Turn #29
529 YD

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Lesser Demons: The Sacrifice Cost per turn is only 1 FP not 3 FP.

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Maps A-E

Kingdom of Stillon
King Godwin held his ground at Erparoph (Map G). Kent played checkers at Huat. Corwin told goose jokes in Carbgosh. Jacques Cousteau treaded water at the Orsee (Map B). Faye Siuban sang songs at Blorpug. Le Charrax stayed on his floating boat home in Stirling Firth. The Aztlan tookover Ucar and Di Salaw.
LOST REGIONS: Di Salaw, Ucar
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

FREE PERSONAGE: Hanbarollo, a human male adventurer, is in Canpudi, Map C (p393).

FREE PERSONAGE: Archbishop Turpin, a good human adventurer, is in Cocur, Map C (p261).

Maps F-J

Barony of Rudeltaktik
Baron Gunter and his force are in Foicrol. Princess Inge remains gainfully employed at Fasing. Pico de Meftyosh is in Voriland with a great army. Donnel stays in Berdsoa.
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Iygtaol Kingdom
Robardin is king at Kinju. Aztlan took almost half the kingdom.
LOST REGIONS: Histat, Iygtaol, Lower Stifpagh, Mide, Pauky, Upper Stifpagh
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Aztlan Empire of Xotla

Emperor Pelos activated the Ring of Ixoatl and become arrow proofed. He and 20 paladins, 5 amazons and 2 pteradons conquered Kaielian Lucca and Aufoccu (Map 6). Ralph Reed (Map G) and his 20 paladins annexed Saidboigh from Igytaol and Huper. General Lars' force of 6 saurian knights, 23 paladins and 2 amazons stormed Stillion's Ucar and got more wall climbing done in Di Salaw (Map 6). Chacham used 5 trolls and 18 paladins to take Tzalu. The Huzjeska had a similar idea for Bizcut and 30 drooling mutants had just entered. The paladins stomped on the evil forces used their crusader skills. The mutants ran and Tzalu became Aztlan (Map H). Daavarca overran Mide with 11 paladins, 1 gnome aviator and 1 pteradon and defeated the garrison of 18 dragoons, 18 war wagons and 4 archers. Those ran to Maufid. Daavarca later occupied Lower and Upper Stifpagh (Map G). Saotanagh (Map G) with 25 paladins occupied Histat. Runs left Leghorn (later taken back by Kaiel) and sailed to the Edontian Passage (Map 6). Ciach the Fierce One went to Teucec to instruct Ghashar (Map H). Njal Seasaber went to Bowlesh (Map G). Punisher and 17 paladins clobberred those who lived in Iygtaol, Pauky and Madaush (Map G). There were some troops in Pauky (3 wargriders, 2 orc slingers, 6 giant eagles, 1 archer, 1 storm giant) which mostly got killed. Red Bobh was a bad study at Bowlesh (Map G). Ghashar got stronger in Teucec (Map H). Reptilian forces have stolen Pum and Igruch.
ADDED REGIONS: Lucca, Aufoccu, Saidboigh, Ucar, Di Salaw, Huper, Tzalu, Madaush, Lower Stifpagh, Mide, Upper Stifpagh, Histat, Iygtaol, Pauky
PROTECTORATE: all added regions, Noib
REGIONS LOST: Pum, Leghorn, Igruch
Contact: Mitchel Ledford 602-275-7889

