Turn #20
520 YD

Next Turn's Orders Due: Tuesday, July 9th, 1996


Movement of Racial Troops Through Tough Terrain: Certain races can move easily through certain terrain despite their military class.
Elf units and leaders can move through woodlands at a cost of 1.
Dwarf units/leaders can move through hills and mountains at a cost of 1.
Orc units/leaders anc move through swamps and badlands at a cost of 1.
Dragons can fly over mountains at a cost of 1.
If any other units accompany the racial troops or leaders the movement bonus will be negated .

Spending FP in Hiring Personages: Yup. You can do that. Bruce Lott's idea. I'd imagine you can do it in his game too.

The Making of Metaspells: The time it takes to make a metaspell is only the Casting Modifier in the number of years. So it will only take 1 turn for your sorcerors to make such spells as Rain of Rocks (ror). The sorcery ability of your wizard determines the success of making that spell on a d10 roll.
The old rule required Metaspells be made in 5 times the Casting Modifier.

Where to Send Your Orders
Black Empire, Sea of Fear c/o Thad Plate
5333 E. Thomas Rd. #215
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Call (602) 952-8929 from Tuesday night to Friday night. (Phoenix)
or (520) 776-8462 from Saturday morning to Tuedsay morning. (Prescott)
24 hour fax #: (602) 952-8075.
eMail: on Internet
I will pick up at the Game Depot, in Tempe, Arizona on the Tuesday due date at 6:00pm.

Black Empire Turn Costs
Per Turn $2.50
Module & 8x11 Mapset $5.00
per page 11x17 25¢
Rule Book v4.0 $8.00
Color Map (of World) $3.00
Warning: There will be a $5.00 charge for each returned check.

Excerpt From Not Fredrick, Book Two
"Meanwhile, Star Flit became aware of a huge cat space construct destroying planets which its navy of cottage cheese bowls could not handle. So the Denture, being the only operational ship was pardoned for all its sins..."
-Fester of Mongo, YD 1786

A Message from the Goddess of Mercy:
"The lowest ranking empire that is still being 'played' will be given great gifts that would help its situation at the end of 521 YD."

Maps A-E

Kingdom of Po
King Pendragon stayed at Mimulfa. Arthur, Vivian and Gwain talked to each other at Po. Libbit Big Nose and some catapults are at Railzon. Boris the Gnome is immoble at Dedmy. Berry is unmoved at Spaplor. Crigto Smoln stood at Basich.

RAMPAGING BEAST: A devil dog are in Pickow, Map A

Kingdom of Stillon
King Godwin gained control of Lourmeef and Kahome. He got stuff in Rarctmore and returned to Kohome. Kent and 25 knights, 14 dragoons, 1 rangers and 1 warg riders conquered Meroin, Cleoath and Narsapoe from the Iygtaol. Corwin and some knights found a tunnel underneath the Orb of Order when they found a false wall. This led to a deep cave which led to The Grottos (Map Ø). This fulfilled the Merchant's Quest. Corwin was given lots of useful stuff and 100 undead FP. Jacques Cousteau sailed to the Dixon Passage. Faye Siuban had a wonderful time smashing foes in Kaurtha and Gozblabob. Maybe the Stillon aren't has smart as Kaiel but they at least got Tech-2.
ADDED REGIONS: Lourmeef, Kohome, Karutha, Gozblabob, Meroin, Cleoath, Narsapoe
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions
FORTRESS BUILT: Moyamas, Peois

FREE PERSONAGE: Captain Zedoc, a human male flying adventurer, is in Fiere Real. Map C.

FREE PERSONAGE: Burdard, a human male adventurer, is in Paloma. Map C.

FREE PERSONAGE: Fuzzball, a human male berserker, is in Festo. Map C.

Empire of Kinerion

Theodosios remained in Goick (Map E). Pariax and Basil were beaten and killed by the Takla Dragonrider, minion of Wooglin Tisis, in Mirten.

Maps F-J

Barony of Rudeltaktik
Baron Gunter hired Donnel in Spoud. Princess Inge holed up in Swartzkastel with many swordsmen. Albrecht von Torben crossed the ocean by shimself to get to Vopoln. Pico de Meftyosh with 11 rangers, 3 storm giants on 3 war elephants, 25 knights and 3 nomad scouts crossed Griffes territory to link up with the army in Girberg. Donnel is ready to go from Spoud.

Iygtaol Kingdom
King Merlin D'Fontaigne and his forces stayed at Pauholf and did not deal with the Stillon attack. Robardin is in Kinju, with an army and Njal Seasaber.
LOST REGIONS: Cleoath, Meroin, Narsapoe

Tambuli War Tribe
Battle Chief Jarak stayed in Edosh. The Elfin Avenger idled in Bowlesh. Punisher and Red Bobh are in Stabaum.

The Akach-Be Empire
Tulsan the emperor is in Akach Be. Lady Coyotl was defeated by Daavarca of Atzlan and was captured in Aochelcan. Vikahaw was left in Ok-ul.
LOST REGIONS: Aochelcan, Ok-ul

QUEST: The Church of Good has grown weary of Akachbe's indolence. Their sloth and ill intent has unleashed Xacxac and threatens the well-being of all nations. All GOOD nations are exhorted to attack Akachbe. If any Akachbe leader is captured by any non EVIL nation and taken to a metropolis, the Church will offer a divine reward.

RAMPAGING DEMON PERSONAGE: Xacxac Razor Wiper is a demon prince terrorizing Ifu-Lokuma, Map C. He will work for any EVIL cause if given a substantial sacrifice, otherwise he will ravage GOOD regions.

FREE PERSONAGE: Ciach the Fierce One, an orc male warlord, is in Cohepa. Map H.

Aztlan Empire of Xotla
Rimsin with an army on board some ships got to Hilus and hired Runs, a wandering orc. Pelos and his flying lizards found nothing in Lotok nor Michen. He headed to Palachua. General Lars led 3 paladins, 2 pteradons, 3 raptors and 6 rangers to wrestle Nanrar from a Rynchocephalian protectorate. Chacham led 18 paladins and 5 rangers and did in the Sephenedon garrison in Nemilcan. They geaded to Hepolol to rest in hammacks. Daavarca and 30 paladins went to Aochelcan to combat Lady Coyotl and her 6 paladins. She was outclassed mostly by the numbers and was captured in pursuit. Saotanagh ran to Chuate with new forces.
ADDED REGIONS: Nemilcan, Nanrar, Aochelcan

Goudiz Dragonlair

Neyarizam looked for useful items at Drane and Tibarem. A meta-spell was found in Head's necropolis. The old dragon then tipped over Yauned, Dengland and Poolda. Gebert and a diverse army used the Engine of Telikas to zap Nendho, Sochmoir and Klibel. King Corillin conquered Paloma to check up on Burdard. Burdard wasn't interested. Puff battled Xacxac in battle combat. After losing an eagle, he fled to Cabo Cadaxen. A 'Wings of Freedom' army of 34 paladins and 47 rangers crossed Choglarb and occupied Smaug. What were they doing?
ADDED REGIONS: Yauned, Dengland, Poolda, Nendho, Sochmoir, Klibel, Paloma
MADE PROTECTORATE: all added regions

Wings of Freedom (Oradea)
Albatross! He took his