nation



The region of Yuchi is brought completely into the nation. Etowah agrees to a full alliance with the Yamasee. The region of Appalach is downgraded, and Monacan and Santua are released from the nation's control entirely.

Rollo ordered the construction of a port city in Chatot, to be named Nanticoke. This allowed trade with the Caddo. Then he made some babies and smoked a lot when he wasn't hanging out in sweat lodges and mutilating himself.


The Cadohadacho Confederation


King Lesh



Tamaulipec and the city of Natchez both agree to closer ties with the confederation.

Noteworthy events included practically doubling their government abilities, establishing trade, and getting word of the really big horde to the northwest.


The Anasazi



The Anasazi roll the diplomatic bones in Moache, but to no avail. The people of Aeranno are slowly coming around to the Anazai point of view. It's amazing how people's perspective changes when you start to eat them.

The region of Moache is cultivated and a port city of Mesa Verde is also constructed there. An Apache runner arrived demanding parlay, but Ahilaya sent him packing. Oops?


Beloved Huari

King Pikillaqta


Kuelap pledge loyalty to the Huari.

A road was built from Huari to Cajamarra - and then a fortress was built in the mountains near the region of Inca. Pretty quiet, otherwise.



The Toltec Empire



Enslaved and ate the people of Yucatec.

Huemac used the slaves from Quiche to build some really big buildings in Zapotec - and then went out and got himself some more slaves. Trade was finally established with his northern neighbors.




