Turn #24
524 YD

Next Turn's Orders Due: Thursday, September 18th, 1996


Turn 25 Changes: A rules supplement will be published and distributed to all of you before Turn 25 is due. Also because of the newness of some of these concept that will be introduced, Black Empire will become a playtest game until it is perfected. Here are a summary of some of the changes that will occur:

Winning: There will be a winner. He or she who will be given free turn credit for all turns in the next Sea of Fear game (or some other form of compensation).

Attributes: Fertile and Warrior Cult are being added. Fanatic will be redefined (since Morale won't be such a big factor in battles) so all Fanatic nations may pick Warrior Cult instead.

National Objectives: To win the game, you must obtain and maintain 4 National Objectives. These will be Attribute based, but you can fulfill Objectives instead of your National Objectives if that is what is needed to win this game.

Leader Special Powers: There are other leader special powers besides those available at a start of a game. These will be listed.

Free Personages: They will not form their own countries.

Rampaging Beasts: These will always have a leadership of 4 and an Army Quality of 0.

Increasing Leader Stats: Easier now. Try it. Training takes 2 moves. Teaching (and Learning) takes 1 move for each leader at the same time. Experience happens.

Units: The units will be somewhat based on the Al Kajir model. Most units seen in the current system will be maintained including the Gnomes, Sea Monsters and Rampaging Beasts. Elves and Orcs will be powered up.

Movement: The impulse chart will change. All armies will be given 5 action impulses per turn. The act of moving from region to region will be resticted by unit movement ability.

Duels: Will be restricted. An army less leader cannot duel a leader with an army unless that leader is moving in stealth.

Quests: Abolished completely. Effective now.

Respond to Attack: No need for this action so it is gone.

Battles: No more first strike. Magic should be more powerful. Charges will be water down. More battles will reach the melee stage (I hope). Morale is only used for whether an army will break from battle. Leadership, the new Army Quality stat and sundry other factors will help determine battle success.

Sieges: All regions with fotresses will need to be sieged instead of attacked. All fortresses will act as sponges in battle and increase defensive leadership and morale. Implied Fortifications no longer exists. Forget that.

Neutral Regions: Will fight with a leadership of 0 and a morale of their resistence value. They will possess 10 x Resistence Value in undefined militia troops.

Protectorate Regions: Will fight like neutrals when attacked.

Homeland Regions: If you have maintained a region as protectorate for 20 turns, the region becomes a homeland. Homeland regions will fight with a leadership of one half its resistance value round up along with a morale of the resistance and 10 x the resistence value in undefined militia troops.

Casting and Making Meta Spells: You may cast any spell you find no matter your Sorcery Level. You will need a Sorcery Level equal to the level of the spell to manufacture spells.

Unplayed Nations: If they are unplayed for more than two turns, they may be dissolved. If you take one of these out, you will get half their saved force points.

Price: I will be dropping the price to $2.00 after turn 25. This covers my costs.

Playtest Mode: I appreciate any and all suggestions to make Black Empire a better game. I would like to repay all of you for playing the Sea of Fear game if, somehow, I succeed in making Black Empire a hit.

Turnaround: I'm planning on two week turnaround with turns coming out Sunday or Monday. If I can crank a turn out by Saturday, there may be a weekly turnaround. Let's see if it happens.

Apologies: I would like to apologize for those of you whose patience I have tested. This has been a difficult year for me professionally for I had certain family obligations which made running Black Empire tough. I appreciate all your support. Thank you.

The Next Sea of Fear Game: I will start a new game when this campaign is about to finish. At that time, I will publish the new Black Empire rulebook with all the needed changes to it. If you have bought a rulebook from me before, you can turn it in to me if you want a copy of the new one (with a $2.00 mailing cost if I have to mail it).

Where to Send Your Orders
Black Empire, Sea of Fear c/o Thad Plate
5333 E. Thomas Rd. #215
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Call (602) 952-8929 from Tuesday night to Friday night. (Phoenix)
or (520) 776-8462 from Saturday morning to Tuedsay morning. (Prescott)
24 hour fax #: (602) 952-8075.
eMail: on Internet
I will pick up at the Game Depot, in Tempe, Arizona on the Tuesday due date at 6:00pm.

