Black Empire



Turn #0

500th Year After the Devastation (YAD)

Lottery Pick Due:
Tuesday, October 10th, 1995

First Turn's Orders Due:
Tuesday, October 17th, 1995


ItÕs Here:
It took two more weeks than I thought, but I have completed all the work I had to do to get the new Black Empire, the Sea of Fear, launched. Old time players please note that I have made some drastic changes to the rules, increasing the role of searching at the expense of diplomacy. With 36 Maps, the World is much larger than it used to be, increasing the range of possibilities. New players, this is a unique game. Besides ÔLords of the EarthÕ which is a historical simulation game, Black Empire is the only Play-By-Mail run by a human moderator (or Game-Master, GM) which can handle up to 40 to 100 players - and I get turns out like clockwork (IÕm been doing this for over 6 years). You may find yourself hooked.

Getting Started:
If you have the Rules and the Mapset or if you know what you are doing, you can choose for yourself a country anywhere you want, with leaders of your choice, with National Attributes of your desire. If you want to save some time, or if you havenÕt obtained the Rulebook nor the Sea of Fear Mapset-Module, I recommend you choose your Empire choices from any of the 82 that are listed in this Newsletter.
If you want to get a better chance to get your first choice, It is a good idea to jump into the Empire Choice Lottery on the 10th of October. After the 10th, Sea of Fear positions will be distributed to players on a first-come, first-serve basis. Joining the Lottery will cost $2.00.

How the Lottery Works:
The Purpose of the Nation Choice Lottery is to ensure new and distant players an equal shot at getting the best start-ups, as experienced and local players who have a better chance, If I were to solely distribute positions on a first-come, first-serve basis only. The Lottery Form has space for your top three position preferences. If more than one player desires a given region (or a region next to a given region) as their first choice, I will roll dice (20 sided, ties rolls again) for each contending player, who gets the highest numbers get his or her choice. Those who havenÕt gotten their first choice, go through the second choice round, and then the third choice round if all their choice positions have been taken. If anyone still hasnÕt been given an Empire at the end of this lottery, I will contact you as soon as I can, so I can get you squared away.
Once the lottery is completed, I will send your EmpireÕs Turn #0 stat sheet along with an order form with which you can order your fledgling Empire.

What To Do When You Get Your Empire Stat Sheet:
When You get your Stats, you should have an idea of what Stats your leaders should have and the composition of your army. On the first turn, you can then move your new leaders and armies to search and conquer neighboring lands.

Turn Turnaround Time:
Turns will be out every week. After the completion of the First Turn (October 7th), I will then get results out within a couple days of the due date and set the next due date one week later. For those of you living in distant places (outside of Arizona), the best way to get those turns in on time is through fax-machine and eMail. Because I am so busy, I cannot take voice orders. I will send results out by regular mail, but I can tell you what happened and your stats by eMail and Voice Call once results are out.
For all who wish to play, good luck and enjoy!

Black Empire Turn Costs

Per Turn (local)
Per Turn (mailed)
Module & 8x11 Mapset
11x17 Mapset
per page 11x17

Rule Book v4.0
Color Map (of World)
$3.00 (not available yet)
There will be a $5.00 charge for each returned check. I do not accept post-dated checks.

Rules Used in Sea of Fear

This campaign uses the 1995 Black Empire Rulebook v4.0. It uses the Sea of Fear Module as Scenario.

Possible Starting Empires

Unless otherwise listed, the name of the Empire is the name of the starting region.