Goudiz Dragonlair

Elder Dragon Neyarizam crossed into Klekap with 1 shaman band, 1 swordsmen, 12 hill giants, 7 trolls, 5 centaurs, 5 ogres and 4 rangers (Map J). The Wings responded with a strong force of 20 paladins, 20 hill giants, 8 amazons, 10 healers, 24 gnomeplanes, 1 battle apes & 1 centaurs. The Wings had the numbers and the power and drove Neyarizam out with about half his original army. Gebert got to Cabo Cadaxen and enjoyed his treats (Map D). King Corillin conquered lonely Hiso Ihos out around the Ayvin Coast (Map D). Puff brought sheep to Qaan at Orland and chatted some more. Qaan finally relented and joined up with the older Elder Dragon (Map B). King Joao searched the Island of the Ape, but the place was not a safe one. Joao died from the venom of vipers (Map 8). El Lico got smarter then sailed to the Gaewirs Abyssal. His fish were small (Map C). Giz Gonzal could not hire Hanbarollo at Canpudi for Hanbarollo respected strength, something Giz is mediocre at (Map C). Burdard along with the Engine of Telikas awaited and got zombie reinforcements at Ponicfu. He then resubmerged into the oceans and conquered the Kinjaw Coast (Map D). Fuzzball did some body training but he was too weak from the exercises (Map I). Moctezuma enjoyed his tour of Metolu. He found the Rainbow Ring of Toucan Sam. Chastity became a better leader and was given gifts from Moctezuma. Qaan the White Talon helped conquer Orland (Map B).
ADDED REGIONS: Hiso Ihos, Orland, Kinjaw Coast
MADE PROTECTORATE: Hiso Ihos, Kinjaw Coast
Contact: C.J. Burt 602-967-6183

Dxog's Wings of Wrath
Dxog drew the line and defeated his arch nemesis at Klekap. He moved on to Goderska and became a better wizard. Mordred was busy at a tower studying magic. Penelope went to Mifi but could not figure out a way to diplomacize a resistence 10 region.
Contact: Timar Clark

FREE PERSONAGE: Iunbert, a dwarf male diplomat, is in Grutenzil, Map F (p431ch).

FREE PERSONAGE: Dern, a human male champion, is in Präbalz, Map F (p444).

FREE PERSONAGE: Creidhne, a human male adventurer, is in Stabaum, Map G (p682).

Maps K-O

Der Kraagenmark

Markgraf Eristrom and his pals are in Buda (Map P). Dieter stays at Fuingok (Map P)
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Dread Magog Horde
Gog easily conquered Fuam and Recoca with his great horde of 20 rangers, 5 centaurs, 2 battle eagles, 76 nomad lancers, 23 nomad archers. Recoca did have 10 catapults and a fortress but it couldn't keep the swarm away. Gog died of old age though (Map N). Yog led 91 knights, 2 saurian knights, 2 pteradons, 4 lancersw, 2 apes, 1 elf knight to gain control of Pazipum and Cutacan (Map M). Lady Jitvins had trouble the moment she started. She and her force of 3 gnome aviators, 9 dwarf crossbows, 12 nomad archers, 12 rangers, 17 lancers, 8 elf knights, 3 hill giants, 1 storm giant, 2 uruk warriors and 4 pteradons were attacked by two 4th Order armies consisting of 28 pteradons, 84 snake men, 2 hill giants, 5 trolls, 10 pikemen, 5 catapults, 7 storm giants and 1 battle eagles. None other than the famous Runge Kutta led these. He beat Jitvins and forced her to flee to Chilsamin. Runge's teleporting hireling Pika Pul pursued with 2 hill giants, 5 trolls, 10 pikemen, 7 storm giants, 1 battle eagle, 12 snake men and 4 ptearadons. Much of her remaining force was killed in battle and Jitvins had to escape again to Quaboco. Zalekt, a human male lord, joined the Magog in Cutacan. It was said that bullets cannot harm him (Map M).
ADDED REGIONS: Fuam, Recoca, Pazipum, Cutacan
PROTECTORATE: all added regions
REGIONS LOST: Al Jito, Casita, Chilsamin, Jonax, Masom
Contact: Mike Overstreet 602-969-8840