Black Empire Turn Costs
Per Turn $2.50
Module & 8x11 Mapset $5.00
per page 11x17 25¢
Rule Book v4.0 $8.00
Color Map (of World) $3.00
Warning: There will be a $5.00 charge for each returned check.

Maps A-E

Kingdom of Stillon
King Godwin invaded Vashpadul and Erparoph (Map G). Kent and his force gained Pyre and Huat. Corwin conquered Bawty, Claud Ranch and Aistoy. He ended up in Carbgosh. Jacques Cousteau made it to the Swelting Sea (Map 7). Faye Siuban grew gills and led undead knights to Blorpug. Le Charrax went to the Stirling Firth.
ADDED REGIONS: Veshpaduc, Erparoph, Pyre, Huat, Bawty, Claud Ranch, Aistoy
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions
FORTRESSES BUILT: Bicralid, Brust, Cils, Darze, Doltak, Foiol, Flamcra, Ghogel, Kaurtha, Kinkoil, Pauhoft, Peske, Repturt, Slurprot

RAMPAGING FREE PERSONAGE: Qaan the White Talon, a male elder dragon, is on top of Orland, Map B.

Empire of Kinerion
REGIONS LOST: everything

Maps F-J

Barony of Rudeltaktik
Baron Gunter and his force are in Foicrol. Princess Inge stayed in Fasing but did not visit the Schwartzkastel. Pico de Meftyosh are in Voriland with a great army. Donnel stays in Berdsoa.

FREE PERSONAGE: Iunbert, a dwarf male diplomat, is in Bolaren, Map F.

FREE PERSONAGE: Dern, a human male champion, is in Präbalz, Map F.

Iygtaol Kingdom
Robardin is king at Kinju. Njal Seasaber quit.

FREE PERSONAGE: Njal Seasaber, a human male admiral, is in Kinju, Map G.

Tambuli War Tribe
Battle Chief Jarak stayed in Edosh. The Elfin Avenger idled in Bowlesh. Punisher and Red Bobh were compelled to leave.

FREE PERSONAGE: Punisher, a human male mountain man, is in Stabaum, Map G.

FREE PERSONAGE: Red Bobh, a human male idoit, is in Stabaum, Map G

FREE PERSONAGE: Ghashar, a human male general, is in Potatue, Map H

Aztlan Empire of Xotla

Emperor Pelos and his crew sailed to the Bay of Clew (Map B). Ralph Reed (Map G) convinced Njal to be neutral. General Lars' army hopped on ship and took sail to the Bay of Elon (Map B). Chacham moved with Ciach and got better. Daavarca (Map G) talked both Punisher and Bobh out of their jobs. Saotanagh (Map G) ditched boats at Crawflur and went to Rebroglen with 25 paladins. Runs got new troops and converted Ilhas Valto. He is now at Gaewirs Abyssal (Map C). Ciach the Fierce One clobbered the silly Klevoz. The Cumo attacked Patucan so they were condemned. The Ring of Ixoatl suddenly appeared on Pelos' finger.
ADDED REGIONS: Ilhas Valto, Klevoz

Goudiz Dragonlair

Neyarizam took over Pedtshu and Bolkis. He barely made it to Viakilsk. Gebert and a diverse army banished the trickster imp in Chudrho. Leaving behind much of the army except the undead and the Engine of Telikas, Gebert conquered the underwater surface of the Bay of Mistakes. King Corillin conquered Colban. Puff invaded Ilhas Dincora and Udcaipal King Joao took over Stujo and Canpudi. Lighnaber had 5 lanteens and 10 knights which he used to conquer El K'kep from the Nuit. Burdard had a tough time conquering Alto Macea and Serra de Geaifa (map C). Giz Gonzal traveled to Kladphida. Fuzzball made it to Chudrho. Moctezuma, a human male adventurer, spontaneously joined Goudiz. He's in Chudrho.
34 paladins and 47 rangers are with Sparrow the Queen of Oradea.
ADDED REGIONS: Pedtshu, Bolkis, El K'kep, Bay of Mistakes, Colban, Ilhas Dincora, Udcaipol, Canpudi, Stujo, Alto Macea, Serra de Geaifa

Wings of Freedom (Oradea)
Albatross! Died. New Queen Sparrow is in Kapod with 34 paladins, 47 rangers, looking for trouble. Dxog made chirping noises in Krapay. Penelope played jacks at Pujdob.