Map A

Region: Pevshach
King: Bruenor
Attributes: 1.Government, 2-3. Beastmaster-Grizzly Bear, 4. Armies

Region: Po
King: Pendragon
KingÕs Brother: Uther
Advisor: Merlin
Attributes: 1. Fanatic, 2.Government, 3. Good, 4. Lucky

Map B

Region: Popluex
King: Charlemange
Advisor: Turpin the Archbishop
Attributes: 1. Government, 2. Good, 3. Diplomatic, 4.Armies

Region: Scisebaring
Orc King: Gorm
Captain: One-Eye
Attributes: 1. Uruk, 2. Fanatic, 3. Armies, 4. Druidic

Map C

Region: Cabo Cadaxen
King: Joao
Attributes: 1. Mercantile, 2. Sea-Kings, 3. High-Tech, 4. Government

Empire Name: Exeter
Region: Cocur
Dread King: Simon
Attributes: 1. Evil, 2. Druidic, 3. Armies, 4. Sorcery

Map D

Empire Name: Kinerion
Regions: Kineria, Arumulsia, Vairpia
Exarch: Theodosius
General: Basil
Attributes: 1.Siegecraft, 2. Lands, 3. Government, 4. Government

Map E

Region: Oirmouth
Admiral: Blackbeard
Advisor: Long John Silver
Attributes: 1. Armies, 2. Sea Kings, 3. Mercantile, 4. Siegecraft

Map F

Empire Name: The Holy Empire
Region: Oder AfŸrsautz
Kaiser: Otto
Attributes: 1. Diplomatic, 2. Government, 3. Location-Elf Wood,
4. Siegecraft

Region: Pirtberk
Dwarf King: Iunbert
Attributes: 1. Dwarvic, 2. Fanatic, 3. Lucky, 4. Sorcery

Region: Kautš
Chief: Gassehaf
Attributes: 1. Gnomic, 2. Druidic, 3. High-Tech, 4. Government

Map G

Region: Mide
Chief: Conchobar
Advisor: Cathbadh
Attributes: 1. Druidic, 2. Fanatic, 3. Sorcery, 4. Lucky

Region: Rebro Glen
Chieftess: Medb (Maeve)
General: Ferghus
Attributes: 1. Armies, 2. Government, 3. Druidic, 4. Sorcery
Map H

Region: Necupel
King: Moctezuma
Attributes: 1.Government, 2-3.Beastmaster - Mantacore 4. Sorcery

Region: Akach Be
King: Kukul Kan
Attributes: 1. Sorcery, 2.Government, 3. Good, 4. Lucky

Region: Seyap-Kuth
Leader: Jejax the Lich
Attributes: 1. Haunted, 2. Fanatic, 3. Evil, 4. Armies

Map I

Region: Huzjeska
Caliph: Al MaÕmum
Advisor: Shahrazad
Attributes: 1. Government, 2. Government, 3. Mercantile, 4. Diplomatic

Region: Clusko
Sharif: Sahoul
Attributes: 1. Nomadic, 2. Fanatic, 3. Armies, 4. Armies

Region: Goudiz
Dragonlord: Neyarizam
Attributes: 1-3. Dragonic, 4. Druidic

Map J

Empire Name: Tisovec
Regions: Yeshmif, Homya, Krapay
King: Boleslav
Attributes: 1.Druidic, 2. Government, 3. Lucky, 4. Lands

Map K

Region: Slautmaj
King Under the Mountain: Thorin
General: Balin
Attributes: 1.Dwarvic, 2. Druidic, 3. Government, 4. Lucky

Region: Rojpy
Jarl: Sverker
Admiral: Erik the Red
Attributes: 1. Druidic, 2. Sea Kings, 3-4. Beastmaster- Mammoth

Map L

Region: Lub-Ea
Chief Miner: Fred
Attributes: 1.Dwarven, 2. Siegecraft, 3. Druidic, 4. Government

Map M

Empire Name: Chanchan
Regions: Cumo, Camatuce, Catosol
Emperor: Macchu Pic
Attributes: 1. Land, 2. Mercantile, 3. Government, 4. Armies

Region: Ceicebe
Queen: Achipu
Attributes: 1. Gnomic, 2. Good, 3. Lucky, 4. Government

Region: Bosimayf
Khan: Attila
Attributes: 1. Nomadic, 2. Evil, 3. Armies, 4. Armies

Map N

Region: Otkhat
Emir: Faruk
Attributes: 1. Government, 2. Mercantile, 3. Armies, 4. Siegecraft