The HORDE (Huzjeska)
Sultan Mobius Manslaughter was an elusive one, never one to be found. Lichgoth took a bunch of chaos mutants to BAtkem-Batkem and slew the sand worm and won a nifty metaspell. He then explored the pyramids and found more keen things (Map H). The Invunerable Lady Worg al Mohg (Map N) went to Tuq then Daja, conqeuring both regions and killing that pesky imp. Alu Asad hired Bane the Elf at Daxhit. Barh sailed to the Pella Kolpos. Crater Wor got to Otesox and did some running. Bane was in Daxhit (Map N). Esvanta led about 40 chaos mutants (It's hard to tell with these troops) and gained Al Jito and Masom through violence. Lettan Yorik moved to Kapre but did not see any change. Bizcut was defeated by the Aztlan in Tzalu and returned to Catla. The demon prince Xacxac Razor-Wiper trammeled the lands of Achebu and Jonax with his 100 mutants of calamity and 20 blood thirsty vampires.
ADDED REGIONS: Kanosh, Tuq, Daja, Achebu, Al Jito, Masom, Jonax
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions
REGIONS LOST: Recoca, Pazipum, Fuam, Cutacan
Contact: John Smith 602-992-7137

Griffes de la Nuit
Drake Buckingham and his ghost ships drifted to the Marmara Sea (Map N). Lillith Priapus went on a diet but it didn't help much, in Dosiludot (Map N). Francesca Clarke and her craft remained docked at the Isle of Sam (Map E).
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

The Fourth Rhynchocephalian Order of the Sphenedon
Runge-Kutta (Map R) had Pika Pul teleport him from Asama to Casita and defeated the Magogs that were in the area. He then took his big force to Ponsa, but refused to die. Avogardo (Map A) abandoned Paing and reacted with his 50 saurian knights, 3 tyrannosaurs, 8 pteradons, 30 war elephants, 5 knights, 16 trolls, 20 dwarf crossbowmen and 14 zombies all the way to Krosoim. He could do it, he was a mountain man. The army he met consisted of 2 elf knights, 34 human knights, 7 trolls, 1 dwarf sapper, 4 dwarf crossbows. They didn't have the sheer power of Avogardo's army and were defeated. Serdikkas could not teach Irsad anything. He and 14 hill giants and 10 trolls plus Irsad Sunga's flying force to attack Idoja. This was defended by Nailtooth the fearless and 5 rangers plus protectorate militas. They fought until all of them died. Serdikkas moved on to take over As Sotot (Map S). Roed with 12 raptors, 15 snakemen, 1 elf knight and 4 pteradons conquered Pum nad Igruch from the Aztlan (map G). Undead Everjanet riding the Witch's Broom (Map O) and leading an airbourne force could not diplomacize Geokhia. She vented her frustrations on them. She floated on to the Stenon Dapheros. Nervi Uopher and his naval forces unloaded troops at Crafre and took the mountain place over (Map E). Pika Pul teleported Runge-Kutta to Casita then went on to take over Chilsamin. He had to defeat the Magog twice (Map R). Irsad Sunga had 4 gnome aviators, 4 swordsmen and 4 gnome ballista that was useful in the Idoja attack. He later took Llupon (Map S). The Vahlgaarte turned on the Sphenedon and invaded Atkol and Kokhtud.
ADDED REGIONS: Geokhia, Casita, Chilsamin, Pum, Igruch, Idoja, As Sotot, Llupon, Crafre
PROTECTORATE: Geokhia, Asama, Lukmir, Ul Shiair, Pum, Idoja, Crafre
LOST REGIONS: Atkol, Kokhtud, Paing
Contact: Earl Solper 602-921-3716

Maps P-T

Ninkul Imperium
The Mad Queen, Wakamak warred on the Short Guys attackin Moor, Parano and Kawe with her mighty force of 21 dragoons, 11 undead knights, 26 rangers, 3 trolls, 5 apes, 5 knights, 10 warg riders, 7 war wagons and 5 storm giants (Map U). Minimak was nowhere to be seen. Ninnuk passed his army to Gleacuster at Desdo. Kivar passed elements of his army to Doenned and stayed at Vumef (Map V). Onemai conquered Elkkog and Volfri. He had 7 knights, 5 dragoons, 9 shaman bands, 8 elf knights, 3 wargriders and 5 war wagons. Gleacuster went to Desdo and conquered the region with his compliment of 8 war wagons, 6 cannoners, 10 battleeagles, 1 dwarf crossbowmen, 5 storm giants, 2 trolls, 2 hill giants and 9 zombies (Map U). Dasiny (a mountain man) drove 13 elf knights, 1 elf scout, 4 war wagons, 8 knights, 14 dragoons, 3 shamen, 4 undead knights, 6 trolls, 12 rangers and 5 apes along to conquer Speelu, Kriktaba and Stosku (Map U). Cian conquered Nachar. Udacach was not around (map P). Doenned was in Vumef. He was a bad study.
ADDED REGIONS: Moor, Parano, Kawe, Elkkog, Vofri, Desdo, Speelu, Kriktaba, Stosku, Nachar
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions
Contact: Brian Hansche 602-926-8499

