Turn #25
525 YD

Next Turn's Orders Due: Thursday, Octomber 31st, 1996


What is Happening This Turn: You may notice on your stat sheet that instead of your regular units, there are numbers and capital letters in your armies and garrisons. These are the force point cost of your units. With the new unit charts, you can decide what you want to reconfigure your armies with. Here is a summary of the codes:
H Human Force Points
N Nomad Force Points
W Woodland Force Points
J Jungle Force Points
M Mountain Force Points
D Dragonic Force Points
DW Dwarven Force Points
G Gnome Force Points
E Elven Force Points
UR Orc Force Points
UN Undead Force Points
S Oceanic Force Points
You may reconfigure your armies even though your army or garrison is not in a legal build zone. If you have excess left over you may use your available Force Points from you r Pool to make up the difference.

Battle Apes: The Code for Battle Apes is 'ba'.

Garrisons: If you have militia units or Force Points garrisoning conquered regions, you may make up the difference from your Force Pools and make the regions protectorate.

Conversion Sheets: If you can send me a copy of what you want your troops converted before the turn is due. I would like to see your converted units by Friday, October 25th.

Fanatic Attribute: All Fanatic nations may pick Warrior Cult instead. If you don't choose, I will assume you are still Fanatic.

National & Universal Objectives: If you have achieved an Objective at the end of a turn, it will be noted in this newsletter under your country's news.

Movement: There will be six (instead of five) action impulses each turn. Movement counts against your action impulses.
Example: Fred Bone leads 30 knights which moves 3 times per turn. Fred can move to three different regions and attack three times for his other 3 actions.

Meta Spell Supplement: Attached to this turn's results is the Meta Spell Supplement which should a part of the 4.1 Rules Supplement.

Where to Send Your Orders
Black Empire, Sea of Fear c/o Thad Plate
5333 E. Thomas Rd. #215
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Call (602) 952-8929
24 hour fax #: (602) 952-8075.
eMail: on Internet
I will pick up at the Game Depot, in Tempe, Arizona on the Tuesday due date at 6:00pm.

Black Empire Turn Costs
Per Turn $2.00
Module & 8x11 Mapset $5.00
per page 11x17 25¢
Rule Book v4.0 +4.1 Supplements $8.00
Color Map (of World) $3.00
Warning: There will be a $5.00 charge for each returned check.

Maps A-E

Kingdom of Stillon
King Godwin held his ground at Erparoph (Map G). Kent played checkers at Huat. Corwin told goose jokes in Carbgosh. Jacques Cousteau took a big chance and crossed the open sea past the Firewall and ended up at the Orsee (Map B). Faye Siuban sang songs at Blorpug. Le Charrax bought a home in Stirling Firth.
Contact: Ken Norton 602-966-2678

RAMPAGING FREE PERSONAGE: Qaan the White Talon, a male elder dragon, is on top of Orland, Map B (p6T6/edr).

Maps F-J

Barony of Rudeltaktik
Baron Gunter and his force are in Foicrol. Princess Inge stayed in Fasing and visited the Schwartzkastel. They hired her on to tie men up. Pico de Meftyosh are in Voriland with a great army. Donnel stays in Berdsoa.
Contact: Bruce Van Etten 602-894-3337

Iygtaol Kingdom
Robardin is king at Kinju. Kinju is not controlled yet.
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Tambuli War Tribe
Battle Chief Jarak called it quits and become a farmer somewhere.
LOST REGIONS: all of them

Aztlan Empire of Xotla

Emperor Pelos and his crew sailed to Ghucar and took it over in the name of decency (Map 6). Ralph Reed (Map G) ditched his boats at Kinju, hired Njal Seasabre and conquered Pum & Igruch with a force of 8 paladins. General Lars' army unloaded at the Merizo and took it over (Map 6). Chacham couldn't stand the grunts of Ciach this time. He's in Aritlan. Daavarca (Map G) signed the Punisher and Red Bobh up for lifetime jobs as Imperial dignataries. All together, he conqeured Stabaum and Bar Shasc from the failing Tambuli. Saotanagh (Map G) conquered Rebroglen with 25 paladins. He then occupied Flubor. Runs sailed to Merizo with a mighty army (Map 6). Ciach the Fierce One went to Aritlan with that silly elf-man. Njal Seasaber, a human male admiral, was hired in Kinju (Map G). Punisher, a human male mountain man, is in Stabaum (Map G). Red Bobh, a human male idoit, is in Stabaum (Map G).
ADDED REGIONS: Merizo, Pum, Igruch, Stabaum, Rebroglen, Flubor, Aritlan, Bar Shasc
PROTECTORATE: Merizo, Pum, Igruch, Stabaum, Rebroglen, Flubor
Contact: Mitchel Ledford 602-275-7889