Maps K-O

Der Kraagenmark

Markgraf Eristrom and his pals are in Buda (Map P). Dieter stays at Fuingok (Map P)

Jamhal Kingdom
LOST REGIONS: everything

Cumo Empire
Cumo was condemned by the Good Church for attempting to attack Patucan so they were destroyed. One of their armies did conquer Keke Im away from the 4th Order.
REGIONS LOST: everything

Dread Magog Horde
Gog, and his horde are in Al Jito. They repulsed a Huzjeska attack. Yog (map R)'s transport troops are sailing the Hurricane Bend. Lady Jitvins be in Achebu. Gessna is a prisoner of the Ihuem.
LOST REGIONS: Cachisu, Kozet, Senj

Sultanate of Huzjeska
Sultan Mobius Manslaughter is out of touch with all. Lichgoth teleported Crater Wor and a badass army to crush the helpless victims of Tluch, An Tzek and Izozog. The Invunerable Lady Worg al Mohg (Map N) took 18 vampires to Al Jito to deal with Gog of Magog himself. Gog had 13 nomad lancers, 5 nomad scouts, 17 nomad archers, 5 rangers and 2 battle eagles. Battle went to melee and the combined horde knocked out 4 vampires. Worg fled to Rukkak and lost 2 more vampires. Alu Asad traveled to Hednakha. Barh was stood up in Sami. Aria and her 10 vampires conquered Senj, Ad Dayr easy. Musta Nuf found a griffon in Giltez. Griffon killed him. Lettan Yorik whumped Leorail and Lub-ea. Fear works. Bizcut carpeted the ground with the blood of Etti, Pobaikboh and Bo-Hut defenders. Xacxac Razor Wiper teleported to Asmosh and did some heavy damage to a lame region.
ADDED REGIONS: Tluch, Senj, An Tzek, Izozog, Ad Dayr, Leorail, Lub-ea, Etti, Pobaikboh, Bo-Hut, Asmosh
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions

Griffes de la Nuit
Drake Buckingham and his ghost ships floated to Shekh but found nothing interesting in the caves. Lillith Priapus grabbed some troops and conquered Mijsal and Dosiludot. Francesca Clarke and her craft headed to the Isle of Sam and liked it so much that they conquered it.
ADDED REGIONS: Isle of Sam, Mijsal, Dosiludot

The Fourth Rhynchocephalian Order of the Sphenedon
Runge-Kutta (Map S) occupied Cachisu (Magog's), built boats and then conquered Kozet and Romal on their way out. Avogardo (Map E) attacked by sea Coelmuth (Arcadian) with 52 raptor packs on 19 lanteens and 2 frigates and then turned woodsmen into tyrannosaurs. Serdikkas diplomacized Saw Kof and then sailed to Map S's Kokhtud. The Witch's Broom flew to Hirba. Roed snatched Hunom then went to Hoyach to mess around. He then conquered Pa Pa Chech and Sexim. Undead Everjanet got to Foa. Nervi Uopher went to Masisu not a clue. Pika Pul, a human female teleporter is ready to work at Cachisu.
ADDED REGIONS: Saw Kof, Hunom, Pa Pa Chech, Sexim, Cachisu, Kozet, Romal, Coelmuth
PROTECTORATE: Saw Kof, Hunom, Pa Pa Chech, Cachisu, Kozet

RAMPAGING BEAST: A griffon flies around in Giltez, Map N.

RAMPAGING FREE PERSONAGE: Elder Dragon Ruchah is in Tormot, Map N.

Giltez Draconium
LOST REGIONS: everything

RAMPAGING BEAST: A noxious imp pesters the villages of Debhur, Map N.

Maps P-T

FREE PERSONAGE: Udacach, a dwarf male diplomat, is in Kamlek, Map P.

FREE PERSONAGE: Stumpy Fred, a dwarf male general, is in Nachar, Map P.

Ninkul Imperium
The Mad Queen, Wakamak and her cavalry force invaded Pedist and rested in Hosum. Minimak is no where to be seen. Ninnuk (Map U) went to Orkal. Kivar moved his army to Scadow. Onemai took over Khar and Iestal. Dasiny knocked heads in Kumland and Artland. Cian gained Humlig too easy so he went to Skar.
ADDED REGIONS: Pedist, Khar, Humlig, Iestal, Artland, Kumland
MADE PROTECTORATE: Pedist, Khar, Iestal, Kumland

Orivesi Elvish Kingdom
LOST REGION: everything

Dragonkeep of Ihuem
Celalaith and her many young dragons slept in Idolche. Nailtooth the Brave is in Ul Shiair with some trolls. Lux is at Sanho.