Dragonkeep of Ihuem

Celalaith is now in Bebuo. Nailtooth the Brave died in battle. Lux is at Sanho.
LOST REGIONS: As Sotot, Idoja
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Bob teleported himself and his 4 vampires and 10 rangers to Rynchocephalian Atkol. This region was easily taken as was neutral Dulshoq and Ryncho Kokhtud (Map S). Prince Desmodius conquered with his force of 8 vampires and 8 stormguards were active along the coastline. He took Yerwa from the Templars and Nonocho and Takrug from the Ssaptian lizards (Map 3). General Desmodius and his dragon smothered with fire, little Kuo (Map T) He stopped at Tabing for a cup of coffee. Wen Chiang conquered Elfnam's Shangcheng using 2 dragons, 18 vampires, 16 storm guards, 17 rangers and 5 cadaverous knights (Map X). Cao Cao and his army moved to Dosu (Map T). Elder Dragon Ruchah turned on the Efune with 10 vampires. They ate up Kipmaja and Niopo. Zarabeth took to flying with 6 vampires. She flew over to Bakev (Map X).
ADDED REGIONS: Atkol, Kokhtud, Dulshoq, Kuo, Dosu, Yerwa, Nonocho, Takrug, Shangcheng, Kipmaja, Niopo
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions
Contact: David Vasiloff 602-935-7006

Chohashi Shogunate
Lady Shogun Takeda Hitomi napped at Minabi (Map T). Takeda Yoshi rented a motel room in Fakora (Map T). Yamamoto Shumagubi started out in Chohashi (Map T). The Short Guys stopped attacking.
Contact: Scott Micheel

Elvish Estate of Efune
Corillean conquered Ounmi then searched the Mystic Pagoda. He pushed on a boarded door up high in a tower and found the passage to lead to the sky. He fell 120 feet to his death (Map Y). Itoke gathered troops at Muli (Map T). Avariell teleported to Chaozhie (Map T). Pingou-Ka went to Monorin (Map T). Sardior Dragonlord scared the Fiu, then took up residence in Ming (Map T). The Vahlgaarte are at war.
REGIONS LOST: Kipmaja, Niopo
Contact: John Schmid 412-441-6159

FREE PERSONAGE: Udacach, a dwarf male diplomat, is in Kovokach, Map P (515ch).

FREE PERSONAGE: Stumpy Fred, a dwarf male general, is in Nachar, Map P (p644).

Maps U-Y

The Short Guys With the Long Beards
Orin Redbeard is in Treli. Ivan Redbeard flies over Kook. Blinky stayed at Ts'la. Shnisto Breast-Cup waited her orders in Itfaib. Pikatatatuta is in Treli too (Map U). Rud Thamad guarded Fafatsan. The Ninkul and Dw'elf continued their relentless attacks.
REGIONS LOST: Aibain, Anzul, Desdo, Elkkog, Kawe, Kriktaba, Moor, Parano, Speelu, Stosku, Vofri
Contact: Todd Delevan 602-840-6849

