Turn #22
522 YD

Next Turn's Orders Due: Tuesday, August 20th, 1996


Mistake: The Goddess of Mercy gave Cumo only 10 paladins, not 100 paladins. I made a mistake, and I am sorry.

Turn 25 Changes: As of turn 25, I will switch to the unit and combat system now seen in the 'Al Kajir' game. Because of this, you will all be given a chance to redefine your all units with the new force point cost. There will be some other changes which will be published (hopefully) at Turn 24. I do take suggestions - I want to hear them.
Although I have toyed with the idea of restarting, The Age of Champions will not end at this point. It will end when it will be obvious to everyone that the Age of Champions is coming to an end. That time is not now, nor imminent.

Movement of Racial Troops Through Tough Terrain: Certain races can move easily through certain terrain despite their military class.
Elf units and leaders can move through woodlands at a cost of 1.
Dwarf units/leaders can move through hills and mountains at a cost of 1.
Orc units/leaders anc move through swamps and badlands at a cost of 1.
Dragons can fly over mountains at a cost of 1.
If any other units accompany the racial troops or leaders the movement bonus will be negated .

The Making of Metaspells: The time it takes to make a metaspell is only the Casting Modifier in the number of years. So it will only take 1 turn for your sorcerors to make such spells as Rain of Rocks (ror). The sorcery ability of your wizard determines the success of making that spell on a d10 roll.
The old rule required Metaspells be made in 5 times the Casting Modifier.

Where to Send Your Orders
Black Empire, Sea of Fear c/o Thad Plate
5333 E. Thomas Rd. #215
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Call (602) 952-8929 from Tuesday night to Friday night. (Phoenix)
or (520) 776-8462 from Saturday morning to Tuedsay morning. (Prescott)
24 hour fax #: (602) 952-8075.
eMail: on Internet
I will pick up at the Game Depot, in Tempe, Arizona on the Tuesday due date at 6:00pm.

Black Empire Turn Costs
Per Turn $2.50
Module & 8x11 Mapset $5.00
per page 11x17 25¢
Rule Book v4.0 $8.00
Color Map (of World) $3.00
Warning: There will be a $5.00 charge for each returned check.

Excerpt From Age of Champions
"Rumors of the end of the world began to circulate, hastened by insane spells of illusion. Even the Powerlords of Kaiel shuddered. In ere times, they had defied the Gods and prospered anyway. They defied the Gods still in these fell times and continued to thrive. Other warlords realized that there was more to theology than fear and despair..."
-Arold Ui Techanatl YD 2354

A Message from the Younger Gods Union:
"We have decided the favor the little nations that sit and whine. We have given 20kn to Po, Kinerion, Jamhal, Giltez, Orivesi, Jumtog Banga, Qaan, Saparamiba, New Mbinro and Iakbyt. Po had failed us and so their killers were granted favors. We will give to the above 10rr to their best leader if they survive YD 523. If they don't, we will reward their killers."

Maps A-E

Kingdom of Po
King Pendragon stayed at Mimulfa. He and his 8 knights were crushed by Libbit, his former employee who had 3 dragons, 3 dwarf pikemen and 3 swordsmen. Arthur, Vivian and Gwain got swamped in Po. They defended the fortress while Kaiel and Arcadian armies fought. The winner, the Kaiel dragonkin Pashion Ruk stormed the citadel and killed off all its defenders. Crigto Smoln stood at Basich, but finally figured it out. He's out of job. The Kingdom of Po has been overrun.
LOST REGIONS: everything

FREE PERSONAGE: Crigto Smoln, a human male general, is in Basich, Map A.

Kingdom of Stillon
King Godwin took 20 knights, 3 warg riders and 2 dragoons and conquered Youil (a Igytaol protectorate). A search for generals didn't pan out. Kent and his force took on neutral Doltak instead of dealing with the dangerous Merlin. He moved to Chavue and in the city of Sallieu found someone interesting: Le Charrax, a daring adventurer. Corwin conquered Noay and then rested up in Nastat. Jacques Cousteau navigated the open sea and got to the Salaufata Kai without a problem. Faye Siuban ran to Chavue with stuff (not this funky soft drink stuff, just regular ol' stuff).
ADDED REGIONS: Youil, Doltak, Noay
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions
FORTRESSES BUILT: (oh boy) Cleoath, Fowstuz, Meroin, Narsapoe, O'ucaid, The Grottos

FREE PERSONAGE: Burdard, a human male adventurer, is in Paloma. Map C.

