Turn #21
521 YD

Next Turn's Orders Due: Tuesday, July 30th, 1996


Movement of Racial Troops Through Tough Terrain: Certain races can move easily through certain terrain despite their military class.
Elf units and leaders can move through woodlands at a cost of 1.
Dwarf units/leaders can move through hills and mountains at a cost of 1.
Orc units/leaders anc move through swamps and badlands at a cost of 1.
Dragons can fly over mountains at a cost of 1.
If any other units accompany the racial troops or leaders the movement bonus will be negated .

The Making of Metaspells: The time it takes to make a metaspell is only the Casting Modifier in the number of years. So it will only take 1 turn for your sorcerors to make such spells as Rain of Rocks (ror). The sorcery ability of your wizard determines the success of making that spell on a d10 roll.
The old rule required Metaspells be made in 5 times the Casting Modifier.

Where to Send Your Orders
Black Empire, Sea of Fear c/o Thad Plate
5333 E. Thomas Rd. #215
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Call (602) 952-8929 from Tuesday night to Friday night. (Phoenix)
or (520) 776-8462 from Saturday morning to Tuedsay morning. (Prescott)
24 hour fax #: (602) 952-8075.
eMail: on Internet
I will pick up at the Game Depot, in Tempe, Arizona on the Tuesday due date at 6:00pm.

Black Empire Turn Costs
Per Turn $2.50
Module & 8x11 Mapset $5.00
per page 11x17 25¢
Rule Book v4.0 $8.00
Color Map (of World) $3.00
Warning: There will be a $5.00 charge for each returned check.

Excerpt From Age of Champions
"And then the Younger Gods began to stir up the big empires to fight the little kingdoms, whose small ambitions meant less sacrifices. Yet at the same time, the small kingdoms were favored greatly as knights from other times and dimensions began to swell their lists."
-Arold Ui Techanatl YD 2354

A Message from the Younger Gods Union:
"We depise those kings who lose and sulk. We exhort those active lords to wipe them out. If so done, we will grant you favors to help your situation. If they still live at the end of YD 522, we will give the indolent 50kn under the command of their best general. This year we target the following: Po, Kinerion, Jamhal, Giltez, Orivesi, Jumtog Banga, Qaan, Saparamiba, New Mbinro and Iakbyt. Happy hunting."

Maps A-E

Kingdom of Po
King Pendragon stayed at Mimulfa. Arthur, Vivian and Gwain talked to each other at Po. Libbit Big Nose was hired away by Viiglin Tisis of Arcadia so his catapults were broken while the dragon conquered Railzon. Boris the Gnome turned his coat in Dedmy. Berry was moved in Spaplor by Taklo Dragonrider to defect to Arcadia. Crigto Smoln stood at Basich.

RAMPAGING BEAST: A devil dog is in Pickow, Map A

Kingdom of Stillon
King Godwin patched a hole by conquering Atmomosh. He moved to Blunidre with his knights. Kent and 25 knights, 14 dragoons, 1 rangers and 1 warg riders conquered O'ucaid. In Pauhoft, they got in a fight with Merlin D'Fontaigne and his 15 hill giants, 1 ranger, 4 battle eagles and a swordmen. Merlin slew 8 dragoons by the time Kent got the idea he may lose so Kent fled to O'ucaid losing 1 more dragoon unit. Merlin only lost that swordsmen unit. Corwin gathered more knights, conquered the Grottos (Map Ø) and then did some excavating. Jacques Cousteau swam to Vitimaran (Map 9) and found what it was he had to find in the ruins of N'kur. Faye Siuban ran to Blorpug.
ADDED REGIONS: Atmomosh, The Grottos, O'ucaid
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions
FORTRESSES BUILT: (oh boy) Aibpals, Apuroux, Boebord, Clanilce, Drupe, Gifraw, Owdmo, Gozblabob, Rildu, Saloluba, Vebpuchos

DEAD FREE PERSONAGE: Captain Zedoc has just died in Fiere Real

FREE PERSONAGE: Burdard, a human male adventurer, is in Paloma. Map C.

FREE PERSONAGE: King Joao, a human male enchanter, is in Paloma, Map C.

FREE PERSONAGE: Fuzzball, a human male berserker, is in Castelo Sogatboa. Map C.