Khanate of Rimadaho
Khatun Kristen Necros patrolled the Amber Point with frigates (map 1). Barogud attacked Afi with his patrol of 16 knights, 14 war wagons and 10 dragoons (map V). Ontawr sailed over to the Impact Lake (Map W). Jihaska Ny, along with Drahtenfa, invaded Alala (Map W). Jimanda Ny returned to Rimadaho to find Root Beer Tattoos (Map V). Danratti rolled into Fatahd with his 7 war wagons and 3 dragoons. He barely defeated the local force of 2 dwarf axemen, 1 dwarf crossbow, 1 dwarf phalanxes, 2 dwarf sappers and 20 homelanders but had lost 3 war wagons doing so. He went into Tahel and was so badly outnumbered that he fled when he lost his first war wagon (Map 2). Uwaham got in a stiff fight in Mamataha versus a Plague force of 1 zombie, 1 rotted corpse and 30 homelanders. He had 5 war wagons, 1 nomad archer and 3 dragoons at his disposal. He won but barely. What was left couldn't even compete against Gobo so he ran back to Mamataha (map W). Ishanna went to Porani to go to school (map V). Vamilrala stayed in Porani (Map V). Drahtenfa helped out in Alala (Map W).
ADDED REGIONS: Alala, Afi, Mamataha, Fatahd
MADE PROTECTORATE: Mamataha, Fatahd, Tasafa
Contact: Dave Welches 602-890-2560

The Plague
Justice slogged to Tarahe. He put more straw in his body and learned a few things about magic. Marshal Drakus waited stiffly in Sawira (Map W). Baron Toril guested himself at Rebisi (map 2).
LOST REGIONS: Alala, Fatahd, Afi, Mamataha
Contact: Marcus Chittenden 602-994-3054 (4-6pm)

Emperor Uzhang the Drow sat on Bounme. Baileya herded in Mackel. Duc Fu and Shin Shai are also in Bounme.
LOST REGION: Shangchong
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

FREE PERSONAGE: Blurni, a dwarf male spy, is in Kapu, Map U. Will not work for the Short Guys (p550st).

FREE PERSONAGE: Waltanal, a gnome male legendary adventurer, is at Dakto. Map X (p8A5).

FREE PERSONAGE: Karkaboka, a male human admiral, is at Daralu, Map V (p641ad). Owns Bronze Armor.

Maps Z-4

Dw'elf League of Gobel
Orin Oakstaff attacked Kadilk with 10 centaurs and 8 knights. He added 10 hill giants and crashed into Tor Sirok at last. Shadowrow was taken prisoner (map Z). Erin Ironrod with 2 elf knights, 1 elf longbowmen, 8 knights attacked Shuarth and Scedrap (map 5). Don Gnarled had 15 dwarven phlanxes, 16 dwarf crossbows, 2 dwarf axemen, to occupy Short Guy's Anzul with. He had found a herbal potion (map Z). Duster found a male orc named Grunk at Ochi (map 5). Oshiro the Crafty and 5 dwarf crossbowmen, 5 archers, 5 pikemen, 10 spearmen, 15 swordsmen, 8 trolls, 1 hill giant and 1 elf knight occupied Lowdrom. His quarry the flying elf Callis escaped to Ryft (Map 5). Karnak picked up the 2 griffons, 1 battle eagle, a bememoth and a dragon at Nang. He led them to victory at Aibain (Map Z). Peter Halladad marched his 4 archers, 10 swordsmen and 5 spearmen to conquer Bomihu and Kokimo, Tor Sirok lands (map Z). Murgi-Ton attempted to cast a meta-spell at Fouril. He misspoke the lyrics and the backfire caused his own disintegration (map 5). Gerrin stayed in Doleg (map Z). Lindesa and 42 battle apes greased their feet at Kobjaj and Tor Meelmy. Magic Armor was discovered at the ruins of Caell (map Z). Assandi rested in Polami (Map 6). Tommavi's army invaded Ysoyail, Kirhoty and Akust (map 5). Tern Von Bahund moved to Ourmool but Conrad wasn't interested (Map 5). Alph Curot reduced the walls of Shipoy with 10 war wagons and 10 dragoons (Map Z).
ADDED REGIONS: Kadilk, Tor Sirok, Kokimo, Bomihu, Kobjaj, Tor Meelmy, Scedrap, Lowdrom, Shipoy, Anzul, Ainbain, Shuarth, Kirhoty, Tsoyail, Akust
PROTECTORATE: all added regions
Contact: Jake Hoehl 602-272-2133