Goudiz Dragonlair

Neyarizam mushed poeple in Viakilsk until they surrenderewd. He also terrorized Off Kofma until they coughed up tribute (Map J). Gebert and the undead and the Engine of Telikas conquered the underwater paradise of Phitikos Pelagos. They grabbed a few rat beers in Kladphida. They found an adventurous female at the bar they were at named Chastity. King Corillin and Burdard had a hell of time trying to break into Castelo Sobatboa. After a rough siege and some battle losses, they wore the defenders out and captured what was left of the fortress. Puff found something at Udcaipol then flew over the Sea of Vapors (Map C). King Joao took over Baixo Macea. Lighnaber had 5 lanteens and 10 knights which he used to conquer Murja. In Zlilat he ran into a lot of Efunites who defeated him there and again in Murja, killing him and destroying his army. Burdard helped the King out. Giz Gonzal hit on Chastity in Kladphida to no avail. Fuzzball was injured in the Fungus Castle but found a useful item he then moved to Chehsi and disovered found a meta-spell under a dusty paperweight. Moctezuma got new troops and protected Reejnub in case the Oradeans were interested in taking that region. Smelkia was given to the Arcadians.
ADDED REGIONS: Viakilsk, Off Kofma, Phitikos Pelagos, Castelo Sobatboa, Baixo Macea
MADE PROTECTORATE: Viakilsk, Off Kofma, Phitikos Pelagos
REGIONS LOST: Metolu, Smelkia
Contact: C.J. Burt 602-967-6183

Wings of Freedom (Oradea)
Queen Sparrow is in Kapod with 34 paladins, 47 rangers found trouble by crossing over into Metolu and conquering it from the Goudiz. Dxog made crunching noises in Maggoist with 10 paladins, 5 knihgts, 2 airplanes and 10 hill giants. Penelope searched the hills of Dovajuk.
ADDED REGIONS: Metolu, Maggoist
PROTECTORATE: the same, Agmef, Blakoulya, Klekap, Lapon, Mochya, Mocmob, Pitlam, Respov, Speoib, Stelday, Zeprad
Contact: Timar Clark

FREE PERSONAGE: Iunbert, a dwarf male diplomat, is in Bolaren, Map F (p431ch).

FREE PERSONAGE: Dern, a human male champion, is in Präbalz, Map F (p444).

FREE PERSONAGE: Chastity, a human female tramp, is ready for action at Kladphida, Map D (p144).

FREE PERSONAGE: Ghashar, a human male general, is in Potatue, Map H (p442).

Maps K-O

Der Kraagenmark

Markgraf Eristrom and his pals are in Buda (Map P). Dieter stays at Fuingok (Map P)
Contact: Troy Allen

Dread Magog Horde
Gog, and his horde of 13 lancers, 16 horse-archers, 23 rangers and 2 eagles overran Bukkak and Sami (map N). Yog's transport troops took sail to the Acolhuan Coast, looking at the cliffs of Chaca with scorn (map M). Lady Jitvins conquered Jonax and Mebonco with a multi-racial force. Gessna died in the explosion that destroyed Shiair's fortress.
ADDED REGIONS: Bukkak, Sami, Jonax, Mebonco
PROTECTORATE: all added regions, Il Chabud, Mipash, Selcha, Socomal
Contact: Mike Overstreet 602-969-8840

Sultanate of Huzjeska
Sultan Mobius Manslaughter is out of touch with all. Where is he? Lichgoth teleported Crater Wor and a badass army to crush the helpless victims of Bub Tun. They moved on to Kan Tze (Map H). The Invunerable Lady Worg al Mohg (Map N) and 12 vampires destroyed the griffon in Giltez and found a meta-spell in the beast's nest. Alu Asad fought the imp to a draw in Pebhur. Asad moved to Pokh. Barh moved to Zatkho; a fortunate man he is. Aria and her force whacked Hokos and Pebhur. She is now in Yetbahod. Lettan Yorik flew to Kuk Bac with some vampires. Bizcut enjoyed his work killing hundreds in Chutsol, Bemebax and Chitxo. Xacxac Razor Wiper teleported to Soea and did some heavy damage to a lame region.
ADDED REGIONS: Bub Tun, Hokos, Pebhur, Chutsol, Bemebax, Chitxo, Soea
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions
Contact: John Smith 602-992-7137