Empire of Kinerion

Theodosios remained in Goick (Map E).

Maps F-J

Barony of Rudeltaktik
Baron Gunter and 10 lanteens and 2 frigates sailed to Neclouc (of the Iygtaol) which he conquered using 4 battle eagles and 21 knights. Princess Inge advanced to Kakalward with her 33 swords and 1 strom giant and reclaimed this lost province. Albrecht von Torben found a meta-spell (which I forgot to add to the stats) in Bairuth, city of Präbalz. Pico de Meftyosh with his great force defeated the Bolaren. Donnel followed Gunter around.
ADDED REGIONS: Neclouc, Kakalward, Bolaren

Iygtaol Kingdom
King Merlin D'Fontaigne and his forces stayed at Pauhoft and repulsed a Stillon attack. Robardin is in Kinju, with an army and Njal Seasaber. The war is three front now.
LOST REGIONS: O'ucaid, Neclouc

Tambuli War Tribe
Battle Chief Jarak stayed in Edosh. The Elfin Avenger idled in Bowlesh. Punisher and Red Bobh are in Stabaum.

The Akach-Be Empire
Tulsan was crushed by the Rynchocephalians in Akachbe. He was captured and was given to the Bishop of Uxmal. Lady Coyotl was delivered by the Aztlan to the Metropolitan of Xotla. Vikahaw was out of a job in Ok-ul. It's all over, Jake.
LOST REGIONS: Akachbe, Bubtun, Chetl, Cocur, Fowper, Glaing, Hijo, Hoca Chee, Ka-ar, Kaz Tze, Keke Im, Kuk Bac, On'j, Petalc, Smobad, Stujo, Tazlao, Zachal

FREE PERSONAGE: Vikahaw, a human female novice, is looking for a new career in Ok-ul. Map H..

Aztlan Empire of Xotla
Rimsin took to wandering now that Runs works for him. He went to Cohepa and gave ol' Ciach a sweetheart deal. Rimsin died however at the end of the year. He was 52. New Emperor Pelos and his flying lizards found nothing in Patucan. With some paladins they annexed Yachuec. General Lars led his 3 paladins, 2 pteradons, 6 rangers and 3 raptors to take Smobad from Akach-Be and Mosijit from the big white. They moved then to Umab. Chacham led 18 paladins and 11 rangers to better conquer Sphenedon Hepolol and neutral Bigilos and Socjar. Daavarca and his paladins delivered Lady Coyotl to the nearest friendly GOOD potentate in Necupel (of course). He was given some prizes. Saotanagh overran Nuaotla and Paxox with his paladins. Runs helped Rimsin conquer Hilus with many troops. He then sailed to Hijo and had an easy time of it. Ciach the Fierce One will be an asset big time; he's in Cohepa.
ADDED REGIONS: Hilus, Yachuec, Mosijit, Bigilos, Socjar, Nuaotla, Paxox, Smobad, Hijo, Hepolol

Goudiz Dragonlair

Neyarizam wasted time in Fauzleel before decided to torch them. They fought back too well. The nomad scouts fell off his back to their deaths. The old worm had to return twice before the Fauzleel slid the white flag up the pole. Stroy Scow and Il Pespilk fell easy to his fire. Gebert and a diverse army used the Engine of Telikas to trample Baisblipa, Kril Kli and Lirkee, land of lox. King Corillin talked to Burdard some more. Burdard wasn't interested. He found King Joao. Joao wasn't interested. Finally in Fiere Real, he found a personage who would work with him, Captain Zedoc. Well guess what? Zedoc DIED! ha ha ha ha ha... Fiere Real was conquered by the way. Puff, 10 knights, 1 storm giant, 1 swordsmen and 2 extra dragons battled Xacxac some more in Ifu-Lokuma. Xacxac fought them to a standstill and slew the swordmen and the storm giant. The demon prince got tired of this and teleported away. An "I Love Huzjeska" button was seen on the floor. Ifu-Lokuma was subsequently pacified. A 'Wings of Freedom' army of 34 paladins and 47 rangers gave Smaug back to Goudiz with complements and moved on Kapod. They're being silly. Huzjeska took Poolda away.
ADDED REGIONS: Fauzleel, Stroy Scow, Il Peshlik, Baisblipa, Kril Kli, Lirkee, Fiere Real, Ifu-Lokuma, Smaug
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions except Smaug