FREE PERSONAGE: Irsad Sunga, a human male snake-charmer, is in Kozet, Map S

Bob teleported himself to Gadan (map S). Prince Desmodius conquered Xiao and Shozhua. General Desmodius left his army in Tabing to fly to Nakajo Wan. Wen Chiang guarded Taihe. Cao Cao took new troops and gained Zhikai.
ADDED REGIONS: Xiao, Shozhua, Zhikai

Chohashi Shogunate
Lady Shogun Takeda Hitomi couldn't hire Sardior in Hipuku. Takeda Yoshi gained back Ikelitu and Yadoede. Yamamoto Sukishuma took over Fabemi, Ebdraw and Etoist, making good time.
ADDED REGIONS: Ikelitu, Yadoede, Fabemi, Ebdraw, Etoist

RAMPAGING FREE PERSONAGE: Sardior Dragonlord (also called Sardior the Red), a very ancient, powerful and smart elder dragon male terrorizes Hipuku. He is very difficult to hire so you might want to avoid him. Map T.

Elvish Estate of Efune
Corillean conquered Louzhin and Oluang. Itoke could not hire Sardior in Chohashi. Avariell and Naito Masutoya teleported to Chesi and Hizho and bumped them. Pingou-Ka went to Atkol and had lots of excess time.
ADDED REGIONS: Louzhin, Oluang, Chesi, Hizho
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions, Halua, Yuaikua

Maps U-Y

Dwarven Kingdom of Pa'rj
King Nuri was killed in Kuld by those Short Guys. Game Over.
LOST REGIONS: everything

The Short Guys With the Long Beards
Orin Redbeard and Blinky conquered Med then zipped to Pa'rj just in case. Ivan Redbeard won a siege battle in Kuld taking moderate losses. He then took Ulc and Plasha. Shnisto Breast-Cup gained Akor, Pemilen and Shurtes. Dwarf God Toratan Ya was good for his promise. Tech 2 granted.
ADDED REGION: Med, Pemilen, Shurtes, Kuld, Ulc, Plasha, Akor

FREE PERSONAGE: Blurni, a dwarf male spy, is in Kuld, Map N. Will not work for the Short Guys.

Eldir the Ancient
LOST REGIONS: all of it

Khanate of Rimadaho
Khatun Kristen Necros, Barogud and Raj Maka took in 34 knights and 4 undead knights against 52 unled raptor packs in a protected region of Samada. Battle was bloody. Only 11 total knights were left but they made those reptiles run. Kristen moved later ot Aninga but didn't hire Uwaham. Ontawr and 9 knights swiped Sawira and Famino but did not want to confront 50 undead knights, 15 rangers and 9 eagles of the Plague in Momo. Jihaska Ny took Eceha easy. Her 30 catapults and 31 archers failed to break into Djeme's Sapo. Jimanda Ny was in Baraha. Raj Maka made sure Samada was conquered.
ADDED REGIONS: Amota, Tenega

FREE PERSONAGE: Uwaham, a dwarf male wizard, is Aninga, Map V

The Plague
Justice and his forces conquered Sata and then Momo after meeting Drakus. Marshal Drakus became undead by mystic influence. He was just about to die anyway. Drakus occupied Sapayi. Baron Toril and his force conquered Otibda, Fir Bolg and Ritihara.
ADDED REGIONS: Sata, Momo, Sapayi, Otibda, Fir Bolg, Ritihara
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions

FREE PERSONAGE: Waltanal, a gnome male legendary adventurer, is at Buonme. Map X & 3.

FREE PERSONAGE: Ling Xin, a human female mystic, is in Sarakhan, Map X.