Black Empire of Tor Sirok
Jakarl Unger is a prisoner in a Dw'elf gaol. Dornan stayed in Kube with 98 war riders and 18 undead knights. Shadowrow has been thrown in a dungeon by the Dw'elf King.
LOST REGIONS: Bomihu, Kadilk, Kikimo, Kobjaj, Tor Meelmy, Tor Sirok
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Elves of Evot
Camille is a prisoner in Bulpok. Lord Callis hummed in Ryft and noticed something unusual about the Forest Pyramid. Gurn was killed in Shipoy.
LOST REGIONS: Lowdrom, Scedrap, Shipoy
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Fertile Kingdom of Djema
Izam the Fin and his 25 raptors stayed in Thocal. Jack the Ripper is in Hunrob. Madame Josephine flies above the Dangerous Shark Sea.
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Templars of Jalingo
King Lazaar and Lady Thornak are in Nongkhai. Lazaar III did not move from Iglulu.
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Ssaptian Conquests
King 'Saruss plus 40 dinosaur knights crossed into Kansatsho and won the day there against a Templar protectorate. He found two things: a lightning wand and some 'Battletech' stockings (for girls ages 6-8). Issaion's raptors invaded Shungnak and Nogliki Quarter kept finding junk where he searched plus another new leader in Dindima until he and his greatly improved force sped to Gion. Vahlgaarte is now in Takrug.
ADDED REGIONS: Kansatsho, Shunganak, Nogliki
PROTOCTORATE: all added regions, Aklavi
LOST REGION: Nonocho, Takrug
Contact: Dave Pettit

FREE PERSONAGE: The Grandmaster of Assassins, a male gnome hit man, is in Takrug, Map 3. He is tough to hire outright. Is easier to hire the AGM on a per turn basis, or to do a particular job (p133, +5 might in duels).

FREE PERSONAGE: Kasinatha the Lusty, a human female swordswoman, is in Tahel, Map 2 (p452c4).

FREE PERSONAGE: Nbuldada, a human male monk, is in Linnee, Map 2 (p244).

FREE PERSONAGE: Zashrunda, a dragon-kin male adventurer, is in Kanaga, (Map 3) p253fb.

FREE PERSONAGE: Cacrosbi, a human female apprentice, is in Dindima (map 3). p313.

Maps 5-9

Kaiel Clan
Prime Predictor Sima coran-Kaiel (Map A) and his 9 trolls, 40 horse artillery, 50 airships, 8 wargriders conquered fortified Ben Habpesh, Owdrip and the Lowland (map E). Mu Cao-Kaiel took ships to sea to Leghorn defeated the Aztlan garrison and became smarter (Map 6). Mea rea-Kaiel's army was defeated trying to get Krosoim back. He was bounced back to Flictia (map A). Crigto Smoln went to Earager and got stronger. Pashion Ruk (Map A) regained Paing which had actually been left alone by the Tuataran snakemen.
ADDED REGIONS: Ben Habpash, Owkrip, Lowland, Leghorn, Paing
PROTECTORATE: Ben Habpash, Owkrip, Lowland, Leghorn
LOST REGIONS: Aufoccu, Lucca
Contact: Kerry Harrison

Arcadia, the Throne of Sardior
Wooglin Tisis of the Evil Eye could no longer be seen. The gnome lady Taklo Dragonrider is in Kuki (Map 5). Viiglin Tisis and his flight are now above the Mar Du Balat (Map 5). Tkon the Elder sailed around the Xerxan Sea (Map J). Libbit Big Nose just made it to Ulspra (map B). Boris the Gnome relaxed at Sluelis (Map B). Berry took five at Misoe (Map 9).
REGIONS LOST: Ben Habpah, Lowland, Owkrip
Contact: Pat Mills

FREE PERSONAGE: Former Vorinan Heir, Vorino the Wait, a human male admiral, has escaped to Hidur, Map 6, will not work for Dw'elf or Kaiel (p641ad).