FREE PERSONAGE: Giz Gonzal, a human male wizard, is in Paloma, Map C.

FREE PERSONAGE: Fuzzball, a human male berserker, is in Festo. Map C.

Empire of Kinerion

Theodosios remained in Goick (Map E).

Maps F-J

Barony of Rudeltaktik
Baron Gunter and his force of 2 battle eagles, 10 knights, 10 rangers split with Donnel and conquered Blehep and Minoul without opposition. He then crawled to Foicrol. Princess Inge couldn't find new meat in Kakalward so she went to Fasing. Albrecht von Torben found a champion in Bairuth, city of Präbalz. Albrecht died in the Erzenmassif from a cave in. Pico de Meftyosh with his great force was just hanging out near the gnome town in Bolaren. He found Iunbert, a dwarven hero, at Czbah. He did not die inside the Erzenmassif and extracted a very useful item from a hidden cache. Donnel got command of 2 battle eagles, 11 knights and 10 rangers and ran roughshod over Caleil and Fradela.
ADDED REGIONS: Blehep, Minoul, Caleil, Fradela

FREE PERSONAGE: Iunbert, a dwarf male diplomat, is in Bolaren, Map F.

FREE PERSONAGE: Dern, a human male champion, is in Präbalz, Map F.

Iygtaol Kingdom
King Merlin D'Fontaigne and his forces stayed at Pauhoft. Robardin is in Kinju, with an army and Njal Seasaber.
LOST REGIONS: Blehep, Caleil, Minoul, Youil, Fradela

Tambuli War Tribe
Battle Chief Jarak stayed in Edosh. The Elfin Avenger idled in Bowlesh. Punisher and Red Bobh are in Stabaum.

Aztlan Empire of Xotla

Emperor Pelos and some paladins asserted their authority over Zachal and On'j (bypassing Chetl). The 14 year old Ralph Reed, imperial heir, led his paladins on a little boat ride. Down the river to Relko they went and Relko was opened for Aztlan Imperialism. General Lars led some troops to take over Umab and Ogor. No time for Smufo, not yet at least. Chacham hired Vikahaw and then got to Memilcan. Daavarca gathered troops at Petalc. Saotanagh overran Puehuchtli with his paladins. He is too in Petalc. Runs sailed to Cocur to take it (Map C) and then left his troops behind except for some paladins which he led to scout Tazlao. Ciach the Fierce One merely moved to Teucec, avoiding combat. Vikahaw has signed on at Ok-ul.
ADDED REGIONS: Zachal, Puehuchtli, On'j, Relko, Umab, Ogor, Cocur

Goudiz Dragonlair

Neyarizam flew all the way to the Constrictor Coast with his cargo of a nomad scout. He conquered the island of Smelkia from Arcadia. Gebert and a diverse army used the Engine of Telikas to trample Fatspoit and Jawphroi. King Corillin talked to Burdard some more. Burdard wasn't interested. He found King Joao in Surcane. Joao was interested now. He found another guy, Giz Gonzal, in Paloma's port Taboa (Map C). Puff conquered Fowper, Ka-ar and Ledven. He is now over the Warthog Coast (Map C). King Joao is in Paloma, ready to work.
Albatross hangs around Kapod. Some tigers suddenly appeared in Chudrho.
ADDED REGIONS: Smelkia, Fatspoit, Jawphrai, Fowper, Ledven, Ka-ar
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions and Smaug

RAMPAGING BEAST: 2 tigers (tig) are mauling folks in Chudrho. Something must be done.

Wings of Freedom (Oradea)
Albatross! Is in Kapod with 34 paladins, 47 rangers, looking for trouble. Dxog made chirping noises in Krapay. Penelope played jacks at Pujdob.