Region: Giltez
Elder Dragon: Ruchah
Attributes: 1-3. Dragonic, 4. Lucky
Region: Ahir
Chief: Ssarassi
Attributes: 1. Reptilian, 2. Fanatic, 3-4. BeastMaster- Tyrannosaur

Map O

Region: Kreyosk
Elf King: Wilkedel
Attributes: 1.Druidic, 2. Elfin, 3. Evil, 4. High-Tech

Region: Penpu
King: Wu
Attributes: 1. Government, 2. Armies, 3. Diplomatic, 4. Druidic

Map P

Region: Ninkul
Queen: Wakamak the Mad
Attributes: 1. High-Tech, 2. Haunted, 3. Government, 4. Fanatic

Region: Kheanik
Daimyo: Uesugi Kenshin
Attributes: 1.Diplomatic, 2. Government, 3. Armies, 4. Good

Region: Umra
Battle Chief: Ubatei
Attributes: 1. Nomadic, 2. Government, 3. Armies, 4. Armies

Region: Nachar
King: Rolf
Attributes: 1. Dwarven, 2. Druidic, 3. Armies, 4. Government

Map Q

Region: Skar
King: Llelen
Attributes: 1. Elfin, 2. Good, 3. Sorcery, 4. Government

Map R

Empire Name: Ihuem
Regions: Ihuem, Achi-Achi, Cemcan
Lady Dragon: Celalaith
Attributes: 1-3. Dragonic, 4. Lands

Map S

Region: Ul Shiair
Sultan: Jornak
Attributes: 1. Government, 2. Mercantile, 3. Sea King, 4. Sorcery

Region: Ios
Chief: Wargut
Attributes: 1. Uruk, 2. Druidic, 3. Sorcery, 4. Government

Region: Yang
King: Cao Cao
General: Xiahou Yuan
Attributes: 1. Evil, 2. Government, 3. Lucky, 4. Armies

Region: Yiang
King: Liu Bei
Sworn Brothers: Guan Yu & Zhang Fei
Attributes: 1. Good, 2. Sorcery, 3. Fanatic, 4. Government

Map T

Region: Tabing
Elder Dragon: I-Yin Lung
Attributes: 1-3. Dragonic, 4. High-Tech

Region: Sahitse
Hidden King: Yamo
Attributes: 1. Elven, 2. Sorcery, 3. Druidic, 4. Government

Region: Chohashi
Shogun: Takeda Shingen
Attributes: 1. Fanatic, 2. Armies, 3. Government, 4. Siegecraft

Map U

Region: Urfaf
Grand Lama: Borulap
Attributes: 1. Good, 2. Fanatic, 3. Lucky, 4. Sorcery

Region: Troil
Dwarf Queen: Terin
Attributes: 1. Armies, 2. Government, 3. Druidic, 4. Dwarven
Region: PaÕrj
Dwarf King: Duri
Attributes: 1. Dwarven, 2. Druidic,3. High-Tech, 4. Government

Region: Roe Ithnuk
Lich-King: Yhuthuk
Attributes: 1. Haunted, 2. Evil, 3. Location-Metropolis, 4. Siegecraft

Map V

Region: Eldir
King: Jivasta
Attributes: 1.Government, 2-3. Beastmaster-Unicorn, 4. Elven

Region: Iestal
Chief: Boobog
Attributes: 1. Uruk, 2. Evil, 3. High-Tech, 4. Sea Kings

Region: Daralu
Maharaja: Kokkala
Attributes: 1. Government, 2. Government, 3. Armies, 4. Diplomatic

Region: Baraha
Maharaja: Rajendra
Attributes: 1. Government, 2. Armies, 3. Mercantile,
4. Location-Gnome Town

Map W

Region: Gobo
Most Dead: Calarchga
Advisor: Forty Toes
Attributes: 1. Haunted, 2. Sorcery, 3. Armies, 4. Armies

Map X

Region: Boxian
Zombie Lord: Wen Chiang
Attributes: 1.Evil, 2. Haunted, 3. High-Tech, 4. Government