Emperor Uzhang the Drow creeped to Lumphat. Baileya rode his force of 8 rangers, 6 centaurs, 3 pteradons, 11 shamen bands, 35 knights and 32 dragoons to confront Izam the Fin and his 25 raptors. Izam won and Baileya ran back to Rangouthe, lucky not to be injured. Meletta and his 17 rangers, 2 dwarf axemen, 7 ogres and 1 eagle pacified Shengchong and Jinzhai. Duc Fu gathered troops at Bounme. Shin Shai went to Bounme too.
ADDED REGIONS: Shengchong, Jinzhai

Maps Z-4

Dw'elf League of Gobel
Orin Oakstaff with 1 war elephant, 22 rangers and 6 knights won Jogoka and then found a free personage named Lindesa. Erin Ironrod took from the Argus, Upab and Fasmaky then neutral Cloystram was attacked. Don Gnarled went to Froubar. Sevne and his 19 elf knights, 1 elf archers and 8 rangers just walked over Filaw. Oshiro the Crafty and his 3 dwarf axemen, 1 elf knight, 3 dwarf pikemen, 52 knights, and 6 hill giants occupied Kikeng and Zifrugo. Osric could not hire the young saurian Assandi in Bainkow. Assandi respects might. Peter Halladad neutralized Gerrin in Doleg. Murgi-Ton found another leader named Tommavi in Fouril.
ADDED REGIONS: Jugoka, Upab, Fasmaky, Cloystram, Filaw, Kikeng, Zifrugo
MADE PROTECTORATE: Jugoka, Doleg, Roe Debna, Ulkil

FREE PERSONAGE: Assandi, a male saurian adventurer, is in Bainkow, Map Z

FREE PERSONAGE: Lindesa, a female human adventurer, is in Jugoka, Map Z. (p353)

Black Empire of Tor Sirok
Jakarl Unger is a prisoner in a Dw'elf gaol. Dornan stayed in Kube.

Elves of Evot
Camille ducks in Gusdik. Lord Callis hummed in Lowdrom. Gurn is in Shipoy to do some turkey knocking. Gerrin resigned.
LOST REGIONS: Filaw, Kikeng, Zifrugo

FREE PERSONAGE: Gerrin, a male saurian adventurer, is in Doleg, Map Z

FREE PERSONAGE: Kasinatha the Lusty, a human female swordswoman, is in Konada, Map 2.

Second Jumtog Banga
LOST REGIONS: all of it

Fertile Kingdom of Djema
Izam the Fin and his 25 raptors stayed in Thocal and laughed at the Elfnam fighters who tried to attack them. Jack the Ripper is in Hunrob. Madame Josephine flies above the Dangerous Shark Sea.
LOST REGIONS: Samada, Pala

FREE PERSONAGE: Nbuldada, a human male monk, is in Doubeenac, Map 2.

Templars of Jalingo
King Lazaar and Lady Thornak are in Nongkhai. Lazaar III did not move from Iglulu.

Ssaptian Conquests
King 'Saruss did have a reason to move from Kangamut. Issaion's raptors clawed themselves for fun. Quarter is in Dindima.

FREE PERSONAGE: The Grandmaster of Assassins, a male gnome hit man, is in Dindima, Map 3. He is tough to hire outright. Is easier to hire the AGM on a per turn basis, or to do a particular job.

White Talon of Qaan

No more.
LOST REGIONS: everything

Maps 5-9

The Great and Glorious Kingdom of Argus
Good bye.
LOST REGIONS: all of it

FREE PERSONAGE: Tommavi, a male human adventurer, is in Fouril, Map 5. (p565)

FREE PERSONAGE: Former Vorinan Heir, Vorino the Wait, a human male admiral, has escaped to Lalu, Map 6, will not work for Dw'elf or Kaiel.

Kaiel Clan
Prime Predictor Sima coran-Kaiel (Map A) took Pahia and Hosne from the Arcadians using 9 rangers, 36 knights, 45 cossacks. Mu Cao-Kaiel plus 10 airships, 10 cossacks, 1 dragon, 8 battle eagles, 7 gnome aviators conquered Rerakut and Pala (Map 2). Mea rea-Kaiel gained Ruftalia and Crebic and now took to the sea in the Fury of Triton. Crigto Smoln diplomicized Poldu. Pashion Ruk (Map A) to the Five Towers of Pickow and float with his treasure map, the Sword of Soap. It's a very good sword. Ted Nugent regained Harma then unleashed some fairies.
ADDED REGIONS: Pahia, Hosze, Rerakut, Ruftalia, Crebic, Poldu, Harma, Pala
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions

RAMPAGING BEASTS: 2 fairies fly around in Harma, Map 6.