Maps K-O

Der Kraagenmark

Markgraf Eristrom and his dragonic-dwarf forces flew to Broiland and had an easy time of it. They went to Buda but found no one brave enough in Avubud (Map P). Dieter (Map P) wasn't satisfied with Udacach (see the Maps P-T section) so searched for a different leader in Nachar. He found Stumpy Fred. Stumpy was a little bit aloof. Dieter moved on to Fuingok
ADDED REGIONS: K'oi, Holja, Nachar, Plazhot, Form
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions

Jamhal Kingdom
King Lester the Fair rested in Spolland. Vorrin's army is Splatoil (Map Q). Ninkul lacky Cian continue to tear the Kingdom asunder.

QUEST: 100 FP of morale-4 orcs led by Borwad Sluck, a level 6 general have overrun Glowthri. The good citizens of Valkeata want law and order back. A reward of troops, treasure and loyalty awaits the first empire which can defeat them. Map L.

Cumo Empire
Emperor Lazerus snuck to Potatue where Meryl waited. The young leader Meryl had found the Ring of Ixoatl which has great magical power. Sandy went to Lichi. Ghashar made it to the con at Potatue too.

Dread Magog Horde
Gog, and his horde showed Nemuzoz and Al Jito who was boss. Yog (map R) got to Huaracal at last and picked up his troops. He looked at the sheer cliffs of the Hurricane Bend. They would be unable to scale over to Cilu without flight. Lady Jitvins conquered Mipash and got to Achebu. Gessna got more troops in Mipoki and returned to Ul Shiair (map S). The nasty bwogs of Ihuem has just taken Idoja.
ADDED REGIONS: Nemuzoz, Al Jito, Mipash

Sultanate of Huzjeska
Sultan Mobius Manslaughter is out of touch again. Lichgoth teleported Crater Wor and 30 vampires, 73 storm guards to obtain the surrender of Paolil and Satochil. The Invunerable Lady Worg al Mohg went to Rudokos but left her vampires behind in Sposhsi. Alu Asad and his stormguards conquered Hikalb. They then visited Seyokh. Barh excavated pits in Pokh. Aria invaded Gutuip and Ourrolm and become better for it. She let Bizcut lead the vampires so that she could visit Saolil. Musta Nuf got to Tajo where it was tough to find the wicked stuff. Lettan Yorik flew his forces to scare Busocicam and Llacolco into submission. He stopped in Toulce. Bizcut went to Ourrolm. Got some troops at last and splattered blood all over Tenseh. Xacxac Razor Wiper teleported to Il Pespilk.
ADDED REGIONS: Paolil, Satochil, Hikalb, Gutuip, Ourrolm, Busocicam, Llacolco, Tenseh
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions except Tenseh

Griffes de la Nuit
Drake Buckingham and his ghost ships are adrift above the clouds of the Marmara Denizi. The wench Lillith Priapus got out of trouble in Qenkhad. Francesca Clarke and her craft haunted Whitebeard's Sea.

The Fourth Rhynchocephalian Order of the Sphenedon
Runge-Kutta (Map M) ran to Tlongeb and did some searching. Avogardo (Map I) and his forces diplomacized Mehoi. He left his troops in Mathion to ask a divination from the Oracle. Their answer which was in the form of a question was:
"When you take two steps back
And look ahead,
Can you hike the up track
In mountains red?"

Serdikkas (Map N) searched in Hagkho's ruined Hodzeji. He found a casket covered in fetishes, which when opened reavealed a rotted corpse of a young woman who died in the Great Devastation. She could not leave this earth for gnomish priests had cast necromantic spells upon her. When covered in a black cloak, she was given the name Everjanet. Roed got some raptors and conquered Keke Im, Kantze and Kuk Bac in quick order. Undead Everjanet is in Hagkho. Tech 1, now.
ADDED REGIONS: Mehoi, Keke Im, Kantze, Kuk Bac
PROTECTORATE: Foa, Hoca Chee, Mehoi, Keke Im, Kuk Bac

Giltez Draconium
Elder Dragon Ruchah is at Tormot.

RAMPAGING BEAST: A noxious imp pesters the villages of Daxhit, Map N.

RAMPAGING BEAST: A chaos beast has been unleashed near Lokhoj, Map N. This is a rather dangerous and unpredictable critter.

Maps P-T

FREE PERSONAGE: Udacach, a dwarf male diplomat, is in Kamlek, Map P.