Region: Long Xuyen
Elf King: Uzhang
Attributes: 1. Elven, 2. Government, 3. Lucky, 4. Armies

Map Y

Region: FÕken
Empress: Zarabeth
Attributes: 1.Government, 2. Armies, 3. Fanatic, 4. Sorcery

Map Z

Region: Tor Sirok
Witch King: Voltar the Undead
Attributes: 1. Evil, 2. Sorcery, 3-4. Beastmaster-Chaos Beast

Region: Robi
Queen: Omejar
Attributes: 1. Uruk, 2. Evil, 3. Armies, 4. Druidic

Region: Shipoy
Hierarch: Landis
Attributes: 1. Good, 2. Sorcery, 3. Location-Elf Wood, 4. Government

Region: Cluvy
Elf-Queen: Charvidl
Attributes: 1. Elven, 2. Druidic, 3. High-Tech, 4. Government

Map 1

Region: Keldobove
God-Emperor: Petraroc
Attributes: 1. Druidic, 2. Sorcery, 3-4. Beastmaster-Rukh

Region: Sador
Prince: Gangara
Attributes: 1. Mercantile, 2. Sea-Kings, 3. Lucky, 4. Government

Map 2

Region: Maboroch
Queen: Icinada
Attributes: 1. Druidic, 2. Armies, 3. Government, 4. Evil

Region: Monze
King: Happy Jack
Attributes: 1. Uruk, 2. Good, 3. Fanatic, 4. Armies

Map 3

Region: Bozoum
Queen: Kembu the Snake
Attributes: 1. Reptilian, 2. Government, 3. Sorcery,
4. Location-Metropolis

Region: Jalingo
King: Bomba
Attributes: 1. Siegecraft, 2. Armies, 3. Government, 4. Evil

Region: Iglulu
Elder Dragon: Qaan
Attributes: 1-3. Dragonic, 4. Armies

Map 4

Region: Desapa
Emperor: Xarfogu
General: Hannibal
Attributes: 1.Government, 2. Sea Kings, 3. Armies, 4. Sorcery

Map 5

Empire Name: Thetis
Region: Eli
Emperor: Hadrian
Attributes: 1. Government, 2. Government, 3. Armies, 4. Mercantile

Region: Coic
King: Shea
Attributes: 1. Elven, 2. Good, 3. Sorcery, 4. Lucky

Map 6

Region: Kaiel
Prime Predicter: Tae ran-Kaiel
Attributes: 1.High-Tech, 2. Mercantile, 3. Government, 4. Diplomatic

Region: Leghorn
Doge: Giulonne
Attributes: 1. Government, 2. Sea Kings, 3. Location-Dragon Lair,
4. Armies

Map 7

Region: Saparamiba
King: Tuhuato the Sea Spear
Attributes: 1. Sea Kings, 2. Fanatic, 3. Government, 4. Siegecraft

Region: Te Poraru
Lord: Ydfom
Attributes: 1. Druidic, 2. High Tech, 3. Location-Metropolis,
4. Government

Map 8

Region: Island of the Ape
Ape King: Kong
Attributes: 1. ÔReptilianÕ, 2. Location-Metropolis,
3-4. Beastmaster-Ghost Ship

Map 9

Empire: The Throne of Sardior
Region: Howling Rocks
Dragonlord: Sardior
Attributes: 1-3. Dragonic, 4. Druidic

Map 0, the Underworld

Region: Ketep
Drow King: Chotoc
Attributes: 1.Evil, 2. Sorcery, 3. Elfin, 4. Druidic

Empire Name: 30th Kingdom of Kisme
Regions: Bamiu, Mesedjar, Mairu
Pharaoh: Seti XXI
Attributes: 1. Government, 2. Sorcery, 3. Mercantile, 4. Lands

Region: Zhagreb
Orc King: Neyaris
Attributes: Uruk, High-Tech, Lucky, Armies

Region: Djeneh
Wraith Lord: Tuvenca
Attributes: Haunted, Reptialin, Government, Armies

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