FREE PERSONAGE: King Shagrup, an evil male human general, is in Otematata, Map 8 (p745). Owns Jula's Machete.

FREE PERSONAGE: Mother Heela, a female saurian teacher, is at Harma (Map 6). p3A9.

FREE PERSONAGE: Conrad, a human male expert, is in Ourmool (map 5). p698.

FREE PERSONAGE: Grunk, an orc male adventurer, is in Ochi (map 5). p481.

Map Ø: The Underworld

New Kingdom of Karakorum
Seuratu the Pharoah Mummy slummed in Sema. Azzgon be in Petra now. Redscale quit.
LOST REGIONS: Bamiu, Mairu, Seth
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Drowlord Nergal annexed Tasisak and then found a key ring in Ausiat Ereshkigal teleported suddenly with 13 knights, 31 rangers, 10 horse scouts to Kettlepot and crushed the Black Adder garrison of 1 militaman. Darth Vador conquered Bamiu with 10 undead knights, 21 rangers and 32 live knights. He had discovered an orc lady named Linz at Mesedjar. He found a meta spell in the metropolis of Kahira. Jicha flew over Debian with 4 dragons, 8 zombies, 3 dwarf crossbows, 2 eagles and 3 griffons and caused Redscale to repudiate the Karakorum like he did the Domincan Republic. Jicha later attacked and won in Mairu and Seth.
ADDED REGIONS: Sarqaq, Mesedjar, Umanak, Kahesat, Ausiat, Seddon
PROTECTORATE: Umanak, Kahesat, Ausiat
Contact: Tim Solper

Black Adder Kingdom
King Harry drank vinegar in Tongren. Edmund the Black Adder and Baldric wreaked havoc in Yaan. Prince George squandered his leg (also in Yaan). Bubba found no good stuff in Yaan. Iovihup shot crows in Tongren.
LOST REGION: Kettlepot
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

FREE PERSONAGE: Redscale a saurian female traitor, is in Debian (map Ø). P653.

FREE PERSONAGE: Linz, an orc female general, is in Mesedjar (map Ø). P645.

These are changes that occur due to game play.
Map K: Chikaid has a Necropolis (np)
Map O and T: Eli =Elia
Map V: Kamu is now a woodland (w), Magopo is now a desert (d), Goji is now desert and Ideputsa is a Ruined City. Layada is jungle (j)
Map Y: Fakora has a saurian city (sc)

Black Empire ©1996 Wanderer Games
All contents of this Newletter is ©1996 Plate Games

The Ranking List: Imperial Strength
Empire Name ISI SL TL AQ------------------------------
-------- -------- -------- --------
Kaiel 1084 0 4 1
Rynchocephalia 863 1 1 1
Huzjeska 724 1 1 1
Ninkul 666 1 2 2
Dw'elf League 654 1 1 2
Goudiz 589 1 1 1
Aztlan Empire 581 1 1 1
Ssaptia 499 1 1 1
Arcadia 438 1 1 1
Dread Magog 412 1 1 1
Tartarus 411 2 0 1
Vahlgaarte 407 2 1 1
Rudeltaktik 406 1 1 1
Wings of Wrath 379 1 1 1
Djema 364 1 1 1
Stillon 355 0 2 1
The Plague 318 2 0 1
Short Guys 309 1 2 1
Rimadaho 301 1 1 2
Efune 279 1 1 1
Karakorum Haunt 278 1 1 1
Elf-Nam 263 1 1 1
Der Kraagenmark 235 1 1 1
Free Personages 210 1 1 1
Griffes de la Nuit 170 1 1 1
Templars of Jalingo 158 1 1 2
Chohashi Shogunate 154 1 1 1
Tor Sirok 152 1 1 1
Black Adder 143 1 1 1
Iygtaol Tribe 88 1 1 1
Ihuem 61 1 1 1
Evot Elves 55 2 0 1