Wings of Freedom (Oradea)
Albatross! He took his 34 paladins and 47 rangers from Smaug (given back to Goudiz) and wandered the hills of Reejnub and Kapod looking for cans. Dxog (a rare species of bird, I'm told) liberated the homelands of Yeshmif and Krapay from the nasty clutches of the Griffes. Penelope with her force hiked to Pujdob.
ADDED REGIONS: Yeskmif, Krapay

Maps K-O

Der Kraagenmark

Markgraf Eristrom and his dragonic-dwarf forces flew to K'oi and had fun mashing the indiginous. On to Holja which was duly whipped with rocks and bad breath. Dieter (Map P) won the battle in Nachar and then found the dwarf diplomat, Udacach. Dagobert conquered Plazhot and Form and then died.
ADDED REGIONS: K'oi, Holja, Nachar, Plazhot, Form
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions

Jamhal Kingdom
King Lester the Fair rested in Spolland. Vorrin's army is Splatoil (Map Q). Ninkuls come by and occupied Nauszija and Jamhal.
LOST REGIONS: Jamhal, Nauszija

QUEST: 100 FP of morale-4 orcs led by Borwad Sluck, a level 6 general have overrun Glowthri. The good citizens of Valkeata want law and order back. A reward of troops, treasure and loyalty awaits the first empire which can defeat them. Map L.

Cumo Empire
Emperor Lazerus escaped Batkem-Judmik. A Huzjeska army of 15 vampires had conquered this place and Gobe too. Lazerus got to Humut and lied low. Ghashar also fled Batkem-Judmik and ended up selling flowers in Catla. Stanislaw and Ruth were sacrificed to the Devil at Cumo by Lettin Yorik. The south was lost to 4th Order and Huzjeska armies. Fate was kind to the Cumo, the Goddess of Mercy lent Lazerus 100 paladins.
LOST REGIONS: Batkem-Jutmik, Buhoro, Ciran, Gobe, Mo Mel Bax, Nalumo

Dread Magog Horde
The Master of the Desert, Gog, and his horde showed Duzkot and Al Losdo who was boss. Yog left the host in Huaracal, sailed to Taoche and got to the Linhuan Gulf. Lady Jitvins conquered Hadtaj and Mabe. Gessna could not hire Irsad Sunga. The pay wasn't high enough.
ADDED REGIONS: Duzkot, Hadtaj, Al Losdo, Mabe
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions, Mejahapi, Razcoil

Sultanate of Huzjeska
Sultan Mobius Manslaughter called for more victims to sacrifice. Maybe that's why Xacxac joined. Lichgoth teleported Crater Wor and 10 vampires, 73 storm guards to paste Ciran and Nalumo. The Invunerable Lady Worg al Mohg's army of 20 vampires, intimidated Brarhiska, Lestra and Goudiz's Poolda to death. Alu Asad and stormguards and successfully took Kherza and went tavern hunting in Hikalb. Barh poked his head in very dangerous places in Giltez and Pokh. Aria ditched the stormguards in Ok-ul and used the 15 vampires to take over Batkem-Judmik and Gobe from Cumo. She also tamed Gedekih. Musta Nuf got to El Harod where it was tough to find the wicked stuff. Lettan Yorik and 20 vampires sacrificed many more souls at the Temple of the Sun in Cumo then occupied Buhoro. Bizcut went to Pimitcaz. He got the shit jobs. Xacxac Razor-Wiper teleported to Ledven, after being poked too much in Ifu-Lokuma.
ADDED REGIONS: Ciran, Nalumo, Batkem-Judmik, Gobe, Buhoro, Gedekih, Brarhiska, Lestra, Poolda, Kherza
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions

Griffes de la Nuit
Drake Buckingham and his ghost ships are adrift above the clouds of the Marmara Denizi. The wench Lillith Priapus got in trouble in Qenkhad. Francesca Clarke and her craft haunted Whitebeard's Sea.
LOST REGIONS: Kakalward, Krapay, Yeskmif

DEAD RAMPAGING BEAST: The four-headed hydra has been slain by Wooglin Tisis and his host of vampires in Tajo.