Griffes de la Nuit
Drake Buckingham and his ghost ships floated above Shekh, scaring villagers and farm animals with their weird sounds. Lillith Priapus got fat eating cheese in Dosiludot. Francesca Clarke and her craft remained dock at the Isle of Sam. They rode every ride on Sam's Amusement Park.
Contact: Nora Calato 602-820-9969

The Fourth Rhynchocephalian Order of the Sphenedon
Runge-Kutta (Map R) took sail to the dangerous sea zones south of the Ragged Mountains. He ended up conqeruing Anhu from the Ihuem with his many saurian troops. Avogardo (Map 5 or Map E) sailed his ships to Flicita then conquered it with 50 saurian knights, 3 tyrannosaurs, 8 pteradons, 15 war elephants and 5 knights. Serdikkas diplomacized Kokhtud but had to fight Atkol. He then sailed to Eso. Roed and his fast reptiles conquered An Mil Po then doubled back to Hoyach. Undead Everjanet found a crystal ball in Foa then she moved to Okudla. The Witch's Broom flew to her hands. Nervi Uopher conquered Ox island then moved to Okudla too. Pika Pul teleported to Anhu, to help the Big Iguana.
ADDED REGIONS: Anhu, Flictia, Kokhtud, Atkol, An Mil Po, Ox
PROTECTORATE: Kokhtud, Atkol, Ox
Contact: Earl Solper 602-921-3716

DEAD RAMPAGING BEAST: A griffon flies no more at Giltez, Map N.

RAMPAGING FREE PERSONAGE: Elder Dragon Ruchah is in Tormot, Map N (p6T6/edr).

RAMPAGING BEAST: A noxious imp pesters the villages of Al Ki'ekdas, Map N.

Maps P-T

Ninkul Imperium
The Mad Queen, Wakamak and her cavalry force moved to Urfaf (Map U). Minimak is no where to be seen. Ninnuk (Map U) is in Orkal and will not be disturbed. Kivar didn't find anything in Naft. Onemai moved his army to Alsak and conquered the land.. Dasiny pacified Scadow (Map V). Cian went to Opro and did some studying, but the words didn't stick.
ADDED REGIONS: Alsak, Scadow
Contact: Brian Hansche 602-926-8499

Dragonkeep of Ihuem
Celalaith and her many young dragons slept in Idolche. Nailtooth the Brave is in Ul Shiair with some trolls. Lux is at Sanho. Ul Shiair was destroyed suddenly in a Big Bad Explosion.
Contact: Pat Kelley 513-642-1343 pakelley@freenet.columbus.oh

Bob teleported himself to Kir (map S). Prince Desmodius headed to Shipu and became a better general. General Desmodius and his dragon could not hire Sardior. The Red Elder wouldn't even talk to them. Wen Chiang guarded Jieshue and Boxian. Cao Cao had 2 vampires and 9 rangers handy to conquer Lufo away from Efune.
Contact: David Vasiloff 602-231-0810

Chohashi Shogunate
Lady Shogun Takeda Hitomi demanded to duel Itoke. The sissy elf refused. When Sardior declared himself to be pro-Efune, she ran like a whirlwind back to Chohashi. Takeda Yoshi got to Chohashi with his army. Yamamoto Sukishuma took over Grilgek, Itfaib and Clashai making good time. The Short Guys took away Fardpa.
ADDED REGIONS: Grilgek, Itfaib, Clashai
PROTECTORATE: all added regions, Yadoede, Ikelitu
Contact: Scott Micheel

Elvish Estate of Efune
Corillean conquered Quxian then Pazi but had no time for Laseibe (Map Y). Itoke finally hired Sardior in Hipuku. Avariell and Naito Masutoya teleported to Zlilat right in front of a Goudiz army (Map O). There were 10 knights there with Lighnaber. Naito led 11 elf knights, 8 rangers, 4 undead knights, 3 elf archers, 2 nomad scouts and 18 man knights. With their leadership, the Efune trounced the Goudiz army twice and gained control of Zlilat and Murja. Pingou-Ka went to Khinla and survived the journey. Sardior Dragonlord is in Hipuku, on the side of the Efune (Map T).
ADDED REGIONS: Quxian, Pazi, Zlilat, Murja
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions, Yuaikua
Contact: John Schmid 412-441-6159

FREE PERSONAGE: Udacach, a dwarf male diplomat, is in Kamlek, Map P (515ch).