LOST REGION: everything

RAMPAGING FREE PERSONAGE: Karkaboka, a male human admiral, is at Saparamiba, Map 7. Owns Bronze Armor.

Evil Kingdom of New Mbinro
gone the way of the buffalo.

FREE PERSONAGE: King Shagrup, an evil male human general, is in Mudlik, Map 8. Owns Jula's Machete.

Arcadia, the Throne of Sardior
Wooglin Tisis of the Evil Eye could no longer be seen. The gnome lady Taklo Dragonrider rowed to the Gates (Map 9). Viiglin Tisis flew to Mar du Balat (Map 5). Tkon the Elder avoided the 4th order and moved to Hagkho (Map N). Libbit Big Nose arrived to the Lost Lemming Sea (map G). Boris the Gnome can be seen over the Pertuis Gleay (Map B). Berry to the winds and flies over the Gorath Abyssal (Map 9).
REGIONS LOST:Hosze, Isle of Sam, Pahia, Coelmuth

Map Ø: The Underworld

New Kingdom of Karakorum
Seuratu the Pharoah Mummy slummed in Sema. Azzgon be in Petra now. Redscale gave up his invasion in Debian.

Drowlord Nergal slept in Kerer. Ereshkigal teleported not from Khefa. Darth Vador fixed located in Nishaj. Jicha painted her fingernails at Khefa.

Black Adder Kingdom
King Harry found nada in Tongren. Edmund the Black Adder and Baldric returned to Yaan much to their displeasure. Prince George squandered his time (also in Yaan). Bubba found no good stuff in Yaan. Iovihup made it to Tongren.

Iakbyt Dwarf Kingdom

Changes to the Mapset.
These are changes that occur due to game play.
Map K: Chikaid has a Necropolis (np)
Map O and T: Eli =Elia
Map V: Kamu is now a woodland (w), Magopo is now a desert (d), Goji is now desert and Ideputsa is a Ruined City. Layada is jungle (j)
Map Y: Fakora has a saurian city (sc)

Blank Page.

This Chart roughly ranks all the Empires based on the power of their armies, force point production, leadership and any spells & artifacts they may possess.
Brackets around name means you owe me money. If you owe $5.00 or more you'll be knocked out of the game.
Any Empire without a player name means it is available for play.

RK Empire ISI Player Phone Number eMail Address

1 Kaiel 965 Scott Hagen 602-756-0104
4 Aztlan 540 Mitchel Ledford 602-275-7889
3 Rynchocephalran Order 523 Earl Solper 602-921-3716
5 Dw'elf League 511 Steven Chenevey 602-438-7282
2 Djeme 487 Bruce Lott 602-857-0924
6 Ninkul 431 Brian Hansche 602-926-8499
8 Goudiz Dragonlair 418 C.J. Burt 602-967-6183
7 Rudeltaktik 408 Bruce Van Etten 602-894-3337
9 Huzjeska 367 John Smith 602-992-7137
13 Stillon 361 Ken Norton 602-966-2678
10 Tatarus 341 Albert Tu arizona
11 Arcadia Dragonmount 338 Pat Mills arizona
12 Ssaptia 332 Dave Pettit arizona
15 The Plague 325 Marcus Chittenden 602-994-3054 (4-6pm)
14 Karakorum 317 [Steve Callaway] arizona
19 Vahlgaarte 293 David Vasiloff 602-231-0810
16 Gog and Magog 283 Mike Overstreet 602-969-8840
18 Wings of Freedom 278
17 Elf Nam 277 Dennis Doubek 602-820-4314
20 Short Guys w/Long Beards 275 Todd Delevan 602-840-6849
21 Der Kraagenmark 241 Timar Clark
22 Efune 224 John Schmid 412-441-6159
23 Tor Sirok 196 Ken Larson 520-887-8186
24 Jalingo Templars 184
28 Griffes de la Nuit 184 Nora Calato 602-820-9969
27 Chohashi 180 Scott Micheel new mexico
25 Rimadaho 165 Dave Welches 602-890-2560
26 Evot Elves 164
29 Ihuem Dragonkeep 151 Pat Kelley 513-642-1343 pakelley@freenet.columbus.oh
30 Iygtaol 147
31 Black Adder 145
32 Tambuli Elves 83

X Sea of Fear x Thad Plate 602-952-8929 602-952-8075

Black Empire ©1996 Wanderer Games