The Fourth Rhynchocephalian Order of the Sphenedon
Runge-Kutta (Map M) got Mo Mel Bax from Cumo then invaded Akach-Be. He captured Tulsan and was rewarded for his diligence. After that, he found a willing gnome leader in Tixmucuy. Hoca Chee had to be conquered (Map H). Avogardo (Map I) and his forces diplomacized Buria and crushed the rebels in Foa. Serdikkas (Map I) did find anything in Hayy. He went on to Hagkho. Sorcery-1 has been accomplished. Roed, a gnome male, joined the Rhynchocephalians in Akach Be (Map H).
ADDED REGIONS: Akach Be, Hoca Chee, Mo Mel Bax, Buria, Foa
MADE PROTECTORATE: Akach Be, Mo Mel Bax, Fleerhy

Giltez Draconium
Elder Dragon Ruchah is at Tormot, being useless.

RAMPAGING BEAST: A noxious imp pesters the villages of Pokh, Map N.

RAMPAGING BEAST: A chaos beast has been unleashed near Lokhoj, Map N. This is a rather dangerous and unpredictable critter.

Maps P-T

FREE PERSONAGE: Udacach, a dwarf male diplomat, is in Nachar, Map P.

Ninkul Imperium
The Mad Queen, Wakamak and her cavalry force invaded Binam and Gomi. Minimak's whereabouts are still unknown. Ninnuk went to Owfre and conquered those yonder mountains. Kivar took 10 knights and 7 rangers and conquered Trail and Oltoo from the Eldir garrisons (Map V). He hitched the posts in Sansib. Onemai had 4 elf knights, 15 dragoons, 3 knights, 7 nomad archers and 6 mounted shamen handy to extract Kraw and Resdesh from their enemies(Map V). Joti made a meta-spell while in Okona. Dasiny led 2 elf knights, 10 human knights, 4 undead knights and 2 centaur knights to occupy Sholal, Mush and Eldir, no sweat. Cian and his 7 catapults and militia on board 4 lanteen just walked into Nauszija and Jamhal and posted garrisons.
ADDED REGIONS: Binam, Gomi, Owfre, Redesh, Trail, Oltoo, Kraw, Mush, Eldir, Sholal, Jamhal, Nauszija
MADE PROTECTORATE: Binam, Gomi, Owfre, Trail, Oltoo, Eldir, Sholal

Orivesi Elvish Kingdom
Elf Lord Vanya hung out in Woth. Tintagel is still in Owau.

Dragonkeep of Ihuem
Celalaith and her many young dragons are asleep in a big glop in Anhu. Nailtooth the Brave and Lux are waiting to go from As Sotot.

FREE PERSONAGE: Irsad Sunga, a human male snake-friend enchanter, is in Kozet, Map S

Bob (Map X) teleported himself and a couple vampires to regain Shipu. After that little job was complete, the boss-man blinked to Caiyuanzhen and got that island to accept Vahlic rule. Prince Desmodius defeated the vain fools who lived in Laifu. General Desmodius got 10 vampires, 3 rangers and 71 stormguards ready to overthrow the Efune protectorate of Xezing. Wen Chiang and 10 vampires, 2 dragons, 1 undead knight and 7 rangers easily took Xiayi and neutral Dongping before returning to Boxian. The Elf-nam army stole Jieshue and are now in Taihe.
ADDED REGIONS: Shipu, Caiyuanzhen, Laifu, Dongping, Xezing, Xiayi
MADE PROTECTORATE: Chuao, Dancheng, Shipu, Dongping, Xezing, Xiayi

Chohashi Shogunate
Somehow Shogun Takeda Shingen made that meta spell. Luck must have been with him because he died soon after. The old warlord was 83. Takeda Hitomi, a woman, now rules the Shoganate. She found an iron key in Kitibaraki (which is in Mirefidu). Yamamoto Sukishuma and his force gained scooped up Procau, Treli and Pakapis (Map U). Sardior has blown into Ikelitu.
ADDED REGION: Procau, Treli, Pakapis

RAMPAGING FREE PERSONAGE: Sardior Dragonlord (also called Sardior the Red), a very ancient, powerful and smart elder dragon male terrorizes Ikelitu. He is very difficult to hire so you might want to avoid him. He flies with 2 groups of fairies. Map T.