FREE PERSONAGE: Stumpy Fred, a dwarf male general, is in Nachar, Map P.

Ninkul Imperium
The Mad Queen, Wakamak and her cavalry force invaded Fafagat and Brikau. She ended up in Kipigawl. Minimak was spotted in Scadow, because she trusted Crispin too much. Ninnuk went to Scusmas and attacked it (Map U). He used 1 dwarf axemen, 14 battle eagles, 1 storm giant, 2 elf knights and 9 rangers. Kivar took 10 knights and 5 catapults laid siege to Sansib. They surrendered after 2 walls were torn down. Onemai brought 4 elf knights, 15 dragoons, 3 knights, 7 nomad archers and 6 mounted shamen to battle against the neutral Ottaka (Map V). He lost some dragoons but got the region and some experience. Aet was easy to take. He stopped at Kalmi. Joti moved to Pafcamdiro (Map U). Dasiny led 2 elf knights, 10 human knights, 4 undead knights, 7 nomads and 2 centaur knights to occupy Krige and Keas. Krige killed a centaur unit. He's in Oltoo now. Cian and his 7 catapults and militia on board 4 lanteen invaded Byl and Gloar. Gloar knocked out a catapult.
ADDED REGIONS: Fafagat, Brikau, Ottaka, Byl, Gloar, Scusmas, Sansib, Aet, Krige, Keas
MADE PROTECTORATE: Brikau, Ottaka, Sansib, Aet, Krige

Orivesi Elvish Kingdom
Elf Lord Vanya hung out in Woth. Tintagel is still in Owau.

Dragonkeep of Ihuem
Celalaith and her many young dragons flew slowly back to Ihuem. Nailtooth the Brave led 10 orc slingers, 15 skeletons, 5 war riders, 12 trolls, 3 orc levies and 2 moutaineers to Idoja. Idoja took out the orc levies and mountaineers but were overwhelmed by everything else. Gog and Magog will not be happy. Lux went to Labo to find things. Sorcery 1.
MADE PROTECTORATE: Anhu, Nuinoma, Idoja

FREE PERSONAGE: Irsad Sunga, a human male snake charmer, is in Kozet, Map S

Bob (Map X) teleported himself to Khinla. Prince Desmodius checked up on the Twin Peaks but found only old socks. He took a force to Qoizhia and got in a bloody fight. He won, barely. Chongta was easy - the vampires scared them. General Desmodius tried his luck against the Tabing. One of the gnarliest regions around. All the eagles died and the stormguards lost heart and ran. Desmodius withdrew back to Xezing. Wen Chiang and 10 vampires, 2 dragons, 2 undead knights and 11 rangers easily took Jieshoe. He left the land troops behind and flew to Zebo and conquered that Elf-nam prefecture too. Efune crossed Xezing but did not attack the region.
ADDED REGIONS: Qoizhia, Chongta, Jieshoe, Zebo
MADE PROTECTORATE: Qoizhia, Jieshoe, Laifu, Caiyuanzhen

Chohashi Shogunate
Lady Shogun Takeda Hitomi picked up the meta-spell her ancestor made, and returned to Chohashi. Takeda Yoshi, a brother, went to Ikelitu to deal with Sardior. Sardior laughed at his offer, a pale shadow of what the Efune had offered. Yoshi attacked the most ancient dragon but the pixies sprayed dust on most of his troops. Only the dragoons were awake. They took the fairies out but fared badly against the ancient Dragonlord. Sadior slew all the dragoons and some halberdiers before Yoshi escaped back to Chohashi. Ikelitu rebelled. Sardior has pursued Yoshi to Chohashi to taunt him. Yamamoto Sukishuma and his force gained scooped up Okama, Nuth and Kridoir (Map Y).
ADDED REGION: Okama, Nuth, Kridoir

RAMPAGING FREE PERSONAGE: Sardior Dragonlord (also called Sardior the Red), a very ancient, powerful and smart elder dragon male terrorizes Chohashi. He is very difficult to hire so you might want to avoid him. Map T.