Lords Three, Turn: 00002

Nation Name MSI  ESI  Player Name Phone Number TV  EMail Address
The Empire of the Sung  206.5  2    Scott Nolan  None  18.3    nolan@erols.com  
The Byzantine Empire  164.3  1    Ben Lynch  None  28.4    ottoman.empire@gmail.com  
Khemer Empire  146.9  5    Thomas Sleeper  None  6.4    thehornhunter@yahoo.com  
The Fatimid Caliphate  132.8  3    Thomas Towner  None  8.4    barnacle1@juno.com  
The Seljuk Turks  123.4  10    Scott Stricklin  None  0.8    sstricklin@gmail.com  
The Buhwayid Caliphate  122.3  4    Chris Ozdoba  None  7.7    cgozdoba@shaw.ca  
The Liao Kingdom  114.4  8    Kevin Darrow  None  7.7    uk.britain@gmail.com  
The Toltec Empire  102.2  9    Mark Bailey  None  3.2    mbailey@juniper.net  
Kingdom of Songhai  94.2  15    Thomas Sleeper  None  3.6    thehornhunter@yahoo.com  
10  The Kingdom of Hsi-Hsia  89.2  20    Dennis Aust  None  4.6    mermadak@yahoo.com  
11  Michinaga Japan  87.2  12    Dave Vulcan  None  3.2    dvulcan@woh.rr.com  
12  Kingdom of Chola  86.0  11    Rich Lloyd  None  7.2    MirrorEarths@cs.com  
13  The Ghaznavid Empire  84.7  7    Francois Lasalle  None  7.6    Francois.Lasalle@international.gc.ca  
14  The Holy Roman Empire  82.4  23    George W. Mayr  None  4.8    geomayr@verizon.net  
15  Beloved Hauri  82.3  14    james Cochran  None  5.4    jcochran@unique-software.com  
16  Magyarskorzag  76.9  37    Mike Orbinpost  None  3.0    setimike@gmail.com  
17  The Kievian Rus  73.5  22    Chet S.  None  3.7    chetb5@snet.net  
18  Kingdom of France  70.6  21    Matt Holy    4.0    holyman@blight.com  
19  Kingdom of Poland  71.2  17    Edgar Webley  None  1.4    edgarwebley@yahoo.com  
20  The Roman Catholic Papacy  70.6  6    Keith St. Louis  None  7.7    jormungandr@excite.com  
21  Caliphate of Cordoba  71.3  18    Dave Salter  None  11.2    SalterDJ@aol.com  
22  The Yamasee Nation  64.7  46    Bob Nardone  None  1.5    bnardone@del.net  
23  The Anasazi  62.4  31    Scott Nolan  None  1.7    nolan@erols.com  
24  Emirate Of Zanzibar  58.3  26    (Shawn Molstad)  None  1.9    smolstad@netzero.net  
25  Kingdom of Zagwe  55.4  13    Scott Murrell  None  5.2    scottdmurrell@yahoo.com  
26  Most Serene Republic of Venice  53.8  24    Darren Quinn  None  3.4    demantiae@gmail.com  
27  Jarldom of Norway  53.2  43    Bill Jarrell  None  2.2    bjarrell@adph.state.al.us  
28  Jarldom of Denmark  51.5  32    Chris Caliano  None  1.9    KhaosRa@aol.com  
29  Duchy of Normandy  50.4  33    Jeff Herndon  None  2.9    jherndon@nbtx.com  
30  The Michigamea  48.5  38    Don Marshall  None  1.8    lote@ctt-inc.com  
31  Jarldom of Sweden  48.6  42    Jim Sottile  None  2.2    jimsottile4@hotmail.com  
32  Rajputate of Palas  47.8  44    (Darin Byrne)  None  1.5    darin_byrne@yahoo.com  
33  The Kingdom of Scotland  48.3  28    Stephen Bond  None  1.5    greenfella2001@yahoo.com  
34  The Kingdom of Akan  47.4  35    Tina Ku  None  1.3    kuwhiz@yahoo.com  
35  Christian Spain  45.4  36    John Kuo  None  1.5    mj_kuo@comcast.net  
36  Srivijayan Empire  43.5  19    Allen Pitt  None  7.0    allenpitt2@mac.com  
37  The Rajputate of Anhivarta  43.4  49    <<Non Player Nation NPN>>  None  2.7    None  
38  The Kingdom of Korea  41.7  25    <<Open for a player!>>  None  2.8    garrison@throneworld.com  
39  The Celestial Kingdom of Tibet  41.2  29    <<Open for a player!>>  None  1.4    garrison@throneworld.com   
40  The Rajputate of Benares  39.9  53    Don Deutsch  None  2.9    DDeutsch@rmgmpls.com  
41  The Emirate of Sheba  40.0  40    <<Open for a player!>>  None  1.0    garrison@throneworld.com  
42  The Eastern Orthodox Church  37.6  16    Adam Rautio  None  2.5    adamisky@hotmail.com  
43  Jungaria  37.0  54    <<Non Player Nation NPN>>  None  0.7    None  
44  Kingdom of England  37.0  27    (Joe Breda)  None  1.9    Joe.Breda@childadvocates.org  
45  The Cadohadacho Confederation  33.9  39    (Martin Remijn)  None  1.6    martin.remijn@hccnet.nl  
46  The Rajputate of Gujerat  32.5  34    Travis Hussey  None  1.9    send2travis@hotmail.com  
47  Tiahuanaco  32.2  30    <<Open for a player!>>  None  2.3    garrison@throneworld.com   
48  The Khazar Khanate  28.1  57    <<Open for a player!>>  None  1.8    garrison@throneworld.com   
49  Moksha Par Brahm  26.1  52    Don Deutsch  None  0.8    DDeutsch@rmgmpls.com  
50  The Spice Islands  23.5  45    Darren Quinn  None  4.0    demantiae@gmail.com  
51  The Aztlan  21.5  47    Chet S.  None  2.1    chetb5@snet.net  
52  Rajputate of Dahala  21.3  50    <<Non Player Nation NPN>>  None  1.0    None  
53  The Kingdom of Nan Chao  21.0  41    <<Non Player Nation NPN>>  None  0.7    None  
54  The Kingdom of Kanem-Bornu  20.4  48    <<Open for a player!>>  None  0.7    garrison@throneworld.com  
55  Kingdom of Rozwi  18.9  55    <<Open for a player!>>  None  1.6    garrison@throneworld.com   
56  The Kingdom of Champa  15.3  51    <<Non Player Nation NPN>>  None  1.5    None  
57  The Banu Hilal/Sulaim (Horde)  15.4  60    <<Open for a player!>>  None  0.3    garrison@throneworld.com   
58  The Apache (Horde)  12.2  59    Matt Holy    0.3    holyman@blight.com  
59  Kashgar/Khotan  9.5  56    <<Open for a player!>>  None  0.8    garrison@throneworld.com   
60  Volga Bulgar  4.6  58    <<Open for a player!>>  None  1.3    garrison@throneworld.com