Elvish Estate of Efune
Corillean left Xezing to take over Lufo. Itoke, a youngish elf (only 75) failed to impress Sadior in Yadoede. Avariell and Naito Masutoya teleported to Kong which was an easy grab. Pingou-Ka climbed over to Zhikai and Qian and was OK.

Maps U-Y

Dwarven Kingdom of Pa'rj
King Nuri stayed in Kriktaba. Bolin went to Troil. Noril was too inaccessable for him to find anything. Blurni could not be reached for comment. Ifoch headed to Yape with 23 swordsmen, 19 archers and 3 gnome ballista with no time to attack.

The Short Guys With the Long Beards
Orin Redbeard and Blinky and their forces rested in Kapu. Ivan Redbeard stayed in Pa'rj. Shnisto Breast-Cup remained fixed in Speelu. The war winds down.

DIVINE MESSAGE: Dwarf God Toratan Ya has announced that he will reward the winner of the Pa'rj/Nois war with force points and technology.

Eldir the Ancient
Jivasta is in Weka with an army. Elrond had found much to do in Artland. Crispen and some knights remained in Scadow. The Ninkul conquered many regions.
LOST REGIONS: Eldir, Kraw, Mush, Oltoo, Sholal, Trail

Khanate of Rimadaho
Khatun Kristen Necros moved to Loparga and gave her troops to Sleven. She hired both the Ny Sisters before she vanished... Barogud had only 12 knights and 1 centaur to regain Baraha and Satapo from the Djeme. He moved back to Asuna. Sleven got the glory (gory) job. He attacked Amota with 30 catapults, 35 knights, 14 halberdiers and 20 archers. 90 raptor packs and their leader Dele were too much. Sleven and all his soliders were all killed. The Sword of War fell into Dele's hands but only until he and his 90 raptors entered Loparga where he was assassinated and the Sword was stipped from his dead body. The 90 raptors withdrew to Amota. Jihaska Ny and Jimanda Ny are in Loparga. Dele had taken Samada and Aninga before his demise.
ADDED REGIONS: Baraha, Satapo
LOST REGION: Samada, Aninga

FREE PERSONAGE: Uwaham, a dwarf male wizard, is Asuna, Map V

The Plague
Justice slowed by the fact that skeletons and zombies are often blocked by rocks only managed to conquer Patocuha. Marshal Drakus attacked Karori. Things went well. Baron Toril and his cavalry force conquered Alota. They moved on to Gareha.
ADDED REGIONS: Patocuha, Karori, Alota
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions, Beppurrul, Cetacha, Fahu, Galelage, Mamataha, Thadcham, Taca

QUEST: The Ancient Elven Order was expasperated over the death of Fingold the Golden. They will reward with magic powers and treasures the hero who can capture Baron Toril and deliver him to Thalion (Sansib, Map V) to stand trial.

FREE PERSONAGE: Waltanal, a gnome male legendary adventurer, is at Buonme. Map X & 3.

FREE PERSONAGE: Ling Xin, a human female mystic, is in Sarakhan, Map X.

Emperor Uzhang the Drow transported fresh dwarves to Melleta in Jieshoe. He returned to Hatinkh. Baileya conquered Rulluth and then turned on Tochpop. Not good. Tochpop was tough, but it already is a part of the Empire. Rulluth, Lurparpi and Maberoch rebelled. Baileya learned from his mistake and sulked in Maberoch. Meletta gained Jieshoe with 9 ogres and 17 rangers. With 2 dwarf axemen added, he moved to Taihe. Duc Fu got Ang to submit. Phuvinh's next. Shin Shai grabbed Befori and Lumphat and rested in Dakto. The Templars have invaded Sarakhan and Nongkhai. Wen Chiang seized Xiayi.
ADDED REGIONS: Jieshoe, Ang, Befori, Lumphat
LOST REGIONS: Lurparpi, Maberoch, Nongkhai, Sarakhan, Xiayi