Elvish Estate of Efune
Corillean went to Paotin with his 7 warg riders and 4 knights and didn't even deal with Vahlgaarte. Itoke tried to here Sardior again in Ikelitu. Sardior is paying attention. Avariell and Naito Masutoya teleported to Pahao which was an easy grab. Pingou-Ka went to Zhenxi and was OK. He didn't know the way to Kongan.

Maps U-Y

Dwarven Kingdom of Pa'rj
King Nuri stayed in Kriktaba with 11 dwarf axemen and 8 dwarf crossbows. He was challenged twice by Short Guy armies. The first led by Shnisto had 10 knights. They withdrew after losing one knight. The second was led by Ivan Redbeard who took 10 dwarf pikemen, 21 dwarf crossbows and 16 battle eagles from occupied Pa'rj. Battle was bloody and Nuri sustained heavy losses (4 axemen and all the crossbows) but the other side couldn't maintain the pressure and left after having lost only 6 crossbows and an eagle unit. It was a Phyrric victory. Bolin went to Vofri and then was chased to Rul Ohelb. Blurni could not be reached for comment. Ifoch attacked Yape but the natives were too strong for him. He retreated to Vofri and was scooted out by Orin Redbeard. So along with Bolin he escaped to Rul Ohelb.

The Short Guys With the Long Beards
Orin Redbeard and Blinky blinked the army of 7 pikemen, 14 axemen, 19 storm giants, 2 mountaineers and 1 battle eagle to Vofri where Ifoch and Bolin were resting a disarrayed force of 29 swordsmen and 17 archers. The giants' lightning magic zapped 9 swordsmen. The Pa'rj fools ran to Rul Ohelb. Ivan Redbeard failed to co ordinate his attack with Breast-Cup and so attacked after she did. He was repulsed and returned to Pa'rj. An unknown assailant tried to kill Ivan in Pa'rj. Shnisto Breast-Cup took knights from Speelu too soon. She returned.

DIVINE MESSAGE: Dwarf God Toratan Ya has announced that he will reward the winner of the Pa'rj/Nois war with force points and technology.

Eldir the Ancient
Jivasta is in Weka with an army. Elrond had found much to do in Artland. Crispen and some knights remained in Scadow. Crispen caught Minimak trying to hire him, but Crispen was not a personage. The Ninkul conquered many regions.
LOST REGIONS: Aet, Keas, Krige, Sansib, Scusmas

Khanate of Rimadaho
Khatun Kristen Necros hired Raj Maka in the middle of the year in Halero. Her whereabouts as not known after that. Barogud used 13 knights, 3 undead knights, 2 lancers and 1 centaur to regain Aninga and Yahi from the Djeme. He moved on to Porani. Ontawr drove 10 new knights into Layada where an infamous Djeme garrison of 19 raptor packs and 6 centaurs lay in wait. The raptors ate one knight and the rest ran back to Rimadaho. Jihaska Ny could not find a good word to get Uwaham to join up in Asuna. Jimanda Ny searched for stuff in Halero. Raj Maka is also in Halero.

FREE PERSONAGE: Uwaham, a dwarf male wizard, is Aninga, Map V

The Plague
Justice found a Paradigm Shifter in the Catacombs. Such a device rendered Yazd the Varmit useless. He then used his cavalry force to invade Vogi. Marshal Drakus attacked Kulaha. Things went well. He went to Vogi and waited. Baron Toril and his force conquered Afi. Plague sorcerors are more powerful now.
ADDED REGIONS: Vogi, Kulaha, Afi
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions

QUEST: The Ancient Elven Order was expasperated over the death of Fingold the Golden. They will reward with magic powers and treasures the hero who can capture Baron Toril and deliver him to Thalion (Sansib, Map V) to stand trial.

FREE PERSONAGE: Waltanal, a gnome male legendary adventurer, is at Buonme. Map X & 3.

FREE PERSONAGE: Ling Xin, a human female mystic, is in Sarakhan, Map X.