FREE PERSONAGE: Stumpy Fred, a dwarf male general, is in Nachar, Map P (p644).

FREE PERSONAGE: Irsad Sunga, a human male snake-charmer, is in Kozet, Map S (p456rfs).

Maps U-Y

The Short Guys With the Long Beards
Orin Redbeard and Blinky went through the ether and ended up in Fardpa which they conqured away from the Chohashi using 25 dwarf pikemen, 25 dwarf crossbowmen, 3 dwarf axemen and 25 storm giants. Then they moved to Prokau. Ivan Redbeard went to Nois. Shnisto Breast-Cup invaded F'fur and Hebdom.
ADDED REGION: Fardpa, F'fur, Hebdom
Contact: Todd Delevan 602-840-6849

Khanate of Rimadaho
Khatun Kristen Necros went to Loparga. Barogud and Jihaska Ny converged on Sapoy to lay siege to the fortress. The 19 knights, 4 undead knights, 30 captapults and 2 archers faced off against 1 wall rampart, 5 hill giants, 19 catapults and 3 ogres. The siege lasted 20 rounds, the the Rimadaho lost 7 knights, but they won. The fortress was destroyed and the defending army was devastated. Ontawr went out of Momo and got some boats at Tenega. Jihaska Ny helped out Barogud in Sapoy. Jimanda Ny hired Uwaham in Aninga. Raj Maka got to Sapoy late and was not useful. He died at the end of the year. Uwaham, a dwarf male wizard, is Aninga (map V).
Contact: Dave Welches 602-890-2560

The Plague
Justice lied in state in Momo. Marshal Drakus remained stiff in Sapayi. Baron Toril lives on in Ritahara.
Contact: Marcus Chittenden 602-994-3054 (4-6pm)

Emperor Uzhang the Drow creeped to Bounme. Baileya rode his herd to Mackel. Meletta and his woody force took over neutral Gushi. Duc Fu learned a few things from Shin Shai in Bounme.
PROTECTORATE: Gushi, Tayninh, Songcau, Phumy, Pa-ai, Mytho, Geegol, Eking
Contact: Dennis Doubek 602-820-4314

FREE PERSONAGE: Blurni, a dwarf male spy, is in Kuld, Map N. Will not work for the Short Guys (p550st).

FREE PERSONAGE: Waltanal, a gnome male legendary adventurer, is at Buonme. Map X & 3 (p8A5).

FREE PERSONAGE: Ling Xin, a human female mystic, is in Sarakhan, Map X (p516).

Maps Z-4

Dw'elf League of Gobel
Orin Oakstaff could not hire Lindesa at Jugoka. Erin Ironrod found nothing in Cloystram. Don Gnarled went to Froubar. Sevne found a greatsword in Filaw. Oshiro the Crafty unearthed an magic artifact in Zifrugo. Osric found a brass key in Bainkow. Peter Halladad hired Gerrin in Doleg. Murgi-Ton had trouble dealing with Tommavi in Fouril. Gerrin, a male saurian adventurer, is in Doleg.
MADE PROTECTORATE: Ayan, Bainkow, Bairt, Be Desa, Bild, Bimsag, Blaut, Caik, Charam, Cloprau, Cloystram, Cluvy, Cugyn, Desha, Dichap, Edut, Elk Island, Em, Faw, Filaw, Fouril, Furab, Garo, Gimbi, Grulp, Gyllang, Hejhu, Hudok, Ifry, Indian, Ivurt, Kebop, Kikeng, Kinst, Koublo, Lemsog, Lolchag, Mapi, Mawpath, Meman, Milklen, Mobuv, Momi, Mooj, Moopam, Mosz, N'suet, Olt, Opelb, Ourbath, Peli, Prinz, Pykorth, Rastok, Rinfar, Ripate, Roth, Rutpapa, Rydse, Sashut, Scelost, Shinow, Shusbi, Spretmuk, Subpaw, Tanby, Thame, Vangmirk, Yougu, Zifrugo, Fasmaky
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Black Empire of Tor Sirok
Jakarl Unger is a prisoner in a Dw'elf gaol. Dornan stayed in Kube.
Contact: Ken Larson 520-887-8186

Elves of Evot
Camille ducks in Gusdik. Lord Callis hummed in Lowdrom. Gurn is in Shipoy to do some turkey knocking.
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Fertile Kingdom of Djema
Izam the Fin and his 25 raptors stayed in Thocal. Jack the Ripper is in Hunrob. Madame Josephine flies above the Dangerous Shark Sea.
Contact: Bruce Lott 602-857-0924

Templars of Jalingo
King Lazaar and Lady Thornak are in Nongkhai. Lazaar III did not move from Iglulu.
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

Ssaptian Conquests
King 'Saruss did have a reason to move from Kangamut. Issaion's raptors clawed themselves for fun. Quarter conquered Yamosso.
Contact: Dave Pettit

FREE PERSONAGE: The Grandmaster of Assassins, a male gnome hit man, is in Dindima, Map 3. He is tough to hire outright. Is easier to hire the AGM on a per turn basis, or to do a particular job (p133, +5 might in duels).