Maps Z-4

Dw'elf League of Gobel
Orin Oakstaff with his 1 war elephant and 21 rangers regained Gimbi from the Tor Sirok. Finally, Jakarl Unger was captured. Ha! Erin Ironrod sailed to Deal. Don Gnarled attacked Moid and won. Sevne and his 19 elf knights, 2 elf archers clashed with Evot forces in Lemsog. Camille stood against him using 12 rangers and 49 knights. One knight died and the rest ran so Lemsog and Charam were taken. Oshiro the Crafty and his 3 dwarf axemen, 1 elf knight, 3 dwarf pikemen, 55 knights, 6 elf hunters and 6 hill giants headed north to Rutpapa to get a taste of Horror Wind. All ran from Phopp and his 32 rangers and 13 elf knights. The elf hunters were picked off. Phopp, on the offensive, drove them from Edut and forced the scared army to Ourmool. Then, Argus attacked (?!?). Their general and all his troops (8 undead knights, 2 hill giants, 1 ranger, 2 trolls and 11 woodsmen) were slain. Oshiro lost the rest of his elf hunters. Osric could hire the young saurian Assandi.
ADDED REGIONS: Gimbi, Moid, Lemsog, Charam

FREE PERSONAGE: Assandi, a male saurian adventurer, is in Bainkow, Map Z

FREE PERSONAGE: Peter Halladad, a humale male worlock/warlord is in Doleg, Map Z.

Black Empire of Tor Sirok
Jakarl Unger has been captured his his Dw'elfi counterpart in Gimbi. Dornan stayed in Kube. Damato and his force are in Bichena.

Elves of Evot
King Phopp defeated Oshiro using sorcery in Rutpapa. He pursued them to Edut and somehow got them to run again. Camille combined arms with Gurn and tried to confound Sevne to no avail. Camille withdrew to Slom. Lord Callis was with Phopp. Gurn gave Camile his troops and then stayed in Filaw. Gerrin found a leader who could help out big time, Peter Halladad, in Doleg.
LOST REGIONS: Charam, Coic, Lemsog, Shuarth, Moofokia

FREE PERSONAGE: Raj Maka, a human male mercenary, is also in Halero, Map 1 or 2.

FREE PERSONAGE: Kasinatha the Lusty, a human female swordswoman, is in Konada, Map 2.

Second Jumtog Banga
Queen Vika found his navel in Posten. Mr. Nobody stayed in Thi am and made himself unpopular at nurseries.

Fertile Kingdom of Djema
Kurval Primor flew to Pala and took the region with his 15 raptors, 19 battle eagles and 8 dragons. He felt so good, he decided to take on Saparamiba itself. There, Karkaboka awaited, leading 12 paladins. The battle lasted 7 melee rounds. Kurval kept losing troops but refused to give flight. Eventually he and his entire invasion died for their pride. Dele had it better. He and his 60 raptors overran Aninga and Samada. At Amota, with 90 raptors, he beat Sleven and won the Sword of War. His fortune was shorted lived, he was assassinated in Loparga. Izam the Fin became the Djeme Primor by default. He was in Pakima looking for things.
ADDED REGIONS: Aninga, Samada, Pala
LOST REGION: Satapo, Baraha

DIVINE MESSAGE: Any nation at war against DJEME will be given an opportunity to switch 1 attribute. So speaks the Young God, Yazd the Varmit.

FREE PERSONAGE: Nbuldada, a human male monk, is in Peedarom, Map 3.

Templars of Jalingo
King Lazaar and Lady Thornak took it out on Elf-nam. They led 23 paladins, 17 catpults, 1 wargrider on board 34 lanteens and occupied Sarakhan and Nongkhai. Lazaar III did not move from Iglulu.
ADDED REGIONS: Sarakhan, Nongkhai

Ssaptian Conquests
King 'Saruss went to Dindima, got reinforced and moved to Kangamut. Issaion's raptors clawed Morveni, Chisasibi and Anvik to death. Quarter and his force unleashed a pestilence in Shaba. Quarter got sick but recovered, 12 raptor packs died. Yamosso rebelled because its garrison was depleted by plague. Later, Quarter made up for his boo-boo by finding the Grandmaster of Assassins. Sorcery-1 and Tech-1 were discovered at the same time.
ADDED REGIONS: Morveni, Chisasabi, Anvik
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions

FREE PERSONAGE: The Grandmaster of Assassins, a male gnome hit man, is in Dindima, Map 3. He is tough to hire outright. Is easier to hire the AGM on a per turn basis, or to do a particular job.

White Talon of Qaan

Elder Dragon Qaan (Sunwontzu) moved to Orland.