Emperor Uzhang the Drow took five in Hatinkh. Baileya slugged in Maberoch. Meletta was stuck in Taihe. Duc Fu remained and waited at Phuvinh. Shin Shai is reported to be in Dakto. Wen Chiang seized Jieshoe and Zebo.
LOST REGIONS: Jieshue, Zebo

Maps Z-4

Dw'elf League of Gobel
Orin Oakstaff with his 1 war elephant, 12 knights and 21 rangers clashed with Damato and 18 undead knights, 11 rangers, 11 centaurs and 2 warg riders for control of Bichena. Orin drove the Tor Siroki away and took no losses. Erin Ironrod sailed from Deal. He landed at Ourmool and missed all the action. Don Gnarled invaded Bafen and Purpu. Sevne and his 19 elf knights, 2 elf archers crossed to Doleg conquered the region and hired Peter Halladad. Oshiro the Crafty and his 3 dwarf axemen, 1 elf knight, 3 dwarf pikemen, 55 knights, and 6 hill giants was in Ourmool when Phopp attacked. There was no horror wind this time. Now Oshiro could fight back with impunity. Phopp refused to give flight and his invaders of 32 rangers and 12 elf knights were surrounded and were slain to a man. Only 3 knights and 3 axemen were lost for Oshiro's troubles. Oshiro went on to conquer Edut and Rutpopa without opposition. Osric could not hire the young saurian Assandi in Bainkow. Peter Halladad is ready to do his thing in Doleg.
ADDED REGIONS: Bichena, Bafen, Purpu, Doleg, Edut, Rutpopa
MADE PROTECTORATE: Bichena, Bafen, Purpu

FREE PERSONAGE: Assandi, a male saurian adventurer, is in Bainkow, Map Z

Black Empire of Tor Sirok
Jakarl Unger is a prisoner in a Dw'elf gaol. Dornan stayed in Kube. Damato and his force were driven from Bichena. He was injured and lost 1 ranger, 11 centaurs and 2 warg riders in the flight to Roe Debna.

Elves of Evot
King Phopp was bold and attacked Oshiro in the open field of Ourmool. The battle spell fizzled and he was at the mercy of a superior army. They wiped him and his men out. Camille is now king. He conquered Fik easy. Lord Callis was with Phopp but let him down. The wizard ran from Edut to Rutpopa to Lecour, just ahead of the Dw'elf army. Gurn went to Shipoy to do some door knocking. Gerrin could not hire Peter Halladad in Doleg. He did not stop the Dw'elfs invasion. The Argus Kingdom gained Ern.
LOST REGIONS: Edut, Ern, Rutpopa

FREE PERSONAGE: Kasinatha the Lusty, a human female swordswoman, is in Konada, Map 2.

Second Jumtog Banga
Queen Vika found his navel in Posten. Mr. Nobody stayed in Thi-am and made himself unpopular at bars.

Fertile Kingdom of Djema
Izam the Fin and his great army got ot Thicug. The river crossing soaked all the time that could have been used for an attack. Jack the Ripper and Madame Josephine flew to Itampolo.
LOST REGIONS: Aninga, Yahi

DIVINE MESSAGE: Yazd the Varmit has withdrawn his offer.

FREE PERSONAGE: Nbuldada, a human male monk, is in Doubeenac, Map 2.

Templars of Jalingo
King Lazaar and Lady Thornak are in Nongkhai. Lazaar III did not move from Iglulu.

Ssaptian Conquests
King 'Saruss did have a reason to move from Kangamut. Issaion's raptors clawed themselves for fun. Quarter is in Dindima.

FREE PERSONAGE: The Grandmaster of Assassins, a male gnome hit-man, is in Dindima, Map 3. He is tough to hire outright. Is easier to hire the AGM on a per turn basis, or to do a particular job.

White Talon of Qaan

Elder Dragon Qaan waited on top of Orland.

Maps 5-9

The Great and Glorious Kingdom of Argus
Mahmud attacked Carhez with 4 knights, 4 archers, 2 centaurs, 1 rancor beast, 1 warg rider, 1 orc levy, 2 rangers, 1 hill giant and 2 ogres and enjoyed the auto-protectorate of Lisa. Dulath, a daring but also foolish youth, attacked Kool with only 4 dragoons. Kool survived the ranged attack and killed off the dragoons. Dulath ran back to Fouril. Shubert teleported 2 elf scout, 2 elf archer, 2 elf knight, 6 elf fighter, 1 hill giant, 5 woodsmen, 2 elf mages and 1 archer to Ern and conquered that land from the Evot.