FREE PERSONAGE: Assandi, a male saurian adventurer, is in Bainkow, Map Z (p185).

FREE PERSONAGE: Lindesa, a female human adventurer, is in Jugoka, Map Z (P353).

FREE PERSONAGE: Kasinatha the Lusty, a human female swordswoman, is in Konada, Map 2 (p452c4).

FREE PERSONAGE: Nbuldada, a human male monk, is in Doubeenac, Map 2 (p244).

Maps 5-9

Kaiel Clan
Prime Predictor Sima coran-Kaiel (Map A) stayed in Hosze. Mu Cao-Kaiel remained in Pala (Map 2). Mea rea-Kaiel and his navy remained anchored at the Fury of Triton. Crigto Smoln partied Poldu. Pashion Ruk (Map A) rested his clawed feet at Pickow. Ted Nugent dodged the fairies in Harma. The 4th Order took Flicita. The Arcadians took 8 regions on the fringes.
LOST REGIONS: Coic, Flictia, Pine Springs, Misoe, Mnack, Stostpu, Ulspra, Ung
Contact: Scott Hagen 602-756-0104

Arcadia, the Throne of Sardior
Wooglin Tisis of the Evil Eye could no longer be seen. The gnome lady Taklo Dragonrider and his navy disgourged 7 knights and 1 vampire at Mnack (Map 5) and conquered the island of Kaiel. Viiglin Tisis and his flight of 3 dragons (including himself), 5 dwarf pikemen and 1 dwarf crossbows occupied Kaiel's Ung and Lask Nuphi (Map 5). Tkon the Elder sailed to the Permean Gulf. Libbit Big Nose landed troops at Gleay and conquered the square island (map B). Boris the Gnome and his 10 knights on 5 lanteens had fun winning the possession of Kaiel's Ulspra and upriver Stospu (Map B). Berry and his 5 dragoons, 4 dwarf pikemen and 3 ogres scooped up Pine Springs, Misoe and Coic from the Kaiel (Map 9).
REGIONS ADDED: Mnack, Ung, Lask Nuphi, Ulspra, Stospu, Pine Springs, Misoe, Coic
Contact: Pat Mills

FREE PERSONAGE: Tommavi, a male human adventurer, is in Fouril, Map 5. (p565)

FREE PERSONAGE: Former Vorinan Heir, Vorino the Wait, a human male admiral, has escaped to Lalu, Map 6, will not work for Dw'elf or Kaiel (p641ad).

RAMPAGING BEASTS: 2 fairies fly around in Harma, Map 6.

FREE PERSONAGE: Karkaboka, a male human admiral, is at Saparamiba, Map 7 (p641ad). Owns Bronze Armor.

FREE PERSONAGE: King Shagrup, an evil male human general, is in Mudlik, Map 8 (p745). Owns Jula's Machete.

Map Ø: The Underworld

New Kingdom of Karakorum
Seuratu the Pharoah Mummy slummed in Sema. Azzgon be in Petra now. Redscale gave up his invasion in Debian.
Contact: limbo

Drowlord Nergal slept in Kerer. Ereshkigal teleported not from Khefa. Darth Vador fixed located in Nishaj. Jicha painted her fingernails at Khefa.
Contact: Albert Tu

Black Adder Kingdom
King Harry drank vinegar in Tongren. Edmund the Black Adder and Baldric wreaked havoc in Yaan. Prince George squandered his time (also in Yaan). Bubba found no good stuff in Yaan. Iovihup shot crows in Tongren.
Open for a Player Contact: Thad Plate for details

These are changes that occur due to game play.
Map K: Chikaid has a Necropolis (np)
Map O and T: Eli =Elia
Map V: Kamu is now a woodland (w), Magopo is now a desert (d), Goji is now desert and Ideputsa is a Ruined City. Layada is jungle (j)
Map Y: Fakora has a saurian city (sc)

Black Empire ©1996 Wanderer Games
All contents of this Newletter is ©1996 Plate Games