Maps 5-9

The Great and Glorious Kingdom of Argus
Mahmud came out of his stupor and outfitted new troops. With 4 knights and 4 archers, he took Shuarth from Evot, then moved to Upab. Arlap, a young foolish kid, led 8 undead knights, 2 hill giants, 1 ranger, 2 trolls and 11 woodsmen and liberated Moofokia (a homeland). His effort to lift Ourmool from the Dw'elf League ended in disaster. He and his army are lost. Shubert teleported to Slem and got some troops.
ADDED REGIONS: Shuarth, Moofokia
MADE PROTECTORTE: Siblad, Upab, Shuarth

FREE PERSONAGE: Former Vorinan Heir, Vorino the Wait, a human male admiral, has escaped to Lalu, Map 6, will not work for Dw'elf or Kaiel.

Kaiel Clan
Prime Predictor Sima coran-Kaiel (Map A) took some ships and most of his army and conquered Mooflah, a island that contains the great city of Tanlihoopa. He sailed back to the Blauck Sea. Mu Cao-Kaiel flew Mar Croe, going's a little slow. Mea rea-Kaiel (Map 5 or 9) invaded Coic with his 15 knights, 2 elf knights. He hopped on the 21 lanteens and 5 frigates and made it to Myst. Yes, the infamous Myst. Pashion Ruk (Map A) with some cavalry battled Orspest and won, and won friends in Basich. Ted Nugent led a mighty army to deal with that T-Rex in Harma. The carnosaur was too fast and quick. The rocker had to escape to Zama with some casualties. The devil dog caused a rebellion in Pickow. A hefty garrison left by Sima put an end to the unrest, but Pickow is no longer a protectorate.
ADDED REGIONS: Muflah, Orspest, Basich, Zama, Coic

QUEST: The Rapid Growth of the Kaiel Clan has some of the Younger Gods. The Deities Jowzuë and Lisa will grant much treasure, troops and boons to any who can kill any of Kaiel's leaders. Any nation who attacks Kaiel regions will automatically get protected status in the Kaiel regions they take. You don't need to spend FP, leave garrisons or use your Diplomatic ability.

RAMPAGING BEAST: A terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex roars in the land of Harma, Map 6.

Queen Petra the Riled, Galad the Oarsmaster, Artalos and Karkaboka threw off another invasion force in Saparamiba. Of the 12 paladins, 8 are left.

Evil Kingdom of New Mbinro
King Shagrup and his mountain goats plus his son Ralihed are in Yabelo. Bnim stayed at Lolimi.

Arcadia, the Throne of Sardior
Wooglin Tisis of the Evil Eye (Map N) flew to Tajo to fight a certain Hydra. It grew two more heads before the vampires sliced the nasty beast to ribbons with their claws. A treasure was found in its lair, a nifty ring. Wooglin Tisis moved on with his 21 vampires and 1 orc slinger to Hitishe. The gnome lady Taklo Dragonrider with 3 dragons, 2 dwarf pikes, 2 dwarf archers, 20 knights and a vampire flew to Spaplor to hire Berry away. Then she got to Owkrip (not Lowcra), Map A or E. Viiglin Tisis(Map A or E), hired Libbit away then conquered Railzon. He then got Boris to defect in Dedmy. Tkon the Elder went with the Eye Evil Worm. Libbit Big Nose awaits new orders in Railzon. Boris the Gnome is ready to work in Dedmy. Berry wants to marry Taklo, he's still in Spaplor.

Map Ø: The Underworld

New Kingdom of Karakorum
Seuratu the Pharoah Mummy moved to Bamiu with raptors. Azzgon be in Etrekh now. Redscale conquered Sarqaq with some cavalry and a few dwarf pikemen.

Drowlord Nergal moved his soldiers to Hepat. Ereshkigal attacked Lappi then blinked over to Isis Isle. Darth Vador stayed his hand in Menat. Jicha was idle in Jat. She hadn't the means to get to Isis Isle herself.

Black Adder Kingdom
King Harry found nada in Tongren. Edmund the Black Adder and Baldric returned to Yaan much to their displeasure. Prince George squandered his time (also in Yaan). Bubba found no good stuff in Yaan. Iovihup made it to Tongren.

Iakbyt Dwarf Kingdom
Geoff One-Eye awaits the inevitable in Bugrino.