FREE PERSONAGE: Former Vorinan Heir, Vorino the Wait, a human male admiral, has escaped to Lalu, Map 6, will not work for Dw'elf or Kaiel.

Kaiel Clan
Prime Predictor Sima coran-Kaiel (Map A) landed troops and conquered Blauck and Yrek near the Sea of the Dannans. Mu Cao-Kaiel flew over to Minibaho. It was neutral and fell fast. Mea rea-Kaiel attacked Myst (Map 5) and as was expected, it fought back with a fury unknown. They killed a knight but lacked the strength of Mea's army so their castle was reduced to dust. Mea wasn't done, he diplomacized Flictia and mashed Krosoim. Pashion Ruk (Map A) got some boats and sailed to Po. The Arcadians arrived at the same time. His force of 38 knights, 2 dragoons, 5 nomad lancers and 10 rangers were better led and had better morale than Taklo Dragonrider's force of 37 knights and 1 vampire. The battle was even until the charge phase when Pashion used his leadership advantage to trick Taklo's knights in an ambush. Many were slain on both sides, but the Arcadians lost twice the casualties of the Kaiel. They lost even more as they tried to flee over the mountains. After that Pashion laid siege on Po's citadel and battered it to rubble. A treasure was found in the strongroom. Ted Nugent led even more troops to take out that T-Rex in Harma. Even with all those cossacks and rangers, the T Rex was too elusive and struck hard. Ted withdrew to Ismi but learned a few things about battles. The devil dog was slain by the garrison in Pickow.
ADDED REGIONS: Blauck, Yrek, Minibaho, Myst, Flictia, Po
MADE PROTECTORATE: Blauck, Yrek, Myst, Flictia

QUEST: The Deities Jowzuë and Lisa have withdrawn their quest. The Elder Gods have finally intervened.

RAMPAGING BEAST: A terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex roars in the land of Creri, Map 6.

Queen Petra the Riled, Galad the Oarsmaster, Artalos and Karkaboka await the next attack in Saparamiba.

Evil Kingdom of New Mbinro
King Shagrup and his mountain goats plus his son Ralihed are in Yabelo. Bnim stayed at Lolimi.

Arcadia, the Throne of Sardior
Wooglin Tisis of the Evil Eye could no longer be seen. The gnome lady Taklo Dragonrider took her force of 37 knights, 1 vampire, 3 dwarf pikemen and 3 dragons to Lowland and occupied the Po region. She left the dwarves and dragon to Libbit and attacked Po. The Kaiel had a similar idea and a better leader to boot. Taklo was injured in the debacle and arrived to Lowland in shambles (Map A or E). Viiglin Tisis(Map A or E) conquered Dedmy, neutral Radstoh, Synren and Slosul. Tkon the Elder took 21 vampires, a dragon and an orc slinger and invaded Hitishe and El Harod (and ignored Tajo). Libbit Big Nose (Map A) took the dragons and dwarves and invaded Mimaulfa and killed Pendragon and got a prize. Boris the Gnome went to Ipree (Map A or E). Berry sailed to the Hibar Firth (map E). Goudiz's dragon has taken Smelkia island on Map I.
ADDED REGIONS: Hitishe, El Harod, Radstoh, Lowland, Dedmy, Synren, Slosul, Mimaulfa

Map Ø: The Underworld

New Kingdom of Karakorum
Seuratu the Pharoah Mummy stuck to Bamiu. Azzgon be in Etrekh now. Redscale partied in Sarqaq.

Drowlord Nergal furloughed his soldiers to Hepat. Ereshkigal counted cavegulls at Isis Isle. Darth Vador stayed his hand in Menat. Jicha was idle in Jat.

Black Adder Kingdom
King Harry found nada in Tongren. Edmund the Black Adder and Baldric returned to Yaan much to their displeasure. Prince George squandered his time (also in Yaan). Bubba found no good stuff in Yaan. Iovihup made it to Tongren.

Iakbyt Dwarf Kingdom
Geoff One-Eye awaits the inevitable in Bugrino, and he likes it.

QUEST: It is said there are four passages passage out of the Underworld. One has been discovered by the Stillon: The Orb of Order (Map B) leads to the Grottos in the Underworld. Second will go to Map M. The Third leads to Map U. Fourth goes to Map 4. The Merchant Guild is interested in the other three passages and will pay a price for any future discoveries.

Arrest Baron Toril Any Race Any Alignment
Defeat Borwad Sluck in Glowthri No Orcs Any Alignment
Find Underworld Passages Any Race Any Alignment
Kill Little Nations Any Race Any Alignment

Changes to the Mapset.
These are changes that occur due to game play.
Map K: Chikaid has a Necropolis (np)
Map O and T: Eli =Elia
Map V: Kamu is now a woodland (w), Magopo is now a desert (d), Goji is now desert and Ideputsa is a Ruined City. Layada is jungle (j)
Map Y: Fakora has a saurian city (sc)
Map 9: the fortress in Carnacast has been destroyed
Map 2: Tonitumo has a Gnome Town (gt)
Map U: Akor & Pemilen are cultivated
Map 2: Fahu's Resistence Number is (1).
Map 3: Hanang is jungle
Map 0: Mehyt is jungle, Isis Isle is hills, Mairu, Seddon & Tepwed are cultivated.


This Chart roughly ranks all the Empires based on the power of their armies, force point production, leadership and any spells & artifacts they may possess.
Brackets around name means you owe me money. If you owe $5.00 or more you'll be knocked out of the game.
Any Empire without a player name means it is available for play.

RK Empire ISI Player Phone Number eMail Address

1 Kaiel 851 Scott Hagen 602-756-0104
2 Djeme 608 Bruce Lott 602-857-0924
3 Rynchocephalran Order 453 Earl Solper 602-921-3716
4 Dw'elf League 432 Steven Chenevey 602-438-7282
5 Aztlan 414 [Mitchel Ledford] 602-275-7889
6 Rudeltaktik 407 Bruce Van Etten 602-894-3337
7 Ninkul 372 Brian Hansche 602-926-8499
8 Goudiz Dragonlair 353 [C.J. Burt] 602-967-6183
9 Huzjeska 332 John Smith 602-992-7137
10 Ssaptia 330 Dave Pettit arizona
11 Gog and Magog 328 Lance Solper 602-921-3716
12 Arcadia Dragonmount 318 Pat Mills arizona
13 Stillon 299 Ken Norton 602-966-2678
14 The Plague 299 Marcus Chittenden 602-994-3054 (4-6pm)
15 Tatarus 297 Albert Tu arizona
16 Karakorum 288 [Steve Callaway] arizona
17 Wings of Freedom 280 [Steve Pitcher] 602-613-4342
18 Elf Nam 268 Dennis Doubek 602-820-4314
19 Vahlgaarte 264 David Vasiloff 602-231-0810
20 Der Kraagenmark 241 [Troy Allen] 602-839-8055
21 Tor Sirok 231 Ken Larson 520-887-8186
22 Short Guys w/Long Beards 225 Todd Delevan 602-840-6849
23 Efune 212 John Schmid 412-441-6159
24 Evot Elves 210 Todd McDonald 520-321-1964
25 Iygtaol 187
26 Jalingo Templars 184
27 Rimadaho 172 Dave Welches 602-890-2560
28 Chohashi 165 Scott Micheel new mexico
29 Griffes de la Nuit 151 Nora Calato 602-820-9969
30 Black Adder 142 Chris Resinger 602-840-0813
31 Ihuem Dragonkeep 128 Pat Kelley 513-642-1343 pakelley@freenet.columbus.oh
32 Eldir 92
33 Tambuli Elves 87
34 White Talon 75 *
35 Great Glorious Argus 66 Kerry Harrison 512-837-5553
36 Cumo 65 Timor Clark arizona
37 Giltez Dragonland 63 *
38 Saparamiba 62 *
39 Pa'rj Dwarves 61 Mike Overstreet 602-969-8840
40 Orivesi 56 *
41 2nd Jumtog Banga 56 *
42 Jamhal 50 *
43 Evil New Mbinro 48 *
44 Iakbyt 39 *
45 Kinerion 38 *

*(placed under bounty x 2)

X Sea of Fear x Thad Plate 520-776-8462 602 952-8075/520-776-8462

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