QUEST: It is said there are four passages passage out of the Underworld. One has been discovered by the Stillon: The Orb of Order (Map B) leads to the Grottos in the Underworld. Second will go to Map M. The Third leads to Map U. Fourth goes to Map 4. The Merchant Guild is interested in the other three passages and will pay a price for any future discoveries.

Arrest Baron Toril Any Race Any Alignment
Defeat Borwad Sluck in Glowthri No Orcs Any Alignment
Attack Kaiel Clan Any Race Any Alignment
Find Underworld Passages Any Race Any Alignment
Kill Little Nations Any Race Any Alignment

Changes to the Mapset.
These are changes that occur due to game play.
Map K: Chikaid has a Necropolis (np)
Map O and T: Eli =Elia
Map V: Kamu is now a woodland (w), Magopo is now a desert (d), Goji is now desert and Ideputsa is a Ruined City. Layada is jungle (j)
Map Y: Fakora has a saurian city (sc)
Map 9: the fortress in Carnacast has been destroyed
Map 2: Tonitumo has a Gnome Town (gt)
Map U: Akor & Pemilen are cultivated
Map 2: Fahu's Resistence Number is (1).
Map 3: Hanang is jungle
Map 0: Mehyt is jungle, Isis Isle is hills, Mairu, Seddon & Tepwed are cultivated.


This Chart roughly ranks all the Empires based on the power of their armies, force point production, leadership and any spells & artifacts they may possess.
Brackets around name means you owe me money. If you owe $5.00 or more you'll be knocked out of the game.
Any Empire without a player name means it is available for play.

RK Empire ISI Player Phone Number eMail Address

1 Kaiel 768 [Scott Hagen] 602-756-0104
2 Djeme 560 Bruce Lott 602-857-0924
3 Rynchocephalran Order 445 Earl Solper 602-921-3716
4 Dw'elf League 408 Steven Chenevey 602-438-7282
5 Rudeltaktik 393 Bruce Van Etten 602-894-3337
6 Aztlan 374 [Mitchel Ledford] 602-275-7889
7 Ninkul 338 Brian Hansche 602-926-8499
8 Goudiz Dragonlair 338 C.J. Burt 602-967-6183
9 Ssaptia 330 Dave Pettit arizona
10 Huzjeska 322 John Smith 602-992-7137
11 Arcadia Dragonmount 305 Pat Mills arizona
12 The Plague 299 Marcus Chittenden 602-994-3054 (4-6pm)
13 Tatarus 299 Albert Tu arizona
14 Karakorum 288 [Steve Callaway] arizona
15 Stillon 284 Ken Norton 602-966-2678
16 Gog and Magog 280 Lance Solper 602-921-3716
17 Wings of Freedom 280 Steve Pitcher 602-613-4342
18 Elf Nam 274 [Dennis Doubek] 602-820-4314
19 Evot Elves 271 Todd McDonald 520-321-1964
20 Vahlgaarte 249 David Vasiloff 602-231-0810
21 Tor Sirok 241 Ken Larson 520-887-8186
22 Der Kraagenmark 239 Troy Allen 602-839-8055
23 Efune 211 John Schmid 412-441-6159
24 Iygtaol 204
25 Short Guys w/Long Beards 190 Todd Delevan arizona
26 Cumo 186 [Timor Clark] arizona
27 Jalingo Templars 184 [Jason Petzold] 602-921-7607
28 Chohashi 165 Scott Micheel new mexico
29 Griffes de la Nuit 151 [Nora Calato] 602-820-9969
30 Rimadaho 151 Dave Welches arizona
31 Black Adder 142 Chris Resinger 602-840-0813
32 Eldir 108 Jamie Goodwin-White arizona
33 Ihuem Dragonkeep 108
34 Tambuli Elves 87
35 Pa'rj Dwarves 77 Mike Overstreet 602-969-8840
36 White Talon 55 *
37 Great Glorious Argus 54 Kerry Harrison 512-837-5553
38 Giltez Dragonland 43 *
39 Saparamiba 42 *
40 Kingdom of Po 37 *
41 Orivesi 36 *
42 2nd Jumtog Banga 36 *
43 Jamhal 33 *
44 Evil New Mbinro 28 *
45 Iakbyt 19 *
46 Kinerion 18 *

*(placed under bounty)

X Sea of Fear x Thad Plate 520-776-8462 602-952-8075/520-776-8462

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